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A tale of 2 people exploring their kinky side
First night at the cabin

It was late as she arrived. The cab driver waved as he drove off leaving her on the porch of this simple cottage. It was a long tiring trip first he dropped her off at the subway station with a kiss and a swat at her butt, she took that into the city to Grand Central Station where she caught the passenger train north along the Hudson river and then finding a cab all while carrying her baggage. She was happy to be here although a little nervous, she also missed him and wished he didn’t have that emergency at work. She didn’t understand really what the emergency was since he explained it very badly. He had sent her on ahead and said that he would be up early the next morning, she had wanted to wait and come up with him, but he insisted.
She found the keys that he had given him and struggled with it in the lock before it finally turned, the latches clicking back. She opened the door and came in and found the light switch by the door, flipping it on and casting light across the kitchen and the main living space – wood paneling, strange blend of country furniture and old world antiques. The center of the living space being the massive stone fireplace set against the wall, which would be nice on this chilly night she mused eyeing the rack of wood next to it. She came in dropped her bags and closed the door, locking it behind her. Her coat came off and she noticed that it was surprisingly warm. She began to walk around and explore she tried another lamp but it would not turn on.
She was headed to the hallway towards the bedroom when she noticed the mirror on the wall next to it. It had something yellow on it, it looked like a Post-it note with something small written on it. She had to get closer to see that it was her name.
She feels a pillowcase go over her head and hands grab her arms tightly, she feels a foot sweep her legs out from under her and the hands pushing her to the floor. The hands force her on to her stomach as his body sits down with one leg on either side of her thighs trapping her legs. She tries to fight back, but he is too big and strong, she screams but knows that the nearest neighbor is pretty far away. He grabs her hand and fastens a nylon cuff around her wrist then grabs her other arm and attaches one to that, binding her hands behind her back. He then flips around and grabs her ankles, holding them together she feels a rope tying them together. Besides a few grunts and a chuckle as she screams he says nothing.
She tries to escape as he gets off her but he grabs her, he lifts her up to a standing position and moves up behind her. He pushes her against the back of a couch holding her there with his body weight. She hears a metal buckle and feels his hands moving up below the pillowcase he begins trying to force something between her lips but she won’t open her mouth. He bends his head down and pushing her collar to the side bites down on her shoulder hard enough to make her gasp. This is enough for him to force the ball-gag into her mouth which he quickly straps in place. Next he brings the blindfold up over her eyes tying it in place. The pillowcase is removed as she is turned around again and he bends over and pulls her on to his shoulder. He lifts her up like a sack of potatoes holding her steady with a hand across the back of her thigh.
He carries her to the bed room and she is dumped on the bed, he quickly moves on top of her again trapping her thighs with his again. He slips a nylon cuff over each ankle fastening it before he cuts the rope holding her legs. H pulls her right leg out to the side and she hears the metal clasp fasten, her leg is now tied off to the side, he repeats the process with the other leg. Any hope of escape she had is now gone. He shifts around, slower this time, he reaches under her and clips a rope to the cuff on her wrist and then another to the other cuff before he unhooks the cuffs from each other then moving away from her hands as she tries to hit him.
She goes for the blindfold, but before she can get to it, she hears the ropes pulling across wood and feels the ropes being pulled tight forcing her hands up and to the corners of the bed. She tries to pull back, but the ropes give little. She feels the right arm rope being pulled tight and then tied off on the bed post. He then moves around the bed and ties off the other arm. The ropes on her ankles are checked, as is the blindfold and gag. She is securely tied, blind and gagged. He has time now to do whatever he wants she realizes. He can have sex with her, he can hurt her, he can do anything and she’s powerless to stop him.
He slowly unties her sneakers and removes them from her feet. He rolls her sock down her ankle and over her foot taking his time. He begins to caress her foot, lightly running his finger tips across the bottom making her foot spasm. He then begins to rub his hands along her ankles feeling her smooth skin. She feels something cold and metallic against her skin as he drags it a few times up and down around her ankles, it’s the knife he had to cut the ropes. She feels him pull the cuff on her jeans up tightly and she feels the knife begin to cut the hem of her pants leg. He makes a few short cuts and then put the knife to the side.
He begins to kiss her ankle, very gently, he begins nipping and sucking on her skin, moving first one way than the other, she feels him grab the material by one of the cuts and she feels him rip the pants part way up her leg. He does it again at the next cut the sound of ripping cloth loud in this quiet room. He rips her pants leg to a tatter very patiently and deliberately but only part way up her leg. He then returns to kissing and nipping her skin all the way up her shin along the sides, rubbing his rough hands across her exposed skin. He then moves to the other leg and begins repeating the cutting, ripping and kissing her skin. He continues ripping the jeans and exploring every inch of her soft skin as it’s exposed first one leg then the other all the way up to her hips where he stops.
She realizes with a curse that her body is responding to this mans attention, her nipples are stiff with excitement and she can feel a trickle of liquid escape from between her lips to be absorbed by her panties. Her breathing is heavy and she feels her skin heating up.
He reaches up and undoes her belt pulling it free from the belt loops and discarding it to the side. He sits astride her thigh, one knee pressed up against her mound pressing tightly. She can feel his bare skin against her thigh through the shredded remains of her pants, she shudders slightly. He begins to rub his hands over her torso, feeling her curves and no doubt finding her hard nipples. He takes her t-shirt and holds the material away from her body and begins using the knife to cut slits in the shirt material. He lets it lay back against her skin and she feels the tattered remains against her. He leans forward and as before he starts to lick and kiss and gently bite her exposed skin. He leaves a trace of his saliva everywhere his mouth goes, she finds this maddeningly erotic and her body responds against her will – is nothing in her control?
He spends a long time kissing her stomach, her chest above and below her bra, her neck, her chin and cheeks, her arms. How long has she been here she wonders and how much more of this can she take? Her panties are sodden with her juices and it’s dripped down between her cheeks. She’s sure there is a wet spot on what’s left of her jeans.
He begins to open up her shirt, all the time moving slow and deliberate like he has all the time in the world. He doesn’t remove it, just makes the openings big enough to reach her bra. He caresses her breasts, rubbing his thumb across her hard nipples. Her breathing hitches as he does this, she inwardly curses. He pinches the nipples through the fabric tugging them a bit. A moan escapes from her gagged mouth and she curses herself again. He pulls the fabric away from her skin and begins to cut it away, leaving the straps so that her breast is framed and held. She realizes that she’s been grinding her mound against his knee; she wants to stop so she doesn’t give this guy the pleasure of defeating her, but her hips seem to have a mind of their own.
He bends over again and begins to kiss, lick, suck and bite the flesh of her breasts; he starts at the base of each one in turn and begins to spiral in to the nipple, covering every inch. He finally reaches the top but pulls away. Her body yearns for more and she arches her back to try and reach him. She feels his hand push her down to the bed, and after an eternity she feels warm breath across her right tit. He sucks her nipple into his mouth, dragging his tongue across it, flicking it and sucking it hard. He then moves to the other nipple and does the same. His hand returns to the abandoned nipple, rolling it and tugging it. Moans and groans escape her throat, but she doesn’t even notice at this point as she can only feel his mouth and fingers on her hard nipples and her pussy grinding on his knee.
He moves back down to her body, his wet nipples cold in the air. He begins to massage her wet pussy through her pants for a moment before he returns to cutting the fabric of her jeans making many holes and tattered shreds. He finally cuts the seam between her thighs exposing her wet panties. He rips the jeans up through the waistband; he seems a bit less patient now. He feels her wet panties with his fingers and she hears him suck the fingers clean of her juices. He pulls the fabric of her panties away from her skin a bit and makes a small cut up near the top, he then begins to rip them down past her engorged clit and her swollen lips.
She feels the cold air move across her as he blows right at her clit. She can hear his labored breathing past her own, yea, he is defiantly excited too. He takes his tongue and licks the outside of her pussy lips drinking down her wetness. He shoots his tongue up inside her wiggling it in her depths and flicking the rim. He points his tongue and slides it up to her clit which he sucks into his mouth, flicking it and gently nibbling it as he sucks. She is positively gushing her fluids all over his chin and her ass as she feels his fingers probe her opening. He slides them deep and begins to pump in and out twisting as he goes.
Her scent is heavy in the air, the scent of sweet sex. And the squishing his fingers make and the sucking and moaning coming from his mouth all add to her moans and groans, she wishes the gag was not in her mouth so she could scream with pleasure.
She feels her orgasm coming close and as he feels her body respond he steps up the pace, he sucks harder on her clit licking and flicking his tongue back and forth with abandon, his fingers piston in and out faster, his fingers curving up and rubbing her g-spot which sends her to a new level. She is so close and her animalistic grunts fill the room with the wet smacking and sucking sounds. Every muscle in her body is tight with the impending release that she wants more than anything at this point. She feels his fingers at her anal passage begin to force their way in, not gently and very insistently – this is just what she needed – she feels her whole body clench and her orgasm explode. Her hips buck and her head flails, she screams into the gag. He tries to keep sucking her clit but is thrown off. He does manage to keep finger fucking her spasming hole and the finger in her ass is trapped by her clenched muscles.
She doesn’t know how long she is like this as wave after wave of pleasure wash over her, but as she comes down his fingers are no longer inside of her, and he is slowly and gently licking her pussy. He begins to move and she feels first one leg released from the cuff then the other, he moves up her body and unties her arms, as she slides the blindfold off he undoes the gag. She looks up into the face of her lover as he looks down at her, her juices covering his face; she smiles up at him, pulling him down to her
“Some work related emergency you bastard”
She pulls him down further and kisses him deeply tasting her flavor in his mouth as their tongues danced. Oh yes it was going to be a good week here at the cabin.


2009-07-19 20:51:17
Not as bad as some have stated and I knew right off it was the
husband (go ahead alone,emergency at work,and pillow case over her head.) KEEP IT UP I KNOW YOU WILL IMPROVE

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-22 18:35:37
Attention to punctuation, tenses, and a thorough proofreading would probably improve this story. I found it too messy to bother reading, and you should want people to read and enjoy your work.


2009-03-27 10:08:27

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-27 02:44:01
yes, obvious, but good. Well written and worded, but needs better structure. Try again, your a good contrabution.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-25 23:19:25
too obvious

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