What happens when a horny teenage boy is left home for the weekend with his sister
Jason Erikson was a typical sixteen-year-old boy. Which means, first of all, that he was always horny. And second, that he didn't get to do anything about it very often in a situation that didn't involve his own right hand. Tonight didn't seem like it was going to be much different, but it was probably going to be more frustrating. It was Friday night, and Jason's parents were going out of town for the weekend. Sounds perfect right? Yeah, except that Jason was getting to babysit his sister Kayla, who was fourteen. What a rip!

"Okay, Jase, you know the rules. Nobody comes over while we're gone, and you don't go anywhere except maybe to the store. And don't leave your sister home alone here, even for just a little while."

"Yeah, Dad, I know. I won't go anywhere." And he wouldn't. He had a car, but his father would check the mileage on it before they left and when they got back, so he couldn't run off anywhere without them knowing about it. Besides, he never knew when they'd call and he had to be there to answer the phone. Because they'd call on the land line, of course, not a cell. His parents were not only damn strict, they were smart, too. It was like he was cursed.

Jason and Kayla walked their parents out to the car, said goodbye, and watched them drive away for their weekend getaway. The two kids didn't really look much alike. Jason was tall, like their dad, almost six feet already, and had dark hair and eyes like both their parents. He was in good shape, he played basketball, but was a little thin like most guys his age. Kayla on the other hand, had their mother's size, barely over five feet, and very slim, but she had reddish hair, kind of strawberry blond, that hung in curls around her shoulders, with freckles across her nose, and green eyes. Everyone wondered where those had come from, since no one else on either side of the family had hair or eyes like that.

Back in the house, and Jason was feeling sorry for himself. And wishing his sister wasn't around. Kayla was a nice kid, not a real brat like some girls her age, but she could be kind of a pest. She always wanted to follow Jason around and do what he was doing with his friends, and that just didn't work for a girl her age. Especially when Jason wanted to be with a girl. And now he was stuck with her for the weekend.

They were standing in front of the couch in the living room, and Jason turned on the TV, trying to find a game to watch. Kayla was being her usual perky self, but this time Jason wasn't having any. He was horny. He wanted to go out. He couldn't do that, so he wanted to go upstairs and look at some porn on his laptop. But then Kayla would get upset and he'd have to deal with that. And he already had a dick that was throbbing.

"Jason, what do you want to do tonight?"

"What do I want to do? Damn it, Kayla, what I want to do is go out and find some girl that just can't live without me and have some fun. But I can't, because I have to babysit you."

Kayla giggled, which didn't make things any better. "You wouldn't know what to do with a girl if you found one."

Jason didn't know what caused it. Maybe the giggle, maybe the silly grin on Kayla's face. Maybe he finally noticed that his sister was actually developing a body and looked like a girl. Probably it was just that he was so horny he was about ready to explode.

"I'll show you who knows what to do with a girl!" He reached over, grabbed Kayla's head, and pulled it towards him.

"Jason, what..." Kayla never got to finish, as Jason crushed his mouth against hers. He forced his tongue between her lips, and rolled it around inside her mouth. Kayla thrashed, tried to get away, tried to scream, but he was too strong for her. The more his sister struggled, the harder Jason's cock got. He was out of control now, being carried away by his own actions.

Kayla was shocked by what Jason was doing. She idolized her big brother, and had always tried to spend as much time with him as she could. Lately he hadn't seemed to want her around much, and she'd been hoping that having the weekend alone together would make things the way they used to be. But this wasn't what she had in mind.

Kayla quickly decided she wasn't going to be able to break away from Jason, he was strong, and had her pinned against him, so she tried to relax and wait. Her mind was reeling, she was scared that Jason was going to hurt her, and she couldn't believe that her own brother would be so rough. At the same time, she was confused by what she was feeling. Kayla had never had a guy's tongue in her mouth, and it felt kind of good. It also felt good to have her boobs pressed flat against Jason's chest, causing her nipples to start to tingle. But it was her brother, so they shouldn't be doing things like this. No matter how much she loved him.

Giving in slightly, Kayla closed her eyes, let her tongue move against Jason's inside her mouth. She felt Jason's hand glide down her back, and she moaned softly as his fingers cupped one of her ass cheeks and squeezed through her jeans.

Jason broke off the kiss, looked into Kayla's eyes, and whispered, "I want to see you naked."

"Are you nuts?! I'm your sister. I'm not going to get naked for you."

"Oh, you'll kiss me and let me squeeze your ass, but that's all, huh? We'll see what you'll do." Jason wasn't thinking, just reacting to what his body was telling him. And it was telling him that he needed to get laid, and he had a hot young chick right here in the room with him.

Jason grabbed Kayla's wrists, forced them together and held them against his chest with one hand. He reached up with his other hand, curled his fingers in the shoulder of her T-shirt, and pulled, hard. The material ripped, and half of the T-shirt came off in Jason's hand. Kayla wasn't wearing a bra, and Jason was staring at her left breast, small and firm.

"Jason, stop it! What are you doing?" He saw real fear in Kayla's eyes now, but it just turned him on more. He ripped of the rest of his sister's T-shirt and stared at her. Small breasts that turned up on the ends, with tiny nipples that were brown and hard. A tight, flat belly. Jason licked his lips.

Kayla felt like she was in a trance. She couldn't even fight back against her brother. She could feel tears starting to run down her cheeks, but she was just numb. Jason took her hair in his hand, holding her head in place, and she watched him lower his face to her bare chest. Jason's tongue touched the top of her left breast, ran down to her nipple. Kayla gasped, her body shuddered in spite of itself.

Jason's mouth opened, sucked in Kayla's breast, his tongue rolling around it, flicking at her nipple. She closed her eyes, tried to pretend it wasn't her brother doing these things to her. His mouth was warm and wet on her breast. She'd never been touched by a boy, and her body was starting to feel hot.

"Oh god, omigod," Kayla moaned, as she felt Jason's lips close over her nipple and begin to suck. The muscles in her belly were twitching, and she felt moisture between her legs. While her body responded to Jason, her mind was still telling her that this was wrong, that she had to stop him, now. It was like the two were disconnected. While her mind told her body that it had to end, her body acted on its own. She put her hands on Jason's head, pulled it tighter against her breast.

Jason could tell that Kayla was starting to get turned on, too. Her tit tasted good, and was small enough that he could pretty much get the whole thing in his mouth. He could feel her moving against him when he sucked on her nipple. But he needed more than that. And soon. He took his mouth off Kayla's tit, pushed her down onto the couch. He started taking off his own clothes, quickly, watching the expression on his sister's face. When he pulled off his boxers and she saw his cock sticking out, hard and straight, her eyes locked on it with a mixture of lust and fear.

Jason bent down to Kayla on the couch, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. The fear overtook the lust on Kayla's face.

"Jason, no! You can't! Noooo!" The last was a wail as Jason began tugging her jeans down past her feet. A last jerk and Kayla lay there on the couch wearing nothing but her panties. They were white cotton, not anything sexy, but Jason felt his cock twitch when he saw that the crotch was wet.

"Yeah, sis, you say 'no' but you want it as much as I do." He reached for her panties, pulled them down, tossed them on the floor next to her jeans. He looked down at his sister's naked body on the couch. She had clamped her legs together when he pulled off her panties, and he wanted to see her pussy. He grabbed Kayla's knees, forced them apart. She whimpered as he spread her, which just made him even hornier.

Her knees were spread now, he stared at her pussy. Pink, pulsing, with wisps of reddish-blond hair around it. Jason couldn't take it any more. He shifted Kayla slightly on the couch, so she was laying along it, and practically jumped on top of her.

"Jason, stop it! No, this is enough, not that!" So she knew what he was going to do. It didn't matter. Jason took his cock in his hand, moved the head against the opening of Kayla's pussy. She squirmed and moaned, tried to kick him off her. Jason moved his free hand to Kayla's throat, saw the fear on her face grow.

"Stop fighting me, sis, you'll just make it worse." The fear in her eyes made him felt powerful, increased his lust Jason pushed his hips forward, felt the head of his cock slide between Kayla's pussy lips. God, she was so tight! He slammed into her, shoving hard, letting his full weight fall onto her. He felt his cock tear through his sister's cherry, heard her scream.

"Shit, Kayla, your pussy feels so good! I'm going to fuck the hell out of you!" That's just what he was doing now, his cock pistoning in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Kayla had her eyes closed, and tears were leaking out of them again, but Jason was pretty sure that she was actually enjoying this. He sure was, as he sank his shaft into his sister's tight cunt again.

Every time Jason had done something to her, the kiss, the grabbing her ass, Kayla was sure he'd stop there and not go any farther. But he kept going farther. Still, she knew he wouldn't go all the way, not with his own sister. Even when he pushed himself against her opening she figured he'd stop if she asked him to. She asked, begged. It didn't matter. He forced himself inside her, hard and rough. Kayla felt something rip inside her, screamed in pain. She felt her belly convulse as her brother moved deeper into her. As he moved in and out of her hole, she began to cry, and lay back hoping he'd be more gentle if she didn't try to fight him.

Then Kayla's body began to betray her again. Her mind was telling her she was being raped, that she should do everything she could to get her brother off of her and out of her. But her body told a different story, a story of a new and exciting experience. It hurt, but the pain made it even more exciting. Kayla felt the muscles inside her vagina start to pulse, felt her breath dissolve into ragged gasps. She couldn't be enjoying this, it wasn't right. She felt her brother's shaft scrape against the little bud at the top of her slit, and her whole body jerked. She clutched at him.

"God Jason, yes," she moaned. "Uuhh uuhh uuhh."

Hearing his sister panting made Jason even hotter. He grunted obscenely as he increased the speed and length of his strokes. He could feel Kayla writhing under him now, felt her fingers digging into his shoulders. Most of all, he felt her pussy beginning to grasp at his cock, knew she was responding to being fucked.

Suddenly, Jason's balls began to twitch and contract. He could feel the semen rising, ready to pour out through his cock.

"Sis, I'm gonna cum in you!" He drove all the way into her one last time. The first shot of his cum spurted out of his cock into his sister's cunt, followed by another and another. Jason grunted as he filled his sister will his sperm.

Kayla's body had been almost vibrating since her brother's cock had rubbed against her clit the first time. She angled her hips so he kept hitting it, and she couldn't believe the sensation. She had no idea anything could feel that good. The initial pain and shame of being raped by her brother had been replaced by lust. She was having sex. And she loved it.

Suddenly, she felt her brother's body go rigid, his cock buried inside her, then she felt something warm and gooey spreading inside her spasming pussy. And her body went insane.

"God, oh god! Fuck!" She'd never used that word before, but nothing else worked now. Her pussy exploded, sending ripples through her belly. Her back arched up off the couch, slammed back down.

"Yes, yes, yes! Aaaaiiiieeee!" She screamed out her orgasm, then collapsed back on the couch, gasping, her brother's cock still inside her.

Jason looked down at his little sister, licked his lips.

"I knew you'd like it, sis. But don't you ever tell anybody about this. Or else." He was dead serious.

Kayla smiled up at him.

"Don't worry, this will be our little secret."

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