Let me start off with my name...Janet. I look like your average 25 year old woman, on the outside. What you do not know is how my life has been spent
up untill now...but these stories will tell you what I have been through.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Growing up I was an average looking girl, in your average family...nothing special. Then Mom left when I was 10, which left me living with my father and brother Lenny. Lenny is 2 years older than I am, and Dad was 25 when I was he is 25
years older than I am. When Mom left, we were not told why, where she went, or morning, it was announced that she was gone, and we were on our own now.

The first year and a bit, nothing happened much...except Dad took a different job working from he was always home for me and Lenny...which was a good thing at the time. He was a web guy, not sure exactly what that meant, but I know he had
a job, was always home, and we had no problems getting by money wise. I did notice that Dad NEVER went out, did not date anyone, or anything. It did not seem too strange, but that all changed a couple months after my 12th birthday.

I came home from school one day, and I remember that Dad was not home...VERY ODD. By this time in my early childhood years, I had discovered touching myself, and really liked it. I took this afternoon as a chance to do this, which I normally had to
do at night time when everyone settled down for the night. As soon as I knew Dad was not home (Lenny was in high school and always got home a couple hours after me), I locked the door, ran upstairs to my room, and got on my bed. I had no "toys" or anything
like that, but I did have my hands, and I was getting used to using them to bring myself pleasure. I started in with rubbing and touching myself, all the time listening out for Dad coming home.

I must have been at this for about 10 minutes, and I started to relax and not worry as much (Dad must be out for a bit I thought). I got more risky, and starting to finger myself, which I had come very fond of. But suddenly, I wanted more, I did not
know what, but my finger was not enough now. Then I recalled the old tale about the girl in the local school who had a frozen weiner stuck in her and had to go to the hospital to get it removed (I am sure ALL schools have a similar story, I never did know
if this was a true tale or not), but my mind got racing. I dashed downstairs, and to the deep freeze...and there were ALWAYS hot dogs there, and not packed in dozens etc, because Dad never knew who was going to be around, so he had bulk packs which were
all individually wrapped. I grabbed one, and thought to myself..."Do I dare...?". Then I ran back upstairs, frozen hot dog in my hand.

I got back on the bed after closing the door to my room, but not tight (still wanted to watch out for dad of course). I then started rubbing and fingering myself with one hand, and holding and rubbing the weiner with my other hand. Then I decided to go for it,
as I put unwrapped it, and put it to by tight slit...Man, was it cold at first. I thought again, before I started pushing it in. It slid in very easily at first, and I felt so dirty and wonderful as I felt my first penetration with anything other than
my own fingers. Then I kept pushing until almos the whole thing was up me, then I pulled out, and pushed in. I was actually FUCKING myself with the frozen weiner. It was UNREAL how hot and dirty I felt right then. I closed my eyes and started thinking about
a boy at school (Jason) that I liked. I started talking like he was there, and the one fucking me...and I was mumbling things like "I love your dick Jason", and "Fuck me more Jason", or "Jason you are FUCKING me hard now".

I was in HEAVEN, HEAVEN, HEAVEN...but soon I was to come crashing down.

While I was still lost in the moment, I opened my eyes and saw my FATHER IN my room staring at me and what I was doing. I screamed, threw a blanket over me, and tried to hide myself. I could ONLY imagine how disappointed he was going to be at me, and MAD too.

I said something like "Why did you not knock" and then "what are you looking at"...then I made the biggest mistake of my life...In my embarrasement and trying to end the situation, I called him a perve for watching his baby girl. He slowly turned to the door, and
I thought he was leaving, but he simply closed it, and turned back to me. I remember vividly the two things he said back at me..."I am NOT a Perve", and "From what I see, and hear in here, you are NOT my BABY girl any longer". He came over, and sat on my bed...
I pictured a punishment from him (grounding, or a spank maybe), but he had something totally different in mind.

He started saying that he was mad at me for "Fucking this Jason guy" and how could "I be giving it away to dirty little boys". I was shocked, and started to set him straight (I had NOT been with anyone, just in my mind only), but he screamed at me to shut up...which
I knew well enough to do.

He then started ranting about me touching myself under his roof, and doing the dirty things I was doing. He then asked how long I had been doing this type of thing, and what I had all done. I tried to lie and let on this was my first time, but he was not buying
it for a second...he let me know that "anyone who fucks themself with food has done this MANY times" and kept asking about Jason and how many times I had fucked him. I decided to be honest with him, so I told him (probably touching myself for a few months, first time
with anything other than my hand, and I had not been with anyone". I saw a twinkle in his eye for a second, and I thought "ah, Dad is not mad now"...I thought I was OUT OF TROUBLE...but it was only beginning.

Dad then sat there for a bit, no doubt thinking about his next step. He then rose up a bit, grabbed the blanket that was covering me, and tore it his 12 year old daughter was naked before him, and I saw his leer of my young body. He then told me to
"show me how you touch and finger fuck yourself". My jaw dropped, I looked at him, started for a blanket to cover up with again, and was about to tell him ROYALLY off, but he then stopped me COLD and COMMANDED "NOW or else". I started to cry (he had always been a
sucker for tears), but he then grabbed my face in one of his big hands and told me "tears are good for little innocent girls, not girls who fuck around and dont do as they are told". He told to stop it now, and Get touching myself or HE would....WHAT!!!

I thought I had better not push him any more, so I slowly lowered my hand to my little cunny, the whole time with my head down...I was so scared and confused right now. Daddy then said "look at me as you fuck yourself SLUT"...why was my dad being so mean and dirty
with me I wondered...not knowing about him being horny etc (remember, I was only 12).

I cried a bit more, as I looked Daddy in the eye and started rubbing my hairless cunny. Dad then told me to put a finger in, which I did...but I was being defiant so I simply left it in there for a few seconds. Now Dad LOST it...he said "is that how you usually fuck
yourself, I DOUBT IT" so he took hold of my hand, and started fingering me with it...he was moving my finger in and out at the speed he wanted. He did this for a bit, constantly increasing the speed. He asked me if "I liked it" and if I had ever "used more than one
finger at a time". I answered NO to both body DID like it, but I did not.

He then took my finger out, and my hand off, and I thought MAYBE he is done now, but I was wrong. He then started to use HIS hand on me...his 12 year old daughter. He was rubbing me a bit, and did it ever feel different with a BIG hand, and my DADs hand at that.
Then, he took a finger, placed it at my slit, looked me dead in the eye and said "I guarantee you WILL like it now" and he then slowly put his whole finger in me. It hurt quite a bit at first (his finger was about the size of the weiner from earlier). He watched me
the whole time as he was fingering me...first slow, then faster, then he pulled out, and said "now TWO fingers" and started to finger fuck me with two of his huge fingers in me). He was loving this I thought, as he watched me intently the whole time. I could not help
but to enjoy it, as my body started to get used to, and LIKE this abuse that was happening. He asked "am I better than this Jason kid" and I could not even answer, I was too busy enjoying what my father was doing to me. He fingered me for about 5 minutes, before I felt
his hand come off me, and I started to open my eyes, but I soon felt something else on my dad took the weiner that I had been using earlier, and put it to my cunt...and with one push, it was up me all the way. Dad then continued to talk to me as he fucked me with
the now unthawed weiner...calling me names like SLUT, DIRTY, EASY, etc.

I layed there and took this pumping, and was actually kind of half liking the physical part of it, for what seemed like 10 more minutes, with Dad using the weiner or his hand on me. Then it stopped, he took out the weiner, I opened my eyes and looked at him....what he
did next was an omen of things to come, as he took the weiner, put it in his mouth, and ate it. I thought "GROSS", but he rose up off the bed, and started to walk away. I could not help but to see his crotch, and what was obviously a HUGE boner, and a VERY noticeable wet
spot on his pants too. I covered up, and closed my eyes, and just started to cry. What had just happened to me was too overwhelming...I was caught by my father, then RAPED by him. I did not know what to do...even though it was mid afternoon, I just cried myself to sleep.
I was woken up later on that night by dad, which will be described in the next chapter.

Chapter 2 New Arrangements

That night, Dad woke me up, and it was around 8:00. He walked in my room, and it was obvious that things had changed, you could tell my the look in his eye, and the flare of his nostrils. He told me to "wake up", which I did, and then was commanded to "sit up" which I
also promptly did (I could tell he was not in the mood for games or playing around). He started off by saying how upset he was with me for being "dirty" and for "fucking this Jason" guy...but oddly did not mention him molesting me.

He then told me that I was never to tell anyone about what had happened, or I would be sent away like Mom was. He then said that what happens in a house between family has to stay there, and needed to be our secret. I simply nodded. He then said that since I wanted
to be "like that" then he would make sure I never had to "play with myself again". I did not know what he meant...but he went on to tell me in no uncertain terms. He said that tomorrow I was not going to school, and that he was going to home school me instead (and since
he worked from home anyway, I knew that this was possible). My GOD I thought, what was happening here.

He said that what happened today, will happen again, as he will teach me the RIGHT way of doing things, stuff that "Jason could never do since he is only a boy". I figured now was the time to protest so I started to speak, but he simply cupped his hand over my mouth, and
with WIDE EYES yelled at me "Shut up, this is the path you chose, so it will be just as you wanted". He then uncupped my mouth, kind of grinned at me, and said, that we will both like what our new relationship will evolve into. He then said that "today was only the
beginning Janet", there was much more to come. He then said to "get some sleep for tomorrow, because you will need it". He then left the room...I lay there in shock again. I stared at my ceiling for hours, until I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I heard Lenny down
stairs getting ready for school, but I knew not to dare go down there...I simply lay in bed listening to him leave, then within minutes, Dad was at my door...wearing his pajama bottoms only, and a grin that scared me shitless.

He walked in my room, came over to my bed, and as I was watching, he simply crawled under my covers. The next hour was spent with him rubbing, fingering, stroking, and simply exploring my pussy in any and every way imaginable. I laid there and tried to NOT like it, but
his hands were so big, and so experienced, and I was a preteen girl just exploring and discovering my sexuality anyway, so as much as I hated that this was DAD doing this, the act itself was actually enjoyable. I tried to hide this feeling, but Dad saw through my facade. He
said things like "dirty slut is getting off on her father's hand" or "you like your dad fucking you dont you". He was still hung up on Jason so he was sure to mutter stuff like "better than Jason I bet".

After about an hour he just stopped, looked at me a bit, then took my hand. He said "your turn to make me happy now" and started to put it on his crotch...I immediately tried to pull away, and for the first time in my life I was slapped by Dad right across my face. It was
not hard, and I imagine it was just his way of showing that this was not open for debate and that I was to do as I was told. He said to me "from now on, you do WHAT I say, no questions asked. If you don't, you will get hit EVERY FUCKING time, you you understand?". I nodded,
fully knowing that I was defeated.

He again started to pull my hand to his crotch, this time I did not resist. I had never touched, let alone seen a dick before, and the fact that Dad was my first really bothered me, but I had no choice. My tiny hand touched his PJ bottoms, and what was unmistakeably his cock
through them. I was shocked at how hard it was (remember, I am still a 12 year old virgin at this point). He simply laid my hand on it, and moaned a bit. I had no idea what to do, so I held it there untill he coached me on what to do. He told me to "squeeze it easily, rub it
etc". He then took my tiny hand again, and put in INSIDE his bottoms. For the first time in my life, my hand was on a real cock, and as much as I still hated that this was Dad, a bit of me was excited.

I rubbed and squeezed his dick for only a couple of minutes before he started to get up, and I, being naive, thought maybe he was done (how am I to know when a boy, or in this case man, was "done"). He stood by my bed a bit, and simply took off his bottoms. I was now staring
at the first dick I had ever seen. Knowing now what I did not know then, I can tell you that he was circumsized, average thickness, and probably about 6 inches long. To me at the time, it was HUGE, and kind of scary looking. He looked at me as I looked at my Dads dick, and
then he started to give it a couple strokes and rubs (no doubt to show me how it should be done). He then told me to come over and sit on the edge of the bed. I was now sitting on the edge of my bed with my dad stroking his hard cock just off to my side. He told me to "take over
for me" and to watch as I did. I started doing as I was told, and what I saw him doing, and in essence my dad was having me jerk him off...ME, his 12 year old daughter.

I did this for a little while (probably 5 minutes), and Dad kept asking me questions. "Have you ever done this to Jason?" "Do you know what cum is?" "Is my cock the biggest one you have ever seen?" He was getting off on talking to me like this, oh and the hand job was
not hurting either I guess. I told him the honest answers (No I had not done this before, I had no idea what cum was, and yes his was the biggest (and only) dick I had seen. He then muttered "that will all change slut". I was a defeated girl a hand job to my Dad
in my own room, on a Thursday morning, as he belittled me and called me filthy names. Despite all this, a part of me was still liking it all (the sexual being in me was coming out).

After a few more minutes, he said "better stop for a bit Janet" and he released my grip on his dick. He then told me to "finger your self for a bit, I will be right back" and left the room. I simply sat there and waited, and in a few minutes he came back with a VCR from the
TV room, and a couple of tapes in his hand. He saw me and screamed at me "I said to finger yourself, you dare to disobey me!!!". He put down what he had and started to me...I apologized and promptly started on myself...I could not figure out his reason for wanting me to touch
myself...figuring how does HE get pleasure from that, but I was learning quick to do what I am told and not ask questions.

He hooked up the VCR and put in a tape, but did not hit play.

He came back to my bed, still naked and hard, and stood over me as I played with myself and he started to stroke his dick. He said the first lesson from school today would be to show me what cum is, and said to stop and watch him as he "finished off". He had me lay on my bed, and
he moved down to near my crotch area, and he was looking at my cunny, then my face, then my cunny again as he kept stroking his dick. He was moaning and grunting a bit and said to watch his cock as he came, and that I need to get used to seeing cocks and cum. He then said "Now, here
it is" and jerked frantically on his cock and then I saw it, for the first time ever I got to see cum. Dad came, and pointed it at my belly and cunny region. He have about 5 squirts of it, then a couple drops more. It was on my belly, cunny, and thigh. It was warm, and thick
and I was freaked out because I really had no idea what to expect, or what to do now. He stopped, looked at me, his young daughter who had taken shots of his cum, and smiled. He then said to touch it, and rub it in on my body. I thought GROSS, but again, I was learning not to
question or get him mad, so I did. It was really warm to the touch, and it felt very odd to "rub this in" but I did...I rubbed it on my thigh, belly, and around my little cunny.

Dad smiled, and said to stay there and watch the tape. What I would learn in my next lesson was "what to do with cum". He said from now on, EVERY load of cum would have only two final destinations, and I would learn these locations from the tape. He said the tape is 2 hours long,
so he would be up in two hours to test me on what I learned, so be ready. He then walked to the VCR, hit play, and walked out of my room. The tape started playing, and the title came up..."Blowjob fantasies and Cum Eaters 4"...I knew what cum was now, but Blow Job was a new term to I started to watch...

It did not take long until I saw what a BJ was...and I watched almost 2 hours of blowjobs (sucking one cock, sucking two guys, black ones, white ones, long ones, fat ones, circumsized, uncircumsized, down the throat cum shots, and facials...and I must say, I found this quite
disturbing. Surely to GOD Dad had no intentions of doing any of THAT with me. How could anyone get pleasure from that as the girl. The tape stopped playing, and within seconds Dad appeared (Bastard must have been right outside my room waiting).

He smiled, walked over still naked, and said "Let's see what you have learned".

Read chapter 3 to continue with my saga...

Chapter 3 I Learn to suck cock

I could tell by the look in Dad's eyes that this was NOT going to be fun. My naked father was coming to my bed, after having me watch that type of FILTH. He walked right over, and crawled into bed with me...AGAIN. He asked if I liked what I saw, and I told him NO...He smiled a wry
smile, and said "you will learn to like it little girl", and I knew all too well what he meant by that. I started to cry again, HOPING he had some love for me deep inside, but as soon as I started, WHACK, anothe slap on the face, and he chastised me again..."You brought this on by
slutting around and touching yourself". He kept blaming this on me, when I did not know what I was even doing....well, sort of I guess.

He then started to tell me the different names for it "blow job, BJ, sucking cock, giving head, cleaning the pipes, Oral, sword swallowing, etc". He also let me know in NO UNCERTAIN terms about the ending of these...only two endings were PROPER, and they were what I saw in the movie...
either in the mouth and swallow, or taking a facial. Nobody likes any other ending, and none of these would EVER be permitted by him or any guy. He then went on to explain what NOT to do "spit, shoot on belly, shoot in napkin etc. He then proceeded to tell me the RIGHT way to take
a facial...eyes open and looking at the guys face, mouth wide open with tongue out HOPING to get some shot in your mouth. And then how the guy would decide what to do with the remains on the some will wipe their dick on it and then shove it in your mouth, others may wipe it off
and feed it to you, etc. As he was telling me this, I was thinking back to the movie and remembering...Yep, I saw that, and that, and that....Wow, Dad really knew what he was talking about I thought...later on I realized, he simply watched a lot of porn.

He asked if I understood...and I numbly just nodded and said "yes daddy". He then wanted to talk about the dicks I had seen on the tape, the different sizes, shapes, colors, and cut/uncut. He went into great detail on them, making sure I understood that they are all different, but
all need to be treated the same way. He then rose out of my bed, walked over to my side, stood there with his cock hanging there, and said "day 1 of you becoming a cock sucker...suck your fathers cock...NOW". I knew what I had to do, so I sat up, looked up into his sneering face, and
lowered my face to my fathers cock...I could not believe what I was about to do.

I opened my mouth, and took his head into my 12 year old mouth...thought back to the movie and what I had "learned" and started to bob on it. I was taking about half of it in I guess, and he was semi hard, but he wanted more. He took the back of my head and started to push me down farther
and farther...telling me as he was "this is the rythym" or "suck it all slut" far he had sunk in such a short time. I was sucking my fathers cock, in my bedroom...UNREAL.

I did this for about 5 minutes, and by now he was hard as could be, and started moaning a bit...I had seen that in the movie, and I guessed that meant he was going to cum...NO, he could not cum in his precious daughter could he...NO!!! He said "oh yeah, here you get your first load", so that sealed
it, I knew what was about to cum...He pulled out of my mouth, and started to jerk his cock...he screamed "Look at me, open up, and toungue out" I complied, and BAM, a shot of my dads cum hit me on the nose, then the lip, then IN MY MOUTH...I was scrunchiing my eyes and in shock, but his shots
kept coming. Then he shoved his cummy covered cock in my mouth and in one motion DOWN my throat. I was eating his cum, I had no choice. He was moaning real loud now and saying "eat it slut" or "fucking swallow it all". He pumped in and out of my mouth a few more times before he pulled out
with a plop, and rubbed his softening cock on my face, smearing it with his cum...then back in my mouth to feed me more of his cum.

He smiled at me, asked me if I liked it, and waited for a reply...but none was forthcoming from me. He smiled a bit, then said "that is okay, I liked it enough for both of us"...then said night, as if nothing had happened. As he left, I laid there wondering what the fuck was I ever goiong to do. I waited about an
hour, then went to the bathroom, and threw up. I washed up a bit, and figured I had one chance...I needed to talk some sense into I went down to the den where he was working on the computer. I went in and asked if we could talk...he said sure (as if nothing was wrong) so I went in and I
tried to talk to him. I apologized for being bad, said I dont blame him, told him I love him, that I would never tell, I would be good from now on...all the stuff he should have wanted to hear. He let me go for about 15 minutes, then said "are you done"?. I said yes, and waited for my old loving dad to come
to his senses.

He said very simply "three rules from now on. You do what I say, When I say, and with WHO I say". You break any one of these rules, you get whipped, and are GONE. No questions, no crying, no what, when and who I say". I stared in shock...I was in disbelief, but real worried about the
who part of this. I hung my head in defeat, muttered OK dad, and started to get up. He said, stop, and get over here (motioning to his side of the computer where he was sitting). I immediately thought OH NO, not another BJ already, but knew my role so I went over to him.

He said to look at the computer, and I could see that he was looking at a site with another young girl and an old man...I thought gross, then I read the name of the site "Dads Share Their Fuck Daughters" and I froze. Dad then went on to tell me how he was not the only one doing this, how he is a
member of this group, and that he will be letting other "dads" use me from time to time to. Now I realized what he meant by the WHO part. I started to protest and you guessed it, another slap. He then started showing me parts of the site. I saw old man after old man with young girls...calling them dad etc,
and I knew well what they had in common. He also showed me scenes (movies and pictures) where one girl was doing two guys, or a line of guys, so I dared ask dad "I dont need to do that type of thing right dad"? He laughed and said "of course you do, you are a dirty little slut and all".

We looked at the site for another hour or so, and he said off to bed now, you need your rest to keep up with your old man. Off to bed I went, knowing full well that I was in for a HELLISH time living under his roof.

Chapter 4 Dad's BJs Continue

Over the next two weeks, I sucked Dad every morning, every night, and about half the days once more during the day. Knowing now what I did not
know then, he had the sex drive of a teenage boy. I would literally be woke up by him standing by my bed, or him climbing into my bed, and I was to
suck his cock every morning. This happened every day at 7 AM sharp. As you know by now, I would have to take a facial or swallow it all. I could
tell by now that he preferred the facials to the swallows, but either way I was eating his cum (all if he shot in my mouth, or some with his facials). Night
time blow jobs usually happened around 10 PM, but were not like clock work as the AM ones were. The times that he got head during the day would vary
and I could tell it depended on his porn watching on the computer

He kept telling me how much better I was getting at this, and how I was a "GOOD FUCKING COCK SUCKER"...I could tell he enjoyed talking like that to his 12
year old girl. He also had me still watchiing porn, and started more and more with this type of thing on the computer, always with young underaged girls
like me and old men (most likely dads like him). These scenes were anything from a tame blow job, to sex (now I know as intercourse), to threesomes (and
these ALWAYS had two guys and one girl), to boy with a girl (around the same age or so), to a full fledged group gang bang. Even at my tender age, I
could tell that the more guys there, the rougher and cruder it ALWAYS got.

There was one scene in particular that Dad kept coming back was a dad, his daughter, and a boy (a bit older than the girl). The girl was sucking or
fucking both guys, but the scene would change and the dad was doing the boy, and the boy the dad too...seemed very gay to me, but Dad watched it almost
every day. He would often ask me if the boy looked like Jason, or if I would like that with him and Jason...I just kept quiet everytime, I knew he was talking
for his own arousal anyway.

I must admit, it was getting to the point where I did not really mind as much sucking dad off. I was getting much better at it, knew what he liked (deep in my
mouth, talking to me, and me making smacking sounds as I sucked him), and I guess I had become used to it all. Routine set in, and it really got quite boring to me
and that scared made me think I was maybe becoming a slut for real. And the more that I watched these movies, the more I realized that it could be MUCH
worse...there were black guys in these movies, rough sex, groups, and cocks MUCH bigger than dads. Plus, he was only in my mouth...there were worse
places he could be sticking it.

One day, he was out (he would still go out from time to time for groceries etc), but I had not left the house since that fateful first night. As soon as he left, I went
to his computer to watch some more of this stuff, but with out him there. I took this chance to "pleasure" myself as I watched, rubbing and fingering myself. Dad
had not touched my cunt since he started getting his head from me. So I needed to take this into my own hands, no pun intended. This became my routine when
he would go out...get myself some pleasure before he got back. On this day however, he had only been gone about 5 minutes, and I was in the middle of doing
myself (to his favorite scene) when he came right back. I am not sure if he forgot something, or just wanted to see exactly what I did when he left, but he found
me watching his scene, finger up me, head back, moaning like crazy. I heard the den door shut, say his shitty grin, and he started to walk over to me.


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This story reminded of me and my niece, in Germany I went to there often and she wanted me to rub her back and she was breathing hard and told her why and she said she like being touch and than I started to rub her lil tits, she told me she love that very much and we went to her room to foreplay and we fuck for along lime and did not care if anyone come in to caught us. That was not the last time and we still fucking.

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bonjour je suis zafran j ai 18 ans j ai jeune fille 1/10/12
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