sex in the gym
"The Gym"

Terra had seen him before at the gym. She had even changed her workout schedule
so she would be there at the same time as he. This time, she was sitting on one
of the bikes when he walked in. She tried inconspicuously to follow him with her
eyes as he made his way toward the locker room, but he looked up and caught her
eye. She blushed and smiled at him.

A few moments later he came out of the locker room and made a beeline for her,
sitting on the bike beside hers. As he started the machine he introduced himself
as Matthew and they started talking. She slowed down her workout so she could
talk to him. They talked animatedly about what they did and how often they
worked out until her session ended.

Terra said goodbye as she got off the bike, not wanting to seem to eager. Matthew
told her he'd see her upstairs in the weight room.

And sure enough he did. His face appeared over her while she lay back on the leg
press. Terra knew that it flattened out her stomach, but her breasts were held
tight in her sports bra. Matthew stole a quick glimpse of them before moving off
to work on his own machine.

After her workout, Terra waved goodbye and went down to the women's locker room.
As she went, she noticed that the gym was almost empty; only one or two men were
still left working out. She swung open the door to the locker room and felt a
presence behind her. She felt strong arms circle her waist and push her into the
locker room. She turned around and found herself face to face with Matthew.

Before she could speak he moved in and kissed her long and hard. Their sweaty
bodies slid against each other as he pulled her tighter into the kiss. Terra
pulled away and took his hand.

She led him toward the shower area. She reached into one of the showers and
turned on the water. Slowly she peeled off her clothes, watching him watch her.
Matthew swiftly removed his clothes and grabbed her, lifting her onto his hips
and moving into the shower.

The hot water hit them with a blast. They kept kissing, lips devouring each
other. The water sluiced down their bodies, slicking away all the sweat. Matthew
followed the water with his tongue and Terra reached up and grabbed onto the
showerhead for support.

He slid his tongue down her neck and over her shoulders, back up over her toned
bicep and down her side. He licked her navel and traced the line of light hair
down her belly to the edge of her bikini line. With one hand he held her firm
bottom while he slid the other one up the insides of her slippery thighs,
parting them for his tongue. He licked a trail up her thighs, then slid his
tongue around her sex, pressing it into her swollen bud and making her tremble
with pleasure. Matthew tasted her sweet, clean womanhood and licked and licked
until Terra came, hard and wet. He moved back up and kissed her again so she
could taste herself.

He turned her toward the wall and placed his hand on the small of her back to
bend her over. Terra put her hands against the wall as she felt his manhood
pressing into her.

She moaned as he slid himself deep inside her. Matthew grabbed her hips and
rocked back and forth, thrusting harder and deeper into her every time. She
moved up a little, pressing her nipples into the wet tile as he pressed his
chest into her back. He slid his hands around to her pulsating button and
fingered her until he felt Terra cum again. Matthew pushed deep into her one more
time, groaning as he felt his own body stiffen and cum explosively.

They rested against each other for a moment, letting the water run over them.
Finally, Matthew pulled back and took her hand. He led her into the sauna and sat
down on the wooden bench. She sat on top of him, straddling his thighs, and
moved in to kiss him, sliding her tongue between his lips. They kissed
passionately, desire rising in both of them again. Terra could feel herself
becoming wet again.

She moved her lips over his neck and ears, making him moan and squirm beneath
her. Terra traced her tongue down his body, over his chest and erect nipples,
then further down over his belly to the line of pubic hair. She slid his member
between her slippery, full breasts, and squeezed her mounds around it, sliding
them up and down the shaft.

She pulled away and moved her lips onto the head of his throbbing manhood. She
slid her tongue over the tip and then down the shaft. Matthew moaned as she
passed over the fleshy part under the head and moved down to lick his balls.
Terra continued to massage his tight balls as she moved her head back up and
took him deep into her mouth. She moved her lips slowly up and down the shaft,
sucking the head until he groaned in ecstasy and agony.

When he couldn't take anymore, Matthew grabbed her and pulled her up onto the
bench. He laid her on her back and moved over her, sliding his stiff rod deep
inside her. Terra wrapped her legs around his waist, welcoming him inside her.

The shaft pressed into her button, making her moan louder and louder until her
moans became screams. Matthew kept thrusting hard and deep into Terra until she
came. Digging her nails into his back, she pulled him tightly into her and held
him there until he came, too, groaning loudly, then collapsing onto her.

After a few moments they got up and wrapped towels around themselves, moving
back out toward the locker area. Terra went to her locker and gave Matthew her
card before pulling him in for one last, long, lingering kiss.
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