woman comes home to surprise her man
"The Awakening"

Working the afternoon shift as a supervisor at a plant in the next town, it is
3:00 am before Terra finally pulls into the driveway. Feeling body-weary, her
mind is still going a mile a minute because she has some exciting news to tell
her man.

Matthew works days, so Terra knows he will be fast asleep. She also knows just
how to wake him so he won't mind hearing her good news: another promotion, her
fourth in less than three years. Excited and proud, she just has to share her
good news with him tonight.

Quietly, Terra opens the front door and slips into the darkened house. Flipping
off her heels in the front hall, she carelessly tosses her coat on the railing
instead of hanging it up. She silently pads up the carpeted stairs to their
bedroom. Deftly undoing the buttons on her silk blouse with one hand and
opening the bedroom door with the other, she steps in.

Matthew had left the mini-blinds open, as he usually does, to allow the warm
breeze to blow gently into the room making it redolent of a sweet, summer night.
Her blouse, now opened, slides down her soft shoulders and she flings it across
the room to land on the high-backed chair that is already holding an array of
her discarded clothing. Lowering the zipper and opening the button on the back
of her skirt, it falls from her shapely hips to the floor. Crumpled around her
pretty ankles, she steps out of the skirt and kicks it over to the chair where
it lands half-on and half-off. Reaching behind her back, Terra unhooks her bra
and bends to let the lacy garment fall from her breasts. She carelessly tosses
it over with the rest of her clothing. Pulling her panties and pantyhose down
at the same time, she flings them away in the same heedless manner.

Naked now, Terra stands by their bed for just a moment. Matthew is asleep, lying
on his side with his smooth back to her. She gently peels back the covers,
crawls into their bed and snuggles in next to her man.

Turning on her side, Terra softly rubs her bare breasts into his back. The
gentle breeze drifting into the room and the anticipation of what she knows is
about to come has hardened her nipples; the pebbled tips feel good against the
cool smoothness of his back. Matthew does not stir. Slipping her arm around his
warm, inert body, she allows her fingers to trace a line down his chest to the
dense, course curls that surround his flaccid manhood. Slowly, Terra wraps her
warm fingers around his softness and is pleased to feel him begin to stiffen in
her hand.

Deep in sleep, Matthew rolls to his back as he unconsciously makes access to his
body even easier. The street lamp just outside their bedroom window casts a
pale light through the slats of the blinds, affording her a glimpse of his
tranquil form. Smiling at him, Terra lowers her head to place a tender kiss
upon his still lips.

As she removes her lips from his, she sits up to carefully draw back the covers
and reveal his nude body to her admiring gaze. Her tongue runs across her lips,
moistening them, before she unconsciously bites her bottom lip, deep in thought.
Looking down at his impressive body, she leans over Matthew to kiss him
again--only this time, not on his lips.

When her sweet mouth makes contact with his now fully erect manhood, it bounces
in reflex. Terra continues to place butterfly kisses over his dancing member,
then lowers her lips still further to place kisses upon his tender sac.

Returning to the warm, smooth head, she runs her tongue across the sensitive
tip, tasting the evidence of his arousal. His hardness now firmly in her hand,
Terra places the head into her warm, inviting mouth. Now, Matthew is beginning
to stir.

Slowly and pleasantly, he begins to awaken. Noticing the change in the rise and
fall of his chest and from the sounds of his breathing, Terra is also aware that
he is no longer asleep. Raising his hips from the bed, Matthew tries to deepen
his thrust into her mouth, succeeding nicely. Pushing again and again, he feels
himself fill her mouth and slide right to the back of her throat.

Enjoying the eroticism of this, Terra allows him to continue, finding with each
thrust a little moisture dampening her own sex. She takes great pleasure in the
passionate and erotic lovemaking they have always shared. His hands reach up to
touch her full, aroused breasts. Fingers grab at her erect nipples, pulling and
tugging on them. They do not linger on her breasts long before they find their
way to her head, where he tangles his fingers into her hair. Clenching his
hands into tight fists, Matthew twists the soft and silky hair between his

Now taking the control from her, he guides her head up and down on his throbbing
member in a rhythm that stirs him deeply. As her head lowers, Terra inhales
deeply, breathing in the wonderful scent of his arousal. She loves the smell of
sex. The pungency that wafts up to her nose causes another trickle of wetness
to flood her body.

Sliding her hand down between his slightly opened legs, Terra gently caresses
his warm, tight balls. Purposely, she moans deep in her throat knowing that
these vibrations will add to his pleasure. Excited beyond measure, Matthew is
unable to thrust slowly. Almost choking and gagging her, his hips begin to buck
and thrust faster and faster as he finds himself closer to his orgasm.
Unconsciously, he yells into the room--nothing coherent, just a yell telling her
he is there.

Terra feels him stop his thrusts and holds him deep in her throat, knowing he is
ready to cum. Matthew feels his seed boil up from his balls. His first spurt
hits the back of her throat, missing her tongue altogether. Terra swallows
quickly before the next spurt comes. Another spurt, then another.

When he has drained his body into her mouth, Matthew slowly pulls his softening
member from between her lips. Terra continues to suck hard as he pulls, as
though she does not want him to leave her suckling mouth. Slowly, she releases
his balls from her firm grip. Matthew shivers from the aftermath of his pleasure
and tenderly watches Terra as her tongue slips out to lick her still-moist lips.

He looks up into her beautiful face and tells her how very much he loves her.
Smiling, she leans down to kiss him passionately. Matthew returns the kiss just
as passionately, tasting the remnants of his orgasm in her sweet mouth.

Impatient now, Terra quickly sits up cross-legged on the bed with the street
lamp casting a gentle light across her pert breasts. "Now that you are awake,"
she giggles, "guess what?"


2016-09-23 18:35:35
Very well written, flowed extremely well; now you have me hooked


2009-04-13 22:30:32
I thought it was nice though i like a story line but this one was pretty good :P

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2009-04-11 17:34:13
i would love to fuck u too...

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2009-03-25 10:01:52
Very well written. Nice work

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2009-03-25 03:27:38
Short but sweet.

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