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Accidental sex with my teenage daughter
This trip wasn't starting off well, my wife had to work later than expected and my daughters boyfriend had to wait for his roommate to come back with the car; we didn't even hit the road until 4:00p. Once Jerry got there I already had out camping gear, luggage and supplies stacked and ready to load. Although it felt like it gone done quickly it took an hour to arrange, tie down, adjust and generally be ready to launch. The drive to the campground was just over 10 hours, meaning we'd get in during the late night/early morning and still have to set up tents and only able to work by the headlights of the car. Oh joy.

We started off with Jerry driving - it was his SUV anyhow, but he and I would switch driving when we stopped to fill up on gas, at the same time my daughter Brenda and my wife would switch seats as well, kind of a couples hanging together thing. Any drive that involves night travel is boring as hell, by Jerry’s second turn to drive the sun had gone down and it wasn't too long after sunset before Brenda, Marge and I were nodding off the rhythmic vibrations of the road. I was vaguely aware that Jerry had pulled off for gas again. I woke myself up in anticipation of my turn to drive, went in to take a leak and get some coffee.

The girls were crashed and we didn't bother waking them, I'll bet within 20 minutes of being on the road Jerry was asleep as well. It was quiet and I didn't mind, I didn't even have the radio on. I wasn't really pushing it, had the cruise control set and just needed to keep my eyes on the road. Every once in a while someone would shift for a more comfortable position but no one woke up, it was during one of those times when Brenda laid over and put her head in my lap then brought her hand up to rest her cheek on. I reached down and brushed her hair with my hand a few times and went back to paying attention to the road.

Brenda would budge here and there in her sleep but one of those times I think she partially woke up - she slid her hand up my thigh and began rubbing my crotch. I was caught by surprise for a second and then tried to warn her off, "Hey." I said in the loudest possible whisper, trying to catch her attention.

"Shhhhhhh..." was her response, and she lifted her head a little and worked her hand up to fumble with my zipper.

I wondered for a second "What the fuck?" when I realized she wasn't aware Jerry and I had traded places, she didn't know it was me driving. I knew she was thinking of giving him a blow job while he was driving and was assuming my wife and I were either asleep in the rear seat or unable to see because of the seat back. I glanced nervously in the mirror at Jerry and Marge but both of them were knocked out, by that time Brenda had found the pull on the zipper and was working it down. My cock suddenly had a life of it's own.

I thought about trying to stop her again but knowing my cock was about to get sucked made me horny as hell and I found myself helping her get my pants open so she could dig down into my shorts and work my erection out into the open. After a moment of her adjusting her position I felt myself in her warm mouth. She felt good. Brenda began sucking my dick in a way I'd never known, she wasn't bobbing her head up and down she simply had gotten me half way into her mouth and she sucked on me. I could feel her slick tongue working under my shaft and up over the head. My cock was rock hard, not just from the sensations of her sucking me but because of the total danger this was. I was certain in a few minutes she’d look up at me and everything was going to go to hell. At the moment I didn't care, she fucking felt good and I liked it.

I did whatever I could to make sure I was distracted, I didn't want to cum too soon, I was definitely enjoying feeling this, not the taboo idea that this was my 19 year old daughter (although that brought a lot of intensity into it) and not just the idea that my wife and her boyfriend were asleep behind us not 3 feet away (talk about danger!) but she sucked my cock in a way that made it want to be sucked. I checked my mirrors, scanned the road ahead, checked the gages - whatever I could do to stay hard and feel her suck me. She worked her hand into my shorts and began caressing my balls, that was bound to make me lose it. I felt my nut sack tighten up and I knew in a moment I was going to cum in her mouth. I dropped my hand down from the steering wheel and began to play with her breast, I felt her nipple stiffen up through the fabric of her bra and her blouse. I thought for a long second about reaching down and rubbing her pussy but I wasn't going to be able to hold back that long.

Waiting was over, I quickly scanned the road ahead and then shot everything I had into Brenda’s mouth. She never skipped a beat, she swallowed every bit of me as I unloaded into her, she even reached down and drew her fingers up along my shaft, milking the last of my cum out so she could suck me dry. I released her breast and caressed the side of her face. I intentionally brushed my fingertips across my cock where it went into her mouth just to verify this wasn't some erotic dream; sort of a 'pinch me' to see if I was awake. It was real enough. When she was done and I felt her slipping me back into my shorts. I helped get my pants back up and zipped again.

Now is when the trouble would begin, she was going to look up at me and the world was going to cave in. But it didn't happen, she laid her head on my thigh again and just patted my leg a couple of times. It was a few minutes later when I sensed she'd fallen back asleep. I felt her breast again and the nipple had gone back to normal, I let her go and drove while I was a little in shock over the whole thing.

The gas was getting low again, I gently slowed down and found my way to a station by the freeway. I was cautious to let the car ride as smooth as possible because I didn't want to wake anyone. When I pulled up to the pump I slowly got out of the seat and didn't close the door tight when I got out. As I was filling the tank I looked in on everyone - they were all sound asleep. When I got done I decided I would continue to drive since we were less than an hour away and Jerry didn't know how to get there anyhow and I would have to stay up to give him directions. When I got back into the drivers seat I made sure to jostle Brenda, she opened a sleepy eye and saw me getting in. "Oh, hi dad." She mumbled then she moved herself to be sitting back in her seat. I figured she thought we had just changed drivers again and had no idea she had just given her father the best blowjob of his life.

When we got to the campground I made sure to announce, "We're here!" loud enough to wake everyone then I got out and opened the lift gate, The lights being on and me rustling in the back was enough to stir everyone to activity. I was pulling out the big tent, I had put it in last and was the one I intended to set up first since it was where I slept. Brenda’s tent and Jerry’s tent could wait. Jerry got out and helped me drag the tent around and begin to open it, Marge got up and headed towards the park port-a-john and Brenda was leaning against the fender smoking a cigarette and shivering.

By the time Marge got back we were halfway through setting up the tent, I saw her by the glow of the headlights and could tell she was tired; everyone was; late start and late at night, this wasn't going to be one of those build a fire and hang out nights. She made a suggestion that instead of taking the time to get all 3 tents up we just crash in the big one for the night and finish up in the morning. The idea seemed to work for everyone. I finished off driving the tent stakes as Jerry passed the sleeping bags in to the women. I bundled the tools back into the travel pouch and tossed them back into the car. Before I turn the headlights out I asked if everyone was ready, once confirmed I pushed the knob in and had to take a moment to let my eyes adjust to the night before working my way to the tent.

Rather than lay out four sleeping bags the girls had opened them up so it was like we had two thin mattresses and two covers. Marge was at the back of the tent and Brenda would sleep towards the center I got a spot between the two of them and Jerry was going to sleep by the door to the tent. I finished zipping the door closed and awkwardly made my way over Jerry and Brenda to lay down next to my wife. In a short while there was nothing to be heard but long slow breathing and the occasional soft snore.

I don't know how long I slept, it could have been 5 minutes or a couple of hours but it was still quite dark out when I did wake up again. Maybe it was the coffee I had drunk or more likely it was because my cock was excited and I was considering fucking my wife. I could have been dreaming about Brenda sucking my cock or I was just still wired from the experience but I felt like I had Viagra coursing through my veins. I was hard again and wanting to make use of it.

I turned onto my side and slid my hand under the covers and found my wife’s hips, she was laying on her back - good. By touch I found the waistband of her sweat pants and I slid my hand in over her panties and began rubbing her pussy. I wasn't even nervous about it, we'd been married 22 years and over the course of the years it was nothing for either of us to initiate sex in the middle of the night. Of course this time we'd have the kids sleeping next to us but if we were quiet nothing would be noticed. I knew it might take a few minutes for her to respond to me pressing and rubbing her clit but soon I found her pressing gently back against my touch by raising her hips slightly. Knowing she was feeling me I moved down to trace the outline of her pussy lips under the fabric of her panties. I heard her breathing change as she was letting herself get into it.

I felt her panties starting to get wet and I knew she was getting ready. I moved my hand back up then slid it down under her panties and got a pleasant surprise - it felt like she had shaved her pussy. The thought of it got me even hotter. We'd been pretty active lately sexually and on occasion one or the other of us would do something to kick things up a notch. She knew I really liked it when she shaved her bush, it just made her look more naked and sexual to see her like that. I found her clit again the slid my fingertip between her wet pussy lips and slipped just inside her - she loved it when I barely penetrated her then popped my finger back out, it was a tease that made her hot as hell, this time wasn't any different. Pretty soon she was forcing her hips up trying to get me deeper into her, I obliged her a little but held back from penetrating her deeply. That made her want it just that much more.

Things were getting hot, my cock was hard as a rock and she was soaked. I felt her reaching for my crotch and I moved to accommodate her, she moved straight down and grabbed my shaft and gave it a tight squeeze. I was ready and so was she. I pulled my hand away from her pussy and started working her clothes down. I heard her smirk and I shushed her quietly, I didn't want Brenda or Jerry to wake up and catch us. I felt the motion of her nodding her head in the dark. She used her free hand to gather her waistbands on the opposite side and help me get them down. She bent one leg up and got it free of the restrictions but didn't bother getting the other leg out, no need to, we just needed her to spread her legs enough to get me between them. I raised my hips when I felt her pulling at my clothes, taking my weight off them so they could come down as well.

She got her arm under me and pulled me towards her, I moved onto her and felt the cover slip off my ass. "Oh great," I thought, my bare ass was hanging out in the air, at least it was totally dark and if anyone did wake up they wouldn't see anything. We jockeyed around to get ourselves into position then I reached down and set the head of my cock against her pussy lips and slid it up and down along her slit, a few motions like that and the head of my cock was wet from her juices. I pushed myself down a little and let the head begin to penetrate her. She tried to scootch down to get me into her but I raised up and kept myself just in the position where my finger had been when I was teasing her, she angled her hips up and got me to slip in a little more. Enough teasing...

I slowly slid into her, partly for trying to build her anticipation and partly because I knew I couldn't fuck her like a wild animal - well, at least not while we had other people in the tent. When I was fully into her I kept myself there and pressed harder, pushing against her cervix and bearing down on her clit at the same time. I lay down against her and kissed her, she opened her mouth and our tongues explored together. I began fucking her in long slow motions. I got my hand up under her clothes and found one of her nipples, every time I got to full depth in her I'd squeeze her nipple. I could hear quiet moans coming from within her. She moved a little, pressing her legs in against me and made her pussy fit me tighter, she was getting ready to cum. We broke off kissing and pulled tight to each other, I wasn't pulling out of her as far but I was stabbing myself into her harder, my cock was starting to swell in her and I was close to cumming also.

She started making little noises from our efforts and I 'shushed' her again and whispered we didn't want to wake the kids. She suddenly froze, both of us hanging on the verge of orgasm, "Dad??"


The night was dead silent and the moment felt like time had come to a total halt then I heard her quietly say, "Yes."

I didn't know what to do. After a moment of confusion I began to slowly pull out of her but it was the motion of my cock sliding in her that triggered her orgasm, I felt her push into me as a natural reaction to her cumming and she used her arms to pull me to her. I could feel the contractions in her pussy on the base of my cock and it was enough to set me loose as well, I started squirting into her so hard I thought my balls were going to come out with everything else. She could feel my cum filling her and she pulled me tighter still, taking me into her as deep as I could be.

For that brief moment my daughter and I were totally aware we were fucking each other and we both let it happen.

We laid there both of us spent and feeling awkward. She whispered into my ear, "What do we do?"

"I don't know honey." Was all I could manage to eek out.



"I know this was an accident and it's all... uhhh, wrong? But I've never cum so hard in my life."

"Me either honey."

We laid there, afraid to move. My cock had deflated some but it had enough meat to it that I could push into her slightly and I did. I heard her let out a little "Unnhhh."

Father and daughter, feeling embarrassed and slightly stressed... but cock and pussy were renewing interest in each other. Her response to me made me a little harder again and I started pushing into her more.

She was hot for it, her pussy wasn't just soaked from us fucking before but it was full of my cum as well, pushing into her was easy and the feeling of it was bringing my cock back to life. Both of us were suddenly turned on about the idea of doing each other. This time we were fucking each other with no mistake involved.

Normally right after cumming it would take me longer to shoot off a second time but this was different and I felt the same was true for Brenda. Despite how quiet we had to be and the fact we had to limit our motions we were coming close to orgasms again. I think it was the stress and the pressure of the situation that did make it happen so quickly. We came with each other again, not as intense as the first time but strong orgasms nonetheless. Afterwards we didn't feel awkward at all, we spent some time caressing each other and when I felt my cock shrinking back to normal I let it slip out of her. Right before I got off her I kissed her again and she received me as she had before, our tongues doing a slow sensual dance in her mouth. We kept our motions to a minimum as we got our clothing back in order. Right before calling it a night I reached over and stroked her breast, she let me feel her then she pulled her top up and exposed her tit, she angled herself towards me and pressed her breast to my mouth and let me suckle her for a few minutes. I enjoyed feeling her nipple between my teeth but I felt my cock stirring again. I had to break it off or risk wanting to fuck her again. I gave her a pat on the tummy and turned to go to sleep.


I woke up the next morning as everyone was getting up and out of the tent, I looked out and saw Brenda - we made eye contact. She raised her eyebrows a little in question and I responded with a slight shrug of the shoulders in response. Neither of us knew what to say but it was obvious it wasn't going to turn into a huge tragedy. Marge was already outside, being a natural organizer she was pulling cooking gear and food from the car, she had Jerry scouting for rocks to line a fire pit and she suggested I gather some wood. "Brenda, go help your father." Brenda and I traded glances and decided this could work. We got twigs and sticks from the immediate area and piled them for a fire to get started then headed towards the woods in search of bigger branches that could sustain the fire longer and be fuel for later.

Once we got out of sight we were immediately in conversation...

"Dad, what do we do?" Brenda had some urgency in her question, I could tell she was stressed.

"I guess the question would be: Do we need to do anything? I mean, right now no one else knows what happened and it's probably best if we keep it that way." I saw her nod her head, "What happened was unintentional and accidental." I noted.

"Well, it was," She mentioned, "but the second time? I kinda think we knew then."

I chuckled in response, "True. Maybe it was just the moment though. I know I didn't intend to assault you last night." Of course I wasn't mentioning the blowjob on the way there...

"Dad, I know it was and accident and all and if you hadn't said anything about 'waking me up' I probably wouldn't have even known." She confided, "But after we knew we did it again."

"Uhmm yeah." I paused a moment, "You did feel good to me honey an..."

She interrupted me, "You too dad."

"...and we were kind of already, uhhhh already there," I continued, "maybe it was just the heat of the moment, although I think knowing it was you made it more intense."

"Me too." She told me, "Are we going to do it again?"

"I don't know, I'd never thought about it." The truth, "Do you want to?" I was stunned by her question.

"I never thought about it before either but now it's all I can think about." She told me, "I guess I'm confused. I know it's wrong but if felt better than anything I've done before. When I first realized you were in me last night I was scared but the second time I wanted you to do it."

"It was pretty much the same for me hon," I shared my side, "I think if we both hadn't been so close to orgasm we would have stopped right there and even after we came together I still wasn't really sure what to do, but..." I paused a moment, "The second time... I knew who you were and what we were doing, I pushed in that first time to see what your response was going to be and well, you know how it turned out."

She showed me a slight grin.

We got our arms full of dried wood and started making our way back to the camp, I mentioned one last thing before we got there, "How about we just let this be. No plans to say it will happen again or not. I'll admit I enjoyed it but it's not like we ever decided to do it and it would likely turn into a bunch of trouble if we did try to plan something."

She agreed and told me she loved me. "I love you to Brenda."

The next few days went well, we all enjoyed our time lounging by the fire, fishing or hiking through the woods. Of course the other tents got set up and like all polite families my daughter and her boyfriend had separate tents (even though we knew they were having sex). The next night Marge and I had the tent to ourselves and I fucked her with unexpected energy, most likely due to thoughts of Brenda popping into my head. I'm sure the same happened to her when she and Jerry would sneak off into the woods for some 'private' time. Brenda and I didn't have any awkward moments or lapses in judgment and we all had a good time during our few days escape from the daily world.

We broke camp at the end of the day, where we would have wanted to get to the campground early to set up we didn't have the same constraints on going home. Once you got home it was easy to just go to bed, no equipment to manage or tents to set up. Jerry drove us out and since I had filled the car when we were close he was able to drive a ways before our next refill. We'd do the same driving pattern, my turn next. The girls were unconcerned about swapping seats this trip, I ended up with Brenda in the front as I drove. She gave me a wink when she saw me get in. I smiled in return, I knew she'd winked in reference to our shared secret.

People were nodding off again, Marge was out of it and I hadn't seen Jerry’s eyes open for the last half hour or so. Brenda looked sleepy and asked if she could lay her head in my lap. "Sure honey, no problem." I didn't bother keeping my voice low, I didn't think there was any reason to worry about someone hearing that. She moved herself over and got comfortable like she had before, hand on my thigh, face resting on her hand. I thought of the trip up and what had happened then but my cock wasn't stirring. This was innocent and I didn't have any designs on my daughter.

Not much traffic on the road and it was being the typical quiet night drive. But then Brenda moved some and it was no mistake what she had in mind, she began massaging my crotch. This time I knew that she knew it was me. Despite the initial surprise my cock sprang to the ready, she and I worked together to get my pants open and in a few short moments I felt her mouth on me. This time I didn't have any reserve, I slid my hand over to rub her pussy, she got the drift of what I had in mind and paused sucking me so she could turn and undo her jeans, she slid her pants and panties down to mid-thigh then went back to sucking me.

For a moment I thought about having her tell her mother how to suck a dick because she felt that good. I couldn't get to her pussy from the front well but I was able to touch her from behind, she curled her legs some so I could have access to her slit and clit and I obliged her by running my fingertips from her wet hole and up her slit to circle her clit. I had to be careful not to let any 'wet' noises occur but I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of me touching her. Knowing that she knew who she was doing made me rock hard and she felt soaked in response to me as well. When I felt I was going to cum I got my finger into her as deep as I could and let myself burst into her mouth, right after that I felt her contractions on my finger and I knew she had cum as well. We relaxed for a few then did what we could to get redressed without obvious motions.

We finished the trip home without incident. It was late enough to just go to bed. Brenda set up the couch for Jerry to sleep on and we'd unpack the Trailblazer in the morning. As we were saying our 'goodnights' Brenda looked at me with a glint in her eye, "That was a good trip, we'll have to do it again next year!"

That answered all questions. She and I wouldn't be planning to do anything until then...

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