A true Story!
Hello All!
Please excuse my grammar and spelling, I am tired as I write this BUT had remembered this wonderful time today and wanted to type it out. I happened about 2 years ago!

I work as a maintenance man for a apartment complex and it is near a college and yes, I have a lot of true stories to tell! This one in particular is about a divorcee who lived there! She was divorced and had 3 kids that lived with her. She had lived there for around 3 years until she moved. Her name was Sue and she was in her 40’s and I was 37 at this time, I had always found her attractive and flirted as much as I could but I was married at the time and she was aware of it so it hurt my chances!
She had reddish hair, stood about 5’ 3” had a fantastic build and very large, kinda saggy breasts 46DD’s. She worked in a office so I always got to see her in dresses and Business attire ( A huge weakness of mine). Many times I had seen her nipples get hard when I flirted with her! I tell you all of that to get to this!
Sue bought a house only a few streets away and she asked if I could do her maintenance for her so I gave her my number and told her to call me anytime. She did and I would go over every few weeks to do some repairs for her, I was always flirting and trying to get somewhere with her but never much luck, A hug here and a slight rub of breasts and such but never enough! I hadn’t heard from her in a while and my life got a bit rough and I ended up getting divorced .
I moved into a apt. where I worked and one night the Gods were smiling and I ran into Sue at the grocery store and she told me she had a list of stuff for me. YES, I was in Again! Now this time the field was different! I went over and could tell difference in her as I flirted but the kids were always there! I hinted around that I would like to take her out but she never picked up on it! She told me she wanted a laundry chute put in and we made plans to start on it on Friday nite about 5. When I arrived she was getting ready to leave to take the kids to their dad’s! YEAH!!!! I had wore some loose black shorts and no underwear so I could let her see the goods! I have been doing this for a while and decided to be bolder and I had hit the jackpot tonite! Who knows what the night was to hold in store! When she got back, I was working under a sink and laying on my back so when I heard her pull in I adjusted my self so the “twins” were showing and she came in to the kitchen to talk and every time I looked up at her she was looking at them. After I finished I mentioned that my back hurt ( as I had many time before) She asked me if I wanted a massage ( WOW, Where did that come from?) So we went into her bedroom and I took my shirt off and laid down, She went to get some oil and I adjusted the myself that I would easily fall out. She told me she had never read ant books on therapeutic massage only on erotic massages, DAMN I thought, she soon straddled me and my dick was growing hard, oh no it was soon gonna pop out of my shorts, she moved down onto my legs and asked if it was ok to pull my shorts down some and was soon rubbing my lower back. She shifted off and started rubbing my legs and her hand hit the head of my dick that was outta my shorts. It seemed like she kept rubbing it or as close as she could! Damn I was loving it! She soon stopped and I got back to work! Well, At least I was getting closer with her! after all this time!! She was working around the house a bit and then got a shower and As I was working on the chute and She asked if I had plans for later, I said NO, and she says what, no date? No, I replied. She asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her later, She didn’t want to watch the kids to see it but it was a scary one and didn’t like to watch them alone! I said that sounded fun and she soon left to get us a pizza, liquor for me and the movies. I was wrapping it up for the night when she got back! We ate the pizza, had wine with it and we soon went downstairs to watch the movies! As we sat closely on the couch we exchanged flirts, it seemed that the wine was loosing her up a bit! She dimmed the lights and watched the movie, yup, it was scary and she was moving closer and closer to me, she would shreik and grab me and hide in my comforts.
We soon we holding each other closely and that led to a kiss, FINALLY after years of trying I am actually holding and kissing this wonderful, beautiful lady!! We started getting more passionately, our tongues’ started wrestling and hands started to roam a bit. I finally has about to feel those large magnificent breast and would soon have those nipples in my mouth. As we embraced and kissed I ran my hand under her shirt and felt the lacey bra she was wearing, Was she wearing it for me because she had planned this I pondered? I groped them and her nipples got rock hard, I reached around and unhooked the mammoth bra, they were free and soon to be in my mouth, by this time she had her hand on my cock rubbing it though the thin material, I lifted her shirt of and in front of me were the breasts that I had so many times thought about as I was jacking off she lifted her right one up so I could suck it, she was moaning in delight and I was in heaven, I teased her left nipple as I suck and I drove her crazy, she now had my cock out and stroking me. She kinda pushed me back and got on her knees as she teased my cock with her breasts before taking it into her warm mouth. It was heavenly, her mouth made my cock go crazy with delight, she licked and sucked on my balls and even teased my asshole a but with her finger. I was getting too close to cumming so I stood her up and unbuttoned her pants as she pushed them down and a wonderfully trimmed pussy was revealed to me. It looked like she had trimmed it while in the shower a few hours ago, she sat down on the couch and I was on my knees as we kissed I slowly ran my tongue to her ear down her neck, stopped and sucked her nipples some more , even getting both into my mouth at the same time and that drove her nuts!!! As I approached her pussy she spread her legs and I started licked and sucking her lips, slit and clit, WOW how she wiggled and wormed as I did. She was so into it and even came a few times, I teased her ass and she seemed to like it, by now her legs were on my shoulders and I was deep into her with my long tongue, I started to rim her and she went nuts, so now I started teasing her asshole a bit with my finger as I ate her, little by little she was easing my finger into her!
Finally she said : “Can I fuck you now?” Hell yea!! I replied! I got up onto the couch and she climbed onto me, her eyes rolled back into her head as she slid onto my big, thick rock hard cock. She started humping me, she rode me intensely and I was loving it! She came multiple times and she asked me if I wanted to cum so I laid her on her back put her legs on my shoulders and drove my manhood deep into her warm, wet pussy. She was screaming in delight as I plowed her, after 10 minutes of this I said “I am about to cum!” she said let me feel it! So I came deep into the depths of her and we both collapsed on the floor, Exhausted, spent and satisfied! We cuddled and caressed each other before she said we should climb into her bed! We did and soon fell asleep, I was awoken early Saturday morning with her lips wrapped around my cock, getting it warmed up for another fuck session! She soon was on top of me riding me and those boobs were flopping all around, I bet she has 2 black eyes tomorrow, I thought to my self! Hell, I don’t care if mine are black so I stuck my head between them and enjoyed the tit flesh! After a few organisms’ I flipped her off of me and dove into that juicy pussy again and eat her and rimmed her ass again, she seemed to enjoy it a bit more this morning so I got a bit bolder and pushed my finger deep into her ass and pushed 2 into her pussy as I liked her clit. She was withering and screaming in ecstasy! She then said “FUCK ME NOW” so I climbed onto he and started fucking her slowly, just to drive her nuts, we picked up the pace and was soon going full speed ahead! I unloaded into her again and rolled off. We laid there cuddling and kissing again. As we talked she told me she had wanted to do that for a Loooonnnggg time but would not since I was married, She also told me that she hadn’t had sex in years and only masturbated when needed.
I confessed that I had wanted her for years and she said ”I know”. She alo said the sight of my balls drove her crazy and then had decided tonight was the right night! I noticed that see was rubbing her clit as we talked and she started stroking my limp dick, as I grew harder she was rubbing herself more! She pulled me on top of her again and slid me into her gooey pussy that I had filled up, she pulled me out and slid me down to he asshole and rubbed my cum cover cock onto it and I slightly pushed my self into her ass! My cum made a great lube and I slowly fucked it as we kissed! She was loving it and fingered herself as I fucked her ass. It was tight but felt so damn good! I couldn’t hold back to much longer and came hard shooting my cum deep into her ass! She screamed in delight as I came! I left my cock in there and we kissed even more passionately. She confessed that she had never done it in the ass but I had drove her nuts playing with it and wanted us to enjoy it! We held each other tight as We collapsed again and fell asleep!

We awoke again and took a shower together, she made us breakfast and made plans to go out that night. She said she was gonna go shopping and buy something super sexy to wear that night and I left to go home and rest up for another fun filled night.
We met that night but I will save it for another time!

I swear to you that THIS is a true story and that Dreams and desires do come true!


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2009-04-17 21:07:40
<<stood about 5’ 3” had a fantastic build and very large, kinda saggy breasts 46DD’s>> -- have you actually ever seen/held a naked woman? I would guess not, because you don't know squat about bra sizes.

The number in a bra size indicates how big around she is, the cup size tells you how busty she is. The average slim woman wears a 34 (32 if she's skinny, 36 if she's a little fleshier), and her cup size varies depending on how busty she is (34A, 34B, etc.). So if this woman is slim but busty, she's going to be 34D or 34DD, but no way she's going to be 46DD unless she weighs about 250 pounds.

If you're talking about raw measurements, not bra sizes, then yes, a slim woman with ginormous breasts could have raw measurements of 46-26-36, but only if she had freakishly huge breasts (or freakishly huge implants).

I couldn't read beyond that--any man who screws up such a fundamental detail clearly has no sense of what women's bodies are like, and that includes how they function sexuall

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2009-04-14 15:36:02
Two things kept me from getting far in this story. First, you being 37, and her 40, does not really fit the Older Female tag. Older Female typically means 10 years older or more. This is misleading, and lead me to believe you stuck the tag on there just to get more views.

And second, you do NOT need exclamation points at the end of nearly every sentence. Exclamation points are designed for people yelling, or when you hit upon a particularly interesting conclusion. Using them at the end of nearly every sentence you write kinda defeats the purpose.

Sorry, but I just could not go beyond the second paragraph with these problems.

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2009-04-12 18:22:19
FAT?! She sounds humongous! Iguess hippoes need love too, but I, personally, don't like to have to roll them in flour to find the wet spot! Gross! I just hope you're a big disgusting Jabba the Hut look-alike, too.

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2009-04-06 05:01:12
I don't care what the others say, I think it was an awesome story, thanks

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2009-03-26 01:56:00
Total crap!

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