Intro / Disclaimer

This is all true. This stuff all happened in my past, and as a result this story will have more of a documentary feel than the fictional fantasy we're all used to. With that said, it will probably be a pedo's dream, as the content involves some very young boys doing some very kinky things. There are no adults involved, and none of the sex that took place was in any way illegal or immoral. Just a bunch of curious boys spending too much time together. Basically I'm going to spill my guts about a bunch of stuff I've never told anyone, and I'll try to make it fappable for you all. Without spoiling everything, I can only warn you to stop reading if you don't like some seriously young, gay content.

This is my first post here. It is also the first thing I have ever written that is remotely erotic. Please read on considering these things, as this probably isn't the kind of story that you are used to. Screw suspension of disbelief because the content of this story is guaranteed 100% true. As a result, no names are used and details about locations are left out. I hope this doesn't take away from the enjoyment of it, and if you think important pieces are missing I would encourage you to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. So without further ado, may I present:

Boys That Fuck - A True Story

Chapter One - Best Friends

In my younger years, I used to live in a large, cheap rent, almost ghetto-like apartment block. It was in a nice, green, suburban neighborhood with lots of playgrounds, sports fields, parks and ravines. A lot of white, lower-middle class families called it home, and this is where my friends and I did most of our growing up. There were a lot of kids around my age living in the area, and most of the neighborhood boys formed into a loose group of friends numbering around a dozen. It was in this group, at the age 8, where I met my best friend of my childhood. We did everything together all the time, either playing outside with the rest of the group or off by ourselves. We did all the dinners-over and sleep-overs and everything else. Even our respective parents became good friends.

So we hung out all the time, and shared absolutely everything with each other. One night on a sleepover at his place, we finally shared something that would change both of us forever.

At this point in my youth, I had already been masturbating frequently as far back as I can remember. It was a totally natural thing for me, and I somehow just always knew how to rub my little cock just right to give myself all sorts of pleasure. By 8 years old though, all I really knew well enough was not to get caught doing it. Other than that, I had no idea if I was the only one who did it, or if it was totally normal.

So we had our little sleepover, and as usual, we goofed off for a good while after getting tucked in. His parents eventually had to give us our one last warning to be quiet because they were ready for bed themselves. Only after that did we lay back, relax, and start chatting in a hushed manner, waiting for sleep to take us away. But that night, it didn't. If I had been sleeping alone, this would have been the time of night when I rubbed my cock until I had a fantastic (but still dry) orgasm before passing out. Now I layed there wide awake with a rock hard little boy cock wondering if I should go for it. I was debating what to do when I decided to talk to my best friend about it. We shared everything, after all...

"Do you ever tickle your dick?" I asked him very quietly. Tickle was a stupid word for it, but remember, I was 8.

After a momentary pause, "Yeah, I do," he said, "Why?"

"Because I like to do it, and I do it almost every night at bedtime."

"So... what? You want to do it now?" he asked parlty excited, partly nervous.

"Kinda, yeah, but I don't want to get caught. Do your parents ever come in?"

"They never come in after bedtime. I do it in here all the time."

The next several minutes were spent debating if we should both be masturbating. We both wanted to, but we were nervous about doing it around each other, and worried about his parents in the next room. Eventually, we decided that if we kept really quiet, we could go for it. But first things first - the infamous line:

"Show me yours and I'll show you mine..."

In the dim glow of a streetlamp leaking in through the window, we pulled down our PJ bottoms and sat next to each other on his bed. Eagerly we inspected each other's dicks, which were already very hard. We'd both seen nudity and penises before, but this was different. We had caught glimpses of various shapes and sizes of dicks in change rooms and such, but had never had an opportunity for a close and detailed inspection of someone else's boner. These dicks were hard, and they were up close and personal. I know boys so young don't have much of a real cock to speak of, but mine was noticabely bigger that his, which we blamed on me being about a year older that him. We're both uncut, and I guess our dicks were about average for 7 or 8 year olds. We took a while just looking, moving our dicks around and peeling our foreskins back. His dick looked a little different from mine - his cock had a slightly upturned head compared to mine, and he had a lot less forskin. He was also a lighter shade of pink. Mine had started getting bigger fast over those years, and not to brag, but my cock has always been typically perfectly proportioned, with a nice shaped head and perfect amount of foreskin with and a straight shaft.

Pretty soon, all the touching from showing our dicks off began to feel good. So we sat there and started jacking off next to each other, running our little foreskins up and down our little cocks. As we were watching each other curiously, we got to talking about how this little activity always finishes. We had no idea what an orgasm is or that we were having them regularly, we just both knew that if we keep whacking off for long enough, it starts to feel really good until at the end until it all goes away in one big awesome sensation. We didn't know what it was or what it meant, and neither of us ever had any post-orgasm guilt or shame... all we knew is that afterwards jerking off wouldn't feel good again for a while. We never gave any of this much thought until slightly later in life when we started learning about these things. At this point we were still just innocent boys messing around.

We decided we were having way too much fun masturbating next to each other, and we agreed to stop before we got to the finish so that we could keep on having fun for a while longer. My first remotely sexual experience, and I was already holding back to make it last longer. And sure eough, pretty soon I was close to going off, and had to slow down and eventually stop for a bit. I sat and watched my friend continue to beat off right next to me, as he was intently looking at my now throbbing little cock. I was so excited and close to an orgasm that by dick was twitching, moving up and down without me touching it. Then suddenly, he stopped jerking as well. I could tell he was as close to finising as I was.

"I'll let you touch mine if I can touch yours..." he said.

"OK!" I quickly answered, eager to feel my best friend's dick in my hand.

He was saying what we were both thinking. We were such good pals, that's how we operated - finishing sentences for each other. We both wanted to feel another dick that wasn't our own, and we were curious how it would feel to have someone else touching us down there. It was taboo, of course, to see or touch someone else down there as we were taught, and this made doing both a hell of a lot of fun. So now, best pals that we were, we reached over and grabbed on to each other's dicks. Instantly, we knew we were onto something. As we started to jerk each other off, the sensation was all of a sudden so much better than ever before. Stroking someone else's cock in my hand was a cool new feeling, but not as cool as the amazing new feeling of getting jerked off by my best friend.

When we started out stroking each other, we had both just slowed down from almost having an orgasm right before. So we started slowly, sitting face to face with our legs out and intertwined, reaching down into each other's laps and rubbing up and down with as long strokes as our little dicks would allow. But we both slowly sped up and held on tighter and tighter. It was so awesome, the two if us instantly knew we had a new hobby.

So we kept jerking each other off for a few minutes, but it wasn't long before both of us were ready to "finish" as we called it back then. Somehow, without any communication or coordination, we started approaching climax at the same time. We both tightened our grips, and started stroking each other faster and faster. Amazingly, we both had wonderful, powerful orgasms at the exact same time, and both heaved a big sigh as we layed back and reluctantly let go of each other's dicks. It was the awesomest feeling ever. Having an orgasm right next to my best friend, actually having him give it to me, and me to him at the same time... I didn't realize the significance of it at the time, but I did know it felt awesome.

After that we eventually fell asleep. But the next morning, before we got out of the bedroom, we were already conspiring to get somewhere alone again so we could play with our dicks some more.

Chapter Two - The Neighborhood Boys.

In our after school afternoons and on weekends, playing outside was the thing to do. Despite being a low rent area, it was a very safe part of town, and there were a lot of young families living there and kids were often left to play outside basically unsupervised. My best friend and I played with the swarm of children most of the time, but every now and then we would get horny, sneak away from the group, and go somewhere to jerk each other off. Anywhere that looked remotely hidden was fair game. We did it in the bushes, tucked behind parked cars, even in some of the quieter hallways of the aparments. Surprisingly, we were never caught. (By an adult, that is...)

Pretty soon some of the more attentive other boys started noticing when me and my buddy would go off by ourselves, only to come back a little later. Every now and then we'd get asked "where are you guys going?", and we'd always reply "It's a secret!". Obviously, this only served to make all our other buddies that much more interested in whatever it was we were doing. All the other boys were so interested in our secret that we were being bugged about it all the time, and we had to stop sneaking away from the group because we would just get followed. For a while, we had to be extra sneaky about our little jack off sessions, and pretty soon we were doing it less and less often, which sucked cause we wanted to do it all the time.

So one night, during another jack-off filled sleepover at his place, we discussed the situation and decided it was time for drastic action. We had enough fun keeping our secret and smirking smugly when the other boys asked us about it, but it had gotten tiresome, and we needed to do something about it. Secrets were fun, but we decided having a secret club would be more fun. The plan was to pick our bestest friends and let them in on our little game.

One weekend afternoon, we were out playing as usual. It was just the two of us and one other boy who was like another best friend to me and my buddy. He was definitely the one we hung out with the most, and we were really more of an even trio of best friends than anything else. It was only the recent developments between the first two of us that we didn't all share, and it was time to even things out again. We were playing around on a rusty old swingset when I asked him "So... do you want to know our secret?"

I think all kids have the same reaction to this question: "Yeah! Duh! What is it? Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!"

"Ok, but we can't tell you here, and you have to promise never to tell anyone."

After swearing him to secrecy, the three of us started walking towards a densely overgrown ravine right behind one of the apartment buildings. It was the most hidden of all our jerk-off spots. On the walk down there, we had already spilled the beans. "We have to go and hide because we like to show dicks," I whispered to him. Being only 8 years old, "showing dicks" was the best way we could describe our little activity back then, even though we'd already moved from showing to some serious rubbing. We had also decided that "showing dicks" was all the info we'd give to a potential club member before we got him in. The rubbing and jerking would be revealed later. Anyway, when he heard this, our little friend got a little nervous but kept following us anyway.

As soon as we got hidden away in the bushes, all three of us pulled down our pants and two of us started masturbating. Our 3rd buddy just watched amazed at first, but he got right into it quickly. We loved having another dick to stare at. His cock was about the size of mine, and he was also uncut. He even had the same jerking style as we did. All three of us held our dicks between our first two fingers underneath and the thumb on top, rolling the foreskin up and down over our little cockheads. Before long we asked him if he wanted to touch our cocks, and he gladly obliged. We traded places a few times, but we ended up in a 3-boy circle jerk pretty quick. Our third member took to jerking us off like a pro, and he loved getting it back from either of us. He was actually kind of mad that we didn't let him in sooner, because he really was a good friend, and we were hung out as a trio all the time. He was pissed off at all the previous sessions he missed out on. The two of us loved spicing up our jerking sessions with another friend, and we agreed we should have done it sooner. It made it even more awesome and we couldn't wait to bring even more boys into our club.

Eventually, we had about six or seven steady club members. At it's peak, we had about ten boys in one long and memorable summer session, and over time I was a part of it there was probably about 15 boys that rotated through and were involved in the club at one time or another. We had different ways of coping with the different numbers that would show up, and we'd usually pair off, or get into smaller circles, or even one giant circle every now and then. This went on for years, and continued to get very interesting. The ages varied, but we were all within a few years of each other and were still a little scared of "big kids" finding out about us. The last group session with the club I remember I was 12 years old, and that was with the original trio, my two best friends both being 11, and some other younger boys. But a lot of other fun stuff happened in the years leading up to that...

Now I'm sure a lot of guys out there have had experiences like this, and I hope I haven't bored anyone to death because of that. But here is where the story starts getting interesting, as I doubt many boys have had any experiences like the ones this is all leading to. We didn't stop a circle jerks, we took things way further than that.

Chapter Three - Loss of Ignorance and Innocence.

Now none of the original three of us were dumb kids. We were all pretty smart for our age and we were learning a ton of stuff growing up. It wasn't long before we started learning about masturbation and sex and orgasms and puberty and and such. I remember going to the library with my buddies and reading books and encyclopedia articles about sex and puberty, and taking the information in very eagerly. This made the three of us much more educated in the topic then any of our peers, and it also started leading to more interesting developments with our little club.

By the age of ten, we all knew what sex was and we all wanted to try it. But girls were way out of our range, and they could never be trusted anyway. So we had no girls to experiment with, but what we did have by then was a secret masturbation club full of eager and curious young boys that looked up to us. Our various meetings had only been circle-jerks of horny little boys up until now, so with no vaginas at our disposal we needed to find a way to have some more sexy fun.

The first step beyond circle jerks happened one sunny summer afternoon, when none of us was even ten years old yet. The original three of us had taken two other boys from our club down to the same spot in the ravine. These other two had been let into the club only recently, and they were both a little bit younger, and happy to have some older friends. We had "showed dicks" with them a few times before, and these two (who were best friends between themselves) had fallen in love with the idea just like we did, and they had run off with it and were now doing it themselves all the time. So that day, I decided that we should try something new, and when I told the guys all five of us became very eager to start experimenting.

We had all probably heard of sucking dicks many times, and it was my idea that we should try it. It seemed logical, after all. We figured it would be like sucking on a lolipop only it would feel good instead of taste good. Nobody had any idea about the taste and all the boys were reluctant to try sucking first. None of us had tried anything like it, and we knew we were into serious taboo territory now. Standing there and debating who goes first and on who was so exciting that we were all pumped full of adrenaline, and horny as fuck with raging, throbbing boners. I wanted to try it so bad that I ended up being the one to go first.

I got on my knees in front of my best friend who this had all started with, and the other three there gathered in close to watch. Watching was always one of the funnest parts of being in the club. We learned to like being watched too, and I had no problems letting the guys gather in and crouch right next to us so they could get a real good veiw from about 2 feet away. The idea of what was about to happen made us all really, really horny, and they couldn't wait for me to get going so I could tell them what it's like.

So with my best friends dick sticking straight out at me, a few inches from my face, I took a deep breath and put it in my mouth. It felt a little strange at first, but the taste wasn't horrible. In fact I liked the fleshy taste and smooth texture right away, so I started to suck gently and I started rubbing by tongue on his cock. I hadn't peeled back his foreskin yet, so it bunched up in my mouth and felt kinda weird. We were all still so young that none of our boners were quite big enough yet to poke through the foreskin on their own. The foreskin was a really odd sensation on my tongue, and only a few seconds in, I stopped.

Everyone was looking at me like "SO??"... I told them it's not bad, but the skin feels weird when it's bunched up. My friend looked down at me and said that it felt good but he thought I was doing it wrong. He told me to roll the skin back and try again, as if he couldn't reach over and grab his cock and peel it himself. At first I didn't peel his foreskin back, but I did try again.

I put his little boner in my mouth again, and took him all the way in this time. I sucked on his dick with my face burried in his groin, the entire length of his erect little penis fitting in my mouth without any problem. I started licking and sucking on it like a popsicle. Then, as my head naturally started bobbing back and forth , I grabbed the base of his dick with a free hand and started tugging back on his foreskin. I kept his dick in my mouth as I pulled back, and slowly I started to feel the head of his cock uncovering in my mouth. First just the tip of his head poked out and touched my tongue, but I pulled back a little bit and then took his cock all the way back in and rolled his foreskin off with my lips. As the skin pulled back my tongue finally touched the underside of his head right at the frenulum, and he literally said "wow" to everyone. The head of his cock felt amazingly smooth and it was instantly way better then sucking on foreskin. I explored the texture of his penis with my mouth, feeling the hardness underneath, a softer outer layer on the head, the lip aroung the head, and amazingly smooth skin with an interesting taste. I kept sucking and licking it, keeping his penis wet but not slobbering everywhere. He was clearly enjoying it tremendously because not long after I started licking the head of his cock deep in my mouth he was ready to cum, and he told me to stop. He didn't want to cum yet because he wanted a turn sucking.

After watching this all happen right in front of them, the others needed no more encouragement, and the two younger boys went at each other. The other three of us stood there for a bit and watched in amazement as the two boys traded quick, experimental blowjobs just to get a taste of each other. Then the one of them who had gone first went back down for a longer performance. Now my friend who I had just sucked off was ready to try sucking for himself. He got down in front of me and assumed the position. With the one other friend now still left out, I told him I would do him after, and I got ready to get my first ever blowjob.

He grabbed my cock with his hand first, and he rolled back my foreskin before putting the head of my cock in his mouth. The warm and wet sensation felt awesome immediately. His tongue was wide and flat on the bottom of my dick, and he started sucking ever so gently while licking it up and down the underside from the head almost to the base of my balls. I couldn't believe the pleasure I was receiving, and I had to tell him to stop a few times because I didn't want to cum yet. But he kept on sucking and licking with pleasure, loving every second of it. He even said I tasted pretty good, and he liked the feeling in his mouth.

When our odd friend out decided it was his turn, he asked if he should suck or get sucked first. After watching all the blowjobs being exchanged, he was eager to join in. He was standing next to a fallen log that was pretty much our hangout bench at the ravine spot, and I instantly came up with an idea. I told him that if he sat down on the bench, he could do both at the same time with the two of us. We were already well versed in how to handle a group by doing different configurations of circle jerks, we just had to apply it to blowjobs now. With the younger two still sucking each other off, we went for a 3-way so nobody was left out.

I got into a position next to the log that put me at the right height, and he came to sit down as our other buddy came and knelt down in front of him. We started a three way suck that lasted all of about a minute until the boy in the middle stopped sucking me off, and started twitching in the most amazing orgasm he'd ever had. My friend kept sucking his dick a little harder and harder, licking a little faster and faster until the cock he was sucking on twitched and spasmed before going limp. We were all still too young to actually squirt cum, and he kept that cock in his mouth all the way through to completion.

Now that he was done, the other four of us continued in a rotation that made sure everyone had a turn sucking on everyone's dick. We ended up paired off with the younger boys split up between me and my best friend, each of them sucking off the two boys who they looked up to for showing them to the awesome world of "playing with dicks", as it more accurately became known over time. We each got sucked to completion, and left the other two to finish themselves off, which they did by masturbating furiously.

After that day, mutual masturbating was still a standard thing, but over time the more daring of us started sucking each other off more and more often. We even figured out the concept of a giant suck-circle pretty quickly, and it became like an initiation ceremony for new members. Our sessions usually started with some jerking that led to lots and lots of sucking. Of all the boys in the club, only a few didn't like the idea of sucking a dick, but they had no problems getting sucked and got a kick out of watching the rest of us do it.

Chapter Four - The Last Taboo

So it went with our secret club for quite a while, but the coherence of the group was not absolute. A lot of the boys came and went, some grew out of it, and others splintered away from the club and continued in smaller groups.

The original trio was inseperable though. Even without others around, me and my two best friends continued experimenting and eventually we ended up doing stuff together that we never told the rest of the club about. The club stopped at blowjobs and suck-circles, but the three of us did not. Being the smarter of the kids out there, we knew there were more ways to have some fun but it took a little while for us to get up the guts to phase them in. And as we were growing up together, we realized that the club was getting too big and the members too sketchy for it to keep going much longer.

But the three of us didn't want to give it up, and we continued on with our ultra-secret trio. It wasn't always all three of us, and a lot of experimenting was done in pairs at sleepovers or when one of us wasn't around. I seemed to be the ringleader, as usual as my two friends didn't do as much by themselves when I wasn't there. But any time I was alone with one or both of them, we always found some way to have some fun.

Giving and getting blowjobs was fun, and doing it with lots of boys in the club was awesome. It's not that it was getting old, but I wanted more. I was definitely the horniest of all the boys because not long after the blowjobs started, I started playing with my ass when I was alone. I didn't know what the other boys would think of it, so I kept it to myself for a while. But anytime I was in the bath by myself, or sometimes alone in bed, I started fingering my own ass. I wondered if a penis would fit in the hole, and it made sense that it would judging from the diameter of my shit. I didn't much like the thought of shit, but I liked playing with another taboo part of my body.

Because I started to like touching it, I got in the habit of keeping my ass extra clean. I figured out how to lube up my finger with some spit and put it up my butt, and I learned to always carefully check there's no shit in there before having any real fun. Getting one finger in there at first was easy, and I could do it without even relaxing if I used enough spit for lube. I found just the right angle to go in pain-free. It was when I tried getting two fingers in there that I had to learn how to relax my hole. I had tried getting my first and middle finger in there one day in the bath, but it started to hurt before I could get the second fingertip in. I could feel the muscles down there clenched, and I put an effort into relaxing them. I quickly figured out that if I push just a little bit like as if I'm trying to take a shit, my asshole would open right up.

Standing up and bent over forward in the bath, I had my fingers wet and readily touching the outside of my tight little hole. I relaxed, pushed a little bit, and at the same time slipped two fingers into my ass up to the second knuckle. Once I got them up in there, my hole clenched back up but it didn't hurt now that I was all the way in. I was past the muscular ring of my anus, which felt amazingly tight and strong, and I could now feel my insides with my fingertips. The muscles felt strong and smooth on the sides of my fingers, and deeper inside all I could feel was soft squishiness. Having two fingers in my ass felt strange, but it had an interesting quality to it. I reached my fingers in as far as I could, feeling around inside and exploring the inside of my rectum. With my asshole still clenched, I pulled my fingers out, and that actually felt really good. So I stuck them back in there and repeated that a few times. I couldn't really believe what I was doing and how neat it actually felt.

The bathroom had a low slung mirror, and I figured if I turned my ass to it I might be able to see what I was doing. So I turned my ass a bit, and turned my head around to look. I spread my buttcheeks with my hand, and I could indeed see my pink little anus, shiny and wet with spit. So now with a clear view, I got back at it and took turns sticking different pairs of fingers up there. I even tried for three, but I was still way too tight. I was quickly starting to love the feeling, and I needed to show this to my friends.

So one day, still around the age of 10, my two best friends and I were having a little 3-way suck fest in the ravine when I decided to bring it up. I told them that I think there's more we could be playing with than just our cocks. I told them straight out that I play with and finger my asshole when I'm alone, and that it actually feels really good. They believed me about doing it, they just didn't believe that it felt good. I insisted that it did, and I told them right off the bat that I thought we should be trying to put our dicks in there.

They were both a little excited about the idea, but a little concerned about getting a shitty surprise. This is where my previous solo experience kicked in, and I taught them all about keeping my ass clean and carefully checking for shit first. They were quickly warming up to the idea, and they promised to try it out if I just showed them first as proof. So I happily obliged, and I got really excited about showing my best friends a new and cool activity.

I turned my ass towards them and bent over, spreading my butt cheeks to show them my hole. They had never really seen an anus up close, so they checked it out carefully. With the two of them watching from almost just a few inches away, I got a good layer of spit on my index finger, and I reached back and slowly slid it into my ass while relaxing my hole. They were staring in awe as I slid my wet finger in slowly deeper and deeper, until it was all the way in. It felt super clean in there, and I told them there's nothing in there. I pulled my finger back out and it came out clean. My friends proceeded to tell me that it looked really cool from back there, and they were amazed I got my whole finger all the way in and it came out clean.

I told them I could do two at a time, and they wanted to see. So I got some spit on my middle finger too, and I reached back there again. With my fingers half-crossed and partly bent, I relaxed my hole and slowly slid them both in, stopping along the way to pull back out a little bit before going deeper and deeper until I was all the way in past my knuckles. I moved my fingers around inside of me a bit and pulled them in and out a few times. I told how good what I was doing felt, and that I thought they should try it now.

They decided to take turns so that the other two could always watch the one playing around. My friend who had been the third to join the trio went first. He pulled his pants all the way down, and he bent over forward with his ass towards us. He had the typical smooth and perfect little cute boy butt, and I told him to spread his cheeks and he revealed a tight, clean little pink hole. This turned me on so much because I had only ever seen my own ass as best I could in the mirror, and now I was staring up close at my friends ass, which he was about to try fingering for the first time. He started feeling around his hole, touching around the outside and clearly hesitating on going in. I asked him If he wants me to do it for him.

"OK," he said, as he was still worried about finding shit in there. He said he'd try it himself if I do it for him first. So I took my still wet finger, and I started touching his hole. I didn't go in right away, I just felt around his hole and told him he needs to relax his asshole. He got right down on all fours, and stuck his ass high in the air, and I could almost see his hole get bigger as he managed to relax. So I knelt behind him and got a fresh layer of spit on my index finger. I lined it up, and I just started to get my finger close to in when he clenched back up. He could relax, but every time I touched his asshole even lightly, he would tighten up again. I told him to just relax and I stopped backing off, I started sliding my finger into his tight little hole. He managed to relax enough for my fingertip to just slide into his ass when he clenched up again. But now I was in and I kept pushing a little deeper past his tight anus. He felt just like I did on the inside, but it was very awesome and strange to have my finger in his ass instead of mine. He didn't feel any pain, and he said it felt kinda cool. I started to move my finger around inside him a little bit, and he said that it felt weird, but good at the same time. I pulled my finger out and it was clean. I told him to try in on himself now, and that he did. This time he managed no problem slipping his whole index finger in there as the other two of us watched in amazement. He pulled his finger back out and looked at it and smelled it. It was totally clean at which he was pleasantly surprised.

So my other best friend was now left to try it, and he asked my if I would do him first as well, seeing as I had all the ass experience. We had started this thing together, so he really trusted me. So I repeated the process with him, and after some false starts he took to it like a champ and was soon getting two fingers in there all on his own.

After a little bit of finger-banging, we knew it was time to try sticking our dicks in there. All or our cocks had started growing quite fast as we were approaching puberty, but at this point it seemed like an easy fit. We figured it should feel like a vagina, and we were all very anxious to try it out. I decided I wanted to get fucked first. I told them they could each try sticking their dicks in my ass. I figured it would be easy because none of our dick were really thicker than the two finger combos I had been able to jam in there on my own.

My best bud who had just stopped fingering his ass took the lead, and I got down on all fours in front of him. He got down on his knees and hobbled over with his pants already down, and a raging boner pointed right at my ass. He got right up behind me, and I reached back to spread my buttcheeks for him. He grabbed his dick with one hand, and started feeling around my asshole with the other. I was already enjoying the touching before his cock touched me. Once he found the exact center of my hole, he lined up his dick and slowly pushed his hard little cock against my ass. He applied some pressure, but his cock folded and fell out of the way. He clearly needed lube, and I told him to use some spit. He spat right down onto his cock and my ass as he rested his member between my buttcheeks, and then he spread the spit all over his cock with one hand. He lined it up again, and I relaxed as much as I could as he started applying pressure again. This time, his cock slowly started to slide into me, and I felt an awesome sensation as his head popped through my anus and he penetrated me as far as he could go. His foreskin peeled back as his cock was sliding in, and that made penetration easy. His cock was now all the way inside my ass, and it felt great. It was easier to take than my two fingers, but it had a much smoother and softer feel inside me.

Nothing needed to be said, we knew what had to be done, and he slowly started pumping me. He pulled out just a bit, and without stopping drove hard all the way back in. He grabbed me by the hips for some support and started humping my ass faster and faster. I was loving every second of it, enjoying the feeling of his hard little cock sliding back and forth through my tight anus. He was clearly loving it to because he got more daring with his strokes and tried pulling out a little further each time before shoving his dick back inside me as deep as possible. After a few moments of him fucking my ass, he pulled a bit to far back on one stroke and his dick slipped out of me. He was almost cumming, but he didn't want to yet so he said that he was done for now.

So I turned to my other friend, and said that I want to do him next. After that we would go through our usual blowjob circle type of rotation until everyone had a go at everyone else, but right now I wanted to try putting my dick in his ass. I had already put my finger up there after all. So he assumed the position down on all fours and I got down on my knees behind him. I contemplated what was about to happen for a few moments while staring at his cute little ass with his bright pink hole staring back at my dick. I got my dick a little wet with some spit, and used one hand to guide it as I moved it into position. I asked him if he's ready, and then used my other hand to find the opening to his hole. I pushed my cock up against his anus, and slowly apllied pressure while holding my dick straight with one hand. I was on the cusp of penetration but his ass was really tight. Without easing up the pressure I told him to relax, and he soon did. All of a sudden the tightness in his ass let off just enough for my wet boner to plunge inside. My cock popped into his asshole just as he clenched back up, and the tightness on my dick felt awesome. The head of my cock was inside him just past his anus and the tight grip his ass had on my shaft caused my dick to swell up and throb. It made me so sensitive that I had to start pumping his ass only slowly so that I didn't cum right away. But I did start pumping him pretty good, and he admitted to enjoying it intensly. I fucked his ass for a good few minutes until it was time to trade off again.

We ended up down there in the ravine for a good long time that day, rotating off and enjoying our new found activity. We were incredibly fair in how much time and action we all got respectively, and we all had multiple turns fucking and getting fucked. None of us had problems taking a dick up the ass, and we all started loving ass fucking from both ends. Using spit for lube worked incredibly well, and we soon figured that a good wet warm-up blow job was the best way to get ready for an ass fucking. We never even had problems with going from ass to mouth, regularly giving each other blowjobs right after pulling out, or a quick suck in the middle of an ass fucking session if we needed more lube. We got really good at it really fast, and it wasn't long before we were having amazing, powerful orgasms in each other's asses.

We new what we were doing was nasty but we didn't care. We were all best friends and trusted each other to keep the secret, and even to keep this ass fucking part away from the rest of the club. We were mature enough that it had gone from simple boys experiments to a great level of sexual satisfaction that the three of us became hooked on, and we knew it. It was at this point that the rest of the club started to seem boring as it was only blowjobs, and us three would rather be off by ourselves doing our own thing. So we took part with the club less and less, and started having our three ways more and more.

Chapter 5 - New Tastes

As puberty began to take hold of the three of us, we all started with our changes at more or less the same time and at the same speed. I was a little ahead on account of being a year older, but all of us took it in stride and we were looking forward to growing larger dicks and shooting cum. But none of us was particularly excited about growing pubes or anything else that comes along at those times of life. We also all knew that we weren't fully gay because all of us had big time crushes on lots of girls and wanted nothing more than to fuck around with a vagina. Plus we never kissed or even hugged each other, it was just for the fun of having some form of sex. In those shy and awkward times of youth we never really landed any girlfriends and found that for now, our little secret between friends was a perfectly reliable way to get what we needed. The advent of ass fucking had temporarily removed our need for pussy, and we could give better blow jobs than any girl could hope to, so we were perfectly happy going on doing all those really gay things for the meanwhile.

We continued our little gay orgies for a few years, but it started getting less frequent as we all had many things going on at the time and getting the three of us alone and hidden away was becoming harder to organize. We just didn't have as much time as we used to, and soon we'd be lucky to get one session in every few weeks. I ended up spending a lot of time alone in bed masturbating furiously to the thoughts of what I wanted to be doing with my friends. I'm sure they did the same because when we did meet up those days we were always super horny and worked up.

Because our sessions were getting less frequent, all three of us ended up squirting our first loads of cum when we were alone. I first shot a load of cum one night in bed when I was 12, and I remember being a little pissed off when I surprised myself and came all over my sheets. I was excited to show my new skill to my friends, but it was still a little while before we met up again.

When we finaly did, it was another sunny summer day in our favorite ravine. We met up outside and hurried down there excitedly because it had been a long while since we did anything. On our way down there I told the boys that I had started squirting cum when I orgasm, and they looked back at me, one smiling and the other jelous looking. My best friend who had started all this with me way back when then smirked and said,

"No way! Me too! That's so cool!" My best friend and I really were well syncronized, as we both started shooting cum within a few weeks of each other.

We spent the rest of the walk down there talking about cum - how much comes out, the color and texture, the feeling of it squirting out. Our other buddy just listened curiously as he had yet to squirt a load. He was excited to see it happen, and he was glad he'd see us do it before it happened to him.

It ended up being one of our quickest sessions ever as all we wanted to do was squirt some cum. We just stood there and started whacking off. The race was on, and we just kept whacking it in front of each other eagerly waiting to see the white stuff come out. My best buddy started to cum first, and he warned us he was about to blow. We stopped what we were doing so we could watch as he started stroking faster and faster until he twitched and stopped, at which point his dick started squirting little streams of cum one right after another until he was completely drained. He blew a pretty hefty load for a young boy, but he sprayed it all over the ground and we couldn't really see any of it. Our friend who hadn't cum yet wanted to see the stuff up close, but there was nothing but little drops on the ground.

"I want to see your's after it comes out." he told me.

"OK," I said, "I'll squirt it into my hand and then we can check it out."

So I got back to jerking off, and it only took a few strokes until I was about to cum. I tightened my grip and sped up, and told the guys I was going to cum. They got in real close, watching my cock intently waiting for the white stuff. I slowed down and cupped my hand in front of my cock right as I began to feel the cum building up. In an instant, I came like mad and my cock spewed out squirt after squirt of sticky white cum. I caught most of it until I had a good little puddle of cum in my hand. I had held it in my hand before when I was alone, and it didn't even come close to grossing me out. I held it out to the guys and they studied it intently. From a few inches away, they hovered over it and looked at the sticky white glob in my hand. The buddy who hadn't cum yet was extra fascinated and reached over to touch it. He dabbed his finger in it and rubbed it in between two fingers and smelled it.

"It doesn't smell like anything." he said.

"I know, it's not my first time playing with it," I answered

"You play with it? Why?"

"I just did it to see what it's like,"

"Have you tasted it?" he wondered.

"No," I said, hesitating about if I should tell them that I had contemplated the idea. "But I'll try it if you guys do."

"Ok, but you go first."

So I looked at the sticky warm gob of goo in my hand, and I took a good dip of it with my finger. I put it in my mouth and sucked it clean, taking a little dollup of cum onto my tongue. I let it rest there for a few seconds before I closed my mouth again, swirled it around and swallowed it. It tasted a little strange, unlike anything I had tasted before, but it actually wasn't bad. I told them that its a bit salty but it's not bad, and they both followed suit and each took a little dip of my cum out of my hand with their fingers before licking them clean just like I did.

"Hmm, it's kinda good," my best friend said. "I would have tried my own if I had known. It actually tastes a little like almonds."

I didn't agree about the almonds, but all three of us agreed that my cum actaully tastes pretty good. They each took one more taste of my cum leaving almost nothing there, and I ended up licking and sucking my hand clean. We had literally eaten all the evidence, a skill that would come in handy later. After eating my cum, we wrapped it up for the time being and eagerly awaited the next time.

Our third friend unfortunately moved away shortly after the first cum-tasting session, and we never saw him cum. Our trio was now back down to two, the original two who had started it all. This didn't stop us, and we continued on with our fun for many more years.

The next time we had some time to mess around was at another sleepover at my best friend's place again. As soon as his parents went to sleep we started fucking around. We did a lot of sucking and fucking that night, and even had a good long session of 69. We held off on cumming numerous times so we could keep going late into the night. After tasting cum at our last session, we had both developed a taste for it and usually ate part or all of our own jizz loads when we masturbated alone. Now that we were messing around together again, we knew we'd have to decide what to do with the jizz when it was time to finish.

I was genuinely starting to like the taste of cum, and I wanted to give him a blowjob until he came. It was getting late and I knew he was going to be pretty well done after that and he probably wouldn't return the favor right away, but I didn't care. All I wanted was his cock in my mouth squirting a load of jizz down my throat. So after messing around ass fucking and sucking each other off for a good long while, I went down on him to finish the job. I told him not to stop me this time.

I had given enough blowjobs by now that I had the one hand stroke down to a science, and I would jerk him off by the base of his penis while going to town on his head with my tongue. I licked and sucked furiously, going faster and faster until I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth. He warned me that he was going to blow, but I didn't stop. He told me to speed up one last time, and I did the best I could, jerking the base of his cock faster and faster, licking and sucking on his cockhead like it was candy. His entire body tensed up and I felt the wave of cum rush through his dick before it even came out. With my tongue on the underside of his cock, I rolled it up a bit to cradle his cock and get in the perfect position to catch it all on my tongue. I felt his warm goo squirt out with some force, spreading it into mouth. I stopped bobbing back and fourth and just held his dick in my mouth as he came. I felt one hot, sweet squirt of gooey cum after another, and my mouth was quickly filling up. I put my tongue on the front of his cock over the hole, and felt the last squirt of hot cum hit my tongue and spread into my mouth. He came way more than either of us expected, and I ended up with a pretty huge mouthful of sticky white stuff. It tasted a little different from mine, but it was less salty and sweeter so it actually tasted way better. When the last trickle of cum had oozed out of his dick, I pulled away and swallowed his entire load before sucking the rest of the mess of off his dick. It felt awesome to pleasure him to climax, and eating the cum was just a little treat for me that also made clean up easy. He was done for the night after that, so I was stuck finishing myself off with the promise that he'd get me back the next time. I couldn't wait.

Soon after that session, we had one other night over at his place that was a memorable one. We started fucking around right after bedtime, and we spent a good few hours fucking around. We traded long sessions of sucking and fucking, taking turns pleasuring each other almost to climax before slowing down and trading off many, many times. As the night wore on and we started getting tired, we ended up laying down on his bed, on our sides and in opposite directions. We were going down for a long, relaxed 69 suck fest that would be our finish for the night. We decided to try and cum together at the same time, something we had done only a few times before, and never into our mouths while 69ing. We worked out a system where the closer you'd get to cumming, the harder you'd squeeze the other's buttcheek. That was a signal to slow down that could be used without having to stop and say anything. It was a brilliantly simple and sexy solution that worked like a charm.

So we went to town and got to sucking each others cocks. We were both laying on our sides, one knee in the air and the other leg bent out as a pillow for the other guy. Each of us also reached over and grabbed the others ass with a free hand. As we lay there sucking and licking each other slowly at first, I started fingering his hole with my free hand. I spread my hand out over his ass crack, and slid my middle finger in his hole as far as I could. I could still use my index finger and thumb to pinch his cute little ass, and I did so any time I started getting close to cumming. He put his hand on my ass the exact same way, and I could feel his finger sliding in and out of me to the exact rythm of his sucking. Every now and then I felt a pinch and slowed what I was doing.

We went on like this for what felt like an eternity. We layed there sucking each other late into the night, slowing down every time we came close to cumming. We knew that soon enough, if we both felt the ass pinch an the same time, it was time to finish. I have no idea how long we lasted in that position, but it could have easily been an hour before we both finally started to feel an amazing build-up at the same time. We grabbed each other's asses and squeezed harder according to how close we were getting. The orgasms came slowly, building up bit by bit. It took so long to finally release because we were slowing down just enough to always let the other catch up before we finally went all the way started cumming at the exact same instant. We both had amazingly powerful orgasms at the exact same time, and we kept on sucking each other the whole way through. Filling each other's mouths with fresh cum, both of us hungrily swallowed every single last drop as it came squirting out of us. It was absolutely amazing, and before passing out for the night we vowed to try and cum at the same time more often.

Chapter Six - Father Away but Closer than Ever

When I was 13, I ended up moving away as well. My family moved into a different part of town, but being best friends this did nothing to stop us. It wasn't that great a distance, and we still managed to hang out all the time. In fact, the new apartments that I moved into had a nice perk that ended up really helping us spice up our little gay sex sessions...

The complex my family moved to was quite a bit smaller than the old one where my friend kept living, but it was slightly more posh and therefor it had a pool facility. It was just a small pool, but it was off in its own building with saunas and a rec room as well. This not only gave my friend the best excuse ever to come over all the time, but it also gave us a whole new place to fuck around in.

The place was usually empty, and hardly anyone came and went on most days. My parents would just give me the key and let the two of us go swimming. The way the place was layed out made it a perfect place to fuck around in. The change rooms were one floor below the main entrance, and the walls and floors were so hollow that you could hear people coming and going crystal clear. The heavy door also made a loud thump which was a clear sign if someone was coming in. The shower unit also had a big curtain that concealed it, and there was also the sauna in the change room. Basically, we had an awesome almost deserted place with spots to hide and lots of warning if anyone was coming in - perfect. There was a lifeguard hired to watch the pool, but she was a ditzy young woman who'd never come through there anyway.

We also got a little bit of a sick thrill from the very slim possibility of getting caught, but if we ever came close to that we at least had a reason to be naked in there. Just getting naked in a somewhat public place gave us a thrill as well, and we ended up spending a lot more time in that change room than the pool. We developed several strategies for having sex almost everywhere in there without getting caught.

Our antics in the change room helped spice thing up yet again because we had never really done much of our fucking around completely nude before. We usually kept our shirts on and our pants most often stayed around our ankles. But here we had the advantage of wearing only bathing suits at most, and being in a room that was desinged for nudity. Even the saunas were divided into the male and female change rooms so they could be used privately in the nude. So we were never the kind of kids that would change into our swim suits at home first, we relished the idea of being in there and getting naked together in public instead.

Public nudity tunred out to be quite a fun idea, and as long as there were no adults around, we got a kick out of roaming the change room in the buff. Sometimes other kids would come in, but if they were around our age or younger we actually liked letting them see us naked. Other young boys often came in unsupervised, and watching them change reminded us of old times with the club. We liked being naked around them and letting them check us out.

There was a pair of younger boys that came in there quite often at around the same time as us, and they liked to change out in the change room as well. We tried watching them change without being too obvious about it, but they probably caught on. They didn't seem to mind though because we walked around naked in front of them, and they were clearly checking us out too. We didn't even hide the fact that we had boners most of the time, and they never so much as snickered at us. They seemed fascinated at our lack of inhibition, and they seemed to grow less shy every time we saw them there. Who knows, they were probably on to us more than we could ever imagine...

Our routine was almost the same every time, but we had to modify it if anyone was there, which happened more and more in the summer. We'd normally get there and take some time changing into our bathing suits and go for a quick dip. After scoping out the pool to check if anyone was around we'd soon head back into the change room and turn on the sauna. It was our favorite spot ever. As the sauna warmed up, we'd usually hide in the shower for a bit and start messing around under the stream of water. Being totally naked and soaking wet together was awesome. I loved the look and feel of our young, skinny little bodies all wet and slippery together in the hot shower. All the while we'd be listening carefully for anyone coming in, and at the slightest indication of it we'd stop what we're doing and make like we were just changing. Showering together was fun, but our options in there were limited. It was a little cubicle stall, and we only really jerked each other off and performed some wild and wet blowjobs in there.

The real fun was had in the sauna, and to this day some of my most erotic memories are with my young best friend in that sweaty cedar box, between the ages of 13 to about 18. We'd get in there completely naked, but we kept our bathing suits on the lower bench by our feet just in case we heard someone coming. Every now and then we'd hear someone coming into the change room and we'd quickly throw our bathing suits on and wait until the coast was clear again. But for the most of the time we were left alone and had lots of time to fuck around in there. We usually started with some mutual jerking, and by the time we started sweating we moved onto blowjobs. Sometimes we'd take turns with one of us sitting on the upper bench, and the other kneeling on the lower bench and sucking. We always traded off multiple times before cumming, and by this time we'd learned to take one for the team and still be able to finish the other guy off after being first to come. But we didn't always just trade off, we would also lay down on the bench and 69 the fuck out of each other. Our blowjob skills were getting better and better, and we'd do them for longer and longer. We were both hungry for jizz and always wanted to be the one to cum last. We both loved the taste of cum and wanted to be horny when we ate some. If we were 69ing, we always tried our best at cumming at the same time, and it started happening more often. We cummed in each others mouths a lot, and always swallowed every last drop. We also started spicing up our blowjobs with some simultaneous ass fingering, and ass fingering became a big thing of its own with us always trying to cram more and more fingers deeper and deeper in. This training made taking our ever growing dicks up the ass no problem as we grew up.

We absolutely loved playing with our asses, and this was the perfect place to do it. It was so hot and sweaty in there that we were real nice and slippery, and we were always fresh and clean out of the shower. We experimented enough that we got really good at relaxing our anuses, and even though our cocks were now getting way bigger we still took it like pros. Ass fucking was usually mixed into the rotation of activities, and we go back and forth from sucking to fucking and back may times in one session. We even came up with a few different positions for anal, as the bench was at the perfect height. We learned to start fucking each other face to face with one sitting with legs up, and also learned the two cowboy positions. We came in each others asses now and then, but for the most part we thought it was a waste to squirt all that yummy stuff up there. We always prefered eating the cum, but we'd still fill our asses with jizz from time to time.

We still used spit for lube, and ass to mouth and back again was a totally normal thing. It didn't gross us out at all, but the trouble of getting out of fucking position just to apply more spit lube got annoying. This led us to the last and dirtiest thing we did together, and that was licking and sucking our assholes. As usual, it was my idea and I went first. It started in the sauna one day when I was balls deep in my friends ass, pounding him mercilessly and always needing more spit. I had the idea to apply the spit lube to a different location for a while, so I asked him if I should just go ahead and lick his ass instead of getting another quick BJ. He told me to go for it, and I did.

He was down on all fours in front of me on the top bench in the sauna, and I stepped down onto the lower bench and got my face at his ass level. He was reaching back and tightly pulling his butt cheeks apart, showing me his little orifice. I moved in and stuck my tongue out flat, and gently licked his crack from just below his hole all the was up to the small of his back. He tasted sweaty, and I liked it. I was finally committing the final act, the last thing we could think of to do, nothing stranger or kinkier could possibly happen. I was so horny licking his ass, I wasn't surprised that I was enjoying it so much. I licked his ass crack the same way a few times, getting a little more enthusiastic each time. He told me to lick the hole - that's where it was feeling good for him. So I rolled my tongue up and down and all around the outside of his hole. The texture was a new sensation, and his skin back there was amazingly smooth. I took the tip of my tongue and felt around until I found the center of his hole. I poked at the opening gently with my tongue, and I could feel that if I pushed it in it would go easily. So I tried it.

I stiffened up my tongue and stuck it out as far as it would go, slipping it into the tight grip of his asshole. The inside ring of his anus felt smooth and slippery, and it was hard to get very far in. I buried my face in his ass, and pretty much making out with his hole I stuck my tongue as far inside him as I could go. I barely got the tip of my tongue inside past his tight muscles, and I was constantly being pushed back out. I started moving my tongue in and out, fucking his ass with my mouth. He was really starting to enjoy it as I was getting ready to fuck him with my dick instead. Before I let up and stopped tounging his hole, I switched from shoving my tongue inside him to applying a good layer of spit for some lube. I started to push spit into his ass. I layed my tongue out flat over his hole, and used it to pump a few gobs of spit right up inside him. A little always leaked back out, but I finished by licking it around and spreading my spit around the outside of his hole.

I was ready to fuck him again, and I did. I got back up on my knees on the upper bench, and I lined my dick up with his hole with one hand. He was so wet and slippery now that my cock head slipped effortlessly into his ass, and I buried my whole length deep into him. The spit inside him kept the lube going strong, and I pounded him good for a few minutes. Before I was about to come, I stopped and told him that I wanted a turn getting my ass licked and them fucked. So we switched spots, and he assumed a position on the lower bench. I was down on my knees with my face on the bench, ass sticking way up, and my hands pulling apart my butt cheeks. He took a deep breath, stuck out his tongue, and started doing everything to me that I had just done to him. He licked my buttcrack up and down a few times, before focusing on my asshole. I felt his warm squishy tongue penetrate my ass, and I relaxed my hole to help him out. He started pushing his tongue in and out, going deeper and deeper until his mouth was right on my ass, lips sealed. He ran his tongue in and out of my ass over and over again, and got a good layer of slober all over inside and outside my ass. It felt absolutely great, and I was wished he didn't stop. Sticking fingers and cocks in there was fun, but getting my asshole made out with was another awesome new feeling. The wetness and soft squishiness was unreal.

He admitted to liking it himself, as we were both fresh and clean down there. It worked so much better for lubing than blowjobs that it became a very regular thing. We started enjoying eating each others asses out so much that it became another activity on its own, and we'd do it not just for lube but just for the fun of it.

Our sessions at the pool went on somewhat regularly for many more years. We were growing up fast, and our cocks were getting a lot bigger. Going through puberty, both of us had little electric shavers for our soon-to-be facial hair. The thing is, we both grew pubes first and ended up using those shavers down there more than on our faces. We didn't like the thought of a big bush of hair growing around our dicks, so we started shaving our pubes regularly, and forever stuck to the baldness we were used to.

Both of us looked pretty young for our ages, and by the ages of 14 and 15 we both could probably still pass for 12. Even naked, with our bald cocks we still looked younger than we really were, even though our cocks were getting close to full adult size by then. We looked like little kids with big cocks. It was around this age that we had to start hiding our boners in the change room because our longer shafts and bright pink cockheads gleaming and swollen were getting a bit too obvious.

We started being sneakier and more paranoid because we were now old enough that our messing around could no longer be mistaken for the innocence of boys playing around. We were mature enough now that it was just hot, kinky gay sex between consenting teenagers, and nothing else. The crazy exibitionism around the boys in the change room stopped, and our sessions became quieter and more secluded. We'd always check that nobody was around, and listened extra carefully for intruders if we were in the middle of it.

Into the later years of high school, we stopped going to the pool so often. It was becoming sketchy and unsatisfying because quick, hidden little sessions just weren't cutting it for us anymore. Even though it was fun in its own way, sneaking around for quickies here and there in the change room never gave us enough time. We wanted to have enough time and privacy to ourselves so we could have some real, unrushed sex at our old relaxed pace. We were old enough now that our parents started letting us take more and more responsibility, and both of us being pretty bright teenagers, our parents pretty much let us do whatever we wanted. We could finally start fucking around alone a lot more, under the guise of just buddies hanging out.

We found lots time to keep our tradition alive. Anytime parents left one of us alone at home, the other would come over and we'd fuck for hours. In nicer weather we even did some nostalic sessions in the bush, getting a kick from fucking outdoors again. I got my driver's liscense when right when I truned 16, and my parents let me have the car almost anytime I wanted - that opened things up for us even more. We even went on a camping trip one summer, just the two of us, and that was one amazingly kinky long weekend.

Eventually, both of us eventually got girlfriends and found out about the amazing world of normal sex with girls. But that still didn't stop us and we still loved fucking around, and kept on with it until I was 18 year old. That was the year my best friend moved away, this time moving right out of town. For that reason alone, we ended up drifting apart as friends, and we never fucked again. So for now, I must draw this story to a conclusion.

Postscript / Discussion points

To this day I miss him and all the stuff we did together, and thinking and writing about all of it has brought back a rush of memories. I've spent endless nights fapping to the thoughts of my past, and it was really hard to write this all out without constantly getting hard and jerking off. It's been good to get all this stuff out there though, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

The main reason I am posting this though, is for some real feedback from the intertubes. Not so much on my writing and grammar and such (although praise is always welcome)... I'm looking more for real life ideas about the actual content within. I must remind you all that this whole story is completely true except for the actual quotes from conversations, which are the best I could do rummaging through my memory. I didn't make anything up for the sake of fantasy, and I actually did all those kinky things with my friends when I was so damn young. Some people will believe me, others probably wont - and I would like to hear from those who do... My question is: how normal or widespread is this kind of thing between young kids? I know we weren't the only kids to fuck around like this. If anyone out there has had any experiences similar to mine, I would love to read about it. Are there other stories like this floating around out there? Real life experience stories about kids - not the "I was gang-raped by my uncle and his 10 buddies" bullshit. Where would I find those?

And lastly, I would also like to mention that I am open for questions. You can go ahead and ask me anything, I'd be glad to share more details. I had fun writing what is my first remotely erotic peice, and it had inspired me to try writing some more of it... If you want more details about the last few sessions or the camping trip or anything else, I'd be glad to post more. I might even branch off and start writing fantasies based on my experiences. Is that something you'd like to read? Just let me know and I'll get to work on it.

Thank you for reading. Signed,

Some guy you don't know.

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2015-01-14 08:44:38
You are a highly abnormal perverted faggot!! Go to the Grand Canyon and imagine its an asshole, then leap in and live your wildest fantasies. That would truly be doing yourself and the rest of the world a favor!

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2014-12-07 20:23:15
What every you wish on others will come back on you. Karma is a bitch

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2014-11-22 20:54:30
I hope you got Aids

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2014-11-22 20:53:09
You fags disgust me

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2014-03-19 19:29:07
I started fucking with friends in my neighborhood at much the same age , I also fucked cousins and nephews who were close to my age . My first was oral with 3 brothers that lived across the street . Playing fort in a hidden area of their yard they talked me into letting them suck my cock then there's there oldest brother who was 15 later had me suck his huge dick then while playing hide and seek he took my ass cherry

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