A Woman Finds Love With A Stranger In The Shadows
Finishing up the last of her paperwork, Angela looked up at the clock; it was already after eight. Not wanting to go home just yet, she made her way up to the roof...she loved it up there. There was a fantastic view of city like no other. It was a warm, slightly humid night, with a hint of a breeze blowing in the air...enough to make her shoulder-length blonde hair flutter in the breeze. It was somehow erotic, seeing the lights from the tall buildings shimmering in the night, but then Angela was a romantic.

As she looked up into the night sky, Angela raised her hand and ran her fingertips along the front of her dress, teasing her nipples. Angela's nipples were starting to tingle from her touch...she loved the sensation so much. After a few seconds, her nipples were hard and oh so sensitive. She opened the front of her dress, pulling it aside, exposing her breasts to the warm night air.

Feeling her arousal growing, Angela opened the front of her dress cupping her breasts in her hands, as she began running her fingers over her breasts, as the warm night air kissed her inflamed felt so good. Feeling the erotic sensation building, she moved her hand down her stomach toward her sex. She ran her fingers past the top of her thong, touching her lips....they were beginning to leak her love juices.

Angela was lost in her self-pleasure when she suddenly felt a presence. Her heart started to pound in her chest. A pair of lips touched her neck, as someone pulled her hair to one side. She was scared, yet she was aroused by the presence of another, watching her and now kissing her. His lips moved down her neck, to the exposed part of her shoulder.

"Are you afraid?" a deep baritone voice asked.

"Should I be?"


Angela's heart was pounding again asking,

"What do you want?"

"Shhh, I want you...I want to taste your beauty."

Angela closed her eyes as his hand cupped her breast. His touch sent erotic chills throughout her body. His hand was so big, yet his touch so gentle. He began caressing her breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers just as she had done only seconds before. There was something about his was familiar, yet she couldn't put a face to it. Oh well, it didn't matter, she certainly wasn't going to call the police, or security....not when his touch made her feel so good.

" have such a gentle touch,"

Angela cooed as she leaned back into his hard body.

He laughed softly, his baritone voice seemed so soothing. Both his hands were now caressing Angela's breasts as her breathing quickened and small orgasms started coursing through her body. Angela reached behind her searching for her mystery lover's cock. It wasn't hard to was enormous. Angela wondered for a fleeting moment if it would be too large. No, she could take it...she was sure. Angela unzipped his pants, removing his rock hard monster. It was hot to the touch, just like her pussy. She could feel it throb in her hands as if it were alive.

"Your cock is so large."

"Are you afraid?"

"No, not really."

"I feel I know I?"

"Could be...but does it matter?"

"No, not really."


With a swipe of his large hand Angela's dress was wide open. Her body shuddered as his hand moved down her stomach, onto her mound, his large finger pushing her thong aside while he eased his finger between her wet lips. Angela gasped as he began to explore her sex. Angela melted into his body, closing her eyes as his fingers danced inside her, teasing her and causing one erotic orgasm after another to sweep over her body.

After several more intense orgasms, Angela reached back between her legs and found her lovers rigid cock, pulling it between her legs. He was at least eight, maybe nine inches long, and his cock was as thick as her fist. Angela smiled as she pulled this massive organ of love up to her thick, swollen lips, and began rubbing his massive shaft against her creamy pussy. She listened to him moan, his deep voice sounding like music to her ears....a deep resonating erotic tone, that warmed her inner being. She found herself pressing his manhood hard against her pussy as she slid back and forth....her sex burning with desire as another orgasm made its way toward her pussy.

As her orgasms started to subside, the stranger eased his cock between Anglea's lips, sliding his massive girth into her pussy. There was a moment of pain, his cock being so massive, yet it was an erotic pain...that made her sex tingle with arousal. Slowly he started to pump his massive organ into her pussy, as his strong yet gentle hands continued to caress her breasts, his fingers playing erotic tunes across her nipples.

As his gentle pumping turned into thrusts of passion, Angela felt herself being raised off the ground. Her pussy was ablaze now, hot orgasms sweeping over her body, as his mighty cock seemed to consume her entire being. She could feel his cock pulse as he thrust himself harder and harder into her love tunnel. Angela's body was rocked with one orgasm after another. She begged him,

"Cum for me...fill me with your cum....please."

Angela felt his cock start to throb as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy yet another time. Then he emitted a deep guttural moan, his cock spasming once more. Angela could feel his massive load splashing against the walls of her vagina, over and over as if he were never going to stop cumming. Her own orgasms were growing in intensity as if that were possible. Finally after one final thrust it was over.....his cock slowly slipped from her pussy as he kissed her cheek, thanking her. Angela was too weak from passion to was all she could do to stand.

When she had finally gathered herself together, she turned around he was gone. Angela smiled as she made her way to her car. The next few nights Angela couldn't get her mystery lover out of her mind. She returned to her roof top several more times, each time anticipating his return, but alas....he failed to show. Saddened at the idea that this could have been a one time pleasure romp, Angela stopped going to the roof top...somehow it just didn't seem to hold the same fascination.

Angela still couldn't stop thinking about her mystery lover and who he might be. Could he have been a coworker, a client, who. As she sat mulling the possibilities in her mind she suddenly felt strange, as if something was going to happen. Later that night after a glass of wine, Angela went to bed thinking about her mystery lover. It seemed so quiet, no crickets playing their little songs for seemed eerily quiet as Angela laid in her bed, deep in thought. So deep that Angela didn't hear the sliding glass door opening from the deck just outside the bedroom. Suddenly her eyes opened and she sensed a presence in the room. Angela looked toward the door asking,

"Is it you...are you back?"

"Yes Angela, it's me...don't be afraid."

"I'm not...I never was....I missed you."

"Shhhh, I missed you as well, but I'm here now."

A calm fell over Angela as her lover moved closer to the bed. Angela parted her legs as he told her to close her eyes. As if in a trace, Angela closed her eyes, waiting to feel his touch. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek, followed my his lips as he placed loving kiss on her face and neck. Next she felt his lips kissing and lovingly sucking her nipples. Angela moaned softly, placing her arms over her head as he sucked her nipples harder, sending erotic jolts throughout her body. He worked his way down her stomach, inching ever so closer to her pussy.

Finally she felt his thick tongue part her feminine folds, tasting her sex, lapping up her love juices as orgasms started to sweep over her body. Angela moaned, pulling a pillow over her face to stifle her screams of passion as he sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge with the most powerful orgasm she'd ever felt. He then picked Angela up as he rolled onto his back, lowering her onto his massive cock.

Angela smiled, he was so gentle...just as before. Slowly his massive cock penetrated her pussy, inch by erotic inch till he was all the way inside. He began slowly thrusting his hips upward, as he made love to Angela. His pace quickened, as he began to thrust his manhood deep into Angela's depths. The harder he fucked her, the more aroused Angela became. Angela closed her eyes as her body started to shudder as the orgasms began to washed over her. Angela felt his massive cock start to throb like it had on the roof top that night. Then he groaned, filling her with his heavy load. Exhausted, Angela fell asleep in his arms...totally spent....totally satisfied like never before.

In the morning Angela awoke to find the stranger laying next to her.. It was Eric, one of the execs. from her company. He was a tall man, at least 6'4", and was ruggedly handsome. People had thought him strange, because he kept to himself, preferring to keep to himself. Some though him a snob, while others thought he was just weird. The truth was, he as just a quiet man, that was painfully shy around women, at least when it came to asking them out. Angela had always been kind to him, not joining in with the people that made fun of him, calling him the troll, and other hurtful names behind his back.

As he awoke he looked at Angela's smiling face.

"Do you mind my being here?"

"No, of course not."

"I hope you don't mind my methods, but I have my reasons, or did have."

"It doesn't matter, you can come and go as you like, I'll always enjoy your company."

Eric reached over caressing Angela's cheek...."

I like the part about my being here... maybe more often, if that's OK?"

Angela smiled, "For as long as you like."

Then they kissed, caressing and made sweet love through the morning, and every morning since that night. Now Angela and Eric don't need a roof top, or sneaking through an unlocked door in order to share their passions. It's there whenever they want it. And for the people who made fun of Eric, well now it doesn't matter, not anymore.


2009-03-27 09:49:08
very good story, but please proof read a draft before releasing it. thanks

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2009-03-27 00:11:49
Surprising! Nicely surprising!

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