I was never a big fan of bisexual sex. So when my husband suggested a female join us, I was disgusted. I didn’t want to do anything with another female. Now maybe male male and female it wouldn’t be so bad.

I was working late at the gym and my husband decided to come and give me a ride home. One of the male trainers was still working with one of the female members, so I had to stick around until they were finished.
Keith, my husband, decided that he was going to work out a little why I finished up working. Michael and Julie were finishing their routine, when I felt Keith come up behind me. I felt his arms come around me and then I saw his hands covering my breasts.
I leaned my head back and moaned, my DD breasts were my trigger to all my sexual points.
I could feel him twirling my nipples to hard nubs that showed through my shirt. I moaned out loud and then gasped and looked around for Michael and Julie; they were no where in sight.
“Did you see where they went,” I whispered over my shoulder.
“No, I think they went into the shower though.”
“Oh no,” I said as I jerked out of his arms. “They cannot be in there alone.”
I raced into the shower just in time to see Michael scoop up Julie into his arms and carry her into the shower.
I felt my husband come up behind me, “They got the right idea.”
He pulled off my shirt so quick I had no chance to think, and then because it was a spandex, my arms got tangled in the sleeves and I had them pinned above my head.
“Now this is what I am talking about,” my husband said.
I could feel him move around to the front of me and nearly cried out in relief as I felt his mouth close tightly over my nipple and his other hand snaked out and squeezed my other nipple.
All the sudden I heard a scream and a woman went running by me yelling, “No fucking way is that going to fit in me.”
I tried to get out of my clothes but it was to no avail. My husband was no help. Then I heard soft chuckling. Michael had followed Julie and ran right into me. I had no clue where Keith had gone, until Michael whispered in my ear.
“Darling, we are finally alone, I was wondering when you would come around.”
“No Mike, you misunderstand the situation, my husband is here.”
“That is fine he can join.”
I whimpered when I felt him lick his way up from my legs and then reach my pussy, which was dripping wet. He propped my leg up on something exposing me to his gaze. He began to lick me from my ass to my clit. It felt so good and would have made me cum right then and there if I hadn’t of heard Keith approaching. I stiffened.
“Starting without me, huh? That is a damn shame. Mind if I join?”
“Nope hop in man she is your wife.”
I nearly came right then and there. Mike stayed on his knees and continued to lap at my pussy like it was going out of style. I had heard Keith but had no clue where he was. Then I heard some slurping noises, there was no way…
“That is right suck that big cock you little cock sucker.”
He was, and I couldn’t see a fucking thing.
Mike began to really lap at my pussy. I then felt them shift as Mike moved up and Keith stood up behind me. All at once I felt my self in the air and lowered onto the biggest and thickest cock I had ever felt. I thought it was going to tear me into two. I never felt so full in my life. There was no movement for a little bit and then I heard Mike groan really loudly.
“Oh god, Fuck my ass,” I guess Keith was buried in Mike’s ass. I came right then and as if some unseen force my arms were magically free and I could see again. I was pressed up against a wall and Mike was buried deep into my pussy. Standing behind Mike was Keith.
He looked like he was in total heaven. I came again, with the rush of my fluids filling my pussy Mike slid fully and deeply into my abused cunt. Keith began to really pound into Mike’s ass. Every time that he thrust into Mike, Mike would go deeper into me. I felt my toes curling it felt so good.
I head Keith mutter that he was not going to make it. I told mike to lay me down on the bench so that way Keith could have his way with him.
Mentioning that was the greatest thing in my life. Here I was laid out on a board with an eight inch cock buried deep into my pussy and the owner of that cock had a six inch cock in his ass. Every time that Keith would pound Mike’s ass, he would pound deeper into my pussy. I came again and again that I lost consciousness. I awoke to find my self alone on the bench. I heard noises coming from the shower. I went in to find that Keith was having his cock sucked on by Mike. Keith looked up at me and smiled.I walked over to them and kissed keith on the lips and then got down on my knees and took Mike's long cock deep into my throat. It didnt take long for the three of us to cum again. I let go of MIke's cock and watched in awe as it began to swell again before my eyes. He smiled at me and then motioned for keith to bend over.
Want to know their story….

All comments are welcome, please remember that this story is fictional. If you would like to read more from me, please let me know.


2010-06-16 17:39:48
I thought this was awesome!A threesome with 2 guys..b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!

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