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Wife and lover caught cheating. He get her lovers ass and them them
I have always read these stories about a guy coming home and finding another man between her legs, fucking the hell out of her, He always walks away after thinking to himself that he would like to kill them both. He always manages to watch her and him have an orgasm. No. That's not me and I acted like I felt I should. I just stared at his white buttocks humping up and down. I could see his cock pumping into my wife's cunt. I could even count the hairs grasping his cock, stuck by her juices. I saw that every time he came up that his butt cheeks would open wide, he was doing a good job of fucking, I'll give him that.

I heard throaty husky voices. I heard Lisa's southern drawl as she begged him to shove his cock in her. I also heard him answer her that he was going to fuck her good...He was going to give her his thick cock. I heard a lot of meaningless phrases. He was already fucking her at the best rate that he could manage. He was slapping heavily against her inner thighs as he slammed into her. All this talk was for the simple reason that they had to be aware every second of what they were doing.

When Lisa and I fucked we whispered sweet nothings in the others ear while we fucked. That was only in the early stages of lust. When we were through the sound barrier and in deep free flight lust I think the only sounds we made were with out breathing. But now I was standing at the foot of the bed and watching the two rutting people before me. They were so caught up in what they were doing that they weren't even remotely aware that I was there. I had not crept up when I came to the bedroom. Matter of fact I was talking out loud to my invisible wife at the time. I knew that she was in the bedroom but I never would have dreamed of what she was doing. I even recognized my neibhor from two houses next door.

But what really caught my eye was his anus. It was suronded by sparse hair and every time he would draw his cock out of Lisa's cunt, I could see his anus spread apart and that's when i got the brilliant idea of how to wreck revenge on them both at the same time. I slowly took my pants off. I felt my cock till it got hard. Coming in out of the blue and finding your wife fucking was an eye opening event. I was wide awake and the knot that filled my gut was pure hate. Hate at Harold. Hate at Lisa. Hate at everything in the world right then.

They never even noticed me when I got on the bed and settled myself right in between his legs, We was a wide fucker. By that I mean that he held his legs wide apart for better thrusting power. This meant that Lisa was laying there with her leg's apart, like a frog...well like a dead frog. I had went and taken an old french tickler from my dresser. It had been given as a joke. It was thick and had row of hard tips sticking out over the entire surface. I supposed it could be used on a woman with very leather like skin on her cunt but like I said it was a joke condom.

I slid it on my cock and felt it stretch some from my girth. I was pretty thickin the cock department and I would have hated for a man with a cock as thick as mine to fuck me in the ass. I grinned to nyself and wet the tip and then lined it up. I was intending to enter in one fell strike and that's exactly what I did. I Slammed into them both. I was fucking them both and with more hate I held it in his ass. I could feel it as I drove in Harold's cock into my wife's cunt far deeper that a cock was meant to pierce. I heard a twin scream. I would swear that they actually harmonized. I knew that when I felt his butt cheeks either side of of my hips i knew that I had drilled him deep. it seemed like an hour but it was more or less instantly before I heard them scream. Like as I said before it sounded like they harmonized.

I was ready for his escape from the big pain in his ass and when he tried to swing his ass to the side I didn't let him. Hell I think that by the time the dumb fuckers...( ok when you let someone else shove a cock up your ass before you know what the hell is happening. you are a dumb fucker ) Harold tried to pull out of Lisa and I tried...well I did. I shoved his now limp cock back into her.Harold was screaming and he sounded just like a six year old girl.

I saw Lisa looking at me with pain filled eyes from around Harold. I smiled at her, "Hi Lisa is your lover gay or something, I said, " My cock went in his ass so easy well you know I kinda thought..." I let it trail off as Harold screamed. I placed my mouth right next to his ear and told him, " You know what this is doncha...? It's the fucking you get for the fucking you are giving my wife. I slammed in him deep. I looked down to see a little red on my cock where it had ripped him a little. Tore him a new asshole.

"Please's not what you think it is...Harold's wife has stomach cramps and I'm just taking care of him just this once." I told her that i had just talked to Gina, Harold's wife and she didn't know where he was, "She sure didn't sound like she was having stomach cramps then." I started to really dig my cock in Harold's ass. The ribs from the "condom" was really tearing his insides up. I saw Lisa's eyes widen and I reached down and felt her cunt. Harold was actually getting a hard on from being fucked. I laughed and slammed hard into Harold's ass. This drove his cock even deeper in my wife's cheating cunt.

I was loving it. Lisa's face turned into a mask of pain as I made Harold's cock sink in her cunt to depth she should not have taken. I knew that I was hurting both of them. Thing was, the condom that I had on kept me from coming. Matter of fact I fucked better than I had ever fucked in years. I kept fucking him for another hour and I realized that from Lisa's face that he had shot a big load of cum in her. The cum hitting the raw mangled flesh caused her to cry. I saw that old Harold had passed out from the pain.

I pulled out of him and threw him aside, "Hey about i fuck my wife now and I'll use the same condom...remember when you saw it how you shuddered and said that you would never get fucked with it...well I want to make you happy," I plunged my covered cock into her raw cunt in one plunge. Lisa screamed and wailed in pain as the hard ribbed nipple tore anew into her raw cunt walls. I saw her start to bleed heavily from her abused cunt. Harold had come awake then and i pulled my cock out of Lisa and shoved it down his throat.

He gagged loudly and then tried to scream around my cock as the hard nipples raked his tender throat walls. I kept telling him to suck harder and after a half hour I pushed deep in his throat and took my covered cock out I tore the condom off and made him swallow my load. It was a huge hate filled cum. He sputtered around my cock and sought to spit it out. I pinched his nostrils and made him swallow it all down.

I got up and took a long casual piss on their bodies. I watched them shrivle up in pain as the stinging piss hit them. I forced their mouth open and made them both swallow a lot of hot urine. When I finished I looked at the two cheaters. "well," I said, " Are you two proud of yourself...does it feel so good for you now? "Are you happy." I stopped to look around and see that Gina had come upstairs to look with contempt as her sniviling little punk of a husband.

I turned and took Gina in my arms. For the next two hours we heaped pleasure on each other. When we were finally finished our spouses looked even worse than they did before. Harold a very jealous man where Gina was concerned and i had just make that made love to her. I even placed her ass over his face and made him watch as i took her anal cherry and she screamed out in lust. He was a beaten man. Lisa was a beaten woman.

We weren't through as Gina went to Lisa and pulled her up. She had put on a pair of shark skin gloves. She slapped and beat Lisa to within an inch of her life. She was a mass of cuts and bruises when we took the two of then,still naked , and drove them naked out in the woods. We kicked them out of the car and told them that it was going to be cold tonight and that they had better find shelter. We knew thay wouldn't be. They would freeze to death with the memory of the coitus interuptus fresh in thier minds. One second they had the whole world at there feet and fucking each other like dogs then I broke up their fun party.

With them starting to shiver and cry for us to have mercy on them Gina and i kissed and got in the car and drove off. Gina had taken Harold's car and parked it off the dirt roan about two miles in the opposite direction. We started to drive bank to town and they crawled after us.
" You know Gina, I said as I put an arm around her...the police will just think that they ran into some thugs while out in the woods cheating."

Their frozen bodies were found a week later where they had crawled to find help. They had frozen while several feet from each other. Evidentally they hated the other so much they couldn't even be together to save their lives.


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he should have stepped on the guys balls one at a time with the heel of his shoe and really made him hurt

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2015-08-08 23:14:40
a very good story with a great outcome. more of the cheaters should be dead also
am I a terrible person because I thought that this was hilarious


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I am a terrible person because I thought that this was hilarious

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2013-09-25 14:57:59
What a great story with a great outcome

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a very good story with a great outcome. more of the cheaters should be dead also

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