A girl visits relatives while her parents are on vacation
This is the first time I've written a story from the first-person point of view of a female character, so let me know how you like it.

"Lexi, time to get to sleep." My mother didn't bother to open the door. Good thing. She'd have passed out if she saw me. I was naked, with a finger in my pussy, watching an old guy jerk off on his cam. And he was watching me. Shit, what if he heard my mother? Probably wouldn't matter, he was a pervert anyway.

"Spread 'em farther, baby!" I did, so he could get a better look at my pussy, and moved my finger to my clit. If I was going to get this old bastard off, I was going to cum, too.

"Fuck, baby, your cock is so big, I want it in my pussy." His cock really was big, and I wondered why he couldn't get some for real, instead of having to beat his meat while he watched a teenage girl finger herself on a cam. Eh, maybe he was just a jerk.

He was getting close, so I rubbed my clit hard, and felt my pussy start to twitch the way it does when I'm going to cum.

"Shit, yeah, I'm cumming!" I pinched my clit, and my whole body shook. I jerked up out of my chair.

"Ah, fuck, yes! Uh! Uh!" I looked at the monitor, and the guy was leaning back in his chair, with his cum squirting all over his belly. I gasped a couple more times, then relaxed back into my chair. The guy looked back at his cam and smiled.

"Was that good for you, baby?" God, couldn't any of them come up with a new line?

"Yeah, honey, it was great. Catch you next time." I shut down my cam and my IM. I flopped into bed, still naked. I'm going to have to be more careful. If I make too much noise while I'm doing this shit, even my parents might get suspicious.

God, my parents are so lame! I'm sixteen years old, and they think I'm still a virgin, if you can believe that! The only girls at my school that're still virgins are either Jesus freaks or so ugly they like break mirrors. But if my parents find out what I'm doing, they'll ground me until I turn eighteen and can move out, and I'd go fucking nuts. Better be careful with the web stuff when they're around.

I was twelve when I got my cherry popped. It started while I was hanging out with my friend Kari during Summer vacation. Her brother Jeff was there. He was fifteen then, kind of tall and skinny. I didn't really pay much attention to boys then, but Jeff always seemed to be around when I was at Kari's house that Summer.

This one day, Kari went to the bathroom, and Jeff all of a sudden said, "Lexi, have you ever kissed a guy."

"Uh, no. Uh, have you ever kissed a girl?" I was like, what is this, anyway?

"No, but I want to. I want to kiss you." I thought that was pretty weird. Why would he want to kiss a girl my age? But I didn't get to say anything else. He just walked over to me, grabbed me, and started kissing me. I wasn't totally naive, I'd heard about tongue kissing and like that, so I opened my mouth and let him put his tongue in it. It felt good, and I sucked on his tongue a little.

Then he grabbed my boob through my T-shirt, like there was much of it to grab when I was twelve. I tried to jump back a little, but he was holding me too tight, and it started to feel pretty good, anyway, so I let him do it. Then he put his hand between my legs, and I about lost my mind. I'd never been touched there, I hadn't even played with myself, and Jeff like grabbed and squeezed, so his fingers were pushing against my crotch. I pushed back against him, and he started rubbing me with this fingers. I started to feel funny in my belly, like there was something moving down there. I know now it was the muscles in my pussy twitching. Jeff wasn't kissing me any more, he was sucking on my neck. I was trying to catch my breath, and I felt wet between my legs.

"Wow, god, that feels neat! Mmmmm." Just when I was starting to get into it, we heard the bathroom door open, and we both jumped back so Kari wouldn't see anything.

I didn't stay long after that, I made some excuse about having to go home, but while I was there, Jeff was staring at me the whole time. I was surprised Kari didn't say something about it.

I thought about what had happened the rest of the day. I wanted to try rubbing myself the way Jeff had, but I wasn't sure if I should, so I didn't do anything. I was still thinking about it the next day, at home by myself, when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and saw Jeff standing there, looking nervous.

"Can I come in? Your parents are at work, right?"

"Yeah, come in. I'm alone." I wasn't sure which one of us was more nervous.

Jeff was looking down at his feet instead of at me. "I want to see you naked." That wasn't what I expected. I figured he'd ask me if he could kiss me again or something.

"Okay, but only if I get to see you naked, too. And we have to go into my bedroom." Not sure where that came from, it just seemed like what I should say.

Jeff finally looked up at me, with the biggest grin on his face I've ever seen. "Okay, let's go!"

I led him into my bedroom, and we stood facing each other and started peeling off our clothes. It wasn't too hard, we both had on the same thing - T-shirt, shorts, sandals. Summer stuff. I didn't even have on a bra. Didn't need one yet. In a minute or so we were both in our underwear. Mine were just white cotton panties. Jeff had on these yucky-looking boxers, sort of yellow, with a blue design. I giggled when I saw them. I don't think Jeff noticed, he was too busy staring at my boobs. They were tiny, but they were boobs.

"Underwear, too," Jeff said. "Naked, remember." We both slipped them off at the same time. Jeff stopped staring at my chest because he was looking between my legs and licking his lips. I was trying not to stare at his dick, but it was the first one I'd ever seen. I'd never even seen a picture of a real one, just the drawings they put in those sex-ed books at school. It wasn't very big, but it looked like it was growing.

Jeff stepped over to me, and started doing the same things he did yesterday, kissing me, then feeling up my boob. Now I could feel his fingers on my skin, and when he rubbed his hand over my nipple it twitched and got hard. His dick was pushing against my belly. I grabbed it in my hand, and he jerked and groaned.

"Yeah, Lexi, touch it. Feels good." Then he put his hand between my legs again. This time I didn't jump back, I pushed out against him and felt him rubbing my bare skin.

"Mmmm, yeah, wow! Ahhhh!" He put the end of his finger up into me. Everything between my legs kinda twitched, and I shoved my crotch against his finger so it went in farther. "God, yeah, stick it in me!" I could feel myself getting wet down there. He pushed it all the way in, and I could feel my pussy (not that I called it that yet) kind of grabbing his finger. I was holding his dick so hard I thought it might break off. He started moving his finger in and out. "God, yes. Uh! Uh! Uh!" I was really going nuts now.

Before I really knew what was going on, Jeff pulled his finger out of me, and pushed me back onto the bed. He jumped up on top of me, and I felt something else pushing inside me, something a lot bigger than his finger. It was pushing me open farther, and it hurt a little, but felt good at the same time. Jeff was grunting. I pushed my hips out at him like I did when he was using his finger.

"Shit, yeah, Lexi, we're doin' it!" I felt his dick get as far in me as his finger, then a little more, and it just stopped. He pulled back, and I could feel my pussy trying to hold him in, like he was turning me inside out. He went back in the same, back again, then he pushed into me really hard.

"Ow! Jeff, that hurts, stop!" Something felt like it was ripping inside me, and it hurt really bad. Jeff was in me farther now, and he banged up against my crotch.

"Stop, Jeff!" But he didn't. I just laid there and let him fuck me. After a couple of minutes it didn't hurt as bad, and started to feel kind of good, and I started moving my hips again. He didn't last long after that.

"Fuck, Lexi!" He pushed as far in me as he could, and started shaking, and I felt something warm and wet come out of him and into me. He jerked and grunted a few times, then just sort of collapsed. Neither one of us said anything for a little bit.

Jeff finally said, "Wow, Lexi, that was great! We've got to do it again some time!"

"Yeah, it was cool. But you better get going now."

I wasn't quite as excited as Jeff was, it had felt good, but somehow I knew it should be better. And I was going to make sure that next time it was.

"Lexi, how would you like to go stay with your Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim for a couple of weeks?" My mother is always coming up with off-the-wall shit like that. I have no idea where she gets most of it.

"Huh? Why would I want to do that?" I hadn't seen them in about five years, since they moved from here in Seattle to Minnesota.

"Well, your father and I have a chance to go on a two-week cruise next month, sort of a second honeymoon, but we have to have someplace for you to stay."

"God, Mom, I'm sixteen years old, why can't I just stay here by myself?" That would be bitchin', the whole house to myself for two weeks! I could seriously get laid then!

"No, honey, that would be dangerous. You're still too young to stay by yourself that long. We've already talked to your aunt and uncle about it. The cruise goes from Florida, so we're going to fly with you to Minneapolis and they'll pick you up there, then we'll stop there again on the way back."

Shit! That didn't sound like any fun at all. Linda and Jim aren't quite as bad as my parents, but they're not exactly a barrel of laughs. Actually, Uncle Jim might be okay without Linda. She's my mom's sister, and they're pretty much alike. They've got two kids, my only cousins. Scott is two years older then me, and Debbie is two years younger. I used to hang out with them quite a bit when they lived around here, but I was only eleven when they moved, so things have changed a lot.

Looks like I'm not going to have any choice, guess I'll just have to try to make the best of it.

After Jeff popped my cherry, he came by the next day and asked if I wanted to do it again. I told him I was still pretty sore from the first one, which was true. But really I just wanted to know more about what I was doing before I fucked anybody again. I told him to come back in a couple of days. I figured I'd stick with him for a while. I knew he actually liked me, and I didn't think I'd find any other guys old enough to have sex who wanted a twelve-year-old built like a stick. Shows you what I knew then.

That's how I really got started with the whole Internet thing. I wanted to find out as much about sex as I could, and figured that was the easiest place to find stuff. I didn't have my own laptop then, but I knew how to use my parents' computer, and how to hide where I'd been. They're so naive they'd never even imagine I'd do something they don't want me to. That's why I've got a laptop with a cam now.

I spent the next two days while my parents were at work on the Internet looking up everything I find about sex. I learned a lot in a couple of days, like it hurts when you get your cherry popped (duh!), but it shouldn't after that, and about clits and orgasms, and what should feel good. And that some girls like to have guys put their dicks in their butts. Ewwww! That sounded pretty weird to me.

That's also when I found out that you can find all kinds of porn on the Internet, which is just great for a girl who wants to learn about sex. And that's the first time I found one of those places where people talk about sex and hook up to cyber, and cam, and stuff like that. I didn't start doing any of that right away. I didn't know enough to cyber, and looked way too young to get on a cam (and didn't have one anyway), but I started like posting and messaging some of the guys.

So, now I knew all about sex, or thought I did, and wanted to see what I could do. I guess I could have tried masturbating, but I wasn't really sure how to do that, yet. So I didn't do anything until Jeff came over again, like I knew he would.

He came in and started kissing me, then stepped back and said, "Are we gonna fuck?" Poor guy never could be subtle.

"Yeah, we're gonna fuck, but you have to do something for me first?"

"Like what?"

"Come on, you'll see," I led him into the bedroom, and we both started undressing. We didn't really get foreplay yet.

When we were naked, he grabbed me and put his hand between my legs. He put his finger in me, but I took his hand and said, "You rub where I put your hand."

He started wiggling his finger in me, and I pulled his hand forward.

"Keep moving your finger like that." I kept moving his hand, but wasn't sure what was supposed to happen. Then I knew.

"Ah! God, Jeff, rub it right there! Uh! Uh!" I jerked like somebody had slapped me when his finger hit my clit. I was wet between my legs, and my belly was doing things I couldn't describe. Jeff did just what I told him, and kept rubbing my clit. I just kept moaning and pushing out against his finger.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, OH FUCK!" Everything between my legs kind of vibrated, then the rest of me started doing it too. I couldn't breathe. I tried to tear Jeff's arms off. Jeff was still rubbing my clit, and I was shaking harder and harder. Finally I sucked in a big breath.

"STOP! THAT'S ENOUGH!" He did, and I almost fell on the floor. Jeff had to hold me up. It was my first orgasm, and it's still one of the best I've ever had.

Jeff was looking at me funny.

"Are you okay? What was that?"

"Shit yeah, I'm fine. That was fucking incredible! That's what girls do instead of shooting like guys."

"Oh. Uh, are we still going to fuck?"

"Yeah, come on." I grabbed his wrists and flopped down on my back on the bed, pulling him down on top of me. I was really wet, and when he put his dick in me it just slid all the way up with no problem. It didn't hurt this time, it just felt good. He started moving in and out, and I was really getting into it.

"Mmmm, Jeff, that feels good. Ahhh, yeah." I was moving my hips against him, and really liked the way my pussy opened up when he went into me and then squeezed back closed again when he pulled back.

"Shit, Kylie, I'm ready!" He shoved it into me as far as he could, and I felt his stuff coming out into my pussy again. It felt good, but it was over way too fast for me.

Jeff got off of me, looked scared, like he was afraid somebody was going to walk in on us, and said, "I should go."

Well, it's decided, I'm going to stay with Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim while my parents go on vacation. This just sucks big time. They go to the fuckin' Caribbean, and I go to Minnesota. To stay with relatives I haven't seen in five years.

Oh, well, it's not like things are all that great around here right now. I'm not getting laid at all. It's like every guy that I fuck is off at camp or something. You'd think a hot little thing like me could find somebody to put a dick in her, but lately there's just nothing happening.

Speaking of hot little thing, I guess I should tell what I look like. I'm not the stick that I was when I started fucking Jeff, but I'm still pretty small, about 5'3", and fairly slim. My tits are a 34B. I'm pretty pale, I'd make a good Goth chick if I was into that kind of thing, and I've got long hair, it's black, but I've always got some streaks in it, right now they're white, but I do different colors. My eyes are kinda gray, and I've got a sort of big mouth, which isn't bad when I want to suck a dick. My nose is a little big, but over all guys seem to think I'm pretty hot.

So, anyway, I'm not getting any right now, which means I have to concentrate on the guys online to get myself off. I mean, I can always play with myself, but it's not as much fun when it's just me, I like to have somebody watching or be watching them, or at least cybering. And I can only do something online if my parents are gone or it's late enough at night that they expect me to be in my room, which kinda doesn't leave a lot of time. So I'm so horny lately I'm about ready to scream. Maybe I'll actually be able to find something in Minnesota, if I can get away from my relatives long enough.

I kept fucking Jeff, and was showing him stuff that I found on the Internet, so he'd learn new stuff. And he did, but I'll tell you more about that later. It's not like I wasn't fucking anybody else, I wasn't going to turn down anybody unless they were like really fat or ugly, but Jeff was always available. And besides, I was still pretty young and pretty much a stick, so most guys weren't all that interested. Jeff wasn't really my boyfriend, we didn't like go out on dates or anything, it was just sex.

I found out a lot about what to do during sex. I usually didn't cum just from being fucked, I needed to have my clit fingered, or I'd do it myself while the guy was fucking me. I really wanted somebody to lick my pussy, but none of the high school guys I was fucking would do it. They all thought it was gross.

Jeff wouldn't lick my pussy, but he wanted me to suck his dick. One of the first things I showed him on the Internet was a movie with a girl giving a guy a blowjob, and as soon as he saw, he wanted one. I didn't want to at first, I just wasn't sure about putting something like that in my mouth. He kept asking every time we were together, so finally one day I decided to go for it. I had just turned fourteen at the time, and he was seventeen.

"If I suck your dick, will you shut up about it?" I was really getting tired of him whining about wanting it.

"Yeah, if you do it I won't have to ask anymore."

I got his dick out of his pants. He was standing up, so I got down on my knees in front of him. I was holding his dick in my hand, and I opened my mouth and started to lick it like I'd seen in movies.

"Fuck, Lexi, that feels good!" I wasn't sure about the taste, it was kinda strong and sweaty, I guess like a guy would taste. I licked it a little while Jeff moaned and groaned, then opened my mouth as wide as I could and put the end of it in. I got about half of it in, his dick wasn't real big, but I wasn't used to doing that yet. It felt all hard and smooth in my mouth, and wasn't near as gross as I was afraid it would be. I started bobbing my head up and down on it, letting it go farther in my mouth, and I was still running my tongue over it. I kept my hand on it so it couldn't go all the way into my mouth, but it was pushing back far enough so I almost gagged one time. Something was leaking out of the end of his dick, it tasted kinda bitter, but I was getting into having a dick in my mouth.

All of a sudden, Jeff yelled, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" and he started shooting his stuff into my mouth. I wasn't sure what to do, his stuff was filling up my mouth, so I started gulping it down. It was really salty, but not bad, and I managed to swallow almost all of it.

"Damn, Lexi, that was incredible!" I didn't think it was too bad, either, really a lot better than I thought it would be, so after that I sucked Jeff quite a bit, and other guys, too.

I was doing more stuff on the Internet, too. At first I was just looking at movies and reading some stories and once in a while looking at the places where you try to hook up with somebody or get advice. Some of the movies got me really hot, and the stories, too, and I'd be finger-fucking myself while I was watching or reading. I liked the movies with the girls that looked young, like me, and my favorite stories were old guys with young girls, and the incest stuff. Incest stories really got me hot, but there was like no chance I'd ever be able to do anything like that. No brothers. I don't think my father even fucks my mother anymore. In fact, I'm surprised I'm here, I can't really see them ever doing it. Oh, well, maybe someday I'll find an old guy in person instead of just online.

I lick my lips, stick out my tongue at my cam. Reach down, squeez my boobs together inside the T-shirt I was wearing, Pull up the bottom of the T-shirt to show my belly.

"You like that?"

"Yeah, baby, you are so hot! I want to see more!" I look at the guy on the other end. He's old, maybe 40, and a little chubby, but he's got a nice cock. He's got it out and banging away at it, with his mouth hanging open. He's not exactly my ideal cam buddy, but tonight I'm not picky. I haven't gotten off in days, and tomorrow I head for my "vacation" in Minnesota. Tonight I'll take anything I can get.

I stand up, wiggle everything, because I know he'll like that, and pull my T-shirt off over my head. I squeeze my boobs together again, bare this time. It feels good, so I let him know about it.

"Mmmm, I wish you were here to do this for me." I pinch my nipples just a little.

His tongue is hanging out now, and he's really pulling on his cock. I'm afraid he's going to shoot before I have a chance to get off myself.

"Take the rest of it off, baby, I want to see your pussy." He's not exactly subtle, but these guys usually aren't. I unfasten my jeans and wiggle out of them, taking my panties down along with them. I stand there in front of the cam, moving my hips, then plop down in my chair and spread my legs so he can see what he wants to.

"Damn, girl, I want to stick my face between your legs and lick that pussy until you're wet, and then finger-fuck you while I suck on your clit." That sounds pretty good to me, too, and now I'm already wet. "Then I'll stick a finger up your ass, to really make you squirm." I don't tell him that makes me squirm but not how he wants me to. I've still never had anybody touch my ass, and don't really want to.

"Dude, you're making me so fuckin' hot I have to do something about it." I put my hand between my legs, sink two fingers into my dripping pussy. "God, that feels so fuckin' good!" And it does. I'm so horny I'm about ready to pop. I finger-fuck myself with two fingers, while I rub my thumb over my clit.

"Fuck, dude, I wish I had your cock in there instead of my fingers. I want you to shove it so far up my pussy I can taste it."

"Shit, yeah, baby, I want to put it all the way inside you. And shoot my load into you."

"Oh, god, uh, uh, uh, shit I'm going to cum!" I pinch down on my clit, feel my pussy start to explode. My body jerks, my eyes close, and juice from my pussy runs out over my fingers. I can hear the guy on the other end grunting, and when I look back at my monitor I see his cum on his belly.

"Damn, baby, that was good." He's having trouble catching his breath.

"Yeah, it was. I got off really good. See you some other time, dude." But I don't think I will. No matter how much they like it, the guys don't usually come back. Always want something different, I guess.

I curl up in bed and fall asleep right away. I always sleep better when I've just gotten off.

Last summer is when things really changed. First of all, Jeff graduated from high school and went off to college, so he wasn't around any more. The other thing was that I got my own laptop. And my parents let me get all the things I wanted on it. Like a cam and a microphone. I had this whole story figured out about why I'd need that stuff, and they didn't even say anything, just let me get whatever I wanted. Lame, as usual.

Now I was ready to try more stuff on the Internet. I already had a profile on one of the sex sites, with a fake age, of course. You had to be eighteen, but they never really checked. After I checked out the cam and microphone to make sure I knew how to work them, I did a post saying that I had a cam and to send me a message if guys wanted to see me. I said I really wanted guys who had their own cam so I could watch them, too.

The first time I got somebody was just a couple of days later. The guy sent me a message while I was on the sex site. I gave him my IM address and we connected and both turned on our cams.

He was about thirty, not real good looking, with glasses and a bad haircut. But he had a really big dick that he already had out in his hand. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen that wasn't just in a picture. All my fucking had been with high school guys.

When he saw me, he said, "Wow, you're super hot! You look kinda young, are you sure you're eighteen?"

"I know how old I am." From reading some of the stories and posts I knew that there were lots of guys that liked young chicks, and ones that looked young. I was still just fifteen, so I had to pretend that I was one of the ones who looked younger than I really was.

We were both a little awkward at first. Turned out it was the first time he'd ever done anything on a cam, too. Finally, he said, "So, are you going to get naked so I can see what you look like?"

I giggled. Have to watch that, I'm supposed to be older. "Yeah, hang on." I did a really slow, sexy (I thought so anyway) striptease. The guy seemed to like it, he was staring at me real hard the whole time, and stroking his dick. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do when I was naked, if I should talk to him, or just play with myself, or what. So I sat down and started fingering myself. When the guy started to moan, I figured I must have done the right thing.

"Dude your dick is really big. I wish it was inside me right now." It was the truth. I was starting to get tired of high school boys, and wanted somebody with a bigger dick who knew what to do with it.

"So do I, baby. I'd fuck you so hard you wouldn't know what hit you. Fuck, I'm going to cum!" And he did, all over himself. It was the first time I'd ever seen a guy shoot it on himself. I'd seen them shoot it on the girl in movies. In real life it was always in my pussy, or in my mouth. (Yes, I was on the pill. No, my parents didn't know about that.)

"That was great, honey, see you later." And he was gone. I was still horny, but, typical guy, he didn't care. I found a video of a hot, young-looking girl fucking herself with a big dildo and started to finger myself again. I was too horny to just go to bed. I started with one finger in my pussy while I watched the video, then went for two. I was really hot, my pussy was wet and squeezing my fingers. I started playing with my tits with my other hand. I couldn't believe the girl in the video, the dildo was bigger than anything I'd ever seen, and she just kept putting more of it in her pussy. I put another finger in, the first time I'd ever done three.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, mmmm. Uh, god, ah, ah, ah!" My pussy twitched, I jerked in my chair, and my fingers went in me even farther. "Oooohhh, fuuuuuck!" I squeezed my legs around my hand, and my whole body like vibrated. It was one of the best orgasms I'd had, and when I pulled my fingers out of my pussy they were dripping wet. I looked at the girl in the video, and she had the dildo in her mouth, sucking on it. I brought my fingers up to my face, smelled them, then put one finger in my mouth like I was sucking a cock. It was the first time I'd ever tasted a pussy. It wasn't bad. I wondered if I'd ever taste anybody else's.

It's vacation time. My parents are all excited. Well, they should be, they're the ones going on a good vacation. Not like me, stuck in the ass-end of nowhere with relatives I barely know anymore. At least they let me take my laptop with me. Shit, I wonder if I'll have a room to myself or have to share. Dude, if I have to stay in Debbie's room and can't get online with anybody for two weeks, I will fucking go insane.

At least the flight was okay. No problems, except trying to keep from being bored. The whole family met us at the airport in Minneapolis. My parents had to change planes and had a little layover, so they could visit with my aunt and uncle for a bit. Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim look about the same as I remembered, but I'd forgotten how tall Uncle Jim is. He's like 6'2", quite a bit taller than my dad. Scott and Debbie are really different. I've seen pictures of them, but you can't always tell from those. Scott's eighteen now, and pretty tall, too, about 5'10" I guess, and he's started to get some muscles. He was a skinny little kid when they moved. He actually looks kinda hot, with his short black hair and his tight T-shirt. Debbie's even shorter than me (all the women in our family are short) just a little over five feet. She's got lighter hair than the rest of us, not blond, but like a light brown. She's really pretty, with a few freckles and a small nose and mouth, but she's still only fourteen and doesn't have much of a body yet. I mean, she doesn't look like a boy or anything, but there aren't too many curves.

I talked a little bit with Scott and Debbie while my parents were waiting for their other plane, but mostly it was my parents catching up with Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda. I guess it was really mostly my mom and Aunt Linda, sisters and all that, you know. Pretty soon it was time for my parents to go, and for me to start my Minnesota Adventure.

Damn, it's hot in Minneapolis! I thought this was supposed to be the Frozen North! I started sweating as soon as we walked out of the airport. Everybody laughed at me.

"Summer here can be pretty miserable," Uncle Jim said. "Hope you brought some light clothes."

I wasn't sure any clothes were light enough to make me comfortable in that. Once we got into the car with the air on it was better. The ride back to their house didn't take long, and the air was on when we got there, thank God. They showed me where I was going to stay, and I actually had a room to myself. Yes! I could fire up my computer and go online. I might have to be careful, cause my room was right next to Debbie's, and I don't want to make enough noise for her to hear me.

After I got settled in it was time for lunch, and after we ate, Debbie was all over me wanting to show me her room. I wasn't sure why, but I figured what the fuck, I didn't have anything else to do. She practically dragged me into her room, and shut the door.

"God, Lexi, I'm so glad you're here! I really want to talk to you about something. Have you ever done stuff with guys?"

"'Done stuff?' Like what?" This was feeling a little weird.

"You know, like kissing. And maybe... touching." She sounded like she was afraid to even talk about it.

"Yeah, I've done some kissing and stuff. Why, haven't you?" I'd been fucking at twelve, I couldn't believe there was a fourteen-year-old who'd never even kissed a guy.

"No! We go to this really strict school where they keep the boys and girls separate, and Mom and Dad won't let me go on dates or anything. I've never kissed a guy, or held hands, or anything like that."

Damn, and I thought my parents were bad! This could be a rough two weeks.

"Well, what do you want to know? I can't really tell you much about what it's like to kiss a guy, you have to do it yourself." I had an idea. No, that's never going to work. Well, don't know unless you try.

"But if you can't tell me about it, what if I finally get a chance to kiss a guy and mess it up because I don't know what I'm doing?"

You mean just like every other girl the first time with a boy? I can't say that to Debbie. She'd probably have a stroke.

"I can't tell you what it's like, but I can show you." If she runs screaming to Momma now, I'm seriously toast, not just while I'm here but probably back home, too.

"You can show me?" Debbie looked really confused. Can't really blame her.

"Yeah. But you have to promise to never, ever tell anybody that I did, okay? Especially your parents." Here we go. It's up to her now.

"Uh, okay, but it won't hurt or anything will it?" This girl really needed some education.

"No, Deb, it won't hurt, don't worry." I've never kissed another girl. Sometimes I wonder what it's like, but I've never really had a chance. Now I was going to go for it.

I reached over, put my hand behind her head, and pulled her toward me. She looked scared, she was staring at me.

"Relax, it'll feel better." I pushed my mouth against hers. Nothing. She didn't react at all. I pushed a little harder, and then smacked my lips against hers and leaned back.

"Girl, you gotta relax. And open your mouth, so I can put my tongue in it." She looked like she'd found something rotten in the fridge.

"Is that really what you do?"

"Yeah, it is. You want to or not?" I was ready to kiss a girl, and she was my cousin, so it was actually kind of incest. But I didn't want to work this hard at it.

"Okay, yeah, I want to."

I pulled her back to me again, leaned in, put my mouth against hers. This time something happened. Deb opened her mouth a little, and I pushed my tongue in and started moving it over her tongue. It was kinda different than kissing a boy. I was in charge, and she smelled and tasted different, sweeter sort of. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I thought about what other parts of her would smell and taste like.

I got Debbie to start moving her tongue against mine, and I could tell she was getting into it, because she was breathing heavy. So was I, but I was used to that. Debbie still had her eyes open, and still looked like she was kind of startled by everything that was going on. We were moving around a little on the bed, and when we did my hand rubbed against her boob. Debbie gasped and twitched, and her eyes got even bigger, but she didn't pull away, so I figured what the fuck. I put my hand on her boob and squeezed it through her T-shirt. She moaned, and she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Maybe this "vacation" wasn't going to be so bad after all.

"How are you girls doing in there?" We both jumped back. Shit, I didn't need this!

"Fine, Mom, we're just talking about school and stuff." Debbie did fine handling that, didn't panic or anything. Good, maybe she wouldn't say anything about what we were doing.

"Maybe we shouldn't do this when your parents are around." I was whispering. Debbie whispered back.

"Okay, but I liked it. Can we do it some more when we're alone?"

"Oh yeah, we can. I liked it, too." We grinned at each other, and I started making more plans.

When Debbie told me about the school, I was afraid I was going to have to put up with prayers and church and like that. I'm not into that at all. But it turned out Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda aren't like Jesus Freaks, they're just really strict. Anyway, the rest of the day Saturday, Debbie and I really did talk about school and things like that. We had dinner, watched a little TV, and then went to bed. I was so tired from the flight and everything that I didn't even pull out my laptop to see if I could get anything going.

Sunday was really pretty boring. It was really hot out, so nobody felt like doing anything outside. It was supposed to cool off some on Monday. Thank God. We mainly just sat around, talked a little, and watched some TV. In the middle of the afternoon, Scott pulled out his PlayStation and we played some pretty lame games while the adults were off doing something. I did talk to Scott a little bit, the first time since I'd been there, and found out he was going to college the next year, but was still going to be living at home. Poor guy.

Tonight when it was time for bed I wasn't as tired as the night before, so I fired up my laptop to see if I could get the Internet. I didn't know if they had wireless or if you needed a password, and I didn't want anybody wondering what I was doing on the Internet, so I wasn't going to start asking about it. It turned out that they did have wireless, no password needed, and I was online and checking out possible cyber-partners in a few minutes. I almost jumped off the bed when the door opened. It was Debbie, wearing a nightgown that came down almost to her knees. I just had on a tank top and panties, and wanted to get rid of them. She slipped into the room, closed the door.

"I was hoping you were awake. I thought maybe we could do some more kissing. Mom and Dad won't hear us in their room."

"Sure. Come over here." I closed up the laptop and set it on a table by the bed. Debbie walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. I pulled her to me like I did before and put my tongue in her mouth.

Debbie started purring and breathing hard right away this time, so I put my hand on her little boob again, and squeezed.

"Mmmm." She was purring into my mouth, it made my tongue feel funny. My pussy was starting to get wet, and I decided to see what I could get away with. I moved my hand off her tit and put it between her legs, rubbed her like Jeff had done to me that first time.

"Lexi, what are you doing?" She jumped back. The first time I kissed her she looked nervous. Now she was like scared to death.

"Hey, you wanted to know what it's like with a boy. Well, they're all gonna want to grab you there. You want to do more or not?"

She kinda bit her lip a little. "Yeah, I guess so. Okay." She didn't sound too sure, but I was in no mood to wait. If I didn't do something with her, I was going to play with myself in front of her.

I pulled her back against me and kissed her again, harder than before, and put my hand on her crotch and squeezed and rubbed it. This time she didn't pull away. I was tired of going slow. I wiggled my finger up under her panties, and shoved it into her pussy. Debbie pulled her face back and gasped.

"Ah! God, Lexi! Uh! Mmmm!" Her pussy was wetter than I thought it would be, her being a virgin and all. And it was really tight around my finger. I started finger-fucking her, pretty hard, shoving it all the way inside her. It was the first time I'd ever done anything like that with a girl, and I liked it. So did Debbie. She shoved her face against my shoulder and started moaning. I pulled her hair out of the way and licked her neck, then sucked on it. She tasted good, and all of a sudden I wanted to suck on her boobs, but she still had her nightgown on. I pulled her head back so she was looking at me.

"Deb, let's get all naked." She just nodded. By now I think she'd have said okay if I told her to swallow a frog. I took my finger out of her, and we both stripped off what we had on. Debbie was staring at my crotch.

"Yeah, I shave it." She didn't. There wasn't a lot of hair, she was still just fourteen, but it was natural, all right. Her boobs were pretty small, too, about what you'd expect from a fourteen-year-old who wasn't very big anyway. I pushed her onto her back on the bed, shoved her legs apart, and put my finger back in her pussy. She started moaning again. I licked my lips, and attacked her boobs with my mouth. I got most of one of them in my mouth, and was running my tongue over it and sucking it at the same time, trying to do what I liked having boys do to me. Debbie was moaning louder now.

"Lexi, it feels good! Don't stop!" Like I was about to stop. While I finger-fucked her, I moved my thumb up and pushed it against her clit. Debbie jerked.

"Oh god, oh yeah! Uh, uh, uh!" She was really into it now. I moved my mouth so I was sucking on her nipple, and kept rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"Ohgod ohgod ohgod!" I bit down on her nipple and pinched her clit.

"Ah! Lexi!" Debbie went all stiff, and her legs clamped around my hand. I felt her pussy squeeze my finger, and it got even wetter. Debbie gave a couple of jerks, then relaxed on the bed. She had a funny look on her face.

"Lexi, what was that?"

"I made you cum, silly. And you've got to do it to me."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"Sure you can, just do what I did to you."

"But, I... I don't know if I can."

"You'll be fine. Come here." I grabbed Debbie's arms and rolled over on my back, pulling her up on top of me. This time she actually started kissing me first, putting her tongue in my mouth. I was so horny I was about ready to go crazy. I held her wrist and put her hand down between my legs. She fumbled around a little bit, trying to find the right spot, but then her finger went into my pussy and it was like I sucked it into me.

"Fuck, Debbie, yeah, finger my cunt!" I think she was shocked that I talked that way, I don't know if she'd ever heard anything like that before. I didn't care, my mouth gets really nasty when I'm fucking (like you didn't know that already). Debbie started moving her finger in and out of me, and my pussy was dripping by now. I pulled her head down to my chest.

"Suck on my nipples, Deb." She put her mouth on my right tit, and started like chewing on it. It wasn't what I was used to, but it felt really good.

"Shit, baby, that's nice." My pussy was about ready to explode, and I reached down and started to finger my clit. I didn't expect Debbie to be able to pick up on that trick yet.

"Oh fuck! Fuck Debbie, I'm gonna cum! Uh uh uh! Oooohhhh goooood!" My back arched up off the bed, I jerked and shoved my pussy out against Debbie's finger, getting it as far in me as I could. I pulled her head tighter against my tit, I think I almost smothered her.

"Yeah, I'm cumming!" I was shaking so hard I almost knocked Debbie off me and I was digging my nails into her.

"Oh, god. Yes." I finished cumming and laid back on the bed. It was a really good orgasm. Definitely gonna have to check out more of this lesbian shit. Debbie was looking at me like I was some kind of alien.

"Lexi, are you okay? Are you always like that?"

"I'm fine. Real fine. And I'm not always like that, just when it's really good. You'll cum like that someday too." She looked like she was afraid she might. "You better get back to your room now. Don't want you to fall asleep in here."

I gave Debbie a big kiss and she put her nightgown back on and headed out. She forgot her panties. I just curled up in bed naked and fell asleep right away. I always sleep better after I cum

Monday was a little cooler finally. Not the way I liked it, but at least I didn't feel like I was going to die if I walked outside. After breakfast, Uncle Jim headed off to work, and Aunt Linda took Debbie to some kind of mother-daughter summer campy type thing that they did every Monday. I was a little disappointed that Debbie wasn't going to be around, I kinda wanted to try out some more girl-girl stuff with her. Scott had some work to do on his car, so I went back to my room and fired up the old laptop.

I finished checking email and started looking for some good porn to get myself going. It was the wrong time of day to find anybody for cyber or cam, especially on a work day. I found a nice lezzie scene, still in the mood after Debbie last night. I was just getting into it, with my hand between my legs, when I heard a lawnmower start up. I looked out the window into the back yard, and, sure enough, there was Scott, mowing the lawn. Wearing nothing but a pair of cut-offs and his sneakers. I had a good look at his bare chest and arms, and decided the computer could wait.

I watched Scott mow for a few minutes, then put on my "fuck me" bikini. I have two swim suits. One is a pretty standard two piece, for when the parents are around. The other one is just like three pieces of cloth that barely cover my nipples and slit, held together by straps that are pretty much just pieces of string. I couldn't wait to see what Scott would do when he saw me in that.

I waited until Scott was almost finished mowing, then wandered down to the kitchen and got a couple of Cokes out of the fridge. I walked out onto the patio just outside the back door. Scott hit the last patch of grass, shut off the mower, and wandered over when he saw me.

"Hey, Lexi, what's up?" He was staring at my tits. He was trying not to be obvious about it, but he wasn't very good at hiding it.

"I thought you might want a Coke. It's pretty hot out here."

"Yeah, thanks." I don't think he got my joke. He took the Coke and drained about half of it in one gulp, and never took his eyes off my boobs. I took a couple of sips of my Coke, then stepped over closer to him and ran one finger over his shoulder and down over his chest, feeling the muscles ripple. Now Scott looked nervous, and finally dragged his eyes off my chest to look at me, trying to figure out what I was up to.

"I'll bet the girls just go nuts over all those muscles," I said, still running my finger over his chest. I gave him my sexiest smile.

"Uh, I... usually I don't take off my shirt when girls are around. I kind of forgot you were here. Sorry."

"That's okay, I don't mind a bit." I moved my finger down lower, running it across his belly now.

"Lexi, what..." I didn't let him finish. I grabbed his head with my other hand, pulled it down to me, and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He finally started to do something, his tongue was rolling around mine while I kissed him, but I was pretty sure he hadn't done this very often. I was starting to think that I had me a virgin here. Not that I cared. I hadn't had a dick in me in a while, except for my fun with Debbie it had been mostly cyber lately, and I was ready to get fucked.

While I was kissing Scott, I pulled myself against him so my tits were pressed up against his bare chest. He put his arms around me and started to relax a little bit. That's when I slid my hand down into his cut-offs and grabbed his dick. He jerked like he'd been shot and his eyes got real big, but he didn't try to pull away. And he was definitely getting hard. I started stroking to help him along. I backed off the kiss and looked at him, but didn't stop playing with his cock.

"You've never done this with a girl, have you?"

"No, and you're my cousin."

"So. I don't care. And neither does this." I gave his cock a squeeze, and Scott groaned. "Put your hand between my legs." He just looked at me like I was crazy, so I grabbed his hand with my free one and shoved his fingers into my bikini bottom. From there his fingers knew what to do, and I felt one slip up into my pussy. I was already getting wet, but I wanted a little something before I took his cock.

"Mmmm, Scott, that feels good. Finger-fuck me, yes!" Scott looked like he'd never heard anybody say that before, but he started running his finger in and out of me, with me still pulling on his dick. I reached up and undid the strap holding my bikini top around my neck, and Scott got his first look at my nipples as it fell down. I grabbed his head and pulled it against my chest.

"Suck on my tits.!" He was a little shy about it at first, but he started licking a little, and when he got to one of my nipples he sucked it into his mouth. "Yes, like that!" I was really hot, and my pussy was dripping. He was my cousin and that made it better. And I'd never had a guy who was a virgin, except when I was one myself. My hips were moving out against Scott's finger, trying to suck him farther into me. I was breathing hard, and moaning. I unzipped his cut-offs, freeing his dick, then untied one of the straps holding on my bikini bottom and it fell away.

"Take your finger out, it's time for something else." Scott did what I told him to. I might have to look into some of that Master/Slave shit sometime, this was nice. I leaned back against the wall, and pulled him to me by his dick, put the head of it against my slit. "Fuck me." He did. One big shove and his cock was all the way inside me. I moaned, god it had been too long, then started gasping. He didn't really know much about what he was doing, but instinct was all he needed again.

"Fuck, yeah, Scott, do me! Uh, god yes, ooohhh!" It was so good having a guy inside me again I knew I wasn't going to last long. Which was probably good, cause my virgin cousin wasn't going to, either. He had his eyes closed and was grunting and groaning with every stroke. I reached down between us and rubbed my clit a little to make sure I'd get off before he did. I probably didn't need it, but it did the trick.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum. Omigod, aaaahhhh, uh uh uh!" My pussy squeezed around Scott's cock and jerked, then the spasms spread through my belly. I grabbed Scott's shoulders and pulled against him, curled my legs around his back, and my whole body vibrated. He finally opened his eyes, looking a little scared. Then he looked startled, shoved his dick in me as far as it would go, and went stiff. (No, him, not the dick.) He grunted a couple of times, and I felt his cum start to shoot into my cunt.

"Yeah, cum inside me, it feels good!" I purred while he shot his load in me, and then unwrapped myself when he finished up and kinda leaned against me.

"God, Lexi, I can't believe we just did that. If anybody finds out I'll be grounded until I'm 30."

"Don't worry, I'm not telling anybody. I want to be able to do it again before I go home." Who knows, I might even be able to teach him a few things about how to fuck a girl.

"We better get dressed, Mom and Deb will be home pretty soon. We don't want them finding out anything."

You don't, but I wonder what would happen if Deb found out that she wasn't the only one fucking her cousin.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. Deb and Aunt Linda got back not long after I finished with Scott, and Debbie and I spent some time just hanging out playing some games and checking out stuff on the computer. Except it wasn't the kind of stuff I usually check out, so, like I said, pretty boring. After dinner we all watched some TV and headed for bed. I was hoping I'd get a visit from Debbie or Scott, or maybe even both, but I guess they were either too tired or too scared, so I spent some time with what I really wanted to do on the computer. It just wasn't working this time. I don't know what the problem was, but I couldn't seem to find anything or anybody that interested me. I tried playing with my pussy a little bit, but even that wasn't doing anything for me. And I was definitely too restless to sleep Finally I decided to go downstairs and get a drink of water, maybe have a snack. I thought it might relax me and let me sleep.

When I got downstairs I saw that there was a light on in the study. I was curious, and stepped in to see if somebody else was up. Uncle Jim was sitting at the computer, in his pajamas. He looked like he was working on something. He looked up.

"Lexi! Can't sleep?" He was trying to be casual, but I could see he was nervous, probably because all I had on was a sleeveless T-shirt that was too small and a thong. He could see most of me, and I could tell he liked what he saw. Uncle Jim, you do take the stick out of your ass sometimes!

"Yeah, kinda restless I guess. You too?"

"Actually, I do a lot of work at night. There's never enough time at the office, and after everybody else is asleep I can concentrate without being interrupted."

"Oh. I'll go then, so you can get your work done." Now let's see what happens.

"That's okay, you can stay. I could use a break anyway. Can't work all the time." He sort of chuckled, but still sounded a little nervous. His eyes had been moving between my tits and my crotch the whole time, once in a while stopping at my belly button.

"Aunt Linda must not like it much when you spend all night down here working." I smiled, like I was making a joke, but I was really looking to find out something that might help me. Because I was starting to get an idea.

"She doesn't really care. We almost never see each other anymore anyway. She's always busy with something for the kids, and I've always got something going on for work." He sounded kind of bitter, like he wasn't really so happy with his perfect life.

I walked over to where he was sitting. It only took a few steps, like I said, it was a small room. Uncle Jim watched me, still looking at my body instead of my face. That was fine with me. When I was standing next to him, I could see that his cock was making a big tent in his pajamas. And it looked like it was really big.

"Uncle Jim, did I do that?" I tried to sound innocent, but I don't think it worked.

"Oh, shit, Lexi, I'm sorry." He tried to cover it up, but just made things worse. And now I knew that could cuss, when his guard was down.

"That's okay, Uncle Jim. If I caused that, maybe I can do something about it." I pushed his chair around and dropped to my knees in front of it. Grabbed the front of his pajama bottoms and unsnapped them. And almost got hit in the face by the biggest cock I'd ever seen, in person at least. It wasn't quite the size of some of those freaks you see in the porno movies, but it was definitely bigger than anything I'd ever had in me or seen on a cam, longer and bigger around, both.

"Alexa, what are you doing?" He sounded shocked, and I was afraid I might be in trouble. I couldn't remember the last time anyone had used my full name.

"I just want to take care of your little problem, Uncle Jim," I said, as I wrapped my fingers around his huge dick and started stroking it. I looked into his eyes and could tell that he wasn't going to try to stop me. "Just relax and enjoy yourself."

I arched myself up over his crotch and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I started bobbing my head up and down on it, still stroking most of the shaft with my fingers. No way was I going to get all of this thing in my mouth like I did with the high school kids I was used to blowing. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, then sucked him back into my mouth again. Uncle Jim was moaning like a wild man now. I was glad all the bedrooms were upstairs.

"Fuck, Lexi, where did you learn to do that. God, I can't believe it!" I ran my tongue over the head of his dick, then licked at the sensitive spot underneath. I could feel him starting to shake. I reached down with my free hand and cupped my fingers around his balls. I squeezed, and that did it.

"Shit I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" I felt his balls twitch in my hand, then the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped down as much as I could, but it kept coming, Uncle Jim grunting with every shot, and I couldn't swallow all of it. It leaked out of my mouth down my chin. He finally dumped the last of it into my mouth and leaned back with a groan. I let go of his dick, leaned back and used the bottom of my T-shirt to wipe the cum off my mouth and chin. Uncle Jim was almost panting, and I was afraid he was too worn out to do anything else. I wanted more than just a mouthful out of this.

"Mmmm, okay, honey, your turn." So there was some life left in him after all! Uncle Jim stood up, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. He pulled my T-shirt off over my head, licked his lips as he saw my tits for the first time. Then he reached down and pushed my panties down far enough so they fell to the floor. He put his hands under my arms, picked me up, turned and put me down in the chair where he'd been sitting. I spread my legs, and he got a good look at my pussy, almost drooling. But he didn't start there. First he moved his face to my throat, started licking me.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd never been with an older guy before except for cyber and cam. All the guys I'd actually fucked were about my own age. I'd heard older guys were better, and I wanted to find out, but I was afraid I might be disappointed. That didn't last long. After he spent a few seconds sucking and licking my throat and earlobes, I was moaning and twitching. Then he moved his mouth to my tits. He swirled his tongue around each tit, licked them, took one into his mouth and sucked on it, hard, then moved his lips to the nipple, sucked again, then bit down with his teeth.

"Fuck, Uncle Jim, omigod! Oooohhhh." I felt like I was almost ready to cum, and he hadn't even touched my pussy yet. I'd never had a guy who was so good with his mouth. Just when I was hoping he'd keep his mouth on my nipple forever, he moved down, running his tongue over my belly, into my belly button, then down farther. God, he was going to lick my pussy!

He pushed my knees farther apart with his hands, so I was completely spread out. His face dropped toward my crotch, and I could feel his breath on my pussy lips. He used his fingers to spread my pussy open, then his tongue ran up my slit, starting at the bottom and moving all the way up to my clit. I shuddered.

"Ohmyfuckinggod, yes!" I curled my legs around his neck, grabbed his head in my hands to pull his face tighter against my crotch. He forced his tongue into my pussy, pulled back, did it three or four more times, then started licking up and down my slit again. I was gasping for air. He didn't hit my clit every time he licked, but when he did my body jerked against him.

"Mmmm, uh uh uh uh uh." I'd never felt anything like this before, my body was on fire. Then I felt a finger wiggle between my ass cheeks. Oh, shit, what's he going to do? Not my ass, that's off-limits.

"Uncle Jim, I don't..." Too late. His finger is pressing against the opening of my ass, not going inside, but kinda tickling it, rubbing it. It's the first time anybody's ever touched me there. I stiffen up. But it's not bad. It actually feels good, not gross at all like I thought it would. Maybe it's just because I'm so hot with his tongue in my pussy, so close to cumming, but I relax, feel the tip of his finger slip inside my ass. My ass clenches around it, and he wiggles the finger a little. I rock my ass against his finger, getting used to the feeling. Then none of that matters any more, because his lips are wrapped around my clit, sucking.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum. Ooohhhh. Oooohhhh. Ah ah ah ah." My body is exploding. All the muscles from my belly down through my pussy are spasming, clenching and releasing. My hands pull Uncle Jim's face even tighter against my crotch, my legs lock around his neck. I vaguely feel his finger drive all the way into my ass, causing it to pulse in time with my pussy. God, an orgasm is one thing, but this feels like I'm going into convulsions. Finally I can't take any more.

"Stop, god, stop!" I unlock my legs, push his face away from me. We look at each other, and I can see my pussy juice on his face. Uncle Jim stands up, and see that his cock is hard again. He moves toward me, shifts me into a better position on the chair, pulls my knees up toward my shoulders. He kisses me, shoving his tongue deep into my mouth, and I can taste my own juices on him. I reach between us, take his cock in my hand. It feels even bigger than before. I guide it to the opening of my pussy, hold it there as he braces himself. He breaks off the kiss, looks into my eyes, knows I'm ready. He slams all the way into me in one stroke.

"Fuck, Uncle Jim, it's so big!" I feel like I'm being split in two. His cock is filling me up like nothing I've ever felt. I swear the head is banging against my cervix. He's fucking me so hard I barely have a chance to shove my hips back at him when he pumps into me. He's like a wild man, and I think he must not have been getting any from Aunt Linda lately. I just lean back and let him go. His cock is stretching my pussy out, and rubbing against my clit every time in and out.

"You ever been fucked by a real man before, Lexi?" He is staring into my eyes.

"No, uh uh. No, not by anybody like you. Mmmmm." It's true. The boys I've fucked can't compare to this. He's stroking even harder and faster into me now, grunting like an animal. I'm starting to shake again. I'm not even sure I want to cum again so soon, not sure my body can take it, but I'm not going to have any choice.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum again." The spasms ripple through my body one more time. This time my pussy clamps around Uncle Jim's cock. I gasp for breath as he drives deeper than ever into me. He goes rigid, and I feel his cum start to spurt out into my cunt. That just makes my own orgasm even stronger. We're both moaning and clutching at each other. His semen just keeps pouring into me, overflowing my pussy and leaking out around his cock onto the chair. Finally he's done and collapses on top of me. We're both pretty wasted from the session. I look up at him, grinning.

"I think we'll both be able to get some sleep, now."

"Yeah. I think you're right." Uncle Jim grins, too.

This has turned out to be a lot better trip than I figured on so far. I wonder if I can get everybody together for one big orgy before it's time to go home.

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