Third and final in the "Morgan is a bitch" series.
Morgan is a bitch 3

I put her hands behind her back and put handcuffs on her. I lift her to her feet and put a collar around her neck. I attack a leash to the collar and pull her along. I take her outside, to my pool. There is a small crane hanging over the pool. Too bad she can’t see it; it would make her scream in fear! I tie the leash to part of the crane and go over to the pool shed. I take some rope, chains, toys and some goggles. I go over to the slut and put a pair of goggles on her, so that the water doesn’t mess with her contact lenses. I take some of the rope and tie the bitch’s legs together. I use more rope to tie a harness around her breasts so that most of her weight will be on her beasts, when she is suspended in or over the water. I attach some weighted clamps to her nipples and tighten them. I tie her elbows together which makes her push her breasts out. She moans in pain. She is ready.

I swing the crane around and attach her harness to a pulley system. I pull it tight so that the bitch just lifts off the ground. She cries again, I love it when this bitch cries. Her feet dangle from her body, it looks great. I push the crane around so that it’s back in its proper place over the pool. I slowly unwind it so that she goes down into the freezing cold water. She shivers and cries louder. I stop her once the cold water reaches her neck. I leave it there for a while, letting her shiver in the cold water.

All of a sudden, I drop her down into the water. Her head is under. Air bubbles rise to the surface. Her body is thrashing around under the water. I smile. I slowly pull her up out of the water. I say “Now wasn’t that nice?” She can’t even reply because she’s trying to catch her breathe. I tell her “Well, since you don’t want to answer me, I’m doing to dunk you again!” and then I pull the leaver which drops her back under the water again. She thrashes around again and it makes my cock twitch. More air bubbles come up and I decide to let her have some more air. I pull her up and let her breathe. I ask her “Why didn’t you reply to me last time?” She is still catching her breathe and doesn’t answer me. I say “Fine, have it your way, time for another dunking!” I pull the leaver and she drops down yet again. More thrashing, more air bubbles. I let her back up and tell her “Now you are going to answer me. Wasn’t that fun?” She’s catching her breathe but manages to answer me anyway. She says “No you fucking asshole! It was not … “I dunk her before she finished her sentence. This time there are air bubbles straight away. I pull her up quickly as I don’t want to kill her, only scare and hurt her.

I lift her out of the water and pull her over to the edge of the pool. She still doesn’t touch the ground, which is excellent. I untie her legs and spread them wide. I tie them up so that she is doing the splits and can’t move her legs. I smile and tell her “Time to heat you up!” I go off and gather the necessary materials to start a fire. I come back and build one underneath the bitch. I light it and the whore tries to escape the heat. She can’t. The flames don’t touch her, but they do get close. It must be so hot for her. I decide it’s not hot enough for her. I take a device out from the pile of toys and rope. It is used for holding the pussy lips open and pushing out the clit. It looks like a ring with a pair of bars on each side and then three straps. It also has another ring-bar to hold open her ass. She is already moaning in pain from the heat and this will make her moan louder. I put the device in easily and now her clit is poking out towards the fire. She squirms around, trying to get it off of her. I flick her clit and laugh as she moans.

I grab a bucket and go over to the pool. I scoop up some of the water from the pool and take it over to the fire. I throw the water over the fire, and it puts it out. Then lots of smoke comes out. The bitch coughs loudly. I laugh at her as she continues coughing from the smoke. Once the smoke dies down, I move her away from what used to be the fire. I remove the device I put in her pussy and ass. She sighs with relief. If she had any idea what I have in store for her next, she wouldn’t be relieved. I ask her “Was that a little to hot for you?” And she replies “You fucking know it was!” I grab her clit and twist it painfully. She screams out because of the sudden pain. I untie her legs and they fall into their normal place and relax. I notice that her breasts have turned a purplish colour from the rope harness. I pinch her nipples and twist them. She cries out with pain again. I go over to the machine and lower her so that she is standing on the ground. I take of the harness and her breasts flop back into their normal position. I squeeze them. Her hands are still handcuffed behind her back. I take her back inside for some more torment.

I put her in the choking device I used earlier. I move the device, and her, against a wall. I go to my freezer and take out an ice-block. I go back over to the slut and spread her legs. The rope length is still set from last time I used it on the bitch. As I spread her legs, she lowers down and the rope starts choking her. I shove the ice-block deep into her pussy and say “I hope that cools you down!” I push her legs back together and she starts breathing again. I grab some rope and tie her legs together at her knees. I pull the rope around the bitch’s neck up and she starts choking again. I spread her ass-cheeks as far as I can and push my cock into her ass. If she could scream, she would. I push my cock all the way into her ass and lift her up on it. She breathes. I pull my cock almost all the way out and she starts choking again. I push it all the way up and she breathes. I continue doing this until I feel like I’m about to come. I pull her down so that she’s choking and thrust deep into her ass, without lifting her up. She’s thrashing around because her air supply is cut off. I thrust harder and faster into her sore ass. I come, and it blasts inside her ass. She still can’t breathe. I let the rope down and she falls to the ground. The cold ice-block has melted in her pussy. I pull out the popsicle-stick. She sits there breathing heavily, trying to recover the air she lost while being choked.

I lift her up and take her over to a bench. I lay her down on it and put her hands up above her head. I use the leather handcuffs attached to the bench to hold her hands in place. I move down to her legs and spread them, using the leather leg cuffs to hold her in spread eagle. I go over to my closet and take out an electro pain device then take it over to the slut. I attach two pads to either side of her pussy lips, one to her clit and one to each side of the bitch’s nipples. I tell her “Now it’s time for you to get the shock of your life!” and I start laughing loudly. While laughing loudly I go over to the battery unit. I turn it onto the first notch. She screams loudly. I flick it up a notch and she screams louder. I flick it onto the third notch and she screams even louder and starts to shake. I leave her like this for a couple of seconds before switching the dial to the “off” position. She’s crying. I laugh at her. I flick the switch all the way up to 5, the last notch. She screams so loudly and her body shakes intensely. I flick it off. She breathes heavily as she calms down.

I take off the pads and set them aside. I climb onto her and line up my cock with her pussy. I ram it deep into her sore pussy, all the way up to the hilt. She lets out a loud moan. I pull almost all the way out and then shove my cock all the way back in. I pull almost all the way out again and then shove it back in. I fuck her like this, going faster and harder with every thrust. Faster and faster, harder and harder. The faster and harder I fuck her, the more she moans. I continue fucking her faster and harder and she continues moaning like a whore. She has a huge, loud orgasm, which causes me to cum deep inside her. I keep fucking her until my balls are empty. I whisper into her ear “So you like having orgasms?” in a mocking tone. I hop off of her and grab a vibrator and some duct tape. I put the vibrator on her clit and tape it into place. I push it to make sure it can’t move. This vibrator has a cable and plugs into a wall-socket, so I plug it into the closest wall socket. I walk over to her and laugh at her. I turn on the vibrator and watch her squirm around and moan. I grab a ball gag and put it in her mouth. It muffles the moaning, but it doesn’t stop it. Her body shakes and she squirts come out of her pussy. I turn the vibrator up to full power and she has another orgasm. I leave her like that and go to my bed and have a nice long sleep, so that I’m refreshed in the morning. She is going to be having orgasms all night long; her pussy is going to be very sore in the morning. I can be so cruel.

That is the last in this series. I hope you liked it. If you like my stories and want to talk to me, go to my user profile thing and add me on MSN.

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2013-04-11 01:16:56
That reminds me of my first magarire.Because I married a black man who I frequently beat the shit out of, you see.// they say romance can't thrive in prison.

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2013-04-07 02:16:42
Please continue the series!

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2012-01-23 16:31:01
Think you should have kept the wax in longer

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2011-08-28 08:53:12
Excellent series, please continue. One little suggestion, a little research would give the name of things you wish to use on her.

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2011-07-21 17:53:19
i liked yr stories about Morgan, I think You should add a gang of well hung Black men to fuck and make her pregnant, plus raping all weekend or week long, find when ovulating and keep doing this, plus keep those lenses in her eyes

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