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Second installation of House One. Again, there is some background, etc.
Part 2

As I mentioned before, from the time I was 13 to the time I was 18 my mom and I moved three times. Because we moved a lot, and because I knew that we would be moving again, I usually did not get too attached to the neighborhood we lived in. Still, in the tidy neighborhood on the edge of the city I had already watched one of my neighbors fuck her husband in the shower, and fucked my other neighbor, Miriam.

Over the next few weeks after I fucked Miriam, I did not get the opportunity to visit her again. Either my mom was home, or I was busy with school activities, or Miriam was at work. I was tempted to wait until my mom fell asleep and sneak over to Miriam’s, but I knew that if I got caught it would be a huge mess. So I masturbated constantly and waited for an opportunity.

Finally my mom told me that she was going away for the weekend and asked whether I needed someone to stay at the house with me. I assured her that I didn’t need anyone to stay, and that I would be OK. She seemed a little dubious, but finally agreed that she would call while she was away and we would see how it went.

That evening I “accidentally” ran into Miriam while I was walking the dog.

“Hey. Big plans for the weekend?” I innocently asked.

“Not that I know of” she replied with a wary look.

“Me neither. My mom is going out of town for the whole weekend and is letting me stay at home alone. She’ll probably ask you to keep an eye on me” I said with a little smile.

Miriam smiled wide and said “I will be very sure to do that.”

On Friday evening my mom left for the weekend.

“OK. I’ll call and see how things are going” she said.

“Sure. No problem. Have fun” I said.

I went back into the house. I had been thinking about this quite a bit. I moved the wireless phone base to the window sill closest to Miriam’s house and walked over with the handset. If my mom called I would be able to answer. Miriam was waiting at the back door wearing a pair of black high heels, a white thong, and a white bustier. She had a big smile on her face and handed me a glass of white wine as I walked into the kitchen.

“You fucked me very well last time you were here” she started, “but this weekend I am going to teach you how to make a woman crazy, OK”

“I want to learn everything you can teach” I said.

“Perfect. Follow me, and bring the wine bottle” she said.

We walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

“Sit at the far end from me” she said.

Miriam turned the television on and started the VCR. She had a porn film loaded and ready to go. I sat down, and Miriam sat on the far side of the couch. She turned and put her feet on my lap.

“Rub my feet and see what happens” she said.

I slipped her shoes off. She was wearing stockings, and the nylon felt sleek and sexy under my hands. I started to massage her feet, rubbing my thumbs in the middle of her foot, pinching her toes gently, and using long strokes on the tops of her feet. As I massaged she gently pushed her feet down on my lap, massaging my now-hard cock. After a few minutes I asked whether I could take my cock out.

“Absolutely” Miriam said.

She lifted her legs and I pushed my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. Her legs were up in the air, and I reached out to rub her thigh. She lowered her legs so that I could massage her legs and calves while she rubbed my cock with her stockings. On the television a Chinese woman playing a T.V. anchor was sucking a man’s cock. It was a very sexy moment. My hands crept higher and higher on Miriam’s legs until I was at the top of her stockings. My cock was throbbing and I was loving the nylon feel.

“Are you ready to get more comfortable?” Miriam asked.

“Yes. I guess so” I replied.

She stood up and walked into the bedroom. I hopped out of my shorts, kicked off my shoes and socks, and dropped my shirt in the living room as I followed her. Her big white ass was jutting out from under the bustier and wiggled with each step. I wanted to lick it again, but I was pretty sure Miriam had something planned, so I just cupped it as we walked into her room.

Miriam stopped next to the bed and took her thong off. The crotch stuck and I realized that her cunt was very very wet. That made my cock throb. She turned around and laid down on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide. I took a step forward.

“Hold on. I want to show you something” she said.

I stood watching while Miriam pulled a big red vibrator out of her drawer. It looked way to big to fit into her. She turned it on so that the room was filled with a low hum. The lights were low and I could hear the porno on the television. Miriam rubbed the head of the vibrator up and down her cunt lips. She let out a coo and started to slowly pushing the head of the vibrator into her cunt. I stood in awe and she slowly started to fuck herself with this monster vibrator. It slipped in inch by inch until all 14 inches were inside of her.

“Put your hand on my pubic hair” she said.

I laid my hand over her pubic bone. I could feel her entire lower body vibrating.

“Do you remember where you rubbed the front on my pussy? Push there gently from the outside” she said between gasps.

I gently pushed and rubbed as Miriam kept sliding the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Her eyes bugled and she started to move the vibrator faster and faster. She stopped for a second and suddenly the vibrator sounded like a motorcycle ripping down the street. Miriam pumped it so fast her hand was a blur. I kept massaging from the top of her clit to her G-spot from the outside until her entire body seized up. The vibrator slipped all the way into her for a second, and then she threw her legs open and pulled her knees up. The vibrator shot out and fluid followed it out of her cunt.

I dropped to me knees and nuzzled my mouth over her cunt. Her body jumped away from my tongue, so I opened my jaws wide and covered her entire cunt with my mouth. As she relaxed I slowly began to suck on her cunt and slipped my tongue into her. I licked up and down her cunt until she was bucking her hips against my face. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her on to my face. She came again, although this time there was no fluid. I lapped at her cunt while she came, and rested my entire face against her cunt as she came down from the orgasm.

“Come up here. I want to taste my cum” she said.

I crawled up next to her and she licked my lips and kissed me, sucking her juices off of me.

“Always make a woman cum at least twice before she sees your cock” Miriam advised me. “If you do that, they will always come back for more.”

Miriam then pushed me on to my back and kept licking my chin. Then she moed down my chest and nibbled my nipples. I reached out and started to rub her ass as she licked straight down the middle of my stomach to my raging hard-on. When she reached my cock she avoided it and licked all around the base. She sucked each of my balls into her mouth. After what seemed like hours of this teasing she slipped my cock into her mouth and gently sucked.

My eyes rolled up in my head and I murmured about how good her mouth felt. I slipped my hand between her thighs and started to rub her cunt. When my hand rubbed against her clit, Miriam gasped a little and sucked my cock harder. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and she swallowed a few more inches of my cock. I rubbed my thumb against her wet cunt, then slipped it into her asshole. I rubbed Miriam’s G-spot with the tip on my middle finger while also ass-fucking her with my thumb. Miriam was arching her back and pushing back on my hand. Meanwhile, she was sucking me deep and hard. I reached up and slapped her ass hard. Miriam screamed with her mouth and throat full of my cock. I slapped again. Miriam’s nose reached my public hair and I could feel her tonsils. I was pumping my fingers into her cunt as fast as I could, and felt her body clench as she came. That made my cock explode and I flooded Miriam’s throat with my cum. I heard her gag a little, and her cheeks ballooned with my cum. I watched as Miriam let my cock slip out of her mouth as she swallowed my load.

Miriam laid her head down next to me. There was a small dribble of cum on her chin and she pushed back into her mouth.

“Reach into my drawer and take out the tapered toy and little bottle” she said.

I pulled out a six inch black vinyl toy. It was pointed and flared out to maybe an inch and a half. I also pulled out a bottle with “personal lubricant” on it. I was not sure what either of them were for.

“That is a butt plug, and the bottle is lube. Do you want to fuck me in the ass with that toy?” Miriam asked.

“I really want to fuck you in the ass, but you have to tell me what to do” I replied.

“You started well by lubing your thumb and fucking my ass with it. Now use a lot of lubricant on the toy. More than you think it needs.” Miriam got on her knees and leaned forward on to her shoulders so that her ass stuck up in the air. “Then put lots of lube on my asshole. More than you think it takes. Always use as much lube as possible” she said.

I squirted tons of lube on the butt plug, and tons on and in Miriam’s ass. It was cold, I guess because Miriam gasped when it hit her asshole. I put the tip of the butt plug against her asshole and gently pushed. I used slow, steady pressure to push the butt plug in centimeter by centimeter.

“Yes. That’s perfect. Go slow, and be steady” Miriam moaned.

Within a minute or so the entire plug was in Miriam’s asshole. She slowly wiggled and gyrated her hips.

“I love feeling full. Fuck my cunt now” she demanded.

I spread her legs and slipped my cock into her cunt from behind. Some of the lube from her asshole had dribbled into her cunt and the added slippery feeling was great. I held her big white ass in my hands while I slowly stroked into her from behind. As I slowly sped up I grabbed her waist and started pounding her into her. I pushed her forward so that her tits were on the bed and I was straddling her ass from behind. I plowed and plowed her cunt and grabbed the base of her neck for stability. The harder I pounded the more her big ass shook underneath me, and the more she screamed into her pillow. Finally I could not take it anymore and pulled her as far toward me as I could as I thrust forward. I emptied my balls into her cunt as she screamed into her pillow. I collapsed on her back and my cock slipped out of her with a wet “pop.”

I was not sure what to do about the butt plug still in Miriam’s ass. Should I pull it out? Miriam solved the dilemma when she said “You want to fuck my ass tonight?”

“Of course” I said.

“Well, leave the plug in then, honey. It’ll make it easier when you fuck me” she replied.

I laid down next to her and she snuggled into me. Our legs intertwined and we both dozed off. I felt very good and enjoyed feeling Miriam’s nylons against my skin. Suddenly the phone started to ring. I hopped out of bed and rushed to answer it.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey. I’m here. Is everything going OK?” my mom asked.

“Yeah mom. No problems. You’ve only been gone a little while” I replied.

Miriam came into the room and smiled as she started to stroke my cock.

“What are you doing?” mom asked.

Miriam was stroking my cock now, as I got hard with her touch.

“Nothing. Watching T.V. You know” I said.

Miriam licked the head of my cock and smiled with a devilish look.

“Alright. Well, stay out of trouble” my mom said and hung up.

I stepped toward Miriam and slipped my cock into her mouth as I held her head. She opened her mouth and let me fuck her face until my cock was completely hard again.

“Hold on. I want you in my ass” she said as she stood up and started to walk away.

I followed her into her room, where she laid down at the edge of the bed with her ass on the edge. “Lube your cock like you did the toy” she directed. As I put gobs of lube on my cock, Miriam slipped the butt plug put of her ass.

Miriam’s asshole gaped when the butt plug was removed. I was intent on feeling her asshole around my cock and stepped forward. Miriam put her legs up in the air so that she was on the edge of the bed and I was standing with my cock as the same level as her asshole. I held her ankles and lifted to give myself a better angle. I rested the head of my cock against her asshole and gently pushed, as I had done with the butt plug. Miriam gasped and let out a long exhale. I felt the head of my cock pop into her asshole. It was hot and tight and felt amazing.

“Nice and slow” Miriam said.

I kept pushing slowly and constantly, and felt my cock pushing in inch by inch. After about a minute I was buried up to my balls. I could not believe the tight, hot, gripping feeling on my cock. If I had not already come twice I would have shot my load immediately.

“Oh. That’s so good. Now fill my cunt with the vibrator” Miriam said.

I grabbed the vibrator off the bed and slid my cock back so that only the head remained inside Miriam’s asshole. I slowly shoved the vibrator into Miriam so that her cunt and asshole were full.

“Uhhhhhh, turn the vibrator on and fuck me!” Miriam yelled.

I cranked the vibrator all the way up and slammed my cock into her asshole. Miriam’s eyes popped open and a scream caught in her throat. I could feel an additional vibration on my cock and realized that I would not last long in her asshole. I decided to go for broke and started pounding Miriam’s asshole while her moans and the hum of the vibrator filled the room. I could feel the nylon from Miriam’s stockings, and smell the distinctive smell of the lube while being overwhelmed with the vibrator and the feeling of Miriam’s asshole. It all pushed me over the edge and I came deep in Miriam’s ass. As my cock twitched, Miriam came again. She pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and laid it across her clit as she stretched her orgasm out.

I collapsed on the bed next to her, tweaked her very hard nipples, and whispered the nastiest things I could think of into her ear as she kept cumming.

“Fuck yeah. Cum for me. I already fucked your mouth, cunt, and asshole. I am going to cum all over your face and smack your hot fucking ass. Cum!” I babbled.

Miriam reacted by humping her hips and rubbing the big vibrator across her cunt lips while she came and came. Suddenly she threw the vibrator out of her hand on to the floor as her body shook and shuddered. I held her close and held on to her ass as she rode her orgasm out in my arms. When she relaxed I got up and turned the vibrator off. We fell asleep in Miriam’s bed with curled up with each other.

We lived at that house for about six more months and I visited Miriam many times. Miriam taught me about oral sex, anal sex, foot play, lingerie, and a million other things. I will always be indebted to Miriam for those six months.


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