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This is the next chapter in my story about Tori. After finally being able to admit more to the things that had happened to her Tori now has to face the kids at school after having tried to commit suicide. To her and Elizabeth’s shock it is Scott’s birthday. Read on to find out how the two cope with the public celebration of his birthday.
I was so nervous Thursday morning. It felt like the first day of school again. But it was getting to be so difficult to face everyone at school. Now on top of everything else I had tried to kill myself. I still had bandages I had to wear on my wrists and even when they were gone there were large scars on each wrist where I had cut. I did feel different though from having finally opened up at group. I think I was beginning to understand the purpose behind it. It isn’t about telling others about your feelings, it’s about opening up within your own heart about your feelings. I couldn’t move on until I accepted in my own mind that I had been raped and what had let up to it. I got ready for school and put on a sweater I had with long sleeves that would help cover the bandages on my wrists.

Even how I saw Sherri that morning seemed different. I didn’t see her so much as the enemy but instead as the person who saved my life. We ate our breakfast and headed to school. As we parked I was even surprised when she took a moment before getting out of the car and asked me if I was okay. I nodded and put on a smile and opened my car door but I was appreciative that she asked. I only needed one thing to be sure I had a chance to make it through the day and I found that as soon as I walked into school. My rock, my best friend, my strength was standing there waiting for me. I gave Elizabeth a hug and we headed towards my first class together. I felt like I would be okay and able to survive the day there was only one last thing to make it through.

I found that out when my first class let out. There waiting for me outside my class was Scott. He walked up to me like I was his girlfriend again and tried to kiss me. I pushed him back and said to him, “Get the hell away from me.” He looked at me surprised. I couldn’t believe that I actually had a guilty feeling about this but I did. I knew I was sending crazy mixed signals to him. But I didn’t want to do that anymore so I said, “Scott you broke up with me, and I’m done with you and I want you to stay away from me.” He looked at me surprised. He then just turned and walked away and I was relieved. I couldn’t believe I had finally just flat told him no.

At lunch time I was glad Elizabeth was waiting outside of my class for me. We walked to the cafeteria but on the way there one of the football players walked by us and said to me, “Hey Tori, I heard you tried to off yourself, sorry you didn’t succeed.” I turned cold and pale and thought I’d throw up but I felt Elizabeth’s hand take mine and squeeze it. That kept me from throwing up and we just kept walking. As we got to the cheerleader table with our food I was ashamed to see one of the photo copies of me with the cock at my mouth. Elizabeth beat me to it and just stuffed it quickly into her purse.

Lunch passed by uneventful and we headed back to class. I was feeling nauseous in my class and I excused myself to the bathroom. I vomited when I got into the stall and after I cleaned up I went into a stall to go pee. I was in there a moment when I heard a couple come in. I was about to come out of the stall when I heard Scott’s voice.

“Its okay baby I just need some relief,” he said and my heart skipped a beat thinking he was talking to me. But I was surprised when I heard a female voice reply, “Scott I don’t know here in the bathroom?” “Shhh, it’s okay everyone is in class,” he said and I heard him unbuckle his belt. I peaked carefully thru the crack in the stall door and they were near the wall by the sinks. I then heard him say a word to her, “Kneel.” As he said this I watched him push her down onto her knees. I was stunned when I realized who she was. She was one of the freshman cheerleaders. She knelt down in front of Scott and I then heard his next command, “Open.” I saw his hand push into her hair and pull her head to him. I then saw him move his hips working his cock into her mouth.

It was so strange watching this happen to another girl. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to leave but I was afraid if Scott knew I was there he would find a way to make me participate. So I stayed in the stall and I couldn’t help but watch. Like he had done with me so many times he held her head tight and forced his cock in and out of her mouth. It was so weird watching this, I felt like I was watching myself. I was able to see the look on his face and his intensity was so familiar to me. I heard him breathing in and out and I heard the sound of her mouth on his cock. It was so weird to hear those sounds coming from them.

I was frustrated because I didn’t intend to be gone this long but I still was too scared to try to leave the bathroom stall. The sounds continued and I watched his face as he used her mouth over and over. Then I heard his typical command, “Swallow.” And I watched his face strain as he came in her mouth. Again he said that word, “Swallow.” And then I watched him pull her face into his groin. He held her there tightly like he had me so many times. It made me tense and I felt like it was me. I could smell his scent I wasn’t sure if I really smelled him or if it was all from memory but I new the scent of his orgasm. I felt myself shiver. He held her there tightly before finally letting her go. “That was fantastic, you’re wonderful,” he said to her.

I watched her seem to relax as she felt the relief that it was over. I knew that feeling so well. I watched him put away his cock the saw the look of pride on his face. I could hardly believe how I was feeling. I felt myself shaking. I watched her get up and wash her face. I watched him kiss her and then I watched them leave the bathroom first her, then him shortly behind her. I threw up again and then washed my face. I then walked out of the bathroom and I was surprised when I saw Elizabeth look at me with such a look of shock. It took me a moment but I realized why she had that look. But before I could say anything she turned and started walking away. She was walking away so fast but I was determined to catch her. She moved quickly through the hall but I would have walked through a wall to keep up with her if I had to. She hit the exit door at the end of the hall and I followed her through it.

As we got outside I yelled for her, “Elizabeth please stop, please.” She kept walking and I kept following. “Please, it wasn’t what you think please,” I yelled. She walked to the gate in the fence leaving the school grounds. She walked towards the street and almost in front of an oncoming bus when I screamed her name, “ELIABETH.” She finally stopped and turned. Her face bright red and full of tears. “I wasn’t with him, I wasn’t with him I swear, he was with Gretchen and I was hiding in a stall. I swear to God Elizabeth I’m not lying to you I wasn’t with him.”

She wiped her tears and looked at me with doubt. “You can ask Gretchen, just please calm down,” I begged. I walked to her slowly and put my hands on her shoulders. I looked her in the eyes, making direct eye contact, “I wasn’t with him. He didn’t even know I was there.” I could tell her look softened and I think she finally believed me. “You can check with Gretchen she didn’t even know I was there, neither of them did. I went into the bathroom to throw up from morning sickness before they came in. When they did I was scared to leave the stall. I didn’t want Scott to see me. They didn’t know I was there the whole time.”

“Please, I’m sorry it scared you, but I wasn’t with him, okay?” I asked. She looked at me and nodded and wiped another tear from her face. I then gave her a hug. She let out a gasp of air and got a hold of herself. “Sorry,” she said. I held her tight, “Its okay I understand how it looked,” I replied. I don’t think neither of us wanted to, but we headed back into school. We went to our last classes and then headed home for the day. She invited me to go to the JV game with her that evening but I turned her down. I just wasn’t up to spending extra time with the kids at school. I didn’t need to hear anymore stupid comments. She told me she understood and I kept an eye on her as she walked to her mother’s car.

As strong and confident and independent as I always saw Elizabeth I realized at that moment that her rape had taken something away from her. She was afraid to drive her car alone. Her mom was driving her everywhere she went realizing that made me shiver. I had only ever seen the confident girl I knew today I realized that she could be as vulnerable as anyone.

I got into Sherri’s car and we headed home. I looked at Sherri and I thought about how the last many months had gone. I thought about how she must have felt when she found out that I was Scott’s girlfriend after she had his picture on her wall of fame. I thought about how it must have made her feel that my parents let me date one on one at when I was younger than she was allowed to date. And I thought about how Elizabeth, roughly the same age as Sherri, looked shaken and vulnerable. I was glad I didn’t see that fear in my sister’s eyes. She wasn’t afraid to drive us home, she wasn’t afraid to drive her car to one of her girl friends homes to do school work together. All my efforts and desires to be better then her had brought me to this. Pregnant, the victim of probably a date rape drug and having multiple sex partners, an ex-boyfriend who arranged for me to have sex with other boys and even a grown man who raped me. So who was better off in our competition with each other, me the popular varsity cheerleader, or her the average, hardly known quiet student. She had her self respect, the respect of my parents and teachers. I had the shame of my actions.

I rode home quietly glad she had not tried to compete with me like I had with her, glad she was safe and hopefully happy. I was going to have a baby and didn’t even know who the father was. Was this price of popularity or my own foolish dream of what I thought popularity was about?

We got home and I headed up to my room to wait for dinner. I put on some music and tried not to be too stressed out. I went down for dinner and we talked a bit about how I was feeling regarding the baby. I told my family I still thought I wanted to have and keep the baby. I still felt confident about not wanting to have an abortion so now really the only question was could I give my baby to strangers. My parents still said they would help with a baby if I decided to keep it but that it would be my full responsibility to care for the baby. Even Sherri said she didn’t mind helping some which made me feel good. I think I was beginning to look at her differently then I ever had before. After dinner my father invited us for a DVD and popcorn and I took him up on it, I was getting tired of just sitting up in my room alone. Mom and Sherri joined in as well and we had family movie night which turned out nice as he had picked out the latest comedy new release.

After the movie we all headed to bed and I just had a horrible fear of having a nightmare. My mom must have sensed something was wrong because she asked me if I was okay. I told her I wasn’t and that I was scared that I might have another nightmare and she offered to sleep in my room with me. I felt like a little kid again, but I decided to accept because I just didn’t want to wake up terrified again. As we settled into bed, the image of Elizabeth getting into her mother’s car popped back into my head and I wondered if she was having nightmares too. I snuggled up next to my mom and it took a while but I finally drifted off to sleep.

I was relieved when I woke up the next morning and it was daylight out and not the middle of the night and my mind waking me from some terrible dream. My mom was no longer in my bed and I thought I smelled fresh coffee brewing so I got up and started to get ready for school. As always my cheerleader uniform was freshly pressed and hanging in my closet and after dressing I headed down for breakfast. I took a few extra moments to give my mom an extra long hug and a kiss and told her good morning. Sherri joined us soon after and we had breakfast together and then headed off to school.

As I got to school and headed inside I was stunned to see the inside of the school. There were banners and decorations all over the place for the varsity football game that night. Normally I would have been involved in the decoration of the school as a cheerleader but had somehow been left out I imagined because of being out sick (because of trying to kill myself). But it wasn’t just the decorations that surprised me, because most game days the school was decorated by the cheerleaders in the school colors but not only was there signs for the team but today there were also special birthday decorations. And of all people who’s birthday I didn’t know, of all the people who would have decorations in their honor there were banners all over school saying, “Happy Birthday Scott!”

No sooner then my eyes were taking this in I heard a familiar voice ask me the perfect question, “Can you believe all this?” Elizabeth asked. I just shook my head in disbelief. We walked down the hall to our first morning class and only stopped at my locker to let me grab a book. Again I was furious when in my locker sitting right on top of my stack of books was another one of the copies of me with the cock in my mouth. Elizabeth saw it as quickly as I had and snatched it away and stuffed it into her purse. “Just ignore it,” she said and I tried to listen to her and we walked the rest of the way to class.

Things were going okay until in second period there was an announcement about a school pep-rally immediately following lunch. The whole school was invited to celebrate our star quarterback’s birthday as well as to cheer our varsity team to victory tonight for the game. I had to roll my eyes and wanted to gag but avoided doing so. As a cheerleader I knew I was supposed to show school spirit even if it meant cheering for my ex-boyfriend.

At lunch time Elizabeth and I spoke for just a moment about all the stuff for Scott and she asked me did I even know it was his birthday. I told her I did not and we both rolled our eyes and told each other to be strong. We ate lunch with the other cheerleaders and they seemed to be acting a bit odd I think because of having done all this knowing how Elizabeth and I felt. She was being very brave even though I knew she hated all this and she checked with me right before the end of lunch asking me was I going to be okay. I told her I could make it though the pep-rally if she could and we agreed we could make it through together.

So off to the school auditorium we went to cheer on our football team and to wish the star quarterback happy birthday. It felt so strange to do so, but I have to admit I did enjoy being in front of the cheering students on stage with the other cheerleaders and the football team.

I think the hardest part for Elizabeth was that the four boys who had been arrested for her rape were onstage in their letter jackets as part of the team as they were waiting for their trial and had not yet been found guilty of anything. The only one missing was the coach and even he was not currently in jail but was suspended by the school district till the outcome of his trial. We had no choice and led the cheers and got the student body worked up and excited about the game. It was a relief though when it was over and we were able to head back to class. We were probably the only two students who wanted to get back to class.

The rest of the school day passed by quickly and we all headed home and before leaving Elizabeth and I told each other “See you tonight.” Sherri drove me home and we had a nice dinner and my father and mother both went to the game with us.

As it got closer to the time for the game to start my heart was pounding in my chest because Elizabeth was late. I was terrified something awful had happened to her. The game even started and she was not yet there and I kept trying to look up at my parents hoping they had noticed and would try to call her mom. I was finally relieved when from over at the end of the stands I saw a girl in uniform running to the sideline and sure enough it was Elizabeth. She came and joined the squad and I had to wait till between plays and cheers to ask if she was okay. She told me not to worry that everything was fine.

At a timeout shortly before the first half ending the stadium announcer encouraged the school to sing “Happy Birthday” to the school starting quarterback Scott. I thought I would throw up as our whole side of the field sang “Happy Birthday” to Scott. It was also wild because he was having a great game and our team was ahead by two scores.

In the second half it was more of the same as the team continued to score at will. Scott was playing fantastic. Finally the game ended and we won by five scores and the crowd of people in the stands were cheering loudly. Finally the stands started to empty and we were packing up our pom poms and megaphones and the rest of our gear and I noticed Elizabeth take out her phone and make a call. What shocked me more wasn’t that she was on the phone but what she said, “Happy Birthday!” There was a pause and then she said “Elizabeth.” She then hung up the phone and I walked over to her and asked, “Did you just call Scott and wish him Happy Birthday?” She just nodded. “Are you okay,” I asked her? “Just fine,” she replied and picked up her gear.

We headed to the exit and I stayed close to her worried about her. As we got to the parking lot she kept looking over at the field house where the team locker rooms were. My father came up to me and asked me if everything was okay and I asked him to give me a minute. As he was asking me her phone rang and she answered it, “Hello. . . yes. . . yes. . . fantastic! Thank you very much” She then put her stuff into the trunk of her mother’s car and walked to the front of the car and leaned against it so I followed doing the same as my father watched both of us not having any idea what was going on.

She had an intense stare on her face and didn’t take her eyes off the field house. Suddenly there was a crowd of people walking out of the field house and towards what I now recognized as police cars. I looked in shock as what I thought was Scott was being pushed into the back of one of the cars and it looked like he was in hand cuffs. “Spill,” I said to her.

“Your ex-boyfriend has just been arrested,” she said.
“For what?” I replied.
“Possession and distribution of child pornography,” she said.
“Scott isn’t into anything like that,” I replied shocked!
Elizabeth looked at me surprised then reached into her purse and pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at it and it was the copy of the picture of me sucking a cock. I stared at it with my eyes open wide.
“Tori, you’re still young and ummm I take it that’s not the only picture of you he took with his phone,” she said.
I had forgotten all the times he had taken pictures of me doing things with his cell phone. I was stunned and in shock. But with all the things that had happened with Scott’s ability to somehow not be found out as the person who had arranged for Elizabeth to be raped, she had found another way to get him into arrested. I was ashamed and embarrassed how but it was with the pictures of me he had taken on his phone.

I stood there next to her stunned as I watched the police car drive away. There were news crews there filming the game and now they got the arrest on camera. With the fantastic game he had they were surely ready to interview him about how well he played. Instead they were able to film him being arrested.
She stood up and took the piece of paper from my hand, stuffed it back in her purse and asked me if I was okay. I nodded as mostly I was stunned and didn’t know what to think. She gave me a quick hug and then walked to the car door and got into her mother’s car. I walked back to my father and got in with my family.

My mom asked me was everything okay and I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to explain to them that Scott had been arrested from taking sexual pictures of me. I just told them I was fine not to worry.

I had very mixed feelings about what had just occurred. I was impressed by Elizabeth’s determination and intelligence for thinking to tell the police about the pictures. At the same time I was very ashamed that those pictures were now evidence for the police of some crime Scott had committed because those pictures were pictures of me.

When we got home I went up to my room and sat and cried and my mom wasn’t very far behind me and came and held me. Again I had another secret I wasn’t ready to share with her. How could I ever let him take those pictures of me? Who all had seen them? Who all would see them now?

I cried as my mom sat and held me. My life just seemed to continue to spin out of control. I was pregnant without knowing the father of the child. I had unprotected sex with multiple guys including a grown up. I had degraded myself for my boyfriend’s pleasure and had even accepted him taking pictures of me like that. To be popular, to compete with my sister I had gone down this path; A downward spiral to becoming a slut.

Okay fans and critics. If I chose to do so I could end the story at this point. However, the story does have a bit more potential as Tori has not yet had the baby. She has not yet decided what to do with that baby. What about her relationship with Elizabeth? Is there a chance for romance with the two girls? Who is the father of the baby? There are several issues not addressed at this point. I am not sure if any author has ever done this before but I would like to ask you to please scroll to the bottom and submit a comment if you would like another chapter to this story. I have enjoyed writing it immensely but also have to admit it was difficult to keep the majority of the chapters “erotic.” I do respect that is the purpose of this site and tried to mix a little erotica in the majority of the chapters. So please voice your opinion.

Oh I want to know if anyone guessed how Elizabeth was going to nail his butt!!!

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2016-03-28 08:04:58
He turned 18 he is an adult

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2014-11-21 07:40:21
Brokenwing, I enjoy reading all the chapters to this story so far. I enjoyed getting to know each character and I just enjoy the story. I have been very egar though for Scott to get what's coming to him, and I think this finished rather very tame. I am sorry to say, I feel rather frustratingly angry and unsatisfied that Scott hasn't had something more drastic happen to him. I will continue to read more and hope I get my wish, because Scott, is a cruel nasty bastard

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i guessed corectly

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i guessed corectly

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Please please keep on writeing these stories. They are wonderful and sad and very intrestering. Please, keep on writing them, I think these stories are the only ones who are helping me not finally kill my self (I have tried numerous times but they didn't work). Please, I love these stories.

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