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less fuck more violance....based on a late '70s bf
She started to vomit, following the violation of her deep throat by invading cock. His 2nd head which had no brain didn't allow the vomit to drip out. She was gagging. But he kept his cumming cock right inside her throat by holding her head by both of his strong hands, giving no space to either breath or vomit. While his prick finishes bumping cum in her deep throat, her gagging subsided and she falls on the floor, she was unconscious. The liquid mixture of both cum and liquids of her stomach started to drip from her mouth. He felt no guilty of what he did to her. He looked at her cloths that he already torn apart. Pieces were every where in the room. He took a piece of those cloths and wiped his cock, and then with the same cloth he wiped her mouth.

He grabbed her from the waist and brought her to the stainless steel gate that was adjacent to the steps. He places her in the floor in ninety degrees to the gate. Her head was few inches away from the gate lower bar and her legs were spread in both sides. He took a rope somewhere from the corner of the hall and tide her left knees with it, then he put the other end thru the upper bar of the gate and brought it to her right legs. He has to tide her right legs also, but before that he started to pull the rope making her heft leg to lift up. He stop pulling the rope when her left leg was just half feet away from the upper gate bar, then he grabbed her right leg and lift it to the same level and tide it. Her both cunt and ass were well exposed. She was bare, well exposed and she was unconscious. There was some hair around both of the holes. He opened the drawer and took a candle; it was lengthy as 6 inches. For the first time he touched her pussy and split her lips apart. His other hand pushed the candle in to her dry cunt. He stopped by half of its length. His hands searched his pockets and found a lighter, with that he lit up the candle. He took out a cigar from his pocket. He lit it with the candle flame. He sat on the floor right next to her and started to smoke. A wild smile appeared on his face.

In five or ten minutes, he was about to finish smoking, the melted wax started to flow out from the top of the candle. Sudden heat brought her back to sense. She started to scream in pain. The hot wax was dripping from her pussy and running across her ass. It took several sec's to realize the state of her body and what cause that severe pain. She started to struggle to release herself from the trap and to stop that hot wax flow. Looking at her struggle, he stud up and kicked her ass hard. Some more drops of wax landed on her laps and belly. Her screams went loud.

But he was merciless. After two or three kicks he pulled the candle from her cunt. But he left no time her to relax. Her cunt was stripped wide by the next invader. Yep he was pushing a coke bottle inside. Her screaming went loud and loud...Ah.....The bottle was well shaken and cap was just removed. He left on part of the bottle outside. Coke was leaking out of her pussy just like she was peeing on sleep. The state she was tide on and the leaking pussy resulted in a wild smile on his face again.

She was trying to tell something to him. But there were no chance; he was completely dominating the situation. His prick was fully erect now. He moved to her pussy and unplugged the coke bottle, some more coke started to flow out, but immediately blocked by his massive cock. She had to face another violation despite the his cock, yes he plugged the bottle withdrawn from her cunt back to her ass resulting as a loud scream and some bleeding from her (probably) virgin ass. He had a massive turn on by looking at her state, legs tide up in the air, torn opened ass with bleeding and exposed coke filled pussy-It's really nice he thought.

he started to Fuck her with his rod. He wanted to cum inside her helpless pussy. Each Fuck exceeded the force of previous Fuck. Her pussy was about to torn opened into two. He started to shoot his load inside her coke filled pussy. meanwhile One of his hands reached at the coke bottle plugged in her ass and pulled it back immediately. She was out of control. Shit started to flow out of her ass uncontrollably. Her pussy was leaking the coke plus cum filled fluid.

She can do nothing but to cry and scream when he hurts her. She couldn't talk a single word. She lost all of her power to defend her self.

He untied her legs and dragged her to the toilet by pulling her by her legs. She was pulled over her own shit. He dragged her by her hair and placed her face in the toilet bowl. She was not having any power to resist. Her face lay inside the bowl. She was in the doggie style with her back painted with her own shit.
He took the splash gun and splashed the water over her back for several minutes. Then moved to her ass and plugged the gun nose inside. He kept filling water inside her anus for a while and left it flow outside. Then he took the toilet cleaner and oozed few drops into her ass. When he repeated filling her ass with water, the water came out with bubbles. Then her pussy was also treated with the same process, but no toilet cleaner. He filled her womb with water, making her look like 5 months pregnant and left it subside, repeatedly for four times...

It seems he had is total satisfaction in violating her faminity and Fucking her off. He took her back to the earlier place where he started by forcing her to accept his cock deep inside her throat and torn open her entire body.

He went to kitchen and took a loaf of bread filled it with cheese and came back. He started to make her eat the bread by small pieces. He placed each little piece in her mouth and made her eat it. He brought some water and made her drink. She was now lying in the sofa naked and totally spent. He went to his room and got dressed.

When he was just about to leave the home, she asked him in a low voice, probably the highest possible to her...

"Why did you do this to me?"

He turned back and smiled at her...

"Because I love you MOM"

Hey dudes don't blame at me for the cruelty and the other taboo facts this story has got, hope you will drop constructive comments and rating...

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2009-06-04 02:11:04
Nice..wanna get fucked by a well shaken coke bottle right it possible to lit a candle there i'll try that today..

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2009-04-05 08:22:44
i love you

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2009-04-02 02:11:53

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2009-04-01 15:07:47
So as you were writing further into the story, did you just decide to be lazy and throw grammar and spelling out the window? I know it's porn so it doesn't have to be perfect, but at least a general sense that you know your own language would be terrific.

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2009-04-01 14:16:55
wow this is so twisted.
i love it

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