Older Woman Find Passion With Her Son's Old School Chums
Being the divorced Mother of a son who had just left home for college gave Lillian that empty nest syndrome. She was a great looking woman, early forties, and had a body better than some of the teenage girls that used to hang out at her house all the time. She loved the attention all of her sons friends used to pay her. They were mostly jocks, members of the football team like her son. She loved teasing them, wearing short skirts, and her sexy nylons. She was sure she was the fodder of many a young mans masturbation fantasies. But now that was in the past and she found herself alone most of the time. She hated the bar scene and all the jerks she met there, so she stayed mostly at home or at the gym.

One afternoon Lillian's gal pal from work called and invited her out for lunch. She said she'd meet her thinking if nothing else...getting out of that house would be worth the trip. Lillian put on one of her sexiest white blouses, and no bra. You could just make out her nipples through the sheer fabric. She tweaked them with her fingers so they would be nice and hard. She also had on her crotchless panties, and her sexiest pair of fishnet nylons, with the lace at the top. Her skirt was just long enough to cover her sexy ass, but not much more. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled....she still looked hot for a woman in her early forties.

As she picked up her purse and started toward the door, the doorbell rang. She opened the door to find Derrick and Tom, two strapping young football studs that used to play football with her son, and were now attending the local community college. Barely able to speak, (they were too busy looking over Lillian from head to toe), Tom finally said,

"Hello Mrs. Williams."

"We were in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop by and say hello."

"I see you're going out so we won't keep you."

Lillian looking at the growing bulges in both boys pants and said,

"Nonsense....I'd much rather spend time with you than lunch with my girlfriend any day."

"Come on in, and call me Lillian, you're young men.....not high school boys anymore."

As they sat on the couch, Lillian watched as the boys looked her over. She made sure to find something to straighten, bending over just enough to give them a glimpse of her ass, but not too much. She wanted to tease them to distraction. Lillian was getting wet just watching their reactions. After had been so long since she had been laid, plus she wanted to see if she could still turn a man on....even a young one. Lillian asked if either one of them would like a soda from the fridge, as she watched them trying to hide their full erections.

"Aaaahhh sure, we'd love one."

Lillian came out from the kitchen with a soda in each hand. Then she slowly bent over handing them the sodas making sure that they had a great view down her blouse at her 36D breasts. Then she got a couple of coasters accidentally letting one fall to the floor.

"I'll get it Mrs......I mean Lillian."

"Don't be silly's closer to me."

Then she turned, her back to the boys, her heart pounding in her chest she slowly bent over, her short skirt raising up over her ass. She could hear both boys moaning as she picked up the coaster. As she had hoped she felt two pairs of hands running up and down her legs.

"Mmmmmmm boys, what are you doing to me....are you trying to seduce me?"

"We're sorry....we'll stop."

"Stop and I'll scream."

Tom and Derrick laughed and kept running their hands up and down Lillian's legs as she parted her legs slightly. She could feel a hand on her left leg, inching toward the top of her nylon, and then the warmth of his hand on her bare leg as it moved up to her inner thigh. Soon the one hand was joined by another and soon there were hands and fingers on her ass as well as her sopping wet pussy. Lillian leaned her head back and moaned as fingers explored her pussy. Tom and Derrick pulled Lillian back toward them, sitting between them, her left leg draped across Tom's lap and her other leg draped over Derrick's lap as each young man ran their hands over her legs and pussy.

"Take your cocks out you two, and let me take a look."

Lillian gasped at the size of both Tom's and Derrick's cocks. They were huge....nothing like her ex's puny little thing. She grabbed one in each hand and started stroking Tom and Derrick as their fingers and hands roamed over her pussy. Lillian closed her eyes and concentrated as two fingers eased into her pussy, while another finger penetrated her ass. She felt a pair of lips on her left breast, the tongue flicking her nipple...then sucking her nipple.

On her right breast she felt a hand caressing her, while another warm tongue teased her nipple. Lillian was totally submerged in her tactile delights when she felt a warm mouth begin to explore her pussy. Lillian cooed as the tongue started running up and down her labia, teasing her clit as the orgasms drew near. Then she realized how could this be Tom or Derrick? They were fingering her pussy, caressing and sucking her breasts, but now there was a third mouth, and it was on her pussy.

Lillian opened her eyes and there between her legs, licking and sucking her pussy was Rebeca, one of the pretty young women that she had caught checking her out when she used to have the gatherings at her house when her son played on the football team. Rebeca was one of the cheerleaders if she remembered right. Lillian was going to tell her to stop, but then what for? Her tongue felt fabulous on her pussy, and she was loving it.

"Well hello Rebeca....I didn't even hear you come in."

"No need to answer....I know you have a mouth full....Mmmmmm, yes you do!"

Lillian smiled and closed her eyes again and continued to enjoy her small orgy. Lillian was reaching the point of no return. Her breathing was hot and heavy as one orgasm after another swept over her body, as Rebeca sucked her clit deep into her mouth, and the boys fingered and caressing the rest of her body.. Lillian arched her back as her entire body shuddered. As Lillian eased back down between Tom and Derrick, Rebeca said,

"I hope you don't mind."

"I saw Tom and Derrick were here....I knocked and no one answered, yet I heard voices so I let myself in."

"When I saw you sitting there and your beautiful pussy wasn't getting enough attention....well I just had to do something about it."

"I hope you're not mad?"

Lillian smiled and asked, "Do I look mad to you?"

Rebeca smiled and started taking her clothes off. Tom moved down between Lillian's legs and slid his cock into Lillian's pussy, while Rebeca took his place next to Lillian. Derrick maneuvered himself so that his cock was in Lillian's face. She took his cock and started licking the huge head, taking it between her lips and sucking it, alternating between that and running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, and licking his balls.

Rebeca in the meantime was busy sucking Lillian's nipples, and caressing her tits, while fingering her own pussy. Lillian was beside herself with lust as she started cumming again. Lillian stopped them and told Tom and Derrick that she wanted to try something she had always fantasized about, but had never attempted. She wanted to try a cock in her ass and one in her pussy. Tom and Derrick smiled and said,

"Sure, let's go for it!"

Lillian could see Rebeca looked a little left out..

"Come on Rebeca, I need your guide Derrick's cock into my ass after I get situated with Tom's cock in my pussy."

"OK....I can do that."

Lillian lowered herself onto Tom's thick cock, slowly getting all of him in her pussy. Rebeca made sure Lillian's ass was well lubed. The Rebeca sucked Derrick's cock to get it nice and wet. Then Rebeca carefully held Derrick's cock in place as he eased the head in. It took a while with Derrick stopping several times allowing Lillian to get used to his girth in her ass. Finally it was time to start fucking. Tom and Derrick were soon in a rhythm, and slamming their cocks into Lillian's pussy, and ass. Rebeca watched the action as she sat on the couch and masturbated. Lillian was moaning loudly as Tom and Derrick slammed her pussy and ass...Derrick's balls slapping against her legs.

"Mmmmmm, boys this is better than I had thought....fuck me....fuck me harder!"

Tom and Derrick groaned themselves as they neared their orgasms. Finally Tom sent his load deep into Lillian's pussy while Derrick exploded in her ass. Afterward the boys were spent as they watched Rebeca finger herself to a strong orgasm. Looking at the time the boys realized they were going to be late for work if they didn't leave soon. Thanking Lillian, Tom and Derrick said they had a great time.

Lillian kissed them both and told them to keep in touch. Lillian walked over to Rebeca and extended her hand. Rebeca took Lillian's hand and stood up. Lillian put Rebeca's hand to her lips asking if this is the hand that she had gotten off with. Rebeca smiled and nodded. Lillian then began kissing, licking and sucking Rebeca's fingers tasting her love juices.

"Let's take a shower sweetie....follow me."

After the two women showered they went into Lillian's bedroom.

"Now Rebeca, I've never been with a woman until today, but I've fantasized about it."

"You have....really?"

"Yes I have...and I'd like you to be the one to teach me how to pleasure a woman."

"I'd love to."

"Just do what comes natural, you'll feel it."

Lillian and Rebeca, with their knees on the bed started kissing one another, and caressing each others breasts...gently squeezing and rolling each others nipples between their fingers.Their hands gliding down one another body, petting, caressing and exploring every nook and cranny till their hands slipped between one another legs where again they lovingly probed and explored each others folds. Rebeca took charge and pushed Lillian down onto the bed where she kissed Lillian's sweet lips and worked her way down to her breasts where she kissed and licked Lillian's nipples. Rebeca worked her way down to Lillian's pussy....her soft velvety pussy hair caressing Rebeca's cheek.

Rebeca parted Lillian's pussy lips with her tongue tasting Lillian's love juices. Lillian moaned and writhed on the bed as Rebeca brought Lillian to one orgasm after orgasm. Finally Rebeca took Lilian's clit between her lips and began sucking her clit while sliding two fingers deep into Lillian's pussy. Lillian moaned loudly as she arched her back and started cumming, her body shuddering as she came over and over again.

"See, how beautiful a woman can make another woman feel?"

"Mmmmm, I see what you mean."

"Men are still my first choice, but having a woman on occasion is so worth while, I'll always need a woman's touch from now on."

"Thank you sweetie for making love to me."

Lillian smiled as she pushed Rebeca back onto the bed, saying,

"Now let's see what I've learned."

Lillian began kissing and sucking Rebeca's nipples, working her into a frenzy. Lillian worked her way down Rebeca stomach where she found Rebeca's pussy....wet and begging for attention. Lillian began kissing and running her tongue over Rebeca's sex till she had her cumming over and over. Afterward Rebeca spent the weekend with Lillian, the two women making love and shopping and doing girl things.

Lillian loves her new life, and her freedom. She's no longer board, and she's having the time of her life. She can hardly wait for Derrick and Tom to come back, and who knows.....maybe they'll bring some of their friends by. And Rebeca, what a beautiful girl to enjoy those occasional female diversions with. This is going to be fun.

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Hmm nice story I liked it but you whent to fast on the story slow down and go into details more,? but it was good story,after all


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moved a lil fast.. but good nonetheless

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Very good story.

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g8 story but slow down, ur explaining things 2 quickly and not giving any detailed descriptions, thats wat readers want

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