Wag of a dad breaks the ultimate rule.
"Here you go: your first legal pint."

"Thanks, dad... Cheers!"


We weren't actually in a pub; we were outside sitting at one of four benches watching the world go by; father and son enjoying a Saturday afternoon pint: the first one he had ever bought for me.

Dad was funny like that: refusing to take me to the pub until I was eighteen, which happened four days ago. He knew fine well that I drank; of course he did: I had staggered into his flat on a couple of occasions after a night out with some mates. He never told me off or lectured me about it, though: said there was no point - I would get enough of that sort of ear ache from my mum.

And he was right - she was endlessly nagging at me. Ever since their divorce ten years ago, that's how it had been: mum nagged me during the week when I was with her in Tunbridge Wells; and dad let me away with blue murder when I visited him in Brighton every second weekend.

This formal parenting arrangement ended when I was sixteen, but the pattern had been kept pretty much intact. I would have liked to have spent more time in Brighton; I loved the place and being with dad: but Monday to Friday was dominated by school and I knew dad liked to have some weekends for himself; so I didn't force myself on him.

But now my exams were finished and summer lay ahead: three whole months of freedom before hopefully I took my place at Oxford - and I intended to have some fun! Dad would be seeing a lot more of me this summer... or perhaps not! My plan was to spend my days at the beach getting my fabulous teenage body gloriously tanned; and my nights on my back in a procession of different beds, getting my fabulous teenage arse gloriously shagged. Now that I was eighteen I fully intended to lose my cherry and have as many experiences as possible.

"Another one?" I asked; knocking back the first lager.

"God, that was a bit quick; I've only had a few mouthfuls."

"I'll get you a short then; whisky, yeah?"

"It's a bit early for whisky!" dad protested - he could be very moralistic when it came to drink: his Calvinist upbringing north of the border coming into play. Then everything changed once he'd knocked back a few drams. Dad could be hilarious when he got pissed on whisky.

"Don't be a spoil sport. Come on, we said we'd have a few drinks and a bit of a laugh. I need to unwind after all that exam stress."

"Oh, all right then," he reluctantly agreed. "And make sure there's no ice in it."

Dad always drank his whisky straight; I suspected it was one of the few straight things about him.

I got him a double. Dad needed to unwind as well. He'd always been great with me when I was a kid. Too soft on me admittedly, but really approachable: always interested in what I was doing. But latterly he had become much more reserved; almost awkward around me: which I found rather exciting because I thought I knew the reason why.

Given my aspirations for the summer and dad's ignorance of such matters at present; I thought it best to get him pissed and in a good mood before presenting him with my plan to move in with him for the next three months. There was no way on God's sweet earth that I was going to spend the summer of this momentous year in Tunbridge - bloody - Wells: he had to agree to let me stay.

The next two hours flashed past. A double whisky always did the trick with dad; and he could never just have the one. He was really funny on the stuff; all that Scottish reserve and ingrained inhibition got cast aside and he turned into a riot. He told me endless tales of his time at university; most of which I'd heard before, but it didn't matter; I still split my sides hearing them again. It's they way you tell them; and dad, when he got pissed on whisky, could have performed on stage, he was so funny.

He'd gone to Edinburgh University as an innocent lad from a Scottish mining village; then after the initial culture shock, he settled into his new life and had a whale of a time. He spent most of his student days pissed, and got a shitty degree as a consequence; but it was a degree and his passport to London where he got a job in a bank as a securities trader and earned himself a fortune in the space of a few years. According to mum, most of this money got invested in some very shady business dealings which made him even more money and lost him a lot of friends in the process: but not a wife - something else lost him that. I had no idea what he did now. All I can say is that he didn't commute up to London every day to sit at a desk in front of a computer screen; and that money was never in short supply. My dad was a mystery and a bit of a wag; and I loved him to bits!

Whilst all this financial wheeling and dealing was going on; for some strange reason dad decided to get married and knock out a kid: yours truly - the apple of his eye; his sole son and heir. Mum swore that I was in line for millions: assuming the tax man didn't get to it first! But it didn't matter to me about the money; not deep down: I would still have loved my dad without all the cash. I thought he was great... and he was especially great on whisky.

As I listened to his tales, my heart filled with pride. He was the best of dad's to have. Of course he would let me stay with him for the next three months. He would never condemn his one and only son to a summer in Tunbridge Wells. A few more whiskies and then I would ask him. And a couple for me perhaps... and then I might tell him I was gay.

"Bloody hell, boy! Are you on the whisky as well?"

"I can't cope with too much lager," I replied. This of course was utter nonsense. I could knock back a gallon of the bloody stuff, no problem what so ever.

"Aye, try and keep it that way: you don't want to get a gut on you. Slainte!"

"Slainte," I said raising the glass. This was excellent news. Dad was well gone now. He hardly ever spoke Jock; but he did revert to a tame shade of his native accent when he was merrily pissed. I must admit I was feeling a tad tipsy as well; very tipsy in fact...and ever so slightly randy. Alcohol has that effect on me; and to be honest... so does my dad.

Yes. I know! Totally shocking; but what can I say - I fancied my dad. But is that such a big deal? I don't think so: not really. I bet lot's of kids fancy their dad; especially the dads that look like mine. He wasn't old - early forties: that's not old; and he had kept himself in really good nick. Played squash and tennis and ran along the prom every morning, even if it was pissing down with rain. He was fit; and I mean really fit - in every sense of the word.

Dad never showed off his body, deliberately posing for effect - not to me anyway; but he had a cracking physique. He worked out at the gym most days of the week and kept control of his diet. As a kid I'd seen his body lots of times; on holiday at the beach - that sort of thing. Smooth muscular chest; not overly developed; but very impressive. It was the time I saw him fully naked, however, that always stuck in my mind. We'd gone swimming at a public pool and I saw him in the changing rooms; I could only have been eleven, but it had such a profound effect on me. His meaty chest and washboard stomach, which I had already seen; were nothing compared to the glimpses I got of his fabulously firm and rounded squash player's arse; and his even more fabulous big flaccid cock that I had wanted to reach out and grab. Thankfully, dad didn't notice me staring at him; or so I had always assumed: I would have died with embarrassment if he'd picked me up on it. But that scene furnished me with endless wanks. And even now, seven years later; I still fantasised about my wag of a father, who lived on an unknown edge and bent endless rules. I fantasised that he would break one more rule... by fucking me up the ass.

In my ever so tipsy condition, I looked at my dad; ruggedly handsome and so, so butch; a man who was no stranger to mischief. I saw a man that I loved so much; a man that I was sure fucked other men: a man who had looked at me over the past two years with a lot more than parental affection in his eyes. As the afternoon alcohol course through my veins; stiffening my cock and addling my brain; I saw the man that I was determined would take my cherry. I could be a bit of a wag myself: like father like son that's what they say. And I was sure that my father liked me in the same way that I liked him.

"Right; that'll do," said dad, knocking back his forth double whisky and half pint chaser. "I'd say we've both had enough."

"No! Let's have another one."

"There's a bottle of malt at home. You can tear into that if you're determined to get bladdered."


Dad looked at me, surprised that I had agreed so readily; but it was all part of the cunning plan which was loosely taking shaped in my addled brain, egged on by my throbbing cock! Well, I had a sort of plan: to get dad home and see what happened when we were both pissed at the same time - it was a start.

We half walked, half staggered, back to dad's flat which was only a few hundreds yards away from the pub. It was a fabulous place he had; a very flash penthouse in a new complex overlooking the pier. A bachelor shag pad and no mistake: it would be an excellent base for my summer adventures which were hopefully about to start.

We were pissing ourselves laughing as we meandered along the prom; dad continuing with his repertoire of funny tales. I put on an act of being drunker than I was, and dad helped me from time to time, supporting me with his arm. It had been a while since we had any contact like that and I was pleased to note, that in his drunken state, dad was quite happy to hold me close. It felt really good to be held like that. I wanted him to hold me more.

As we staggered into the foyer of the apartment block, my arm round dad's waist and his round my shoulder; we encountered a couple of old fogies on their way out of the building. They acknowledged dad with a scowl as they passed; and I had to bite my tongue until we were safely behind the elevator door; then I bust out laughing and collapsed into him; tickling him in the ribs.

"Good job they know I'm your son. They'd be scandalised otherwise: you'd get run out of town."

That seemed to amuse him enormously and he bellowed out; doubling up in laughter as he realised how it might have appeared. We practically crawled into the penthouse; supporting each other; and I have to say - both seemingly very happy about all this physical contact. My pathetic plan seemed to be going well without me actually doing anything.

Once back in the flat, I poured us a couple of hefty measures of Talisker, dad's staple malt, and slouched down on the massive couch were dad had elected to sit.

"Slainte!" said dad; still tittering away to himself. It had been years since I'd seen him so relaxed.

"Cheers, dad..." I replied, throwing him a huge smile. "You know, I'm glad we've had a bit of a chat and a laugh. It's been a while. And it's nice to see you smile again: you've been a right miserable sod of late."

"Don't be so cheeky!" he snapped in mock offence. "You're not too old you know."

"Too old for what?" I teased in response; prodding him in the ribs for added effect; eliciting another burst of laughter.

"To be put over my knee for a good slap," he eventually replied; tears streaming down his eyes at the drunken hilarity of it all.

"Rubbish," I countered; giving his ribs another tickle. "You never once laid a finger on me and you wouldn't dare now."

"You think not!"

"I'm sure not. But I'd like to see you try."

I was so drunk and so horny; I decided I might as well give it a go. I threw myself over dad's lap; my crotch and semi hard dick pressing down on dad's thighs.

"On you go, give my ass a tanning for the first time ever. I certainly deserve one."

"You cheeky wee rascal! By God you deserve one." Dad was still laughing as he said this; whisky blurring the edge between harmless larking around and more serious fun.

"Come on dad; a couple of spanks. Prove to me you've got it in you," I said still laughing; keeping it light; keeping the edge as blurred as possible; keeping my longing submerged.

And then he did it: I was stunned. The first slap was more of a pat: it caused no pain at all; but I moaned none the less, because my dad's hand stayed where it had landed and caressed my buttocks ever so slightly. Then another slap, this time harder; and again his hand stayed on my ass; caressing more forcefully: it was utter bliss. I couldn't help but respond and writhed around on his lap, grinding my now rigid cock into dad's bulky thigh.

"Harder, dad," I yelled in encouragement; still keeping my voice jocular and the game still a lark. "Come on, tan that ass."

He walloped me this time; a firm crack on the centre of my ass that echoed around the room and stung like hell.

"Ohhh!" I groaned.

"Sorry, was that too hard."

"No it was brilliant. Just what I deserved... God this is fun. Hit me again; imagine I've been really naughty."

Another thud came down on me and I yelled and squirmed, wriggling my ass and grinding my cock into dad's lap. He gave me another few strokes; good and hard; kneading my ass cheeks at the end of each one.

"Enough?" he asked.

"Not really; these jeans are absorbing most of the impact. I think you should pull then down."

"That's taking things way too far."

"Nonsense," I replied getting off dad's lap. I stood in front of him, my erection clearly on display through the denim; then I unfastened the top button and pulled them down to my thighs; let dad have a good look at my bulging packet forcing outwards against the cotton briefs, then climbed back onto his lap, making sure my hip was wedged tight against his cock. I could feel that he was hard as well: and I knew he wanted this as much as I did.

"No, James, I can't do this."

"I know you want to. Please, a few more slaps."

"This is wrong."

I pressed the side of my buttock against his cock and massaged it through his trousers.

"It doesn't feel wrong."

He made no verbal response other than a moan, but his hand gave an answer with a firm slap on my ass which stung like hell. I writhed around on top of him then another slap made me cry out; dad wasn't holding back any more. A few more came down; harder each time and suddenly it was no longer a game; my dad was punishing me good and proper for my disgraceful behaviour. I was no longer sure what was happening: it wasn't me who was pulling the strings. I was getting a thorough spanking: for the first time in my life; my dad was punishing me; and I wasn't certain that I was liking it as much as I though I would. He walloped me hard and forced a few tears and cries of pain: which hurt him more than his hand hurt me. He was punishing us both for allowing his desires to surface and take a physical shape.

Then it came to a halt.

"James... I'm sorry; I'm so sorry," he whimpered; his voice more pained than my cries.

I took a moment to regain some composure; gritting my teeth as I came to terms with the stinging in my ass and the shock of this first paternal beating.

"Fucking hell, dad," I eventually moaned out. "That certainly did the job. You made up for being an old softy with me on that one; that's for sure."

"Are you hurt?"

"Have a look and see."

He stroked by throbbing buttocks through the cotton of my briefs; it felt so erotic, this caressing of such tender hidden flesh. Then his left hand reached out to stroke my hair as his right hand moved down to my legs and stroked the back of my naked thigh.

"I didn't mean to hurt you. I got carried away: too much whisky. I got angry with you... I got angry with myself... Angry because I was enjoying what was going on."

"Don't be. But you need to take look and see what you did."

"Are you sure you don't mind?"


His right hand moved back onto my buttocks and the left one joined it there, caressing the mounds. Then both hands slid under the material, one from the top and the other from below and felt the fiery heat of my ass.

"Oh, my God. That feels so good: so hot as well."

"Pull them down, dad; and see how it looks."

He complied without a second's hesitation. He removed his hands and pulled my briefs down and feasted his eyes on my scarlet flesh.

"It's very red," he said giving it another stroke. "Is it as sore as it looks?"

"Yes. I think you should kiss it better... And then I think you should fuck it."

"Oh no! No way!"

"Come on, dad, we're both up for it. You might try and kid yourself; but you won't fool me. I know you want to... I'm still a virgin; but that's not going to last for much longer. I want to get fucked... but I'm wary. I'd like my first time to be with someone I can trust. Who better than my dad?"

"It's not right," he replied; his hands still stroking my buttocks and his cock pressing against my hip. I reached back with my hand and fondled his crotch; felt that hard cock and his churning balls.

"It feels right. It feels great. Please, dad."

"I'll give you this, James; you've got a cracking arse. I you were anybody else I'd be fucking it ragged."

"Then do it."

"You just want me to jump you, do you? A quick fuck from your old man to get you started then head off out on the pull: Mr Cocky that knows it all."

"No. But I'll settle for that, if that's all you're up for. I'd sooner you took your time over it, though. Break me in gently; something I'll always remember."

"Bloody hell, boy. Do you know what you're asking?"


"...If I were to do this... no one must ever know."

"Of course. It'll be our secret."

"Stand up."

I did as he asked and stood before him again; my cock raging hard but still concealed by my briefs which had only come down at the back. Dad reached out and stoked it with the palm of his hand; then pulled the briefs down to my knees where the top of my jeans now rested. My cock sprang up in front of his face; seven and a half inches of rock hard meat, dribbling pre-cum out the eye. Dad stared at it and reached out and gathered the silvery fluid on the tip of a finger then licked it off. He looked up to me with a huge grin on his face.

"I'm impressed... So, you've never had a ride: front or back."


"And you want me to fuck you. You're sure about this?"

"Yes. Can I see your cock? Please, take it out and let me have a look."

"You've already had a good feel at it... And a good look."

I laughed, knowing what he meant and blushed at the realisation he had spotted me back then. "In the changing rooms: I didn't think you had noticed."

"Oh, I noticed all right. I knew you were a queer right there and then. Takes one to know one, I suppose."

"Get it out then and let me have another look."

"I give you another spanking if you're not careful: cheeky wee rascal that you are."

"Sorry, I'll ask properly: please, dad. Let me see your cock again."

"That's better. Good manners cost nothing."

Dad leaned back into the couch and unbuckled his belt then opened up his trousers and pulled out his cock which was at least an inch longer than mine and much thicker. I stared at it in amazement. It looked stunning: beautiful creamy brown skin with only a few narrow protruding veins to disturb the sleekness of its line: a shaft, impressive but hopefully manageable, consistent in its wide girth from its base to its glistening glans. The glans itself was perfectly symmetrical: a rosy purple head ridging only slightly over the shaft then tapering to a generous eye which was oozing with pre-cum.

"Probably not how you remember seeing it, eh? I would have disowned myself from you and emigrated if I'd got a stiffy in front of you as a boy. I should be doing that now; but what the fuck: you're eighteen; and I could certainly be doing with a shag. That was one hell of a stunt you pulled."

"You wouldn't have agreed if I had just asked you."

"Too right I wouldn't have. You would have been back at your mum's within the hour."

"Can I touch it; play with it?"

"On you go: have a feel."

He pulled his trousers and boxers down a few inches so that his balls were on display as well; then he leaned back into the couch spreading his legs and waited for me to take my first feel of another man's cock. I joined him on the couch, sitting on the edge beside him. I took his cock in my right hand and gently wanked the shaft, and with my left hand I fingered the glans, smearing his pre-cum all over the head.

"Oh, that is so good... Now, as we've come this far, you might as well bend down and give it a wee lick. Take your T-shirt off first, though."

I did as he asked: pulled the T-shirt over my head and threw it on the floor; then I leaned over and held his cock again, this time at the base. I pulled the skin down so the glans was fully exposed; looked at its glory for a few moments then took my first taste of a cock.

Dad stroked my hair as I licked his shaft and glans: I lapped it all over, not really sure what to do. I had expected dad to do all the work; to lie me down and fuck me; not get me to suck him off. But I wasn't objecting; it felt amazing to have my face up against his manhood, absorbing its musky aroma as I lapped at his beautiful meat. After a few minutes I stopped and looked up.

"Am I doing it right? Show me what to do if not."

He laughed at me and stroked my hair again. "There is no right way, James. Everybody likes different things."

"What do you like?"

"Lots; but mainly I like to fuck ass."

"Then fuck mine. It's time. I want you in me."

"As I said; anyone else and you would be getting pounded by now, boy. Virgin or not; I would be shagging you senseless after that tease of a game you played. But you're my son; and I love you like no one else and I shouldn't do this; but you've got a fabulous arse, boy. I'll fuck you, all right; but I need to ease you in; have a wee play first."

"Should I take the rest of my clothes off?"

"No. Keep them on. I quite like shagging with clothes still on: it's dirtier. Lie over my lap again."

I got into the same position as before but this time I held my dad's cock in one hand. He stroked my arse again, running his palm up and down the buttocks. One then the other was caressed; his hand covering my ass from top to bottom and from centre to side. He made circles with his palm on my ass cheeks as he moaned in delight and told me how stunning they were.

"I hope you enjoy taking cock, boy; because that is an arse that plenty of men will want to fuck."

He caressed me like this for a few minutes, relaxing me before his more intimate work commenced. Then slowly his hands centred on my ass and a finger ran up and down the length of my crack prising it open a little.

"Oh yes, yes, shove it in me."

"Easy, boy. No need to rush: this is a big step. Let's have a wee look, though. Reach back and part your cheeks."

I did as he asked; reluctantly releasing his big throbbing cock that was clearly excited about what was going on, and pulled my ass cheeks apart so that my dad could look at my hole. This wasn't quite what I had expected; but there was no denying it felt a lot dirtier and sexier than him simply fucking me without much in the way of foreplay.

"Oh, James, that is beautiful, boy: absolutely beautiful."

He moistened his index finger with saliva and circled my hole ever so gently; teasing the anal flesh.

"Have you ever seen this in the mirror? It's so smooth and pink; I can't believe how lovely it is. I'm afraid your first shag is going to be a short one: I won't last very long in there before I come. But my God; I'll be in it again and then I'll give you a proper shagging. Might as well get hung for the whole sheep; that what I say. Now brace yourself; I'm going to slip this finger in you."

He pressed down very gently and his finger tip went into the ring but not all the way through. I involuntarily clenched then relaxed as dad wriggled it around; it felt so, so, good."

"Do you like that, James?"

"It's feels brilliant."

"For me too. Now I'm going to go a wee bit deeper. If there's anything you don't like; tell me to stop. I want to play with you and fuck you; but I don't want to hurt you. Not again: I've hurt your arse enough for one day."

"I enjoyed it. I loved it."

"Well, make sure you enjoy this as well."

The finger went in me. I'd fingered my arse myself before; but dad's finger was bigger and out of my control: it felt totally amazing. I could feel it twisting around, stroking the lining of my anal wall, exploring my hidden depths. Then he withdrew it and pushed it back in; slowly he started thrusting with it; frigging my ass with this single digit.

"Oh, James; you are so tight, boy. A virgin indeed: not even a dildo's been up there; has it?"

"No; is that a problem?"

"Of course not. It's nice. It means that my cock is in for one hell of a treat. Okay, time for you to get off me. I need to loosen you up."

"KY jelly, that's the stuff; isn't it?"

"Aye, some people use that. I prefer my tongue."


"Is that okay?"



Dad hitched up my trousers so that they came to the top of my legs then positioned me on the couch, so that I was kneeling on all fours with my ass sticking out just above my jeans. He knelt behind me and massaged my buttocks, then licked the tender flesh, which was still raw from the earlier spanking. It felt doubly good, this pleasurable lapping and easing of the stinging pain. I quivered and gasped as dad tenderly nipped the burning skin with his teeth.

Then dad prised the cheeks apart and once more gazed at my virginal hole which was now positioned ready to be taken. I panted in anticipation as I heard dad sniff; taking in the aroma of my ass. Then his tongue made contact with my ring; and I gasped out loud; nothing could have prepared me for that single flick of his tongue; it was sensuous beyond belief. Then another lick came; longer and firmer; and I gasped with the shock and thrill of this new experience; amazed at the glorious sensation. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my dad would lick my arse and that I would take such intense pleasure from the process.

Dad was clearly enjoying it as well; he started to lap at me hungrily, running his flat tongue up and down my crack and teasing my hole with the tip, flicking around, driving me wild with the exquisite delight of it all. Then he pulled my cheeks wider apart, kneading them as he did so, allowing him full access to my arsehole. I was groaning so loudly by this point; I didn't think anything could feel as good; then dad proved me wrong when with one exquisite thrust he pushed his tongue all the way into my chute.

It was such bliss; he was wriggling his tongue all around inside me; my mind was turning summersaults. Dad was clearly into it as well; he was like an animal; totally possessed as he feasted like a glutton on my virginal rectum. He chewed me out for another ten minutes; relaxing me to such a degree he could have done anything to me.

"Oh, fuck, boy," dad announced at the end of this fabulous session; his face still smothered in my crack, muffling his words. "That is the tastiest hole. I could eat you out all day; but I need to fuck you now. I'll go easy, James. It'll probably hurt at first; but it should pass after a few seconds: half a minute; no more. If you're still hurting after that then tell me to stop."

"Okay," I replied, panting out the word, I was gagging for his cock to get in me. There was no way I was going to tell him to stop no matter how much pain he caused. Men fucked each other; and they both got well off on the fucking. I knew this; and there was no way I was going to be an exception; especially when it was my dad's big cock that was doing the pleasuring of my ass. It had to go well.

Dad stood up, and I turned my head so I could watch him. I suspected he would have preferred it if I had looked away so he didn't see my face. That way it would be easier for him to do this; to fuck an ass, rather than a son. But I needed to see him. I needed to see his big cock throbbing in his hand, and his face contorted with lust as he looked at my ass, waiting to be fucked. I needed to see my dad fuck me; not just feel a cock go up my ass and take my cherry.

I saw him spit on his fingers and felt him smear the saliva all over my virginal hole. Two fingers went up, testing things out, making me moan out in utter joy at the sensation and the anticipation of what was to come. I could sense the battle that was raging within dad: he was desperate to get his cock up; but was forcing restraint; wanting to ease my passage. He used the fingers to stretch my ring; opening them a little to widen the hole. Then he frigged me for a minute; getting a little carried away, which was fine by me as I loved the feel of his fingers ramming up my ass. I couldn't wait for the real thing to follow.

Dad, sensing my acceptance, shoved another finger up. I gave a little wince then wriggled my ass to show him I was okay with the added girth. He stroked my cheeks tenderly with his free hand and twisted the fingers around, widening my sphincter whilst toying with my anal flesh.

"Oh, James; I hope you're ready, boy: because my cock has got to go in there right now."

With that he pulled his fingers down; it was the roughest action he had shown to date on my hole; and I have to admit it gave me an enormous thrill. I watched over my shoulder as dad grabbed hold of his cock and pointed it right at my ass. The first contact was amazing; his big bulbous head forcing against my ring. I thought he was going to ram right in me and braced myself for the welcome violation; but dad, if he was tempted to do this, thought better of it and withdrew his cock. He spat again and smeared the head liberally; then once again it was at my hole; pressing harder and forcing its way partially in.

He held me by the hips; held me firm then with one hard push his glans bullied through; shocking me with the sudden action and the bolt of pain that shot up my guts and ricocheted around my body. I yelped out; I probably screamed: I hadn't expected it to be so painful after all of dad's preparatory work.

"Shit!" cried my dad. "I'm sorry; that was too quick. Shit! Take a few breaths, James."

He leaned over and kissed me on the back; his glans and an inch of shaft still wedged up my ass. Then he licked my back in the most sensuous way, replacing those waves of pain with waves of pleasure of equal intensity.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine now, dad. God; that was a surprise: sobered me up and no mistake. But it feels good now. On you go."

Dad straightened up and ruffled my hair; and act of affection I really liked. It was something he did when I was a kid and I always looked forward to a good ruffle. It underlined what was happening; it was my dad's cock up my ass; my dad who was fucking me; or at least had made the first stoke. My dad who was taking my cherry; and I almost came with that incredible knowledge as he ruffled my hair again.

Then he placed his hands back on my peachy ass; gave my buttocks another stroke; then grasped me by the hips. He pushed again, forcing another two inches in; restraining himself again; determined not to let the animal in him take over and hurt his son. There was no risk of that now; I felt no more pain; only intense pleasure as his cock slid further in me.

"Oh. God, dad. Yes!" I exclaimed. "That feels brilliant. That feels so good. Fuck me, please fuck me now."

Encouraged by my words and writhing buttocks, dad went for home and slid his cock slowly all the way in; filling me to such an incredible degree. I had never imagined a cock would feel so good. Then he started to thrust, very slowly at first; but he was soon lost in his own passion and burning need, he was quickly into his stride and banging at my ass; his groin slapping into my raw scarlet buttocks and his big balls bouncing off mine.

Dad's thrusting was so intense and his grunting so loud; I was sure he would come within a minute or two. In a way, I wanted him to come; to find my ass so exciting he couldn't help but hold back: but I wanted it to last as well. Then dad surprised me as he tore his eyes away from my plundered ass, and he looked at my face as I glanced back at him. A huge smile replaced the contorted grimace of his near climax. He pulled his cock out of me; which came as a shock; then bundled me over onto my back. He hoisted my legs in the air and pulled off my trousers and pants; he rested my legs on his shoulders as he stripped out of his own clothes and a few seconds later he was in me again. He spread my legs wide; holding them by the ankles so he could gaze down at his little boy, who he was turning into a man with this fabulous shafting of my arse. He looked my body up and down; lust once again contorting his face and quickening his thrusts as he ploughed into me.

The new angle took me by surprise; a hot spot which dad had played with using his fingers, was now being stimulated by his cock. My ass and cock tingled with this glorious sensation; and the sight of my very horny naked father, towering above me as he fucked me ragged; totally sent me over the edge. I threw my arms out thrashing the couch and bucked against him; my whole body preparing to explode. I was screaming out at the top of my voice.

"Oh, fuck! Dad! Dad! Oh, God! Ah! Arrrgh!"

And then the spunk shot out of me. I always fired well when I had a wank; but this was ridiculous; like a geyser erupting; a fountain of white flew through the air and splattered me on the face.

Dad looked like he was in agony; his face contorting as he carried on plundering my ass, showing no constraint. It was fabulous; more spunk shot of me; and dad reached out to gather some up. He lapped it from his fingers then fell on top of me; kissed me hard on the mouth; his breathe sweet with whisky and his tongue covered in spunk. Then he pulled away and stared wide eyed at my face; he held his breathe, his face frozen in shock then a stifled roar was released; an animal growl rising from deep within him. I felt the heat course into my body as wave after wave of dad's spunk was unleashed. I wrapped my legs around him; holding him inside me as he delivered his load. My arms brought him back to my body; and his mouth back to my lips.

Dad lay there on top of me for about five minutes; his cock deep up my ass, allowing us both to savour the tingling post climactic glow. Then I felt his body stiffen as realization took over from his lust. He stayed where he was; perhaps afraid to lift himself off and face me.

I stroked his hair; gave it a little ruffle and I think he got the message. His body seemed to relax a little and he gave out a bit of a laugh.

"So remind me; whose birthday was it again."


"Felt more like mine. Are you okay?"

"Yes, and I expect you to keep your promise."

"What promise?"

"To get hung for the whole sheep."

"You randy wee bugger! Did you enjoy it? Looked like you were having fun; that was one hell of a spurt at the end when you came; I'm proud of you."

"It was brilliant, dad. Best present you could have given me."

"Good. So I can take the car back to the dealer then? Thank Christ for that; it cost me a fortune."

"No, I'll have that as well. But I won't need it today. Let's have some more whisky; then you can show me what a proper shag is all about."

"Fair enough. A whole weekend of fucking: sounds good to me."

"I was thinking perhaps a whole summer of it."

"No! You can stay. I assumed you'd want to. But in your own room; and you fuck other men; not me; and not here. This weekend; and that's it. Okay?"

"Okay, dad; whatever you say."

I clenched my ass and felt his cock which had softened slightly but was now stiffening again. It was a cock that I intended to have up me often and not just over this weekend. I would fuck those other men; by God I would; dad had given me a taste for cock and I loved it - I would have me more. But I was sure that few cocks would fuck me as well as the one that was currently in me; so I would be having it in me all through the summer as my regular shag. There was no way that dad would be able to resist.

What a lucky lad I was to have such a wag of a father who I could twist around my little finger... and have up my fabulous ass!

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2009-03-31 22:11:29
Your idea of realistic dialogue is laughable. As for this:...

"I saw him spit on his fingers and felt him smear the saliva all over my virginal hole" not to mention.......
""Oh, fuck! Dad! Dad! Oh, God! Ah! Arrrgh!"

is THIS your idea of arousing word-play? Jesus Christ!

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