The ripper lives up to its name after getting a new 15 yo victim
Please be gentle with me and provide only constructive critisim, this is my first post and maybe last post! I realize there is most likely a lot of inaccuracies but I'm only writing on what we all wish the human body was capable of. And I don't condone any of the following.

I've been eyeing this petite but curvy fragile looking girl for a couple days now as she walks home from Highschool. She was young but well developed standing no more than 5' 110 lbs. 34c breast, nice tan to compliment her dark hair and blue eyes. Sporting a short skirt and form fitting blouse. I had to have her! I hid in the overshadowing trees and shrub .She walked passed and I knocked her out cold with a wooden bat, threw her in the car...

I ripped off her clothes and briefly admired her 15 year old body, before forcing her legs wide open and climbing in between them legs, I pin her arms down, my fat meat hangs down rubbing against her moist hairless lips. I suck and nibble, mush on her tits.

As she begs me not to put it inside, her pleading just turns me on even more. I stop my tit mauling. I can't wait any longer I guide my bulging head to the entrance of her young pink pussy... She cries and yells "Your way too big, you're gonna rip me open, please I'm a virgin". "Not for long! Mmm, never had me a virgin" I start firmly pressing against her heated opening, after much struggling I work my huge head inside, she gasped, I'm already in absolute bliss and I want more, I forcefully yet slowly jab further into her, her hot sopping pussy clamping down on my slab of meat to prevent further entrance, but I thrust harder shredding her virgin barrier further acknowledged by my loud moan and her agonizing scream and as I get half way in her poor fragile pussy, her walls quivering, fighting and finally submitting to my oversized monster..."Oh my gosh! Fuck Yessss! That is the best and tightest pussy I ever had, mmmm"... I pull back and slam my bare, massive, super thick cock all the way into her tiny hole making her sob loudly, slightly ripping her smothering pussy due to my impatience... But I could care less it jus gets me even more aroused... I pull out slowly letting her feel every inch being withdrawn, her walls clinging to my pussy ripper, dragging over my big pulsing veins, now only the head is left inside. I grab her hips and cram her full of meat hitting hard against her cervix, she lets out a scream..."Yeah scream for your daddy! You know you love being stuffed full of daddy's giant raw dick"..."You're my lil cock whore, I will leave you sore, walking funny and dripping cum out of your gaping holes, they'll never be the same after this brutal stretching, and yes I said holes, imma rip that asshole too! Letting go of her arms since she knows there no use in trying, I fold her legs til they're touching the bed beside her ears that is when the real fucking begins I pound into her so hard her whole body slides up the bed she can do nothing but gasp for air and wince from pain, pain so bad she blacks out, after a few more killer thrust, I realize her body is shaking and she is trying to fight off an intense orgasm but it was no use her body betrayed her, she squirted like a broken dam until her juice was clear and water like, my dick was drenched and getting feriously milked and squeezed I came hard "Uhhhh! Ohhh! U dirty bitch that feels sooo good", flooding her overused and mangled pussy, cum splashed out passed my still raging hard on..."If you thought that was hell you just wait!"

I pulled out and roughly flipped her body over she tried with all her might to flee from the bed, but her ass was mine! I grabbed her and forced her head into the pillow until she was nearly uncaunious. "You're gonna pay dearly for that! I am gonna ravish the hell out of that tiny lil butthole, no patience, no remorse!" I lifted her ass, used my knees to spread her legs, picked my heavy, blood stained cum covered dick up to the target, I pushed forward to see what I was up against, so tight and firmly closed I didn't see how I could possible fit in such a tiny hole but I was going make it happen, I grabbed some leaking cum from her injured pussy and globbed it on my shaft, I thrust, but no luck, barely got the head in, I pulled back told her to spread her cheeks real far, she hesitated but did as told. I lunge forward with a mighty thrust and penetrate I did! Nearly half way, oh how tight! She was crying and screaming her little heart out. "That's it you take all of daddy's juicy horse cock, pulling back out some, I realize I had fresh blood on my dick, no way I ripped another hole! I fucked her with lethal strokes in and out deeper each time I was in ecstasy grunting and deeply moaning; she was in agony and hell yelping
With each entry I almost felt bad at how severely I was tearing her hole up, my dick now glazed with a thin coat of blood... "You will need to wear diapers for a while, when I finish widening you, "goooosh you're a great lil fuck toy!" Hadn't realized she past out again from the pain. Finally after a few breath taking minutes, her hole was warming up to my beefy rod, accommodating it fully up to the balls I was gutting her out with each shuttering penetration... I couldn't take any more my cock was expanding as more blood blasted through it, cum boiling in my balls, I held her hips tightly and rammed so deep with astounding force I busted "Ohhhh Shiiiit!" Heavily coating her insides the pressure and amount of cum trying to push out my semi softening penis, I popped out and cum pour from what used to be a butthole... I assessed the damage, both her holes looked like wide open mouths. Which reminds me I need to get cleaned up, one more hole to go! Collapsed and worn out, begging to be released from this torture," In time my nasty lil cum slut, you're almost done."

"The mouth is gonna be hard for you, but you take dick like a champ."..."Well get your ass on the floor where good lil sluts belong". She gets on the floor between my legs and just stares at the beast in disbelief, I dick slapped her to bring her back to reality leaving a sticky cum trail. "Now pick it up bitch and get to work". She finally lifts it to her mouth and licks it tip to base and back up again tasting my cum, pussy juice, blood and her ass. Flicking the base of the crown, swiveling over the head and teasing the tip all bringing soft moans from my mouth. "Stop all this licking shit and start sucking". She puts the tip in her mouth and it looks like its almost at its stretching compacity. "That feels good but don't fool yourself you will down this whole dick til my balls hit your chin". She opens wide and shoves about 2 more inches in. I'm pretty impressed most pros can't even get that far, her mouth and jaw are over stretched much like her ass and pussy, and watering as much as her eyes. "What a good filthy cock slave, but you'll never be able to swallow this on your own you have to be force feed! I adjusted her head and neck so that she could properly ingest me...I grabbed her head by her hair and shoved her head while I thrusted into her I gained further entry her teeth lightly scrape my skin the sides of her mouth now had slits and were bleeding. Thinking of the pain she must feel has me fully rock hard again. I'm forcing into her hard I feel the back of her throat, I keep shoving and shoving til I felt my dick lodged tightly in her throat suffocating her still further I pressed. I could see the huge bulge traveling through her throat, muscles working like never before trying to swallow me. I pull out a little and slam back down her throat gagging and choking her. "I'm gonna fuck your throat like I did that tight cunt of yours til its raw and sore. You'll be eating mash potatoes and ice cream for weeks". I yank back fully from her throat and roughly fuck back into her over and over and over again til I fill the cum surging. "Get ready to taste daddy's sweet creamy milk, you're gonna drink every drop and love it!" "Uhhh! Hell yeah! Its gonna be a big hot load for you baby! Ahhhh!" Load after load gushes in her mouth and down her throat, she struggles to swallow it all but she has no chose with me in her. I pull her off my dick by her hair and sprayed the last load on her face. Tell me you like my thick spunk and you love to be my lil pussy, ass, mouth and cum whore!! Say it bitch! I love to be your lil pussy, ass and mouth whore and your spunk taste like sweet nectar I can't get enough of that mammoth cock! "Good girl, you were the best fuck and stretching I ever had, I enjoyed popping your cherry without a condom and ripping all your holes, leaving you gaping. You handled this dick like a professional, I had women sluts unable to take it like you."
"Now I gotta get you cleaned up, and medicated so I can put you back where I found you."

I Later heard on the news a young girl found in the street believe to have been brutally rape by a horse but has no recollection of it, this is the 5th one this month although a little younger then the rest, please keep your horse tied up and young ones away from them until authorities figure out what's going on...I smiled as screaming came from my bed room "Make that 6, that are publicly known". Young teens only from now on I love raw dick fucking, stretching and breeding tight virgins or barely used pussies! I thought as I head to the room...

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2014-01-09 02:47:06
I'm sorry, but this story was just terribly written.


2010-07-11 09:42:16
I'm sorry, you just need a longer intro, maybe him watching her for longer, trying to snatch her but someone is in the way, I just couldn't get into the feel of it. 4/5

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2009-06-29 16:25:26
lol. believed to be raped by a horse

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2009-04-24 06:13:46
Better build up between 1 and 2 would be appreciated. Explain exactly where the events are taking place. Good first story.

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2009-04-08 16:21:01
ok this is why so many children grow up 2 kill scum like u..if i had a gun i would 2.

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