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When I opened my eyes again, I was not in the bathroom. I could hear music playing and it sounded like it was coming from the floor beneath me. I was laying on a sofa, in an office... NAKED.
The feel of the black leather under my ass was soft and a little wet. I then realized that Keith had his face buried in my crotch. His tongue was lapping at my clit softly and slowly. The bouncer... I found out later that his name was Dante... he was sucking on my left nipple and stroking his beautiful dick.
The feeling of waking up to all this made me want to cum instantly. The excitement came over me so fast, they didn't know I was awake until I started grinding my pussy into Keith's face and grabbing for Dante's dick. I wanted his cock in my mouth so that I could cum. Dante stands and puts his dick into my eager mouth. I sucked his entire 8 inches into the back of my throat just as I climaxed all over Keith's face.
I tried to scream but of course, my mouth was full. Dante straddled my chest and held me by the sides of my face. He started fucking my face slowly at first and steadily gained momentum. He was caressing my face and telling me what a whore I looked like with his dick sliding in and out of my mouth. Oddly enough that just made my pussy even wetter. Tears were streaming into my ears from gagging on that beautiful cock in my mouth.
When he took his dick out of my mouth and started rubbing it over my face, I had a mini orgasm. He started stroking his dick and told me lick his balls. Just as my tongue touched Dante's ball sac, Keith stuck two fingers into my pussy. That shit felt so good. I licked Dante's balls, taking each sac into my mouth individually and collectively. He was still calling me a slut and a whore, asking if I wanted to get fucked by strange men since I was in the men's room.
Did I? Was I the whore he was calling me? It didn't bother me at that moment. It just made me want his dick back in my mouth, fucking my face. When I asked him to fuck my face again, he groaned loudly and told me to open my mouth wide. When I did, he fucked my open mouth so hard I almost hurled after the fifth or sixth thrust. I was able to supress it by closing my mouth around him, swirling my tongue around his dick head to make him slow down.
The whole time, Keith has his fingers in my pussy making me hot as hell. He lifts my legs and Dante reaches behind to grab them while still straddling my chest. Still getting my mouth fucked, I can feel Keith rubbing the head of his dick on my clit and between my very wet pussy lips. Steadying himself on the back of the sofa, he leans to one side and slams into my pussy. He tried to get all 9 inches into me in the first shot. It didn't happen.
He tried again and I thought I would die but the dick in my mouth was a pleasant distraction from the havoc Keith was creating in my pussy. It was pain and pleasure at the same time. Having two dicks in two holes... I guess I was a whore and a slut.
In my head I just kept begging them, "Fuck this slut!! Fuck this whore!!" I didn't want them to stop. I was no longer drunk so I couldn't blame it on the alcohol. I was loving every minute of it. Keith drilling his 9 inches into my pussy and Dante fucking my mouth with his 8 inches was making me feel like an animal.
I wanted to be on all fours and tried to get Dante's dick out of my mouth for a few seconds but he must have liked the feel of my wet mouth too much because he let go of one of my legs to grab the back of my neck & started fucking my face even harder. I placed my hands on his stomach to get his attention... That worked.
I got on all fours facing the sofa and pressed my face against the floor with my ass in the air. I shook my ass as an open invitation to the first taker.
Dante was the first taker. He knelt behind me and slapped my right ass cheek hard enough to leave prints. I flinched from surprise but since I like to be spanked, I shook my ass again hoping it would inspire him to do it again. He obliged by smacking my left ass cheek, but not as hard as the first time.
Keith sat on the sofa in front of me and started stroking his beautiful dick. I raised my face off the floor to eye level with his balls. I was wondering how I was going to fit this 'baby arm' in my mouth. I figured it would be fun to try even if I couldn't get it all in.
While Dante is smacking my ass and watching it jiggle, I started licking my way up Keith's dick. Starting from his balls and up the middle, leaving a nice wet trail, making sure he could feel my tounge ring. Purposely avoiding the head, i started down the left side, stopping at his balls to lick them gently. Up the right side to find pre-cum waiting for me. It tasted a little salty but not too bad.
As I am swirling my tongue around the head of his dick, I can feel Dante spreading my ass cheeks as he strarts to lick me, very slowly, from my clit to my asshole. OMG!!! THAT SHIT FELT SO GOOD!!! I pushed my ass back into his face in hopes he would do it again. He didn't disappoint me. WOW!!! This time it made me open my mouth as wide as possible in an attempt to get most, if not all, of the dick before me into my mouth.
I went down as far as I could but that still left at least 2 inches unexplored. I had my work cut out for me. The tongue between my legs was driving me crazy. It didn't help when he started tongue fucking my ass. This is when I found out that the hornier I get the more greedy I get. I was able to get another inch in... but I couln't breathe. His dick was in my throat and I could not have been happier. Apparently, Keith was pleased with my performance. He was making all kinds of noises and cussing up a storm.
When I let go, there were tears streaming down my face, I had a mouth full of spit and I was gasping for air. My greedy ass just couldn't wait to have my mouth fucked again. Keith sat forward on the couch with his legs on either side of me, placed one hand under my chin to feel my throat when it opens for his dick and the other in my hair to keep it out of the way. As he fucks my face at his leisure, I use both hands to spread my ass cheeks further for Dante. I thought he would continue tongue fucking me but I felt the head of his dick at my vagina.
The thought of having two dicks in me again was almost too much to a bare. Dante lets go of his dick and grabs me by my fore-arms, pressing my wrists together. When he slides into my sopping wet pussy, I moan around Keith's dick.
"Damn!! Your pussy is wet as hell!!"
"I was thinking the same thing when I was fucking her earlier" Keith answers. "Make a nigga want to live in that shit!"
Now they are both pistoning into me from both ends. They keep up a steady pace for a good ten minutes and my arms are starting to hurt. Thankfully, Dante lets go of them and I am able to support my weight on my hands.
Keith lets go of my hair and I turn my head to the side to try for that last inch. He pushed forward and holds his dick in my throat for about thirty seconds, cussing, enjoying the contractions of my throat. He takes his dick out of my mouth long enough for me to draw breath and does it again. This time Dante, with his dick in my pussy, sticks his index and middle fingers in my ass. I felt crossed eyed for a few and came so hard, I was shaking and crying.
I collapsed on the floor and curled into a fetal position. The guys came all over me. I remember thinking what a mess this was going to be. I feel hands on my legs as one of them kisses my pussy very gently.
When I eventually stopped shaking, they helped me get dressed and put me in a private car back to my hotel with a number to call when I got in. The room was empty when I got there and I was thankful. The first thing I did was take a long hot shower. After about 30 minutes I emerged from the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. I reached into my purse for my cell phone and the number. What I found first was 5 $100 bills. "Did I rob someone and not remember?" I put it on the bed thinking I would figure it out in the morning.
Keith answered the phone. "I see you made it to your hotel safely. Did you find your gift?"
Dumbfounded..."Huh? What gift? OH!! The money!! Damnit... I thought I robbed someone. Yes I found it but why?"
"For being a good sport and being able to hang for as long as you did. You really know how to make a nigga work for a nut!"
"I'm glad you both had fun. I know I did. Thanks."
"No problem, baby. Come back anytime. Don't know how long you're here for but we're open every night. Hope we can see you again. Good night."


2009-04-03 10:16:19
Much better than Part 1. Please use your spelling checker, "tounge ring". Make a point of leaving the story for a day or two and then proofread it; "too much to a bare" should have been "too much to bear". Thanks

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