Housewife Looks For More From A Freind
Catlin was in her early forties, her kids were grown, and out of the house, leaving just Catlin and her husband Mike. Even though their marriage was strong, Catlin found herself yearning for something else. She and Mike had always been open to one another, but his was something Catlin found it hard to express. Catlin found herself fantasizing about being sexually active with other women. She had always been aroused when she saw a beautiful woman, but with a family, and kids Catlin never explored her desires.

Catlin had been asked by her husband, and close friends, if she ever noticed that some women seemed to be attracted to her. Catlin would always laugh it off, but she had noticed that, plus the fact that she enjoyed it. And now that her kids were gone, maybe it was time to explore her feelings. Catlin was a very attractive woman, with beautiful auburn hair, firm breasts, and a body that she kept in shape at the gym.

One particular evening after a very satisfying love making session with her husband, Catlin took a deep breath and told Mike of her desire to make love to another woman. To her surprise, her husband was more than supportive, saying she should explore her desires, and see where it takes her. Catlin thanked her husband, reassuring him that she had no intention of leaving their relationship, she just wanted to explore her desires she'd so long repressed. Catlin didn't want to be with any woman however....she'd hoped to make it with someone she knew and trusted....hopefully Amanda.

Amanda and Catlin worked together, and were good friends. Amanda was a beautiful blonde, with pretty blue eyes and a gorgeous body. She and Catlin just seemed to gravitate toward one another from the first time they met. Amanda had given Catlin signs....signs that she had more than just "friendship" in mind. There was those little sexual innuendos, the not so accidental brush, or touch, the occasional glace when Amanda wore a low cut top, all those little things that seemed to add up. Now Catlin felt she was ready to find out if those signals were real, or just her imagination.

The next morning was a Saturday, and Catlin had no special plans. Her husband was off early for his usual game of golf, and then lunch which meant he wouldn't be home until at least four. Catlin went up to dress, wondering what to wear. Rummaging through her closet she came across a rather revealing blouse, and a short skirt. Just for fun, Catlin put the blouse on without a bra. She looked at herself in the mirror, enjoying the sight of her nipples that were visible through the thin fabric. She twisted them, making them bigger, watching how they pushed against the thin fabric of her blouse.

Next, Catlin put on a very sexy thong, followed by her short skirt. Satisfied with the way she looked, Catlin went downstairs and poured herself some coffee. As she sipped her coffee contemplating what she might do for fun, there was a knock at the back door. As she turned, Amanda walked in saying,

"Hi Catlin, I hope I'm not intruding?"

Catlin smiled, "Of course not....I was just trying to come up with something to do today."

She could see Amanda's eyes focused on her breasts, obviously staring at her still hard nipples. Catlin felt a tingle of arousal, she liked having Amanda looking at her. Amanda looked sexy herself; she too had on a low cut blouse, her ample cleavage showing. Catlin couldn't help thinking how soft her breasts looked. Catlin gathered her thoughts asking,

"Amanda, would you like some coffee?"

"Oh yes...sorry....I was thinking."

"I came by to see if you wanted to go shopping or something."

Catlin handed Amanda the cup of coffee saying,

"Or something sounds good."

As Amanda took the cup from Catlin their fingers brushed together. Catlin felt a sexual energy pass through her fingers, making her heart beat a little quicker. Amanda took a sip of coffee, moving over next to Catlin.

"We don't have to go shopping....I'd rather stay here with you anyway."

Her eyes were still fixed on Catlin's now rock hard nipples. Catlin sensed Amanda's arousal asking,

"I notice you looking at my you like it?"

"Oh yes, their beautiful....what I mean're blouse is beautiful."

Catlin looked at Amanda, "You should feel how soft the fabric is....if you want to that is."

Amanda set her coffee down on the counter. She looked at Catlin, slowly raising her hand, her fingers trembling a little. Mustering all the courage she had, Amanda ran her fingers along Catlin's blouse, moving closer to Catlin's breasts. Nearly breathless from arousal, Catlin told Amanda,

"Touch them...go ahead....I know you want to....I...I want you to."

That was all Amanda needed to hear as she moved her fingers across Catlin's nipples.

Catlin gasped whispering, "Yes....Oh yes."

Amanda strummed her fingers over Amanda's nipples, rolling them between her fingers as Catlin closed her eyes. Catlin felt her sex beginning to leak as Amanda's fingers teased her nipples. Catlin felt Amanda's warm breath on her cheek, then her lips, kissing her as Amanda cupped Catlin's breast in her hand. The kiss lingered till Catlin eased her tongue between Amanda's lips, their tongues caressing as the passion between the two women grew. Amanda unbuttoned Catlin's blouse as they kissed, pushing it open exposing Catlin's breasts. She kissed her way down Catlin's neck, her warm lips kissing working their way down to Catlin's breast, where he kissed them lovingly, as Catlin cooed softly.

It was better than Catlin had imagined, any apprehensions she'd had melted away. As Amanda licked and sucked Catlin's nipples, she felt Amanda's hand slide under her skirt, inching its was toward her sex. Catlin parted her legs, gasping as she felt Amanda's fingers touch the thin fabric of her now soaked thong. Amanda ran her fingers over Catlin's mound, teasing her, as Catlin's body began to shudder. Amanda pushed the thong aside, sliding her middle finger between Catlin's folds, and easing her finger into Catlin's pussy.

The two women continued kissing passionately as Amanda slid another finger into Catlin's pussy, her palm rubbing against Catlin's clit. Catlin fumbled as she tried unbuttoning Amanda's blouse freeing Amanda's breasts. Suddenly, Catlin's legs grew weak as a powerful orgasm, washed over her, her body quaking from the orgasm. Catlin gathered herself together, as she finally finished unbuttoning Amanda's blouse, and cupping Amanda's bare breasts in her hands. Catlin lowered her head and took Amanda's breast into her mouth for the first time.

Catlin kissed and sucked Amanda's nipples, listening as Amanda cooed and told her how wonderful it felt. Catlin was glad, she wanted to be good at pleasing another woman. Catlin moved her hand up Amanda's legs, as Amanda had done to her. She could feel the heat coming from Amanda's sex the closer she got. Unlike her, Amanda wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was so wet as Catlin explored Amanda's sex. Amanda was cooing and purring as Catlin eased a finger into Amanda's pussy. Amanda moaned saying,

"Yes....oh yes Catlin...make me cum....oh it...make me cum."

Catlin worked her fingers around Amanda's pussy, teasing her clit as Amanda's passion reached a fevers pitch. Then Amanda's body tensed, as she gasped and started cumming. Catlin took her fingers from Amanda's pussy, placing them to her lips, then licked Amanda's juices from her fingers. Catlin and Amanda moved to the bedroom where they removed the rest of their clothing. Amanda sat on the edge bed, while Catlin knelt down, pushing Amanda's legs apart, staring at her sex.

Amanda's neatly trimmed blonde pussy looked so inviting, her lips and clit swollen from arousal. Catlin moved her hands up the side of Amanda's thighs, as she lowered her head, toward Amanda's pussy. Catlin could smell the aroma of Amanda's sex...she never realized how wonderful another womans aroma could be. Amanda laid back, cupping her breasts in her hands, rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she waited for Catlin's lips to touch her pussy. She gasped as Catlin drew her tongue over Amanda's lips, pausing and teasing her clit.

Catlin started exploring Amanda's pussy, parting her folds and lapping up her juices as they ran down her tongue. The sounds of Amanda cooing and moaning as she pleasured her, turned Catlin on so that she moved her hand down between her own legs, and started fingering herself as she continued sucking her best friends pussy. Catlin could hear Amanda as she said,

"On make me feel so good...suck me....suck my pussy....oh yes... it feels so good."

"I think I'm gonna cum."

Catlin removed her finger from her pussy and slid them into Amanda's pussy, as she took Amanda's clit between her lips and began sucking it. As she did, she eased her little finger between Amanda's cheeks....searching and finding her anus. Carefully, Catlin eased her finger into Amanda's ass, penetrating her, as she sucked Amanda's clit. Amanda gasped loudly, raising her hips off the bed, her entire body shaking as the orgasms swept over her. Catlin kissed Amanda's pussy as she slowly came down from her delicious orgasm.

Catlin crawled up onto the bed, kissing Amanda and caressing her breasts, as Amanda rolled Catlin onto her back, kissing her way down to Catlin's breasts where she took Catlin's nipples into her mouth. Amanda began rubbing her body against Catlin's as she sucked Catlin's nipples, her hand between Catlin's legs. Amanda brought Catlin to a small orgasms, just sucking her nipples when she started kissing her way down toward Catlin's pussy. As Catlin had done to her, she teased her sex, running her tongue over her lips, paring her folds and easing her middle finger into Catlin's pussy.

Amanda sucked Catlin's pussy, working her fingers around as Catlin thrashed on the bed, cumming over and over as Amanda brought her to one orgasm after another. Then the two women entwined their legs, their pussies mashed together, then joined hands as they continued mashing their pussies together. The more the women ground their pussies together, the harder they came. Afterward, Catlin and Amanda kissed and cuddled, making plans to enjoy one another more often. Eventually it was getting near the time that Catlin's husband Mike as due home.

"Are you going to tell him?" Amanda asked.

"I've already told him I had desires for another woman."

"Mike was very understanding and not threatened at all."

"We'll get together again...soon."

After Amanda left, Mike returned home for his golf and lunch.

"You're early...did you have a good game?"

"Ah, I got board."

"So how was your day?"

"Oh fine....nothing much."

Mike looked at Catlin with a grin on his face.

"Why....what do you think I was doing?"

"Oh I don't know....I just saw Amanda going around the corner...she looked rather happy was all."

Catlin couldn't keep the smile from her face.

"Is there something you want to share with me....or not."

"Mmmmm, maybe."

"Did you and know?"

Catlin grinned from ear to ear.

"Yes, and it was even better than I had thought."

Mike took Catlin in his arms, "So you gonna tell me about it, or do I have to guess?"

"Don't you want dinner?"

"Not when you've been making love to your best friend, and you smell like pussy....are you kidding?"

Mike took Catlin in his arms, kissing her as she tugged at his zipper. Her pussy was on fire, she wanted her husbands cock in her pussy, and she wanted to tell him all about how wonderful it was making love to Amanda. After a session of hot sex, Catlin and Mike agreed that she should keep exploring her new found sexual passion, and maybe even include Mike when the time was right. In the meantime, Mike was looking forward to sharing his wife's escapades, even if it was from the sidelines.

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Hate to tell you READER 2009-04-03 13:02:09.....this is true for just about every hack writer on this site. By my estimation there are eight...maybe nine contributors that might be called 'writers' the rest are just an embarrassment to themselves.

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Another writer who doesn't take the time to improve their work by proofreading: "occasional glace", "Amanda strummed her fingers over Amanda's nipples", "where he kissed them", "sat on the edge bed", "paring her folds", "returned home for his golf", " I got board".

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