This is the final chapter (26) of The Tenants. The story is meant to be read in it’s entirety, starting with chapter one of all things.
This is the final chapter (26) of The Tenants. The story is meant to be read in it’s entirety, starting with chapter one of all things - although the chapters posted so far vary widely in number of reads, so I guess that doesn’t happen much. The characters are developed in proceeding chapters, so any comments about not describing or developing the characters will be regarded as insanity.

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The Tenants, Chapter 26 - Conclusion (Candy's Birthday)

Dick's master bath had one of those large tile shower areas that was open and had an array of shower heads. On each side was an overhead nozzle that was a large disc, and on the walls were jets and shower wands. All five of them could easily fit in, and slippery hugs and kisses were exchanged as Dick turned on the water. When it was warm, they stepped under the soothing cascades and rinsed off the musk and ejaculations from their wild orgy in the sauna. Warm lighting illuminated them, and it was a beautiful sight to see. Such sexy, but innocent looking kids, and or course the enticing and luscious figure of Sandy. Dick was handsome too, and all five admired one another's bodies and faces. After cleaning up, they all toweled off with large fluffy white towels and went into Dick’s master bedroom.

The master bedroom was furnished with a huge bed and with plush chairs and a sofa. As with all of Dick’s rooms, this one was decorated in a spare Asian style with subdued lighting and thick carpets. Sandy languidly lowered herself naked onto the blue velvet couch, the absolute picture of female sexuality. Her large, high, round boobs jiggled as she raised one lovely full and sensuous leg, knee bent, against the soft back-rest, exposing her shaved pussy with it’s thick, puffy lips and still protruding clit. “Well Candy, it’s going to be your birthday in just a little while and we’d all like to know what you’ve been thinking of to celebrate turning 12.” Sandy looked at her naked pre-teen daughter through appreciative lustful slitted eyes. “You mentioned something about lots of cum…”
Little blond haired, blue eyed Candy smiled and spread her legs wide, leaning back in one of the big over-stuffed chairs, while reaching down to gently caress her swollen hairless labia. She said, “Welllllllll….”

Randy chimed in, “Yeah Candy! Tell us what kind of wild things you’ve been dreaming up!” Randy was standing next to her, openly leering at her cunt. He was also nude, and his recently depleted cock was only half hard for a change.

Dick, lying back on large pillows on the bed chuckled at Candy, knowing that she would be wanting something pretty wild and uninhibited from all of them. Cyndy also grinned, leaning back against Dick, while idly feeling his balls and staring hungrily at his large cock. She finally laughed at her little sister who was clearly trying to put her thoughts to words. “Come on Candy, give us all the nasty details!”

“Well, first of all, I want everyone to drink a lot of water, or beer or pop or something, because when we’re done with what I’ve been thinking of, I’m going to want everyone to pee on me.” She looked around at everyone with a nasty little smile on her cute face. “So, I’ll tell you the rest while we are drinking something.”

Dick got up from the bed and said, “I’ll be right back!” He quickly went down to the kitchen and rounded up a bottle of champagne, two six-packs of beer, two large bottles of soda, and twelve bottles of water. A moment later he returned to his bedroom with the drinks. He held up the bottle of champagne while looking Candy in the eyes and said, “We’ll save this for midnight when you officially turn twelve! OK, everybody grab what you want to drink!”

Candy reached for a beer and Sandy snapped, “Oh no you don’t missy! The champagne will be bad enough, you can drink soda or water!”

“Aww mom!” Candy whined.

Cyndy and Randy piped up next, “What about us mom?! Can’t we just have at least one beer?!!!” They badgered and cajoled their mom, trying anything to break her resolve.

Dick laughed and interrupted, “Hey, if we were in Europe, they would be having a little beer or wine every day.” Sandy eventually relented, and gave in “OK, OK! God I’m a terrible mother.” After all of the illicit, incestuous, and frankly perverted sex, how could she tell them not to have a little alcohol.

Randy quickly chugged his beer, and grabbed another behind his mother’s back, while hiding the empty under the bed. Everyone else began to try to drink as much liquid as they could as Candy began to tell them what she wanted for her birthday.

“Here’s what I want you to do. First, I haven’t fucked Dick yet! I want that big fat wiener up my pussy as far as it will go! And I want Randy to put his cock in my butthole at the same time! And while they are doing that to me, I want Dick to be laying down, with me on top on my knees, and Cyndy rubbing her pussy on his face! And I want to lick it too! I want Randy to be behind me, doggy-style, and I want mom to rub her vagina all over his face and mouth and tongue!” Candy unconsciously started fingering her open cunt as she spoke. “And then, when you guys cum, I want you to come inside of me, as much as you can! When you’re done squirting your sperm in me, I want to kneel over mommy’s boobs and squeeze all of the cum out on her tits! And then I want all of you to lick it up and kiss me on the lips real good!”

Randy’s cock was now hard as stone, and he jacked it slowly and deliberately at his cute little sister’s face. “I’m ready to shoot just hearing about it, Candy!” Candy smiled and reached out to touch the tip of his fully bloated cock.

“Does everyone like my ideas?” She asked with another wicked, salacious grin.

Cyndy was now rubbing her clit as well as stroking Dick’s erecting shaft. “Mmmmmmmm, Candy, I can’t wait to watch you getting fucked in both holes!” The voyeur in her was now fully aroused.

“God Candy!” Sandy was somewhat shocked to hear her sweet, angelic looking little blond haired daughter speaking so candidly of such lewd and nasty acts. Not that she hadn’t done them all herself, and more, but at least she was an older teenager first! “It sounds very nasty for a cute little girl to be doing all of those things, doesn’t it? Are you sure you can take both cocks at once?!! Won’t that be too much for your little pussy?”

“Mom,” Candy said disdainfully, “I’ve had a vibrator all the way up my cunt while Randy’s fucking my bottom! And it feels wonderful! It makes me cum really, really hard! I can’t wait to have them fucking me in both holes!”

Dick finally spoke up, “Well, I’ll start easy, and if it is too much, we can stop.” He didn’t want to hurt the lovely little girl, but at the same time, he was lusting for the double fuck of the sexy, dirty-minded pre-teen.


“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…Happy birthday Candy!!!” It was midnight, and finally Candy’s birthday. Everyone sang happy birthday, and Dick loudly popped the champagne cork and shot it up to the ceiling. Glasses were filled and clinked in warmth and togetherness.

Candy beamed at her family and Dick and finally spoke up, “OK, now I get my wish! Get on the bed everyone!”

In an instant the bed was draped in hot naked flesh with jiggling boobs, jutting erections, puffy cunts, and groping hands. As planned, Dick lay on his back with his enormous, bulging cock pulsing on his stomach. This was the moment both he and Candy had been waiting for! “Oh god Dick!” Candy panted, “your cock is sooooo hard and fat!” She threw her leg over him and straddled his face, holding her now slick cunt inches from his eyes. “Do you like my little pussy Mr. Long? Do you want to play with it?” Candy liked talking dirty, and loved the feeling of power and control she got when she flaunted her delectable cunt at Dick.

Dick looked hungrily at the succulent young cunt so openly and wantonly displayed right before his eyes by the twelve year old incestuous nymph. Candy had a long slit, with big full, hairless lips, that were now shining with her pussy-juice. She was clearly fully aroused, with her rather large clit now protruding from the puffy outer cunt-lips. Just to enjoy Dick’s reaction, she lewdly pumped her hips and vagina at his face. Dick’s jaw dropped and he got a leering, slavish look in his eyes. God! He wanted that cunt more than anything now! Candy then pushed her hips forward and humped his face with her wet swollen cunt leaving a shiny coating of her sweet nectar on his nose and lips. “Lick me Dick! Lick my pussy! Suck my clit!”

Dick obeyed her commands and began to lick and suck Candy’s clit, vagina, and lips. She moaned and sighed while humping his face. He was in heaven! At that moment, he felt a pair of lips encircle his cock and engulf it. Sandy was really turned on by her nasty, dirty, wanton little succubus of a daughter, and wanted some of Dick’s cock before it was fucking Candy’s little cunt.

Cyndy, truly the lustful voyeur was also in heaven. She loved to watch sex as much as she liked having it! “Yeah mom! Suck his big cock! Lick his balls!” She rubbed her clit in sensuous circles, dipping into her vagina for fresh lubrication from time to time. She started to worry that things were moving too fast. “Hey! You guys better stop before Dick cums! This is s’posed to last a while!”

Dick agreed “Yeah Sandy, you better stop! You are way too good at cock-sucking for me to stop from cumming if you keep that up!”

Sandy released his cock with a slurping ‘pop’ and licked his pre-cum off of her shining lips. “OK, fine, so you quit eating Candy out and start fucking!”

Randy emphatically agreed. “Yeah! Come on Dick, let’s fuck her now!” His cock-head was now purple, bloated, and a runnel of pre-cum dripped down the shaft, coating his nuts. The excess formed a string of pre-cum dripping and hanging from his fully loaded ball sack. He climbed between Dick’s spread legs and held his cock, pointing it at Candy’s ass.

“Yeah! Fuck me now!” Candy begged. She got on her hands and knees and backed up towards Dick’s pulsing, fully engorged penis. The head was swollen, wet with pre-cum, and the shaft bulged with pumping veins and hard ridges of erectile tissues. Randy lined up his own cock with Candy’s winking rectum.

“Dick, do you have anything to lube up Candy’s asshole?” Sandy didn’t want her little girl to take Randy’s menacing cock dry.

Dick thought a second, “Why don’t you and Cyndy fill it with some of your pussy-juice?”

“Hmmm, good idea”, thought Sandy.

Both she and Cyndy pushed their fingers into their sopping cunts and scooped up plentiful amounts of girl-cum. “Randy,” ordered Cyndy, “hold her cheeks apart so we can grease up her butt-hole.” Randy happily complied, and held Candy’s soft, rounded and pink buns in his hands. He admired the lewd sight and used his thumbs to pry them apart, exposing fully her puckered little asshole. “OK Candy” said Cyndy, “relax your bottom and let us get you ready for butt-fucking!”

Candy let a moan of wanton lust, and totally relaxed her tight little sphincter. As if by magic, her hole was open and ready to receive an incestuous injection of her mother’s and sister’s wet slimy cunt juice. Both Sandy and Cyndy wiped their gooey fingers on her anus, and dipped into their pussies for more, repeating the process until Candy’s asshole was gleaming with their combined secretions. When they were done, Sandy licked her fingers, tasting and smelling her little baby’s fragrance. Candy moaned and whimpered, thrusting her little ass back at the ministrations. “Yes! Yes! Put it in me Randy! Fuck my bottom with your nasty cock!”

Both Dick and Randy held their cocks at the ready, starting the penetration of the little pre-teen nymphomaniac by wiping their cum-slick cock-heads up and down her slit and over her anus. Dick gave a thrust up with his hips, entering Candy wetly and smoothly. The upward pressure pushed Candy’s ass up to meet Randy’s throbbing cock-meat, which too slid into her relaxed and open shit-hole. She was now stuffed with cock from both ends! “Ahhhhhhhhgggghhhh!!!!! Oh my god! Oh my god! Don’t move! Just stay there a second! Ohhhhhhh, I feel so full! It feels…..sooooo goooood!” Candy’s head flopped down onto Dick’s chest and she moaned and whimpered in carnal wanton lust. Dick flexed his cock in her cunt, making the shaft and head swell and pulse against her soft, wet cunt walls. “Ohhhhh God! Dick! Keep doing that!” Randy too felt Dick’s huge cock flexing and pulsing through the thin wall that separated her vagina from her colon. He flexed his shaft in turn, and both males pumped and flexed their still cocks deep in her bowels and cunt. All three reveled in the lewd, incestuous coupling. Randy loved the forbidden and perverted feel of Dick’s cock moving under his in Candy’s cunt.

Candy raised her now sweaty face from Dick’s chest and looked through unfocused lust-filled eyes at her mom and sister. “Hump their faces! Put your vaginas on their faces and fuck them!” She wanted every part of her fantasy acted out.

Sandy was more than happy to hump her nasty little butt-fucking boy’s face. She stood up and straddled the fuck-crazed trio, and pushed her cunt into Randy’s face, smearing him all over with dripping secretions from her heated vagina. Having just taken a shower, she was fresh and her nectar was clear and smooth like glycerin. She loved the nasty forbidden thrill of humping her horny son’s face. “Do you like mommy’s cunt Randy? Do you like mommy’s cunt in your face son?”

Randy did indeed like his mommy’s cunt in his face. He grunted into her open sopping vagina, “Mmmmmpphhhg!”

Sandy pulled away for a second. “What did you say honey? Did you want me to stop fucking your dirty little face?”

“No! Don’t stop mom! Fuck my face with your pussy! I love it! It feels so good, so wet, so nasty! Fuck my face mom! Hump me all you want!” Randy had the hots for his mom more than any girl or woman he had ever dreamed of. He ignored Candy’s order to stop, and involuntarily started to fuck her eager clenching little butt. He slavishly licked and sucked his mom’s cunt and lapped up her juices, sucking as much as he could from her pussy. He then moved to her erect clit and sucked on it like a candy. “Mmmmmmm, mom, you taste so good!” He drooled pussy juice and saliva which dripped from Sandy’s swollen cunt-lips onto Candy’s butt-crack, ending up in her asshole, further greasing the way for Randy’s pistoning cock.

Cyndy was happy just to watch, and frig her swollen clitty, but she wanted Candy’s little scene to play out as well. She straddled Dick’s face and did just as her mother did to Randy. “So Dick, do you like fourteen year old pussy in your face? Do you like to look at my boobies while you fuck my little sister?”

Dick leered hungrily at the nubile young girl. “Yeah! Do it! Fuck my face with your pussy!” He began to hump his cum laden cock into Candy’s cunt as he felt Randy’s tumescent organ sliding up and down his own cock shaft deep inside of her. Cyndy looked over her shoulder at the lewd incestuous three-way going on beneath her. She wanted to watch! She lifted her cunt from Dick’s face and turned around. “What are you doing Cyndy! I want to suck you!” Dick was enraptured with lust for the luscious teenaged female above him.

“Don’t worry Dick,” Cyndy hissed, “I just want to watch baby sister get her holes stuffed with cock!” She then lowered her sweet curved bottom to Dick’s face and ground her anus all over him. “Hmmmmmmm! Stick your tongue up my ass Dick! Fuck me with your tongue! Just like Randy’s butt-fucking Candy!” Dick loved it! There was nothing he would rather do than serve Cyndy’s asshole anyway she wanted it.

Little Candy felt like she was outside of her body at this point. She could no longer speak – she just grunted, moaned, groaned, and whimpered as her butt-hole and vagina were reamed by Dick and Randy. “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” she grunted with each thrust from the rock hard cum filled cocks that worked her holes. In went Randy, out went Dick, in went Dick, out went Randy. They alternated their thrusts to maximize the dual feelings of Candy’s clasping orifices, and the equally exciting feel of their organs sliding against each other through the membrane in her bowels and cunt. Both cocks were drooling pre-cum to further lubricate their respective holes. Candy raised her head and gazed drunkenly up at her big sister’s puffy cunt-lips inches from her face. Her mouth was open and she was panting with incestuous lust and wicked satisfaction. She reached up and pulled Cyndy’s hips towards her and fastened her lips on her sister’s clitoris. Dick had to lean forward to maintain contact with the object of his desire – Cyndy’s clenching anus. Cyndy gasped at both the sight and the feel of her sister sucking on her distended clit, and Dick’s tongue-fucking of her rectum.

Candy was transported to a place she had never been. Endorphins rushed through her body, giving her a relaxed and blissful feeling. Her pussy and butthole contracted and convulsed rhythmically. Juices surged from her vagina and soaked Dick’s balls. She was no longer conscious in the usual sense – she was on a sexual high and completely focused on the feelings in her cunt, asshole, and of the taste and feel of her sister’s humping cunt.

Cyndy watched with voyeuristic fascination as Candy’s anus sunk in and slid out with each pump of Randy’s sodomizing incestuous phallus. She was practically drooling as she watched her mother’s butt-cheeks clench and thrust at her brother’s face. She loved the way Sandy held her indecent boy’s face tight to her cunt, all the while talking dirty to him and aggressively humping his face and mouth. Randy clearly loved it, mumbling into her vagina and licking at her like a slave. And Dick’s tongue felt so nasty and dirty stuffed up her butt! She relaxed her sphincter to allow him deeper access, and she squeezed her vagina tightly to send a freshet of pussy juice into Candy’s sucking voracious mouth. She too began to moan, holding her tits and pinching her nipples. For minutes on end the only sounds in the room were moans, groans, whimpers, and nasty, dirty talk from Sandy to Randy.

Randy, being the youngest male, had the shortest trigger. Between the insane pleasure of sucking his mother’s cunt, and the exquisite feeling of sliding his cock in and out of his little sister’s tight, greasy butt-hole, with the added stimulation of Dick’s big cock rippling up and down underneath - he was on sensory overload. “MMMMMggggghhhh, mmmgghhhh!” he mumbled into Sandy’s pussy. He pulled off for a second and threatened everyone. “I’m gonna cum and I can’t stop it!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHGGGGHHHH!!!!!” He latched back onto Sandy’s clit and sucked with renewed intensity, hoping to bring her off too. His shaft stiffened and swelled, and his cock-head ballooned in Candy’s asshole. Without conscious volition he mindlessly thrust his member as deep as he possibly could, skewering her butt all the way to the root of his cockshaft.

Candy was not in control of her body anymore. Without even realizing what was happening, she started to cum violently. Her asshole and vagina suddenly contracted fiercely, squeezing both cocks in a tight, wet surging grip. “Uuuuuuuuuugghhhhhhhhhh, ugh, ugh, ugh, eeeeeeee!!!” Candy sounded like a wild animal as she grunted and squealed with the beginnings of a bestial orgasm. Dick felt her cunt milking his hugely bloated penis, as if trying to suck his cum directly from his nuts. He felt his balls pull up tight and pump a huge load of semen into his rapidly opening cum hose.

Sandy humped Randy’s face, pumping her clit into his mouth like a little penis, while reaching back and inserting a finger deep into her rectum. She too felt the beginnings of a huge orgasm beginning to throb in her cunt. Cyndy watched it all with slitted eyes and a look of lewd satisfaction spreading over her features. She mashed Candy’s face with her pussy and reached behind her to pull Dick’s sucking face into her asshole. She rocked back and forth on both of their faces, using them for her pleasure. She closed her eyes and grunted with the first clenching spasm of her own cum. The whole group had brought each other to a primal orgasm, each only caring about their own personal need to climax.

Randy’s bloated cock swelled to impossible dimensions within his baby sister’s colon as his piss-slit opened wide. He thrust hard, as deep as he could go, and stopped with his cock fully impaled in Candy's spasming ass. He blasted his first jet of thick hot sperm directly into Candy’s suctioning bowels. His eyes rolled up into is head as he jerked uncontrollably in the throes of a massive cum. He squirted streams of cum deep into Candy’s butt, as she had asked. Her body welcomed the onslaught by squeezing and milking his organ unmercifully. Dick too unleashed a boiling torrent of pent up semen into Candy’s near virgin cunt. He seized her soft round little buns and pulled her to the hilt of his penis so that he could deposit his sperm deep into her convulsing cunt hole. Pump after pump of semen, sperm, and jism filled her little vagina to the brim. He could feel Randy’s cock pulsating it’s load into Candy’s intestines – the feeling was indescribably intense and the best orgasm Dick had ever experienced. He came longer and harder than he ever had in his life. His cock was swollen to it’s fullest ever, and he pushed it’s tip directly to Candy’s cervix, loosing blast after blast of cum into her cunt.

Sandy was completing the rape of her son’s face. “Unnnnghhhhh! Oh, oh, oh!” With a grimace she let go with her huge cum and sprayed Randy’s face with a blast of cunt juice deep from within her womb. She held his head in a vice-like grip and ground her vagina and clit all over his face. Cyndy did much the same on her baby sister’s face, and in the violence of her orgasm her anus opened wide as Dick’s tongue squelched in and out of her rectum. She thrust her ass back, impaling her butt-hole on his thrusting tongue.

Candy completed her cum with a shuddering sigh, and all of her muscles went slack. She slumped against Dick in a full sweat, completely limp. Cyndy rolled over sideways and flopped on the bed totally spent. Dick just lay there, his cock lodged deep into Candy’s cunt, plugging the huge load of cum from draining out. Sandy, like Cyndy, flopped to the side and lay on her back panting with her hand over her pussy, as if to hold the pleasure in. Randy tried to hold himself off of his little sister, and finally eased himself out of her butt-hole and sat back in a blissful, sated stupor. A bubble of cum popped on Candy’s upturned rectum.

Candy raised her head weakly and looked around. “Now you guys gotta eat the cum I’m gonna squeeze onto mom. Just like I said earlier.” She pushed herself up and squatted over Sandy’s heaving tits. At the same time she put a finger into her butthole, effectively plugging it up. Glops of Dick’s hot cum slid out of Candy’s well fucked cunt onto Sandy’s succulent breasts and pooled between them in her deep cleavage. Candy squeezed her vagina rhythmically, pumping out Dick’s huge cum-load in oozing drools. “This is for Dick and Cyndy to lick up,” she announced. She then scooted down her mother’s body and held her asshole over Sandy’s pussy. “Open your pussy lips mom!” Sandy reached down with both hands and held her full, puffed up cunt lips open. Candy then pulled her finger from her anus and pushed Randy’s load of cum onto her mom’s vulva and pussy lips. Obscene farting sounds accompanied the squirts of jizz that coated Sandy’s cunt. Candy’s little anus went in and out with her efforts. As she relaxed her sphincter, the recent butt-fucking was evident as her asshole yawned open and dripped more of Randy’s load onto Sandy’s vulva. Sandy looked the picture of depravity with her hands holding her cunt open for her little girls butt-cum load. Her arms pushed her big boobs together and caused Dick’s drained cum to rise up between her tits and crawl over them.

“Randy, you lick up the cum from my butt-hole on mom’s pussy.” She then sat cross legged and gestured to them start licking. “Then you all gotta kiss me, like I said.” Candy smiled evilly as she watched Randy dip his head to his mother’s cunt and start sucking up the pool of jism he had deposited in her rectum moments before. She then pushed Dick’s face down into her mommy’s tits as he went to suck up his cum pooled between them. “Yeah Dick! Now kiss Cyndy with the cum!” Dick held Cyndy’s lovely face in his hands and they shared a cummy kiss. “Now kiss me!” Both Dick and Cyndy hugged Candy and wiped their cum soaked lips over Candy’s lips and face. “Randy? Your turn!” Randy’s lips were dripping with strings of cum as he held and kissed little Candy. Candy licked her lips and sighed blissfully. “Ahhhhhh, that was the best cum ever! Who wants to suck out my butt hole?” She then got on her hands and knees and raised her cute little bottom high in the air directly in front of Randy. After all, he’d felched her anus before.

Randy didn’t hesitate, “Me! I want to suck it out!” On his hands and knees he got behind Candy and pushed his face into her ass-crack and started sucking on her asshole. Candy helped him by relaxing her hole, allowing him to probe her depths as far as his tongue would go. He fastened his lips over her hole and sucked like he was trying to start a siphon.

Sandy watched her son suck out her baby daughter with morbid fascination, ashamed of herself for enjoying the lewd sight. She felt beyond depraved now. “Candy, let me suck out your pussy when Randy’s done with your bottom!” She couldn’t wait to sink to new depths and suck the remains of Dick’s cum, and Candy’s still flowing juices from her baby’s cunt.

Candy smiled wickedly, and knee-walked to her mother’s face and mashed her cunt down onto her mouth. “Yeah mom! Lick me out! Suck out Dick’s cum!” Sandy, sucked and licked, completely cleaning her cute little daughter’s pussy.

By now, everyone was feeling their extremely full bladders which went unnoticed during the intense group fuck. “Damn! I gotta pee bad.” Randy stood up and held his hands on his crotch to hold off from wetting on the spot. “Candy, you better get in the tub or something now, ‘cause I gotta pee like a race-horse!”

Candy stood up, spread her legs and held her hands on her hips. “Come on then. I’m ready for my pee shower!” She then trotted to the bathtub and lay down in the middle. “Do it! I want you all to pee all over me!” She grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them up and spread them wide, exposing her cunt and asshole completely. “I want you to start one at a time to make it last longer!”

“Me first!” Randy quickly straddled Candy in the tub and held his penis, pointing it at her budding, puffy tits. He relaxed his straining bladder and started letting go the urine from two beers, a half a jug of soda, a bottle of water and a glass of champagne. He felt like he never had to pee so bad in all his life. His piss came out of his yawning pee-hole with tremendous force and volume. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He directed his cock to spray all over her sweaty young body, having plenty enough piss to completely soak her from head to toe. He took special aim at her butt-hole, his personal favorite place on her cute body. Candy had to squint her eyes to keep from getting blinded by the salty warm streams. She licked it off of her lips and rubbed it into her luscious puffy tits.

“Oh God Randy! That feels so hot! Hmmmmmm, your piss is slippery and smooth on my skin!” Candy loved getting pissed on! “Come on! Someone else start before he’s done!”

Cyndy couldn’t wait either, and stepped into the tub in front of Randy. Randy then aimed the last of his giant piss at Cyndy’s ass-crack and watched it run down her legs. Cyndy took both of her hands, and used her fingers with their pink nail polish to hold open her pussy lips and pull on her urethra-hole so she could aim her stream. She’d pissed on Candy enough to learn how to aim her piss wherever she wanted it to go. “Open your mouth Candy! I’m gonna pee right in your mouth!” She then cocked her hips up and let go with the typical gushing piss of a female. Twice the volume of Randy’s piss blasted out in a thick hosing, splashing Candy directly on the face. Candy’s face immediately became a yellow mask of cascading piss, as Candy opened and closed her mouth like a fish. Candy then tipped her head back and started gargling the hot fresh liquid her sister fed her. She then filled her cheeks and spit it back at Cyndy in a tight stream from her mouth. Cyndy in turn got wet with a huge mouthful of urine from her little sister.

“God! That is just so sick and wrong! I love it!” Sandy stepped into the tub in front of Cyndy and held cunt-lips wide so that she could unload on both her nasty perverted daughters. She humped her pelvis up and down spraying both Candy and Cyndy with a huge volume of piss generated from about 4 bottles of water, a beer, and glass of champagne. Her stream arced up and down with her pelvic thrusts, indiscriminately drenching both girls, and also running down her own legs to drip on Candy’s alternately smiling and grimacing face. By now, the bottom of the tub held enough piss so that Candy was lying in a shallow pool of hot, yellow, salty urine.

“Oh YEAH!” exclaimed Candy “This is so hot! I love watching the piss coming out of pee holes and feeling it all over my body!” She splashed the pool of piss with her hands causing it to fly everywhere in spattering rain. “Come on Dick! Piss on me! Shoot your piss all over me!” Dick stepped into the tub as Cyndy stepped out and aimed his cock directly at Candy’s up-turned cunt and anus.

“Here you go Candy! Take my piss on your pussy!” He let fly with the pent up supply of boiling urine generated from 6 beers, a bottle of water and two glasses of champagne. Dick had a huge bladder and could outlast everyone else. He carefully aimed his blasting stream directly at Candy’s erect clit, stimulating it wildly.

“Oh my God Dick! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop peeing! Don’t stop!” By this time, Randy’s bladder had refilled to some extent, and he got in position to finish the job if need be. But Dick’s piss kept coming, and coming hard! He wiggled the stream up and down her clit to give her maximum stimulation. Suddenly her face scrunched up, and her hips came up out of the pool of piss in the beginning of her cum. At that moment Randy squeezed his bladder hard and jetted a forceful second stream into Candy’s spasming cunt. “Ung! Unnngggggghhhhh! Ahhhhhh! EEEEEEEEE!” Candy wailed out with a powerful orgasm, made all the better in her mind because of the sheer perversion of coming under a pissing cock in a bathtub swimming in pee. She slapped her palms into the pool of urine and splashed it everywhere. She took scoops of it with her hands and ladled it all over her tits, and rubbed it in like lotion. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” All of the air came out of Candy’s lungs, and she flopped back into the tub of piss with a splash. “Oh. My. God! That was fantastic!”

“Happy Birthday Candy!” said Sandy.
“Yeah, hoped you liked it!” said Randy.
“You know she did.” said Cyndy,
Dick grinned at the nasty little girl who had now rolled on her belly in the pool of piss, and shook the last drops of piss from the end of his cock. “I liked it too! I can’t wait until she turns thirteen!”

The End

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Oh my god. Fucking awesome. I came and squirted soo many times reading this. Very well written. More....please

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totaly awsome story, wish there was a lot more authors like u out there

thank you

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