We had just moved after mom left & I could tell dad was lonely.
Mom had left about 6 months earlier, so we decided to move to MS to start over. Dad tried so hard to make sure that I was happy & basically forgot about himself. I found him surfing the net looking @ porn many times & went to my room to finger myself, wishing it was his cock in my pussy. I even started let him see me naked many times & watched as he raced to his bedroom to jerkoff. Oh I am a red head, 36D tits, 110 lbs., cheerleader, & in dance. Dad brown hair, 200 lbs., works out every other day, & his cock is 10.5" in length & very wide.

It was about 2yrs. after we had moved here that I asked dad could we just start walking nude around the house when it was just us here. He agreed & that kinda started my plan to seduce him into fucking me. I even got him to bathe me a few times & watched as his cock grew hard. I just wanted him more & more. Well, Sat. we were sleeping in & I got out of my bed to go climb into bed with dad. He must have been having a sex dream, because he starting humping my butt. I turn over slid under the cover & started sucking his cock. He was humping my face, he began to cum & woke up. Realizing that someone was sucking his cock he threw off the cover to discover it was none other than he daughter. He could not stop cumming & I would not stop sucking.

After he finally stopped & I got off his cock, he was so shocked saying that was wrong, we can't do this, it is INCEST, he would got o jail. I planted my lips on to his to stop him from going on, then asked him. Did he enjoying cumming in my mouth, Yes or No? He lowerd his head & said yes. I told him that I had caught him looking @ porn on the net, seen his cock get hard when bathing me, & heard him jerking off. I wanted this & to some degree planned it. He was in shock & did not know what to say. he was laying down, so I positioned my pussy over his mouth & told him to truly make me happy let's be together & share everything. Pleasure one-another in every way. I lowered my lips onto his awaiting mouth & he began to lick & suck my pussy until I came. I humped his face like a bull in a rodeo. Then we turned to hold each other, before round 2. I sucked him hard (which didn't take much) climbed over his cock, told him I want you 2 be my 1st & last man to fuck me. Yes, I am a virgin daddy & I want only you. It hurt @ 1st, but that soon turned to pleasure.

I was coming left & right with every thrust of his cock as it entered my dripping wet, juicy cunt. Dad, I want you to cum in me, deeply, fill my pussy up, make me yours competely & totally. He asked if I was on the pill? Yes, I am. With each deep thrust I knew he was going to cum in second. I could fill his balls drawing tighter & tigher, then it let loose. We both screamed in total release. We held each other for the rest of the morining.I may let him fuck my ass hole soon, trying to build up the nerve for that though. We got up that afternoon & went out to eat some dinner & catch a movie. I asked if I could invite Lizzy to join us, my dad is a pussy when it cums to me getting my way. So I called Lizzy & we went grabbed her. I wore a shirt to where I could watch my dad get a hard-on easily. I also wore loose shorts w/o panties, so I could finger myself. I had called Lizzy told her about what I had done & asked if she would like to join in with me. She said, you bet, I have wanted to fuck your dad for so long. I will wear loose shorts & no panties either.

We were heading to go to eat, when I slid my hand over to Lizzy's leg & began to slowly rub her thigh. She, was getting so wet & I could feel the heat from her pussy. I let my hand ease up her lips, making sure dad could see. Parted her dripping lips 7 began to slide my finger in & out of her pussy. The scent was filling up the truck. She starting humping & moaning as my finger entered & exited her pussy. She tried to bute her lip, & not scream, but she let out a little yell. I looked @ dad's bulge & knew he was horny. I the way home Lizzy fingered me & I did not hold back. I even asked to squeeze my nipples. When, we got home we all darted for the front door. Dad grab me up planted a lip locking kiss on me, grabed my ass, I could feel that he was a lot harder than this morining. After our kiss broke, I sink to my knees, slowly unzipped his pants, pulled out his massive cock, eased in my mouth & sucked him. Lizzy was watching slid her finger into to shorts & started playing. Dad called Lizzy over, began kissing her & slid his finger in & out of her pussy. It didn't take long for her to cum. She got on her knees & sucked my dad off with me. He cum all over our faces & shirts. We went to take a shower, soaped each other up & had to get out, we needed more room. We made the way to dad's bed.

He laid down between my legs & started licking my very wet cunt. I could not leave Lizzy alone. I got her to sat on my face & eat her. I came so quick, that I need a slight break. Lizzy jumped @ the chance to take my place. We fucked all night & into the next morining, where we slept most of that. I still haven't let him fuck my ass yet, but Lizzy sure did. That's another story.

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8WGTmr Very good article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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2012-06-29 11:59:11
The story was great, I really did enjoy it. As if it true are not it was still good. For those of you that want to complain about the writing of this story or any for that matter, go read a real book written by a professional so it is written correctly and to your satisfaction. Other wise leave these people alone and enjoy there stories.

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I like the story I dream of having sex with 20 year old doughter,I fingered her several times in her sleep


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i like the story... it was fucking hot

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I used to go to my daughter's for supper at her apartment.
Her husband was in Iraq. After meals, we would go onto the
sofa to watch some tv. but we always edned up fucking.
She was pregnant and 23, so I never had to wear a condom.
She always let me shoot my cream up into her cunthole. Her jhusband is back now from Iraq, so we stopped it.

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