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The siblings have a visitor
William and Ann
Chapter 9

Kelly, Belinda, Susan, and Natalie had been talking about the news they learned about Ann at the mall. The more they discussed it, the more aroused they got. The girls went back to Natalie’s house. Natalie lived just 2 blocks from Ann, so she said she would go drop by for a visit and report back on what she saw to the other girls.

Kelly and Belinda started making calls to their friends to let them in on the gossip, but Susan said she would wait to hear back from Natalie’s visit before saying anything. As it turned out, it was the best choice made.

Natalie walked over to see Ann around 8 PM. It had grown dark, but she wasn’t afraid. She was a bold and inquisitive girl who wanted to find out what was really going on behind the walls of Ann’s house. When she rang the doorbell, William answered. He certainly wasn’t expecting to see anyone at that time of night, least of all another young girl.

“Is Ann here?” Natalie asked.

“Sure. She just went to her room.” William looked her over a few seconds and realized he had just seen her earlier at the mall. “I know you. You were following us at the mall today. Where’s the rest of your gang? Come on in.”

Natalie walked in and sat on the couch. William sat beside her. She felt no concern for her safety as he was just inches away, but she looked up at him and asked, “William, is it true that you love Ann more than just a sister?”

“Yeah. I guess you could say that. Why?”

“Well, when I saw her kiss you today, I thought she was putting us on. I’m not the kind of girl that goes around spreading gossip, but don’t you think you and Ann will get razzed by people when they find out?”

“I never thought about it, but I guess I don’t really care. I love her and that’s it.”

Just then, Ann walked in wearing her long T-shirt. Her hair was back in a pony tail.

”Hey, Nat. What are you doing here?” Ann questioned.

“Just talking to William to get some truth before the gossip begins,” she replied.

“Like what kind of gossip?” William wondered.

“The girls I was with are thinking you two are having sex and that’s incest. I personally don’t care, but I wanted to know so that if it’s not true, I can tell ‘em to stop.”
“Okay. Well, Natalie, as a matter of fact, we are having sex. It’s been wonderful. Ann has become my girlfriend and we love each other. I am not ashamed of my relationship with her, regardless of what others think,” William retorted as his sister sat on his lap.

“Exactly. He may be my brother, but he is also my lover. Actually, if things work out the way I expect, he’ll also be the father of my children. Nat, you have no idea how happy he makes me feel. I never imagined I would allow him to be inside me, but Will and I fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. He may not look like the boys in the magazines we read, but if our babies are half as smart as he is, we’ll be blessed,” Ann interjected.

“So, you plan on making babies with your brother?”

“Yeah, but if it doesn’t happen for a while, that’s fine. I do know, though, that eventually our love will be proven with a child. My dad wants him to wear a rubber right now, but I don’t think it’s right that he has to wear one if my dad doesn’t.”

“You mean your dad is …..?” Natalie asked astonished with her eyes wide as basketballs.

“Well, yes, but not entirely by my choice. However, it’s not the same with him. Dad told me he wants me to get pregnant with his baby, but I’m not really anxious for that.” Ann was oblivious to what she was admitting to Natalie. She didn’t understand the ramifications of her babbling. Natalie wasn’t stupid, though, and recognized the dangers of the situation.

Ann wrapped her arm around Will’s neck and leaned down to kiss him as his hand enveloped her waist. Natalie could hardly believe what she was witnessing.

“Next time you guys want to make love, would you mind if I watch? I would love to learn about sex. Would you be okay with that? I’m still a virgin and you seem to be very comfortable with your situation.”

The siblings nodded in agreement. They didn’t mind having an audience, but then Ann added, “The only conditions are that you can’t join in or tell anyone.”

“Cross my heart. Thanks.”

Will then spoke up. “We just had a little fun, so it will be a while before we do it again, but if you want, you can see how lovers enjoy each other before the sex part.”

“That’s cool.”

Just then, Larry called out from his bedroom, “Ann, did Will get home yet?”

“Yeah, Dad. He’s in here with me and Natalie.”

“Okay. I’m going to jump in the shower, then go run to Video Vault and find us a movie to watch tonight. Want to go with me to pick something out?” Larry said.

“Nah. Surprise us, Dad.” Ann replied.

“Uh huh,” Larry grunted. Secretly, he was hoping she would go with him so he could get her alone again and feel her up again during the car ride. He figured as long as someone else was with them, William wouldn’t try anything with Ann. Of course, he figured wrong.

As soon as they heard the water running for Larry’s shower, William and Ann had their hands roaming over each other. Natalie watched in awe at how effortlessly the two pleasured each other, kissing, caressing, and licking. She noticed that she was getting moist herself just viewing these siblings love on each other.

Ann’s neck was covered in warm kisses as William’s fingers danced on her bare thighs and over her T-shirt, and Ann pressed her palm against his scrotum as she moaned from the intense love and pleasure passing through her body.

Ann shifted herself so that the T-shirt could be entered from the bottom. This exposed her bright yellow panties to Natalie, but it didn’t concern her because she was focused on William. He moved his hand up the front of her shirt and rubbed her smooth adolescent belly. It was warm on his fingers and he walked them up to the small cleavage of her tender breasts. It tickled her and she squirmed on his lap and giggled. Will looked over and saw that Natalie was staring intently at the exposed skin and panties of her friend. He whispered into Ann’s ear, “Let’s give her a show, Sis.”

His other hand moved from her waist to the crevice between her legs. He made small circles on the top of her panties and until his middle finger dove down over her covered clit. She threw her head back and opened her mouth to let the tension release quietly from her body. Ann then looked over at Natalie who somehow remained totally still sitting just two feet from the action. Ann gave her a smile seen more often on a horny drunk girl. Natalie smiled back, now slightly jealous of her friend.

The water stopped in the shower and Ann knew it was only a matter of seconds before her dad emerged from the bathroom to go change in his room and get dressed to go out. She reluctantly stood up. Her juicy pussy slurped as her she walked over to the rocking chair. Poor William couldn’t have stood up if he tried. His cock was rock hard and it didn’t help that Natalie was anticipating his next move. He just sat forward on the edge of the couch until the blood slowly left the shaft and allowed him to return to a semi-flaccid state.

There fun, for the time being, had been put on hold until Larry left them alone. Natalie was anxiously waiting for more. She got up to call her friends who were still at her house and let them know they needed to go home and halt the gossip, and also let her mother know she would be home around 11:00.


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keep the chapters cuming have will break natalies cherry and get her pragnet also plus all the other girls in there click,have read all nine chapters the onlyn turn off was with her father for an over all ill give it a 9/10

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