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Two co-workers just can't stand the tension anymore...
Sandra sat at her desk typing away at the computer. Tedious work, but easy, and the pay was totally worth it. The room hummed with the noise of computers, telephones, and rolling desk chairs. She pushed her small, black glasses up her nose a bit to situate them and review her work. Lightly chewing on the end of a pen, her amber eyes skimmed the words on the screen for any mistakes.

Her attention was pulled away when a co-worker passed by her cubicle and glanced at her over the flimsy, gray wall. She peered at him over her glasses and smiled coyly when she realized who it was. His name was Sven. His dark brown hair bounced around his cheeks as he walked past and he returned her smile, his gray eyes glinting.

Since Sandra had been promoted and was moved to this floor, she and Sven met. At first it was just the usual pleasantries. "Hi, nice to meet you, I'll be your new co-worker." But pretty soon they were swapping glances, subtle smiles, suggestive body language and conversations... There was some sexual tension between them, that was obvious, but they kept at a distance because of that pesky "no dating within the office" rule.

Sometimes she would tease him by wearing a low-cut blouse and letting most of her golden hair drape neatly about her shoulders instead of putting it up. He would tease back by unbuttoning two or three buttons on his shirt, claiming it was a bit too warm in the office. If not that, he would wear pants that were a bit snug in all the right places, but only if you were purposefully looking - which she often did.

Sandra was sipping her coffee in the breakroom one morning when Sven walked in. They smiled and nodded at each other before Sven made his way over to the coffee maker for a cup of his own. Not for the first time, she casually observed and admired his ass as he walked past. She was pretty sure he walked that way because he knew she was looking. Hey, she wouldn't complain.

Once he'd fixed his cup of coffee, he walked over and leaned against the counter beside her. He took a long sip of his coffee.

"So how's it goin'?" He asked.

"Oh not too bad, really. A little stressed is all..." She sighed, part truthfully, part suggestively.

"Stressed, huh? Afraid that comes with the job. It's been a rough week." He smiled.

"Sounds like we could both use a vacation." She chuckled before taking another sip of her coffee.

He snorted. "I don't think Mr. Levinson's going to let that happen any time soon, not with how busy we are this month. Sounds like we could use another form of stress relief..." he said as he turned slightly and leaned into her, bringing his face close to hers.

Without thinking she placed a hand on his chest and gently gripped his shirt, leaning back into him a bit. She felt the bulge in his pants barely pressed against her lower belly. His lips were centimeters away from hers when they suddenly heard chattering down the hall. Two co-workers were coming toward the breakroom.

They pulled away from each other and directed their attention back to their drinks, acting like little more than casual aquaintances carrying on light conversation. The two co-workers entered the room, said a friendly hi to them, and went on about their business. Sandra and Sven glanced at each other while sipping their coffee and smiled.

"Well, it's about time I got back to work," Sandra said and gave a little wave before heading back to her desk. On her way back she ran into her boss.

"Sandra, I need you to make 50 copies of this report, please." Mr. Levinson told her as he handed her the report.

"Sure, no problem." She gave a polite smile and went on her way toward the copy room.

Sven noticed her walk past the breakroom, papers in hand. He quickly finished his coffee and peeked out the door after her. She'd gone into the copy room. He glanced around quickly. Everyone looked busy enough or were out elsewhere. He casually walked toward the copy room and slipped inside, quietly closing the door once he saw no one other than Sandra was in there.

She was in front of the copy machine, doing as she was asked and copying away. He walked up behind her, his deliberately soft steps masked by the whir of the copier. Gently placing his hands on her shoulders. She gasped, but he he lightly pressed up against her before she could turn around. There was his bulge again, pressing into her rear now. From the feel of it, it was pretty impressive in size.

"Hello there." He said in a low voice before kissing her neck lightly.

"What are you d--" she started to ask, but was cut off by the tingle that ran down her spine. She was startled by his…forwardness. But also rather aroused.

“Something I don’t think you’ll have too many complaints about,” he smirked between neck kisses, pressing his groin against her a little harder.

“But, right here, now? We’ll get fired!”

“If we’re caught. The door’s locked. I can be quick. What do you say?” He asked, giving a light, encouraging thrust against her rear.

Just the feel of him was making her wet, and she had wanted him for a long time. It was far too tempting. She answered by pushing back against him and rubbing one of her long legs over his, making him grin. He kissed her neck some more, biting and sucking – but only lightly. His hands now rested on her hips, pulling her up against the huge bulge in his pants.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, mouth open just slightly. He nibbled on her earlobe while his hands went to work unbuttoning her suit jacket, which was quickly tossed to the side. Unbuttoning her blouse revealed perky D-cups in a lacy red bra. Starting from her hips he slid his fingers up her torso to cup her breast, squeezing lightly.

She reached around behind her with her hands and unbuttoned his pants. When she unzipped them his cock popped out against her hand and she softly grabbed it. Her guess was right, he was huge – and now hard as steel. She rubbed it lightly while she pulled her other around to her front and slipped her fingers up under her skirt to rub her slit.

His hand slipped under her bra and pushed it up, making her tits bounce slightly once they were free of it. Her flushed nipples were hard and erect. He re-directed his attention back to her neck and shoulder with kisses and nips, marveling at how soft her hand was on his cock. Her light touches were driving him crazy. He groped her breast and tweaked her nipple with one hand and lifted her skirt with the other. He was delighted to find she was wearing no panties. He slid his hand around her hip to her front and nudged her hand out of the way, which she gladly did. He grazed her clit with his fingers, over and over. He then slid his cock down under her round ass and started sliding it back and forth on her slit. She was incredibly wet now.

Bracing herself against the copier with one hand she reached up and fondled her breasts with the other, squeezing and pulling lightly at her nipples. She could feel his cock rubbing between her legs, teasing her. She mentally begged him to shove it in her. He continued to rub it against her slit and between her lips, and then placed the tip at her opening. He pushed against it lightly, still teasing her, and it was arousing her like crazy.

Biting her neck gently, he pushed the tip inside. After a couple more light, teasing pushes, he started sliding himself all the way in. He felt enormous. She wasn’t even sure all of him was going to fit in her tight hole. But he continued sliding, giving a quick thrust to push himself further inside, making her exhale sharply at being so full. She continued to squeeze her breasts while he gripped her hips and began thrusting into her.

His thrusts started out slow while she adjusted to his size, but then they quickly got faster. He slid one hand around to rub her clit lightly in circular motions. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning too loudly, though the quieter ones escaped.

“Harder…” she mumbled under her breath, and he happily complied. He paused for a second and then shoved himself up into her, hard and fast, and began thrusting. She came almost immediately, they could both feel her fluids dripping down her upper thighs. Not long after he came also, thrusting as hard as he could one last time, filling her even more with his cum.

They both stood there, panting, his throbbing cock still lodged inside her spasming hole. A split-second later, they heard someone try to turn the door handle. Upon discovering it was locked they knocked on the door. Sandra and Sven gasped and quickly buttoned things and re-situated their clothing to look presentable. Sandra went back to making copies while Sven grabbed some random papers to make himself look like he was in the middle of a task as well. He quickly walked over, unlocked the door and opened it walking past the co-worker who had knocked.

“Hi, Paul.” Sven said with a polite, cheery smile as he walked past toward his desk.

“Hey, Sven.” Paul noticed Sandra at the copier and thought it odd the door was locked, but quickly assumed they were speaking about private business matters. He walked up to the fax machine next to the copier and gave a friendly nod and hello to Sandra, which she returned. He began faxing his document when Sandra finished, giving her another smile and nod as she left. As she walked away, Paul noticed the milky fluid slowly dripping down the inside of her thigh. He blinked, then chuckled and shook his head with a grin.

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