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Dad never broke Mom’s hymen when he impregnated her with me. It wasn’t a miracle. He just had a short dick.
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My Mother The 37 Year Old Virgin

The very day that I turned sixteen my mother offered herself to me sexually. She knew that I only had an ordinary six-inch cock but she really wanted it. She was thirty-seven years old at the time and she was technically still a virgin. You see my father only had a cock that was an inch and a half long when fully erect. He managed to get mom pregnant but he never even broke her hymen, the doctor did that during one of her obstetrician appointments.

When I asked her why me, mom told me that she could not cheat on my father with an outsider but that she could with me. I was the only man to come out of her pussy and I should be the only man to go back in.

I could not see the difference but at sixteen I only wanted to look up girl’s skirts, down their blouses, and jerk off. When mom offered herself to me I just simply said, “Okay.”

That evening mom came to my bed. She was wearing a brand new silk robe that was white in color and allowed me to see her white bra and panties through it. Her hair was shiny and radiant and her face was made up beautifully. She looked as if she were my bride instead of my mother.

Mom then untied her sash, opened her robe, and lowered it to the floor. Standing before me in just her new white lacy bra and matching pair of panties Mom turned slowly for me. The bra was just a little thing that lifted her breasts up but did not conceal her nipples. The panties were thongs with a single string up her butt and three strings around each side connected to a very small triangle of material.

I watched as mom reached back behind herself and unhooked the bra. She carefully allowed it to slip down her arms, off her hands, and fall to the floor along with her robe.

She gave me another slow turn allowing me a nice side view of her breasts that were slightly drooping with turned up nipples. She hooked her thumbs in the triple strings and pushed down revealing a nicely trimmed triangular patch of brown pubic hair that was perfectly covered by that white material. After a moment for me to look, mom then lowered them further until they were at her knees. From there they fell down around her ankles where she stepped out of them.

Mom then walked toward me in my bed; she opened the covers, and lay next to me. I was too scared to touch her so she herself placed my hand on her breast. I carefully tested her flesh by feeling of it, squeezing it, and finally by pinching her nipple gently. She didn’t cry out, she didn’t flinch, and she didn’t tell me to stop so I continued on to the other breast and did the same. As I got bolder I got rougher and she still seemed to like it.

Soon mom was sliding my hand down toward her pussy, her legs opened up, and I felt the heat coming from her pussy. The palm of my hand brushed over her soft pubic hair, my fingers followed the curvature of her body down around her pussy lips, and my middle finger found her moist slit. With her instructions I found her ‘love button’ and gave her pleasure and then I found the hole that I was supposed to put my cock in.

Mom pulled me on top of her and between her open legs then she helped me get in position. With one thrust I entered her and she let out a gasp. Upon my next thrust I was all the way inside her. Mom could hardly breathe and it scared me. Finally she gasped for air, held me tightly, and kissed my ear.

Mom then whispered, “Thank you. I really needed that.”

I replied, “I haven’t done anything yet.”

Mom whispered, “You have done more than you know. You have touched me deeper than your father ever has. For the first time in my life I think I know what sex is supposed to be like.”

Then mom thrust back at me. Soon we got a pretty good rhythm going. It was nice being in a woman instead of jerking off all the time. I had already jerked off so I was in no hurry to cum in mom very quickly. I lasted a good five minutes by thinking of fishing and riding my bike but being inside my mother like that I could hardly think of anything else but being inside her. I had always loved my mother but now I loved my mother in a different way…like a man would. I had become a man.

I filled her with my cum and just lay there not wanting to pull out. I was afraid that she might not let me back in. The more I thought about her the harder I got. Soon I was hard enough to make love to her some more. Mom was surprised but pleased that I was ready to go again. Apparently my father didn’t do it twice in the same session, or twice in the same day, or even twice in the same week. Mom confided in me that dad was a once a month kind of guy. It seemed that I was jerking off ten times a day and my father had mom right there all the time and didn’t use her at all. I certainly would have.

So I asked, “Mom can I do this any time that I want too?”

Mom answered, “Yes dear, any time that you want too.”

I asked, “What about dad?”

She said, “Leave him to me. Whenever you want to make love to me just let me know and I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and come up here to you.”

I asked, “What should I say? What if dad is there?”

Mom smiled at me and replied, “I don’t care if your father is there or the whole neighborhood. You just tell me that you’re hard, that you need me, or that you want to fuck my brains out, I don’t care. You can grab my breasts, my pussy, reach down my blouse, or up my skirts I’ll know that you want me and I’ll let you make love to me.”

As she said that I cum in her again and that time mom cum too. She said that it was her very first cock induced orgasm and that it was not going to be her last either.

After that night mom never slept with dad again. She offered him a piece of ass once a week but he only took her up on it once a month. I on the other hand was making love to her three and four times a day on school days and more often on weekends.

Dad never seemed to mind. In fact he would sometimes thank me for taking care of my mother’s needs. He said that he was pleased that she stopped begging him for sex constantly.

Eventually dad told mom that he would ask for it when I wanted it…that was six months ago and he hasn’t asked yet.

The End
My Mother The 37 Year Old Virgin
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