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I want to hold you close and silently
Arouse your appetite for being kissed.
I want to give you all that you can take,
And then move on to other appetites.
I want to give your back a slow massage
To chase away life's complicated knots.
I want to give you anything I can,
To satisfy your soul and mind and heart.

And if your next desires are -- physical,
You'll find me ready there, as well, for you.
I'd love to give you all the love I can
Until our bodies stop from weariness.
I want to feel your body arch, your legs
Encircling my hips at passion's peak.

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2012-11-22 12:15:52
This is a very good answer, and very siilamr to the one I gave not too long ago on my blog. Another thought relates to the husband-wife relationship being an imitation of the relationship between Christ and His Church. I've reminded men they are to submit to and obey God, and women submit to their husbands. As a woman, how much do you want your husband to submit to God? Your answer might be a good model for how you might submit to him.

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