This hiking trip was the desire of a lifetime, starting at Lubec, Maine and ending at Vancouver, B.C., and the trip would take however long it took. At twenty-four, Carl was out of college, but without a job, and he had no family to worry about him, so he had decided that now was the time to live out his dream of walking the breadth of Canada. He was healthy, and athletic; a few extra pounds, but that would melt away before the trip was over, and at six foot three, they didn’t show too much anyway.

The trip started in early April, and he had made good progress but, as time passed, it had begun to get cold at night, he hadn’t counted on winter coming as fast as it had. He had learned to cope with the cold at night, but now it was fall, and was even cool through the day, and on this particular day it looked as if snow was coming. Carl zipped his jacket a little higher, and continued up the side of the hill he was currently crossing, hoping he could get to a good campsite on the other side before the snow started.

He had reached the top and started down the western slope, but it was slippery, and had lots of deadfalls. As he stepped up onto one of the deadfalls, and started to jump off the other side, he slipped and fell forward. The fall caused him to tumble down the steep hill until he came up against another log. He hit it with such force that he heard the bones in his legs snap, and the pain of the breaking bones caused him to scream in pain. Knowing that no help would come, and that he had to rely on himself, he gritted his teeth and pulled himself up to a sitting position atop another log. However, he leaned too far back and again fell, this time tumbling over backward and down the hill. He tumbled over and over until he came to the edge of a bluff, and then he was falling through the air. With a tremendous splash he landed in a fast flowing river whose water was frigid. He surfaced with a gasp and felt the piercing of thousands of needles as the cold water soaked his body. It was almost as painful as the broken bones. At the same time he felt the pain of the icy water, he heard the roar of the waterfall. Before Carl could try to get to the side of the river, he was hurled over the falls, and then he hit the water forty feet below with a bone jarring impact. Again he surfaced, but this time out of breath, and rapidly getting weaker, he used the last of his strength to pull himself up the muddy bank of the river onto a bed of pine needles. Laying face down in the mud and pine needles, he felt the pain of his broken bones, and from the impact of the rocks he had hit in the river, and then he saw snowflakes landing on the needles in front of him, and he thought, what else can go wrong. Then everything went black, and he felt nothing.

Cassie was outside her grandmother’s cabin, gathering wood for the fireplace, and saw the body tumble off the falls. She ran to the cabin and called to her grandmother, and then ran to the river. She was a beauty at fourteen, with ash blonde hair and blue eyes, and she had a milky white complexion despite the time she spent outside in the sunlight. Her breasts were high, like her grandmothers, and firm, and she was proud of the fact that she already wore a C cup bra, when she wore one at all. She was still somewhat of a tomboy, with a splash of freckles across her nose, and she kept her hair cropped short, also like her grandmother.

When they found Carl, he was covered in mud and pine needles, and was soaked to the skin.

“Take the other arm Cassie, and let’s drag him up to the cabin.”

“What about his legs Gram? They look broken.”

“We won’t have to worry about them if he freezes to death. Let’s get him warm first.”

Once inside the cabin, they stripped Carl’s clothes off him, and then bathed him from head to toe with warm water. Then they got some boards and, after setting his broken legs the best they could, they applied splints. Brenda Cooper then told her granddaughter to keep the fire going to warm the cabin more, and she took Carl’s clothes out to the washing shed to be cleaned.

Cassie threw a couple of logs onto the fire, and then went to sit by Carl, who was still unconscious. She didn’t get to see many men other than her grandfather, who had been gone for several weeks now, and the local boys in her school, but this man older than the boys at school, but was much younger than her grandfather. She thought that this man was handsome, and she had taken note when they were bathing him that he had a sexy body, and then she blushed at the moistness she felt between her legs as she looked at the man’s exposed penis, it was bigger than her grandfathers. She knew this because her grandfather didn’t try to hide his from her when he was bathing or changing; she had seen it lots.
Glancing at the door, she reached over and let her fingers close around the object of her attention, and smiled to herself as she saw it begin to harden under her touch. This she hadn’t seen very much and she gave it a couple of strokes with her hand as she watched it get larger, she was rewarded by seeing it get even larger still, and then she saw the moisture on the tip. Glancing quickly at the door again, she rubbed her finger around the tip, feeling the slick fluid cover the man’s cock head, then she put the finger to her tongue to see what it tasted like. Liking the taste of the fluid, Cassie glanced nervously at the door again, then bent and licked the tip of the man’s cock. It was a flavor that she was unfamiliar with, but she liked it very much. She had sneaked peeks and had seen her grandmother do it to her grandfather so, taking the head of the man’s cock into her mouth, she began sucking on it. Then she heard her grandmother coming, and she quickly threw the blanket over the man and sat back.

Brenda walked into the cabin and glanced at her granddaughter, and then at the man. She could tell from the look on her granddaughters face that something had been up, and she knew what when she saw the blanket covering the man tented up.

“Cassie, why don’t you go on to bed; I’ll stay up and watch to make sure he’s okay.”

“Gram, I don’t mind staying up, I can watch him and you can get your rest.”

“No Cassie, I want you to go on to bed and get some sleep. You will be busy enough tomorrow if he comes too and needs help.”

Reluctantly, Cassie went to her bedroom and closed the door. Once in bed however, she continued to think about the man, and how good his cock tasted. She began to massage herself, sliding her finger up and down the slit of her pussy, and then, as her finger slid past the outer labia, she began to massage her clit, she moaned softly and started rotating her hips. Two fingers slid inside her and then she curled them and pulled up as she continued to fuck herself. She found her g-spot, and that sent her over the edge. Trembling with climax, Cassie had to bite her lip to keep from screaming with pleasure, and it all happened because she was thinking of the man’s cock. As she regained control, after the last pulse of her orgasm was reached, she pulled her fingers out of her now wet pussy and slipped them into her mouth. Mmmm I wonder if he would like tasting my pussy as much as I liked his cock she thought, and then her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Brenda settled in to the overstuffed chair, and looked at the unconscious man’s face. Well, it could be worse; he could be much older and ugly, or one of the young boys from school. She knew her granddaughter was curious about sex, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be facing the world on her own. This may be a perfect opportunity for her to learn; they would have to wait and see, and then she too dozed off. However, just before sleep claimed her, she remembered the tented up blanket and her eyes popped open. She decided that it couldn’t be very comfortable so she quietly went to the man’s bedside and raised the blanket. Goodness, he has a nice one, she thought, bigger than Georges, and she slid the blanket further down off him.

Carl’s eyes slowly opened to a warm room, and a log ceiling, and then he saw the woman standing over him. She was somewhere between fifty-five and sixty, with mostly gray hair. He thought she was still pretty for a woman that old, and she looked like she still had a good figure, slim with nice boobs anyway he thought. Then it hit him, he had thought he was delirious, having a dream about getting sucked off, but it must have been her. She turned and saw him staring at her, and she blushed.

“Sorry, but you looked so uncomfortable, I just, wellll,”

“It’s okay” he whispered “Go ahead and suck it again if you want.”

She blushed furiously, and then visions of Cassie sucking this man’s cock flashed through Brenda’s mind.
“You’re hurt, and probably out of your head, and you need your rest.” She smiled.

Returning the smile, he tried to sit up, but couldn’t because of the pain, and the splints.

“Your legs are broken, and you’re bruised pretty badly. Just lay still, we will take care of you.”


“My granddaughter Cassie and I found you by the river and brought you to our home. I’m afraid it’s quite remote out here, and help is a long ways off. We do have a retired doctor who lives fairly close who we can get tomorrow. In the meantime, we will care for you the best we can, at least until your able to be up and about. My husband went for supplies several weeks ago, and we don’t expect him for at least another month, so he can’t help get you to the city. Will your people be looking for you?”

“No, no one will be looking.”

Carl glanced down and noticed that he was naked and uncovered, he looked back up at the woman, who had followed his glance, and watched while his cock again began to stiffen; and then she blushed again, and looked back into his eyes.

“You’re clothes were a mess, so we took them out to wash.”

“It’s okay, and thank you very much for taking me in. My name is Carl.”

“Well Carl, we need to get you fed don’t we?”

She went to the stove, stirring a pot while she thought about the man’s cock, and then returned to him with a cup of soup. She sat beside him on the cot, and put the spoon in his mouth, then she dipped the spoon in the bowl for more soup and, as she did, she felt his hand close around her breast. She started to pull back, but then stopped. His hand was massaging her breast and it felt good. The fingers slid over and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her dress, and then slid inside. She drew her breath in sharply as she felt his fingers pinch her nipples, but she just sat and stared at him.

“You have beautiful, firm, breasts for a woman your age.”

“You have to know something, I’m a married woman, and it wasn’t me that did that to you before. You know, sucked your cock.”

His hand stopped massaging her breast for an instant.

“Who was it then?”

“I think it must have been my granddaughter. She’s fourteen and very curious about sex right now. “
She had made no attempt to stop him from caressing her breasts; in fact she was enjoying his touch.
“Please understand, I miss my husband very much, and I love him, it’s just that, well, I uhh”

Releasing his hold on her nipple, he slipped his hand around to the back of her neck, and then he slowly pulled her down to him, their eyes locked together. Then, their lips touched and her eyes closed as her mouth opened to allow his tongue entry, to intertwine with her own. As they kissed, he slid the top of her dress off her shoulders, and down to her waist, baring her breasts to be compressed against his bare chest.

After an eternity of passion passed between them, she broke the kiss, and then stood up and let him watch as she slowly let her dress slide off her body to the floor, exposing her almost completely to him. She then slid her hands into the waistband of her panties, and pushed them down until they too fell to the floor. She stood before him now, completely naked. He gazed at her body with appreciation, taking in the beautifully rounded breasts with their dark pink areola, swollen now with desire, and tipped with firm nipples. He noted the curves of her hips, and the firm tanned thighs, tapering to slim calves and ankles completing her long slender legs, and in the center of all that beauty was a thick golden thatch of pubic hair covering her womanhood. He looked back to her soft shoulders, and then on up to her full lips and finally her eyes. He was surprised to see tears in her eyes, with one rolling down her cheek.

“I feel so ashamed; I’ve never cheated on my husband before.”

“You’re beautiful, and I want you Brenda.” He said, “But it’s not too late, and we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

By way of response, she smiled at him then climbed onto the bed. With tears streaming down her face she straddled him and took his cock in her hand, guiding him, and then he watched as first his cock head, then the entire shaft of his cock slowly disappeared inside her, and the brown of his pubic hair mingled with the gold of hers. Carl’s head fell back onto the pillow, and he moaned as he felt the warmth and snugness of her moist pussy. Brenda also moaned at the feel of a cock filling her that was bigger than she was used to. Until tonight, no one but her husband had ever fucked her, and she felt pleasure and shame at the same time. She continued to slowly thrust and rotate her hips at this young man’s cock, and she lowered her body until her breasts were pressed firmly against his chest. She rose up, and then lowered her head and took his nipple into her mouth, sucking, and teasing it with her lips and teeth. Then she kissed her way up his chest until they again began kissing. He kissed her neck and shoulders, then her eyes and cheeks, tasting the salt of her tears, and then finally their open mouths came together and again their tongues fought a dual as she continually rotated her hips, and thrust them forward to feel the fullness of his cock. She began nibbling at his earlobe, whispering to him.

“Mmmm, you have such a beautiful cock, and I’m glad you’re making love to me. I loved how gentle you are.”

Suddenly, a few minutes later, she raised up and looked at him with her beautiful eyes, and smiled as she asked,

“Are you going to fill me with your love?”

This excited Carl even more, and he thrust up as hard as he could, pain shooting through his legs as Brenda ground her pussy into him, and he began to fill her with cum. She felt his cock pulsing with each squirt of his seed into her, and she began to quiver, and then it built into a hard shudder as her own orgasm followed his. Her back arched, and she began bouncing up and down, impaling herself time and time again, as wave after wave of climaxes controlled her body. Then, with one final, hard, thrust of her hips toward his cock, she held him until they both were completely exhausted, and she collapsed on his chest again. With her head on his shoulder, he turned his face to her, and he kissed her tenderly on the lips, and then they dozed off, gazing into one another’s eyes, and smiling the contented smiles of new lovers who have just shared a wonderful experience.

When Brenda’s eyes opened hours later, she was still lying on top of Carl, but she had stretched her legs out to their full length. They were still spread and Carl’s softened cock was still inside her. She smiled at his sleeping face, and then she laid her head back on his chest. She lay like that for a long time, enjoying the feel of his cock inside her. Then she finally let it slip out of her well satisfied pussy, which was filled with his seed, and she eased off the bed trying not to wake him while covering him with the blanket. She quickly showered and was making breakfast when Cassie came in.

“Morning Gram, is he still unconscious?”

“No, he’s just sleeping. He woke up last night and we talked some. His name is Carl.”

“Are we going to try to get him a ride to the city?”

“No, I think it will be ok if he stays with us until he’s well enough to travel on his own, and Ben from across the river can come and take a look at him to make sure he’s okay, he’s a retired doctor you know. It will mean extra work for us though, and if you don’t feel up to it we can call the ranger to come in and pick him up.”

“NO! I can do the extra work Gram.”

Brenda smiled to herself at the force behind Cassie’s rejection of the suggestion of calling the ranger, and she continued preparing breakfast as Cassie turned to check on her patient. She found him awake and looking at them.

“Well, good morning sleepy head. I’m Cassie, how do you feel this morning?”

Carl smiled at the girl and replied,

“Hi, Cassie, I’m Carl, and I feel like I fell off a mountain, but with you and your grandmother taking care of me, I must have fallen right into heaven.”

Cassie laughed and a friendship was begun.


After almost four weeks, most of the swelling had gone down in Carl’s legs, and the bruising was fading into motley yellow. He was getting around on crutches that the doctor had sent over to him, and was really enjoying the company of Brenda and Cassie. There had not been a repeat of the first nights love making with Brenda, but Cassie was always finding ways of brushing her breasts up against him or lingering over his cock while giving him the sponge bath that he knew he could do himself, but that Cassie always insisted on doing. A couple of times she would even look around to make sure her grandmother wasn’t watching and then quickly kiss the end of his cock before covering it again. Once she pulled his arm up to bathe it, and placed his hand on her breast. When she did, he gave it a squeeze, and winked at her. She blushed, but leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips, and then she giggled and ran from the room. It had become almost a game for them.

One day, Brenda came to Carl and said,

“I’m sending Cassie over to the Casey place to make sure it has been winterized, and that everything has been shut off for the winter. The Casey’s are friends of ours who only come up for the summer, and we look in on their place from time to time. The weather is getting worse, and I really would like it if you go with her. It’s only three or four miles down the road, but if the snow gets any heavier, you won’t make it back tonight and I don’t want her to be alone.”

“I’d be glad to help out any way I can Brenda, but are you sure you don’t want to go with her yourself if she might have to be there overnight?”

Brenda smiled and put her hand on his cheek.

“No, I can’t think of anyone I would rather her spend the night with.”

Cassie brought the snowmobile around from the shed, and they left, with Carl hanging on to Cassie, and his crutches sticking out sideways between them. Fifteen minutes later, the snow was falling, and the wind was picking up, making it hard to see. Cassie almost missed the turn off for the Casey’s cabin, and almost threw Carl off the back when she turned into the drive. Cassie gave Carl the key, and then took the snowmobile to put in the shed while he went in and started a fire. When she came inside, he had the fire going and had begun to check the cabin to make sure that everything had been done to winterize it. Cassie got some water in a pot, and put it on the fire to heat, and when Carl came back into the room, she was taking her coat off. Carl looked her over and decided that she was beautiful, and she had a great figure for a fourteen year old girl. Her ass was firm and round and her breasts, which were not hidden behind a bra, were firm and her nipples pushed the fabric of her shirt out like the nosecones of guided missiles. She caught him looking and smiled, which made him blush.

“Like what you see?”

“Well, the view is pretty good, but my x-ray vision hasn’t been working too well lately. Those ski pants you’re wearing must be made of lead.”

Cassie laughed, and kicked her snow boots off, then slipped the ski pants off. Carl was shocked to see that she was not wearing anything underneath, and was totally speechless when she jerked her sweater up and over her head, and then threw it to the floor before striking a pose while facing him. She had a petite little body with pale white skin, and her areolas were pale pink. They looked like they were as firm as steel cones. What pubic hair there was, was blonde. She slowly walked toward him, and then began unzipping his jacket, and unbuttoning his shirt. She pushed the jacket and shirt off him, and then slipped her arms around his waist and pressed the hard cones of her tits into him. She then looked up into his face, and said,

“I think it’s time for your sponge bath don’t you?”

She reached down and unfastened his pants, and pulled them down, and then reached up and pulled his underwear down, exposing is cock to her. She then pushed him back onto the sofa and removed his pants from around his ankles.

“Cassie, I don’t know if we should be doing this, you’re very young, and I don’t know if your grandmother would approve of you being naked with an older man.”

Cassie laughed and said,

“Weren’t you and Gram naked the night you fucked her?”

“Whattt, Cassie, I uhh, I mean, I uhh”

Laughing again, Cassie said,

“Carl, Gram and I had a nice long talk about sex, and she told me about the night you and she fucked. She also told me that you made her feel like there was nobody else in the world but her, and that if I let you fuck me that It would be a wonderful experience for me, and I would feel, well, completely satisfied afterward, and not cheap. She said you weren’t the type person to just fuck a girl and then toss her aside. But she also said that if we did it, then I should make you feel like, you know, like we made love, and not just fucked.”

“Do you want to make love Cassie?”

“At first I just wanted to get you to have sex with me because I’ve never done it before, but I really have feelings for you now. It’s kind of different this way isn’t it, I mean, being friends and all?”

“Yes, I believe it is.”

Then he slipped his hands under her arms and lifted her up. They’re bodies came together, and she experienced her first passionate kiss from him. They’re lips molded together as his tongue slid inside her mouth, and she tasted him, and felt the warm suction of his moist lips, holding her mouth to his. Her arms slowly slid around his neck and she returned the passion of his kiss. They slid to the floor, and lay on the rug in front of the fireplace, as she felt his hands and lips explore her body. He kissed her shoulders and neck and then slid down, and caused her back to arch as his lips closed around her nipples, first one and then the other. She began moaning and rolling her head from side to side as his lips moved down her stomach, and began kissing the top of her pubic mound. Her legs began to part as his hands slid off her breast, across her stomach, and down between her widening thighs. She moaned even louder when his fingers slid back up her soft inner thighs, and gently spread the virgin lips of her pussy. She said,


as his lips closed on her clit and he began gently teasing it with his tongue.
Trying to imitate what she had heard the girls at school say, she turned and began licking his cock, and then his balls, as her legs spread wider to allow him better access to her pussy.
There was a loud gasp from Cassie as his tongue continued its teasing of her clit, and he slipped a finger inside her hot moist pussy. She began a slow thrust toward his tongue as she let his cock slip into her mouth, and she learned that she liked the feeling she got when she pushed his cock to the back of her mouth. She decided to see what it would be like if it went even further, and she thrust her mouth forward as she swallowed, and felt the thrill of hearing Carl moan as his cock slid into her throat. His head came up and he looked down at this young girl who had his cock buried in her throat and was sucking on it as she let her mouth fuck him. Her first blowjob and it was better than any he had ever had before. He resumed making love to her pussy with his mouth, and slipped his tongue into her, deeper than he had pushed it before, causing her to begin rotating her hips and thrusting toward him. Her legs came up, as if they had a life of their own, and wrapped around his head while she thrust harder and harder into his mouth, and then with a squeal, she began to shudder and thrust his cock deep into her throat. Her orgasm was the hardest she had ever had, and it was even more exciting to her because she felt his cock throbbing as she swallowed his cum.

Pulling all the pillows from the sofa and chairs, they lay together in front of the fire. Embracing and fondling, kissing and whispering to one another. Then Cassie kissed him on the neck, and then up to his lips, as she began sliding her hands over his chest and abdomen, then down to let her fingers close around his cock. He started to pull her on top of him, but she stopped him.

“I want you to be on top of me the first time you make love to me.”

“But Cassie, it will be much easier for you if you’re on top the first time; you can control it better that way.”

Smiling sweetly at him, she said,

“I’ve never been made love to before, but I don’t have a hymen to break and hurt. That was taken care of when I was in gymnastics when I was much younger, but you’re so sweet to care.”

Rolling onto her back, she pulled him after her and smiled up at him when she felt his cock shaft spread her pussy. He pulled back, and let the tip of his cock slide down and then he began to press into her. When she felt the tip of Carl’s cock against her pussy, and knew that becoming a woman was just a thrust away, she pulled up, grasping his shoulders she raised herself until she was even with his head, and then she kissed him, pulling him down to her, and pushing her tits up against his chest. Then she broke the kiss and smiled at him, their eyes locked, and she slid back down until her pussy was again feeling the pressure of his cock.

“I want your cock inside me Carl.”

Carl began a slow advance into her, and millimeter by millimeter, she felt his cock fill her pussy. Having a cock invade her pussy was something she had never felt before, and she instantly loved it. There was no pain, just the incredible feeling of being filled. When he had his cock completely inside her, he leaned down to kiss her, and then he began a slow rhythmic thrust into her. She believed she could feel the head of his cock, and even the very veins in his shaft, as they withdrew, and then thrust into her young tight pussy again. Her legs again rose as if they had been commanded, and wrapped around his ass as she matched each of his slow thrusts with one of her own. She put her arms around his waist, and pulled herself up and began a soft sucking of his nipple, as the tempo of their fucking became faster. Cassie began whimpering and begging him to fuck her deep, when she suddenly stiffened, and screamed his name.

“Ohhhhh CARL! Yesssss, fuck meeeee”

His climax was milliseconds behind hers and, as her pussy clamped down and she held his cock in place with her legs, she felt his shaft throbbing as he filled her with his seed.

All night long they held each other, sleeping and waking, kissing and making love. Carl fucked Cassie four times, and they were both exhausted by morning. Both happy, and blissfully unaware of anything else in the world, except for their lovemaking.

When the weather cleared, they returned to Cassie’s grandmother’s house, and were greeted by Brenda and her husband George Cooper. George was a tall straight old man that Carl immediately liked, and whose friendship Carl knew was going to make him feel guilty about fucking Brenda. They shook hands and George welcomed Carl again to their home. George had just last night returned from his trip, and was anxious to get back into the swing of the slow life. Brenda brought them two steaming cups of coffee, and then ushered Cassie into the house, while Carl and George sat on the front porch and talked.

“I know you were hurt and must have felt like a prisoner here, but you have been more of a help than you know, and I wanted to thank you Carl for watching after Brenda and Cassie while I was gone.”

They talked for quite a while, and then Carl made his decision. He liked this old man and couldn’t bring himself to deceive him.

“George, I have to tell you something, but you must believe it was all me; it was nobody’s fault but my own.”

George smiled.

“Carl, Brenda already told me, and I’m not mad at her, or you. We don’t have sex as often as we used to, and that’s my fault not hers. Anyway it’s a memory she can smile at as she gets older huh?”

The two men talked away the afternoon, and when it came time to go inside, Carl noticed that the small rollaway bed he had been using had been put away. Brenda came to him smiling, and said,

“I think it will be okay if you and Cassie sleep in the same bed, don’t you?”

Smiling at Brenda, and giving her a hug and a kiss, he said,

“You know you and George are very special.”

Carl then went to Cassie’s bedroom, where he found that she had already gone to bed and was asleep, facing away from him. Without a word, he quickly got undressed and slipped into the bed next to her naked. She pushed her bare ass into his cock, and pulled his arm over her, placing his hand on her breast. Fondling her, and cuddling, spooned together; it wasn’t long before Carl was asleep too.

The sleeping arrangements remained the same until Carl left three weeks later. When he left, he took with him memories that would remain with him always. That was six years ago, and since then he had received word that George had died. He just fell asleep on the porch he loved sitting on, and never woke up. Carl was unable to go to the funeral, but had written, and Brenda and Cassie had invited him to come back when he could, but a job he really didn’t like kept him busy.

One day, while Carl was sitting at his desk staring out the window, his secretary stepped in and said,

“Excuse me sir, but your two thirty appointment is here.”

“Please show them in.”

His secretary stepped aside, and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen stepped into his office. She had ash blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her figure was perfect for her height, with long slim legs, and firm breasts. Carl came to his feet with his mouth open, and he could only stare. Cassie was now a twenty year old woman, and stood before him smiling.

“Well, don’t I even get a kiss?”

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her passionately, holding her against him. He looked down into her eyes, and said,

“How in the world could I have ever left you? It’s just that you were so young, and I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Are you going to keep me this time?” She smiled.

“I’m never letting go of you again.”

“Well in that case, I want to show you something.”

Cassie brought out a picture and gave it to Carl. It was of a little girl, about five or six years old.

“I named her Carla, after her daddy. She’s at home now with Gram; want to go meet her?”

Carl pulled Cassie up close and kissed her warm soft lips, and then he said,

“Yes, I want to meet her very much, but it can wait till after the honeymoon.”

Cassie smiled and pulled herself closer into his arms.

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