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Amber Part 3

I take a long time to work into the sex, last part did not have as much plot, give constructive criticism and remember, this is not a just sex story.

I opened my eyes to find Amber gone and the smell of something cooking wafting up from downstairs. It had been two days since Amber had come to live with me. My parents had left suddenly on a vacation that would take them from now until the start of our winter break. During that time it would be their honeymoon, so that was the excuse they gave me for leaving, on a box full of condoms. I haven't used any, but if Amber gets pregnant, than I have a child to raise, but she is on birth control.

I got dressed, which was pretty easy. Amber had taken me shopping right after we started high school and pretty much cleaned out my closet and drawers to fill with completely new clothes that were “in”. I wasn't really worried about how I looked, I once went in pajamas with a sleeveless T and just waltzed into my fourth period class. Needless to say I got an earful from Amber and my mom.

Amber also used my money to buy her clothes. Go figure. Either way all outfits had to follow the school dress code with minor fudging here and there. She sometimes wore a spaghetti strap that had a built in bra, that was taken out. She also had a few mini skirts that I got excited about. Her homecoming dress that got her runner up was beautiful showing off tits and ass with no back and strapless. I digress. Amber just looked good in everything with the legs and body to make almost anything look good.

I waltzed down the stairs in my designer jeans and long sleeved shirt that was kind of tight to show off what I had been working on for months on end. Amber was at the stove wearing tight jeans that showed off a perfect ass and a shirt that I had gotten for her two years ago at a concert. It had been too small then, and if her boobs were any bigger it would burst. There was a plate on the table ready for me to eat. Pancakes topped with strawberries and syrup along with scrambled eggs and sausage. I began to salivate and only stopped to kiss her good morning. The breakfast was perfect and tasted just as good as it looked. Those cooking classes that had gotten in the way of a few dates were paying off.

I dug in and thanked God for how much I was blessed. Amber turned and took another plate with a little less on it and began to eat too. I lived a fair ways from school so we had to leave pretty quick and just stuck the plates in the dishwasher. I took a good look at her backside when she bent down and let out a wolf whistle. Amber said she needed to get something so I ran out to the car and dropped my book bag in the trunk while starting the car. It was cold and I didn't want to be driving in a cold car this early in the morning.

Amber came out with her book bag and put it in the trunk than ran to the passenger door. We were off. During the drive Amber dozed to catch up on sleep and she leaned on me to get in a comfortable position. I hated driving this early no matter the season and so I needed to keep my eyes on the road. Every red light I would just look at Amber sleeping pretty soundly.

We got to school a little earlier than usual and had time to sleep for a few minutes in the car before the bell rang to go to first period. Amber shook me awake and we both climbed unsteadily out of the car into the chilly morning air. I knew that my AP Calculus teacher would send me to sleep if I didn't get a jolt, but I didn't drink coffee so I did the next best thing. Turning Amber around, I kissed her and grabbed her ass. She returned the kiss and stayed until I gave her ass a squeeze. This made her pull away and walk off to class with a mock-angry air. It was lessened when she turned around and gave me a wink that said “later”.

I was wrong about the jolt and despite that very recent memory, my teacher had me asleep in the first few minutes of class. I woke up as the bell rang and got out of class before he could call me back in. I had read ahead so I knew what he was teaching. Amber met me at the entrance to our Brit Lit class and we picked seats in the back that could be scooted together. It was time for Shakespeare and our teacher would let us do what we wanted in that class as long as we did the work and did not disrupt anyone.

Amber and I barely paid attention we were just fooling around the entire time. I grabbed her leg and saw how far up I could go from the knee before she pushed my hand off. This continued all period and she grabbed my crotch, gave it a squeeze and left me with a half hard on that was somewhat visible.

Seventh period rolled around and I saw a guy who I named Creeper, hitting on Amber. She was trying to avoid him but no one was in that classroom. I stopped speechless because I had gotten ISS for sending him to the hospital when he had tried that stunt last year and then attacked me for breaking it up. He then reached and grabbed one of Amber's boobs, grasping it so hard that some tears came to her eyes. I reacted then and sprinted the short distance to him. He was on the ground, bleeding from where my class ring had struck him on the face.

Creeper reached to his face and felt the blood. His eyes grew round, but then focused and barked a short order “Get him”. I turned and saw three goons the size of linemen coming at me. They were big and I knew that I was in trouble. These guys circled me and the one who got out of my line of vision grabbed me. The other two each took a fist and brought them crashing into my stomach. I got nauseated and felt like throwing up.

The guy who was grabbing me literally threw me against the wall and I think the only reason I didn't die or crack my head open was from the cork board and thick skull I had gotten from wrestling. This still dazed me even farther and it was only my best friend, Paul, that saved me. Paul was the 160 wrestler and had been state champ last year after getting humiliated sophomore year. He would walk through fire with me and had actually gotten his dad to move a year after I had left him in Colorado. He had broken down the thick door and started beating on one of the goons. I saw the foggy vision lift, and then joined him. The goons still had numbers, but Paul was a running back, and he taught me boxing. He was Golden Gloves champ a few years ago and had the messed up ear and permanently broken nose to back up the story.

I tackled one guy and began to pound his face in until he covered that, than beat on his chest until a few cracks told me that I had broken at least five ribs. Paul was taking on the other two and not doing so good because of the numbers. I turned to see him get a cheap shot from behind into kidneys and hit the guy with a short jab that knocked a few teeth loose. He backed off and I followed to pin him against the wall and shot him a knee in the gut followed by an upper cut to his face. This pretty much floored him but I kept punching him until Amber's shriek told me Creeper had finally gotten her cornered.

This was confirmed when I saw that he had ripped her top but luckily it stayed on. Her breast was partially exposed but she had one hand holding the fabric up and the other trying to keep his hands off of her. I almost exploded in anger. He smashed against wall with a sickening crack but I didn't stop. He weighed around 170, but I threw him like a rag doll against the desks and threw myself into a flying elbow drop right onto his gut. He coughed up blood and one of his teeth hit me in the head with a wave of blood. Paul had to get another wrestler to get me off of Creeper and then they took me to the hall where the teacher had dropped his papers on the floor upon seeing the cracked door and ensuing brawl.

Amber was already out there and had a jacket on her that Paul gave her. It was zipped all the way up, but I knew that even though it was boiling hot, her top was ruined. I only came fully down to earth when she hugged me, but came away with blood on the jacket. I looked down to find blood that belonged to me and Creeper and his goons.

The officer of the school came around the corner with another three policemen and some paramedics. Our fight had lasted all of 5 minutes, but it only became apparent when Paul broke down the door and luckily, there was another fight that needed an ambulance. The officer called for more ambulances and told the hospital to be ready for five patients. I told him I was not going and needed to stay. Paul turned to look at me and said, “Look, I am going but the five patients are you, Creeper, and his friends. I am being arrested too because there is call for hospitalization and all that. Besides, my friend got a tape of what happened when I joined.”

“Paul”, this was me, “I can't go unless you get a guy to protect Amber until she gets to my house. She has the keys so just have someone watch her until she is there.”

“Alright, meanwhile, we have to go or resisting arrest will be added to the charges.”

I looked at the officer “Please, I need one minute.”

“Sorry. You have run into the police three times in one year, the other one two days ago for almost exactly the same offense.”

I tossed Amber the keys to my car and gave her a weak smile. I knew Paul would arrange something, and I did not need anymore trouble than I was in already.

Paul looked at me and said, “Between you and me, there wasn't much of a fight after you got pissed.”

“Thanks I am sure the judge would love to hear that in court, better get my suit ready.”

“You think you might have the same judge, he got you off twice already.”

“I have his number, can probably give him a call, and get that tape.”

Paul motioned to a guy near him and the guy brought out a camcorder and gave it to him. It was time to go and we turned and walked with those stupid zip-tie handcuffs on. They were very uncomfortable. Paul and I got into the same car and we just sat there talking quietly about what happened with Amber and I. I told him that we had had sex and he said that it was about time. He knew about the crush I had on her and had confessed to once having a crush on her as well.

When we got to the hospital Paul was just x-rayed for the punch in the kidneys and I got the complete CAT scan. Turned out that I had just a large bump with elevated heart rate. Nothing too bad and the puking blood was fine. The officer read us our rights and since being 17, both of us could be tried as adults. We behaved like two boys who never did anything wrong and were allowed to just stay in the community cell. I had been accused of attempted murder. Paul was my accomplice. What a way to start off the new life I was living.

I got the suit that Amber gave me, and Paul got one from his girlfriend. Paul, I realized, was dating the friend that was thinking about going in with us for an apartment. I talked to him about this while waiting for the judge and passed away the time. He was ready to go in on it and we made plans of how to split it and what side would be what. It was a three bedroom, so if one of us got into an argument, or a friend needed a place to stay, that was open.

We finally got called to appear before my favorite judge. He looked at me and sighed with a visible shake of his head. I stood up all the same and appeared as if we had never met. My lawyer that my parents had hired from wherever they were presented Paul and mine's case to the jury. Creeper and his friends were on the opposite side and all had black eyes, puffy faces and some teeth missing.

There was questioning and we all got called up, I was getting antsy until my lawyer pulled up the tape and plugged it into the big screen. There the fight appeared and I realized how long it had lasted. When Creeper ripped Amber's shirt I felt myself turning red and then the door opened, I caught the sight of Amber leaving the room and got the pit in the stomach feeling. I knew that she was embarrassed and went to get some air.

I turned back to the video and saw myself hurling Creeper ten feet into desks and then jumping after him. Man it looked staged and there was a lot of blood. I knew that I couldn't get off scot-free. Creeper's lawyer tried to argue against the case. The judge looked at me and let loose another sigh, for the third time I was getting off and had been brought to court for a stupid reason. He went into another room and talked to the jury. They came out with grim looks on their face and just sat down. The judge came back and charged Creeper with molestation and the goons with serious intent to harm, whatever that meant.

Paul and I were let off because of the evidence and were scheduled to be paneled tomorrow. Amber came back in time to hear the verdict. I walked out and went through security to see Amber and Paul's girlfriend talking to each other. I came up to them and told them of the plans Paul and I made while waiting and they just looked at us.

“We were thinking the same thing.” This was Amber

Paul “Yeah I figured, unfortunately we went on different tours so we couldn't get one then.”

His girlfriend, Brianna, “So how much is it going to cost? I already have a job, and Paul just got one where I work.”

Me “Yeah Amber and I did the same thing. She interviewed but the guy gave me a job too.”

Paul “Nice one. We need to get something to eat, I am starving.”

Amber “Yeah, but where?”

Me “What are we in the mood for?”

Paul “Chinese! Or Mexican.”

Brianna “PIZZA”, she is a pizza freak.

Amber “Chinese.”

Me “Uh, how about we order three large pizzas, and each of us gets a meal from some place and we stay at my house?”

A chorus of yeses rang out and I got Amber on the phone with a pizza place while Paul went and called the Chinese place. We had written down our orders and would split the bill when they arrived. I drove home pretty quickly and even raced Paul down one stretch of the highway. It wasn't even close, I blew his stupid Acura out of the water. I got home first and picked a scary movie and an action one. Paul and Brianna walked in the door and stopped suddenly. I turned and realized that the whole weekend, the box of condoms was still on the counter.

Amber chose that time to come down in booty shorts and an old shirt of mine that was too big for her. She saw them staring and followed their gaze. Suddenly we burst out laughing and just left them there. The delivery guys showed up at the same time and I paid them both with pretty generous tips, still chuckling over what happened. I told Paul that if he needed to borrow any that he can just grab it.

We put our stuff on plates and sat down on the couch in front of my dad's big screen he had just bought. It had surround sound and the couches were new so they didn't sag. We watched the action flick first while eating so that way our appetite wouldn't be ruined from the blood that was surely coming. It was fun to talk with each other and laugh over some stupid stuff we had done when we were younger.

The second movie came on and Amber cuddled closer to me. Somehow the shirt she had on had come off. I moved her until she was half on my thigh. We had gotten a blanket and Amber had pulled her knees up to stay warm. This provided the cover I needed to slowly massage her breasts and pinch her nipples. She moaned lightly, but kept jumping every time someone died. I kept one hand on her breasts and the other moved to her crotch.

Amber opened her legs a little to allow me easier access. Her pussy made the area warm and I quickly glanced at Paul to see if he had noticed. It wasn't likely from the way Brianna was shifting and the slight movements I guess his hands were making beneath the blanket. He saw me looking and grinned. I just smiled back and turned my attention more fully to Amber. She couldn't cum, so I had to keep a balance and stop when she seemed to be getting close. This did not keep her pussy from getting wet or overflowing with liquids.

The movie ended and Paul and I got up quickly, hiding our boners and left the girls to figure out how to get dressed. We returned and found that both were sitting there exactly how we left them. I glanced at Paul. He nodded and we grabbed the blankets and ripped them off our respective girlfriends. They immediately tried to cover up and blushed furiously. I just grabbed Amber and carried her up the stairs to my room. Paul knew where the guest room was, and carried Brianna into that room. I called to him, and threw him a condom, he laughed and said that it hadn't happened yet.

Amber kissed me as I put her on the bed and started to pull off my sweatpants. I let her do it and she had a little trouble because I was pitching a pretty big tent. She got them off and then struggled with my boxers. It was kind of hard for her, I kept moving her hair and fondling her tits. She got them off and I stepped out of them and kicked them off. Amber went to work on my cock and I tried to move a little but she just pushed me back down. Then deciding that she was ready, Amber moved into a 69 and I got to eat her out again.

No matter how full I get, I would eat Amber out any time. The more I sucked, the more vibrations she sent down my cock. I stuck two fingers in and gave her an orgasm. She kept sucking, but her scream was muffled and I felt my balls beginning to tighten as my cock got bigger. Amber stopped and got off of me. I was disappointed until she turned and sat on my cock, immediately I was halfway into her when she slowed down and kept going slower the farther in I got. I was finally hilting her and then she started to bounce up and down on me.

I moved my hips up to meet her and was pounding away until my cock started to swell again, Amber must have felt it because she was bouncing faster until she fully impaled herself and then I started to cum in that perfect looking cunt. Despite all the times I came during the weekend, I still shot off a huge load and some began to leak out onto my sheets and me. When I finished and Amber's pussy stopped clenching, she got off and licked the mixture of cum off of me. It was so stimulating I didn't even go flaccid and just stayed hard.

Amber told me that she needed to take a break, I sucked on her tits and groped her ass. I didn't feel like doing it again, I was that wiped out mentally and physically. I feel asleep nuzzling her breasts and still had my hand on her ass. I woke slightly when she pulled the covers over us and just went right back to sleep. I must have been around 11.

I woke up before Amber with my morning woody and still had my head planted between her tits. Nice and soft, I just moved around on them and kept licking until she had finally woken up. I looked and grinned at her. She smiled back, so I went to work. Amber began to moan and reached down a hand to rub her pussy. She started to masturbate when Paul came in and asked where the milk was. I looked at him and said it was in the basement. He left but not before a good morning. Amber hadn't stopped the entire time and was close to orgasm. I kissed her and used both hands to massage her breasts. She cried out and shuddered for a little and then looked at me.

“Good morning.”

“Um, Mike?”

“Yeah? What is wrong?” Her face was confused.

“Did Paul just come in during that time?”

I laughed. “Yeah, Brianna is fixing all of us breakfast so they needed the milk.”

“Oh..... My......GOD! You let him see me completely naked and masturbating?”

“You wouldn't have cared. You even pulled me back to you so I could keep touching you. I had a hard time talking to him with your pushing.”

“I still cannot believe you let him do that.”

“Well, if all goes right” I snickered “Than we can catch them in the act of having sex.”

Amber turned bright red and began to think about it. “Well...”

I interrupted, “No I will not videotape it and just to see their reaction.”

Amber smiled and said, “Yeah go ahead and videotape. Should make for some interesting discussions later.”

I kissed her and then ran to the shower while she picked out what clothes I would wear to the Panel. I was hard during the entire shower, but knew that if I wanted to drop Amber off at school in time and grabbed Paul from Brianna in time to make it to the appointment, a quick shower and rushed breakfast again. Maybe later.

Paul left a little later with Brianna and as soon as I left Amber I headed straight for his car. He was “busy” with Brianna so I knocked on the window and startled them. I tapped my watch and he gave her another kiss, that I wolf-whistled to, and we walked to my car. It was an hour drive to the place and we talked about how we would need to defend our position.

The Panel was late and we were early so we grabbed stuff from the vending machine and ate with the appetite of someone who is nervous. My Doritos were barely munched on and the water wasn't even opened. Paul was blessed with better nerves than me and finished half his bear claw (a large sugar, cinnamon, and frosting covered pastry that is really bad for you) and had drunk most of his water. We were called in and told our side of the story and had to answer some questions, a few of them evasively so that the answers didn't hurt our case. The tape was brought in and I saw a few female members get tight lipped and got these hard masks on.

They walked out of the room and talked for a little bit. Sometimes it can take days for a decision to be reached but ours took only hours. Meanwhile, we couldn't leave and I laughed at Paul for drinking so much. He had to hold it for two hours and it was just killing me not to laugh in his face. The members came out and said that one week in ISS would serve as punishment along with a two tournament suspension from wrestling. Hell I would have been happy if the suspension was from now until Area.

I met Amber at the entrance to the new job, she had to hitch a ride with a friend. Luckily our new boss was lenient and understood what was happening. He gave us our uniforms and then walked us through what our positions did. I had to help Amber carry boxes and stock the shelves. She organized them and I helped her. We would be seeing a lot of each other, and the guys all seemed to have at least one girl paired up with them. I had asked at school and this guy was known for employing couples so they could spend time with each other and still earn money.

Amber and I zipped through our work and then took the position of cashier while the other people went to stock their part of the store. It was very systematically done, and every hour we had a fifteen minute break to do what we wanted. I spent the first fifteen drilling the guy with questions and Amber just stood by. The next break I went into the back room and took a power nap with her on my arm. We woke up just before our shift started.

I must admit that it was very weird. This guy was super nice, making a lot of money, and did not question what we did in the back room. Which was all right cause I had not that much intention of fucking Amber in the back room, but it did occur to me a few times, I had a lump in my pants when she brushed against me, so I gave her a quick peck and she wiggled her ass to tease me even more. Our entire shift was over and we filled out the forms so our paychecks would go straight to the bank.

Amber got to my car first and jumped around trying to keep warm. Her boobs jumped with her and I had to hide my smile. Some people call me whipped, but I consider myself very lucky to have such a hot girlfriend that understands a lot more than my previous ones. I opened the car and found the leather seats freezing cold, Amber had a short skirt on so her legs had to endure until the car got heated.

I just kept it running for a little in the parking lot. We passed the time with some small talk, but that wasn't as filling as what I wanted. I really wanted Amber to fuck me in this car, to “christen” it and just to get the tension that had been built up. She looked at me and read my mind. She did a slow strip and was soon naked. The car was still cold so her nipples grew hard and I had to touch them. She moaned and opened my pants. I stood up a little and those came off with now only my boxers on and they were hurting my cock by keeping it in its confines.

Amber slipped those off and immediately gave me one of the best blowjobs. It was an awesome experience. I loved how her tongue never left my cock and she started to deep throat me. I was already really horny, so I did not last that long but exploded into her mouth. She started to gag and some started leaking from the corner of her mouth, but she kept swallowing and when I finished she licked my cock up and down to clean it.

We moved to the cramped backseat but that just made it a little better, I had to stay in her to fit and this meant instant sex. I didn't get the convertible, but hey, who wants the top down on a November night? I started to pump her and worked up to a good pace that kept me from coming too soon but still gave her several orgasms during that time, When ever she had one I pulled out to my head and rubbed her clit with my thumb and added a finger. It was awesome when I finally cam into her and I shoved it in deep and when she started to have her fourth or fifth orgasm, I was balls deep and was trapped there by the vice grip I had come to expect from her pussy.

I started to come near the end of her orgasm, and she just flowed right into another one, this one milked my cock until it finally deflated and we slipped back to the front seats. Amber was panting hard and reached down to her pussy and swirled her finger in the mix of juices. She sexily sucked them and then took my hand and did the same thing. I began to raise another flagpole but the manager was locking up so I needed to get out of here before he inspected my car and found us both naked inside.

I had read some jokes to do, so I got Amber to give our order in her sexy voice at the drive thru where I knew a bunch of guys work, and then she hunkered down and was covered by a blanket I keep in the trunk of my car. I covered her with the blanket and got the meal with my shirt off, there were six guys there, and all of them started to crack up and pound the guy on the back. I took the meal and then drove as Amber climbed and got into the front seats. We began to munch on the fries and I was starving after not eating that much.

When we got to our house, I love saying that. I got Amber to climb on my back and she made sure to rub her chest all over my back. Her feet were rubbing my crotch and before I even got to the door, my bulge was really evident.

Our food forgotten, Amber stripped her clothes off as fast as she could and I stripped down too. It was quite wonderful, just playing around before sex. Her breasts received a lot of attention as did her ass. My cock was built up to the point of almost orgasm, but having cum twice in the day I was able to contain myself and kept from cumming until she started to rub her tits on my cock. It was so soft and I am a very big fan of tit jobs. She kept rubbing my cock like that and licked the head until I cam in one huge orgasm onto her face. Amber licked herself up and then went to finish eating her meal.

I laughed and realized that ISS started tomorrow but the teacher was a friend of mine, wonder what he would let me do?


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