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Love between two young boys
Part 3: My Little Angel
Jake was still on his knees in front of the bed while Kiyan took his pants off slowly, his body still paralyzed but not enough to stop the boy from pulling down his pants:
“You’re ok with this?” asked Jake, as he helped the boy taking off his pants.
“Tell me if it’s bothering you.”
“I-it’s not. Honest!”
Jake gently pushes Kiyan on his back and lays on top of him, with both his dicks, covered by their underwear, touching each other. The boys join lips again, as Jake kept playin’ with his long hair:
“I... I like that.” Said Kiyan with a whisper.
“You mean the kiss?”
“N-no... What you’re doing with my hair. I like that.”
“What about the kiss? Did you like it?”
“I can show you a lot more, if you want.”
Jake got on his knees on top of Kiyan and pulled out his cock, now hard and started playing with it:
“Go ahead. Touch it.” Said Jake with a smile on his face.
“Don’t worry, it’s ok. You’ll like it.”
Kiyan slowly put his hand on Jake’s cock.
“W-what now?”
“Play with it. Squeeze it. Anything you can think of.” Answered Jake as he closed his eyes and waited for the boy’s hand to start playing.
Kiyan slowly pushing the dick up and down, like he used to do when he saw the young star shirtless on his computer or on Tv. Jake let out a moan and kept his eyes closed. Kiyan keeps playing with his cock and enjoys the boy’s reaction to his movements. Suddenly, Jake stops Kiyan’s hand:
“’Kay, that’s enough, I don’t wanna cum yet.”
“You’re really clueless, aren’t you? You never jerked off before?”
“Well... Y-yeah.”
“All right, then. I’ll show you how it’s done.” Said Jake with a big smile on his face.
Jake goes back on his knees in front of the bed and pulls down Kiyan’s underwear, revealing his hard cock.
“Thought your cock was bigger. But that’s ok. You’re gonna love this!”
“L-love what? What are you gonna do?”
Jake started sqeezing Kiyan’s cock and jerking him off. Kiyan was speechless. Having another boy rubbing his dick is a lot more exciting than rubbing it himself. The boy started moaning with Jake’s movements.
“I knew you’d like it. But that’s not all. Hope you’re ready for this, buddy.”
Before Kiyan could say anything, he saw Jake swallowing his cock. “Wow!” screamed Kiyan in his mind, it was a lot more exciting than just rubbing it. After a few minutes, Kiyan felt he was about to cum, and tried to warn Jake but he was breathing too hard and too fast to warn him and he exploded right into Jake’s mouth! After Jake let go of his cock, there wasn’t a single drop of cum there.
“Did you like that, buddy?”
“I like you, Kiyan. Really.”
Kiyan didn’t answer as he crawled into the bed after Jake had done the same.
“So... Wanna stay the night here?” asked Jake with a big smile.
“I, huh... I don’t know, I have to ask my dad first.”
“Wait here for a minute.”
Jake left the room and Kiyan stayed in the bed, wondering what the young star was thinking. After a while, Jake came back:
“’Kay, you can stay the night if you want. Your dad said it’s ok.”
“You talked with my dad?”
“Yeah. He just left the hotel and went home. Unless you don’t wanna stay.”
“N-no! I wanna stay! Here with you.”
Jake gave the boy a big kiss on his cheek and he saw that shy smile of his.
“What are you smiling at?” asked Jake with a teasing tone.
“Nothing. Just like the way you keep kissing me and treating like a prince.”
“Well, I like you. And you’re like, the only friend I have right now.”
“I am??” asked Kiyan with a surprised look on his face.
“Yeah. Most of the friends I have are superstars, and they’re all older than me. You’re my first REAL friend! I kinda like this place, there are no crazy girls shouting like, forever!”
“What about guys? Some boys must be fans too.”
“Nah, most boys hate me, cuz I’m popular among girls. But girls don’t interest me. You do.”
“Me? Why me? I’m just a nerd.”
“No, you’re not. You’re my friend. My best friend.”
Kiyan layed his head on Jake’s chest, while he layed on his back in the bed. Using Jake’s chest as a pillow, Kiyan asked nervously:
“Is it ok if I... ya know... Hang out with you this summer?”
“I got a better question, buddy.”
“Would you like to be my boyfriend?”
“W-what?? Me!?”
“Yeah... I know, we just met, but I think it would be ok. We can hang out all summer too. I’m counting on that, actually.”
“Let’s make a promise.” Said Kiyan.
“A promise?”
“Yeah... Let’s promise... To be best friends... Forever.”
Jake remained silent for a moment.
“Didn’t like that?” asked Kiyan.
“N-no, it’s not that... I think it’s great. I promise we’ll always be the best of friends!”
“Wow... My best friend is a superstar...” said Kiyan to himself, out loud.
Jake smiled and after a few moments of silence, Kiyan rested his head confortably on Jake’s chest and whispered:
“Good night...”
Jake layed his hand on the boy’s hair and played with it very gently and whispered back:
“Good night... My little angel.”
Jake and Kiyan became the best of friends, Jake teached his boyfriend more about the ways of love and sex, both boys enjoyed every day of summer together... Until that last day... When summer ends...


To the readers:
If you liked the story, you're free to message me or comment with your opinions and suggestions you would like to add, and yes the story is NOT over yet.

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2011-10-16 16:03:06
Waht a Great Story!!  I mean Realy,Realy,Realy Great!!!

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2009-04-07 11:59:19
your story reminds me of the life i wished i had i had some teen boyfriends but im older now and teens arent interested in me your stories are beautiful


2009-04-07 04:44:52
Wtf, if you're gonna read this story, then say he has issues, why? If you dont like the story, dont read it. Personally, i thought this was a great story. Write as much as you can. i love it!

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2009-04-06 22:30:08
You have issues!

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