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one crazy day ill never forget...............
ok let me start off by telling you a bit about my self.. i was 15 at the time finishing up my first year in highschool and i was an avreage looking kid kinda tall for my age i was 5ft11 165lbs normal build....not really a big hit with the ladys though.. i just managed to squeak by in school and was really a brainiac..i was assigned to room 204 to write my english my suprise the room was filled with some of the hottest girls in our school. from grade 9-12.

A few really caught my i have jerked off thinking about them many many times...the first one was tracy she was 18 in grade 12 5ft10 black hair beautiful face pouty lips.108lbs 32 c breast long legs and the tightest most round little ass ...the next was katie she was only 14 she honestly looked like a barbie doll..the face of a model..she kinda had britney spears face when she was 16.. katie was very petite maybee 98lbs had small 32 b tits but her too had one hell of a sweet ass on her. and the last girl that was there was shalika..a short petite black girl beautiful face nice developing breats and a great little bubble butt on her ..she was 15 as well.

Well the first hour has passed in the exam and i have finished early so i decide to take a look around the room...all of the three girls had there backs up straight doing there work..but there beautiful figures looked soo tempting to me..i sarted to daze off... and caught my self in a day dream about me..walking down the halls at school and then out of nowhere tracy the hottest senior girl in school is walking towards me wearing a pair of skin tight hip huggers and a white belly top ..with her thong straps pulled to her waist. she wraps her arms around me as i take both my hands a cup her sweet round tight butt cheeks in my hands.. she starts making out with me as she pushes me up gainst the wall. she quickly drops to her knees. and undos my jeans taking my cock out and sucking on it like the pro im sure she is. jerking me off and licking the tips the whole time keping her eyes on mine. i cant help my self as i shoot my load all over her face....ahhhh mmmmmmm....RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!

i wake up from my day dream suddenly as evreyone is getting up and the exam is over..i dont get up so quickly as i have a massive boner from imagaing tracy blow me.. i knew i had to go jerk off quick or else i would have the blue balls all soon as evreyone left the classroom i hurried my way down the hall and made it to a was the last exam of the day so evreyone was heading home i waited till the few guys who were in the bathroom to finish up and than quickly made it for the stall.

I start jerking off thinking about the scne of events that i had just dreamnt of..when all of a suden i hear laughing. and katie and shalika come bursting into the the mens bathroom with 2 of the older dumber football jocks at school i think they were both 19 and failed a couple times... and katie and shalika were only 14 and 15..but hell i didint care this was gonna be soo hot i thought to my self i watched katie and shalika almost at the same time drop to there knees and start sucking off these two guys.. wow they really knew what they were doing..expecially shalika wow could she ever suck a cock.. i started jerking off my self..trying not to make too mutch noise.but i accidently lost my balance and fell into the stall door and it swung open with my cock out.

I stood there in a daze not knowing what to say or do when katie just looked at me and giggled..and b4 i knew i had my fully errect 7 inch cock in katies beautiful barbie doll mouth.. i looked over at the two other guys as they just laughed and gave me a high five... i could barely take the amazing feeling of katies mouth sucking on my cock..... as she quickly pulled it outta her mouth and stood up. unbuttoning her short jean shorts.. and pulling em down takin em she stood there in there thong she giggled at me and asked me how long ive wanted to fuck her 4? i couldent even she slide her panties off and placed her hands on the sink..tured her head over her shoulder and with the cutest voice..said..well dont ya wana?

hell yea i wanted to with out hesitation i quickly slide my cock into her tight pussy from behind pumpng into her sweet young pussy slowly enjoying evrey moment of this..i startted pumping her a bit harder now as i could her my balls slap her ass.oh my god i have dreamnt about this all year katie...ohhh godd u feel soo good.... i looked over at shalika as the two guys she had been taking care of blew a huge load all over her pretty little face..they just laughed and then lefts after they cleaned up and told me to have fun. i certainly was having fun..losing my virginity too the hottest girl in my grade in the school bathroom was amazing..i could barely hold on any more i was gonna blow my load soon as i told shalika to come over here..she still hdent wiped off the cum from the last two guys so i figured hey why not one more. i took it outta katie and quickly blasted the biggest load i have ever done all over shalikas knees buckled as i colapsed to the ground in extacy... as shalika and katie qucikly crawled over tome and started to clean my dick with there mouths..

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2009-04-10 21:56:38
So you guys are remonstrating against his 'grammer'?
Well news flash the Oxford English dictionary calls it GRAMMAR.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-10 16:39:02

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2009-04-07 16:53:41
pretty good, blunt, no detail. C+

black lightReport

2009-04-07 16:38:08
wtf ppl we're tired of tou assholes talking about our stories like that youdont even tell us how to improve. if you think our stories suck then write your own BITCH

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-06 22:34:36
Grammer sounds like this was writen by a fifteen year old that is used to doing a lot oh text messaging, either that or they never finished school at all.

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