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my wife stacy is 19 and a total nympho i would like to tell readers about our amazing sex life
Hello people

Before you start reading my storys about my young slut of a wife stacy I would like to apologise for my grammer,spelling and punctuation. I was never very good with these things at school but hope that you can read my storys easily and enjoy them.

Firstly I will tell you how I met stacy

My name is steve I am a 43 year old truck driver im roughly 6ft tall and a little overweight if im being hobbies include photography and takeing my to rottweilers starsky and hutch on long walks.the things that turn me on most are female exhibionism,female flashing,gangbangs,bukkake and woman generally acting like sluts.

After years of collecting porn dvds and surfing the for these subjects I decided to combine my hobby of photography and my love of girls flashing there pussy and breasts and placed an add in a contact mag looking for girls who were willing to flash in public .to tempt them I was willing to pay for this..most of the girls who replied were in there late twentys or early thirties and not really up for doin the riskier stuff I was into..a couple of middle aged woman answered the add and were really horny but all the woman only seemed interested in the money which disappointed me because I was looking for someone who shared my passion.

Then one sunny afternoon I took a phone call that changed my life…..

The sweet voice on the phone introduced herself as stacy . She explained that she had done some moddeling for a couple of ex boyfriends but was really up for some flashing as she loved to show of her sexy young body.she sounded really keen so I invited her over to my house for a drink and to speak to her about what I was looking for.

A couple of hours later the door bell rang and the two dogs ran from the back garden where I was having a drink.I put the two of them in the lounge as I went to answer the door.I opened it and was stunned to see this beautiful blonde girl about 5ft 7inch slim figure with firm round breasts .she was wearing a red and white summer dress that sat just above her knee and white stilleto heels.she introduced herself as stacy and I invited her into the house reassuring her that the dogs were in the lounge and it was safe to come in.she told me that she wasn’t scared of dogs and to let them free.

I poured us a drink and showed stacy into the back garden then went to let the dogs out.they both went over to stacy and were really friendly as she patted them both.we spoke for a while about ourselves and seemed really at ease with eash other.stacy told me she worked as a receptionist in a large office building had her own flat in town and drove a small sports car that her rich daddy bought for her.the only thing she didn’t have was a boyfriend to share it with.when I asked her why she didn’t have a botfriend she said that they were far to jealous and protective at that age and she was looking for an older man who understood her.

Curious I asked her what she ment by this and what she said next knocked me for six.

Stacy revealed that she had a passion for giving oral sex.and that she needed to suck cock like she needed to breath air.and since giving her first blowjob when she was seventeen had lost count of the number of men she has blown. But it was somewhere between three and four hundred.and she probably had sex with half of them.she said she will suck any cock young or old, black or white she didn’t care.this was her favourite way to orgasm..

By now my cock was rock hard and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.stacy noticed this and asked me if I would like to see some pictures of her. She took a folder from her bag and gave me it. Turning the pages there were photos of stacy on holiday in her bikini some topless shoots and a few naked on the beach. In two photos stacy was lying on a blanket in the woods with her legs open and a couple with stacy sucking on her then boyfriends cock.

I gave stacy back the folder and stood up to go and pour us another drink . My cock was still hard and a circular damp patch had formed as my pre-cum leaked through my white shorts..stacy obviously noticed this and cheekily asked if I liked her photos. As I poured us fresh drinks I looked out of the kitchen window and could see that stacy had turned her chair around to face the house and was sitting on it staring at me. She gave me an innocent smile as she pulling her dress up with both hands slowly openening her legs to reveal her shaven pussy.

My hand was in my shorts in a flash wanking my cock slowly as stacy opened her pussy lips with two fingers. Savouring this amazing sight I suddenly realised that the old witch next door was in her garden and would have a heart attack if she saw what was going on. So I gestured for stacy to come into the house. Once inside she crouched down in front of me with her dress up around her waist her swollen pussy lips hanging down about three inches long. Taking my cock in her mouth stacy gave me the best blowjob Ive ever had in my then 41 years she realeased my cock from her hungry mouth long enough to tell me to cum in her mouth. In no time I was shooting loads of cum into her which she swallowed with a smile on her face.

We had another few drinks and arranged a photoshoot which went really well and over the next few weeks we did more risky photos of stacy flashing. We had also began going out together for meals and stuff and had loads in common. Eventually I asked stacy to move in with me. She was unsure at first but I told her I was cool with her going with other guys as long as she told me all about it and in return for my understanding she had to live out all my darkest fantieses. This wouldn’t be a problem she said as she was more a nympho than I was a perv.

We got married on stacys twentieth birthday and in the last couple of years have amassed some incredible storys about my young slut wife and her insatiable sexual appetite. If I get a good response to this story I will write more.

Well that’s how I met my wife now onto my first story. This episode happened a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon.

Stacy loves flashing at truck drivers as she passes them in the car. She knows how much it turns them on as ive told her about a few times ive been flashed at and how it makes my cock hard. Normally when she flashes at a trucker it will end up with her sucking the trucker of in a lay-by or on her knees in the gents at a service station blowing two or three guys lucky enough to be takeing a piss.

We were sitting at home having our Sunday breakfast when stacy announced she was horny and needed to suck some cock and suggested I take her out for a drive. She showered and put on a tight yellow t-shirt, denim mini skirt, a lacey white thong and her favourite white stilettos. we got in the car and joined the motorway it wasn’t long before we came up behind the first truck of the day stacy shuffled in her seat pulling her mini skirt up to reveal her white thong. She positioned the back of the chair so that she was lying down and told me she was ready. as we got along side the truck stacy spread her legs as wide as she could and put one hand inside her thong. Looking up at the driver she waved with one hand as the other worked on her pussy. After about five minutes we pulled in front of the lorry and stacy told me to slow down and let him go past us then I was to speed up and pull alongside again. Stacy was still fingering her pussy as I got level with the driver and with her free hand pulled her thong to the side so that the driver could see her hairy blonde pussy. She started to put her fingers in her soaking cunt first two then three then four fingers plunging into her love tunnel.

I gave the trucker a blast of my horn as I sped away trying to catch up with five tipper lorrys that were travelling in convoy. Stacy had also noticed them and now changed position in her seat . She got on her kness so that her arse was positioned up at the window with her mini skirt round her waist. I slowed down as I approached the first truck and stacy reached between her legs and pulled her thong tight so that it was splitting her arsehole in two. I passed the five trucks slowly giving them plenty of time to get a good look at my wifes lovely sphinkter.

By now stacy was really horny and reached over to release my swollen cock. She sucked on it like the total slut she was. As she ran her middle finger over her puckered arsehole. As before stacy wanted to give the truckers a second pass and be a little more dirty this time she searched in the glove box for something to put in her arse and found the phone charger. I got alongside the first truck again and stacy slowly eased the end that you plug into the cigarete lighter socket into her bum. She fucked her arse with it and at the same time fingered her pussy as she sucked my cock giving all five drivers a massive thrill. Coming really hard she collapsed in her seat with the charger still up her bum.

After a couple of minutes she was ready for more and told me she wanted to taste some cum.

We pulled of the motorway into a small market town and found a nice little pub to have a drink and some lunch. We chose a table and stacy sat down as I went to the bar for some drinks. I noticed that the pub was really quite and the only people in there were the barman , three old guys sitting at the bar and another old geezer half asleep in the corner. I got our drinks and went back to our table while I was talking to stacy I noticed that the oldmen at the bar kept looking over to our table. I mentioned this to stacy and she whispered in my ear that she had noticed to an d that the old guys could probably see up her skirt.

We decided on some food and I went to the bar to order. As I was walking back from the bar I noticed that not only could you see up stacys skirt but she was sitting with her legs slightly open .I called her a dirty slut when I sat down and her response was to tell me she loved being a slut. As the barman brought our food to the table I noticed that he could take his eyes away from the direction of stacys legs. I asked him if he liked the view and he said that they didn’t get any girls in the pub like stacy.

Throughout or meal stacy would tell me that she had spread her legs wide displaying her damp thong for the three oldmen to ogle and now and again she would pretend to adjust her knickers when really she was pulling them to the side to let the four guys look at hairy cunt. We finised our meal and stacy told me she was going to the ladys room and when she was away I was to tell the barman that she intended to put on a little show and suck all the guys cocks. On her way to the toilet she took a detour past the bar where the men were sitting and “accidently” dropped her bag she bent over in front of the men making sure her thong was on show and looked over her shoulder to see the four guys staring at her lovely arse. She let out a little giggle and went to the ladys.

I went up to the bar and introduced myself and told the four guys that stacy was a cock hungry little slut who loved to suck cock. And if they were interested then she wanted to put on a little show for them ending up with them coming in her mouth. Ian the barman was well up for it as were the three old guys henry and charles both 65 and bert 66. Ian asked if ernie the cook could join in and I said it wouldn’t be a problem. Ernie was a black guy and 55 years old .ian was a year younger than me.

When she came back from the ladys stacy sat on a bar stool and lifted her t-shirt revealing her firm breasts all the guys had a grope at her tits as she put her hand down her knickers again and rubbed her pussy. Ian locked the pub up as we all moved over to a table that had a large leather sofa at one side we arranged 6 chairs around the other 3 sides for all the guys to get a good view of stacys body. Ernie had came out from the kitchen now and we all took a seat as stacy sat on the edgr of the sofa. She spread her legs pushing her thighs apart to get them open as wide as possible. She gathered her thong up in one hand and pulled it tight up her pussy her large outer labia sticking out of each side dripping with her pussy juice.

She took a pussy lip in each hand squeezing it between her thumb and fingers and stretching it to double its size. She then lay back on the sofa put her legs together but keeping them in the air she lifted her bum slightly and slowly peeled her thong off . Putting her knickers up to her knees she opened her legs again the material of her thong stretched to the limit .with her hands on her arse cheeks she spread them wide for the guys to see her exit hole. And began to slowly rub at both her clit and bum hole. By now all the guys were naked from the waist down and all there cocks were hard. Ernies impressive black cock only bettered by berts mammoth member which must have been about 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

Stacy was really putting on a show for the guys with a beer bottle up her arse and pussy and telling them all that she wanted to lick and suck there old cocks. Going on all fours on the sofa she told me to fuck her from behind and that the other guys were to go behind the sofa and stand next to each cock slid into stacy easily as her cunt juice was now running down the inside of her legs she was so turned on. Going along the line she sucked them all of f , as she was sucking one cock she had another in each hand.

Its not the first time stacys has sucked off guys old enough to be her grandfather she really loves to blow oldmen and fuck them a few storys I have to write will testify to this.

She put ernie and berts cock in her mouth and her slimy tongue darted between them as she licked the pre-cum from there cock head. Stacy announced that one of the guys was to sit on the couch and that she was going to take there cock up her arse and all the other guys had to sit and watch Ernie volunteered and all the other guys sat back down on the chairs around the table faceing the sofa. Ernie sat on the sofa and stacy straddled him guiding his big black cock into her arsehole. she took his 8 inch cock ball deep inside her then leaned forward reached round with both hands and spread her arse cheeks wide giving us all a better view of the black cock penetrating her. She told ernie to come in her arse and in about 1 minute he was pumping his black seed into her shithole.

Stacy asked ian for a clean glass from the bar which he got for her. She placed it about 3inches away from her arsehole and started to try and push ernies cum from her innards. As she was doing this her arse was making farting noises and she giggled like a silly school girl. when she could get no more from inside her she drank ernies cum from the glass and at that point all the guys begged her to let them come in her mouth. Stacy agreed and lay down on her back on the table with her head hanging of one side and her legs spread at the other she told us to stand in a line behind her head and fuck her mouth till we came. as the guys took turns fucking her face stacy jammed a beer bottle up her cunt she orgasmed every few minutes. it took about 20 minutes for us all to fuck her face and give her our sticky load.

As we all got dressed charles asked stacy if he could have her knickers as a souvinere she said of course and stuffed them up her pussy covering them in her pussy juice. we spend a fortune on knickers for this girl as she is always leaving them in lay-bys or in gents toilets or giving them to doggers so guys can get a thrill from sniffing them.

Ian told us that the as well as owning the pub he also ran the towns rugby team and in a few weeks they were having another team over from south Africa for a match and afterwards they were having a men only night and I was welcome to bring stacy to provide some “entertainment”.stacy agreed and told the guys she couldn’t wait. We took ians number and said our goodbyes .

The men only night is in may I will post story asap after it

The end.

I have lots more storys about stacy to tell .with themes like gangbangs, flashing, hotel sex, holiday sex and lots more if I get a good response I will post them



2015-12-07 14:18:52
stacy is lucky to have a understanding man like you .most guys either get jealous or want to whore you for money.

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2011-10-27 22:14:32
My wife and I were married about 3 years (she was 20) before I started to get her to blow other guys. She was an oral cum slut. she loved cum in her mouth. Once I got her going it was so easy. She would suck anybody, boys, old men, strangers anyone I wanted.

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2009-10-12 20:35:40
Write every story you have about her buddy that made me horny as hell

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2009-07-03 01:03:04
Wow very hot. Would love to find a young lady like that for myself.

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please write more about stacy i wish i was her.good storiy so horny.

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