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This is an edited and expanded version of the original story
The First Time
The first time that Terry cheated on me was in Germany, while I was in the Army. I was working in a hospital on the day shift. Since she didn't speak German, she couldn't find works so she joined clubs and spent time with friends.

One night at a party after she had been drinking heavily, so told me that she was having an affair with an MP that we knew. I got angry and left. I was really surprised, because Terry said that if we didn't have sex at least three time every night, that I didn't love her any more. I walked around for a while being mad, but I still loved her. So, after a couple of hours walking around town, I went back to our apartment. She said that she was sorry. She didn't love him and she would never do it again. So, I forgave her and we went back to the way things were.

We never talked about her affair with that guy, until years later, after she had spread her legs for several other guys.

One night during sex, I asked her about him. I was surprised to learn that the affair lasted over 6 months, meeting 2 or 3 times a week. He worked the night shift, so he was off during the day, while I was at work. They first met at the PX and talked for a while. Then, they went to the Snack Bar and talked some more. He eventually talked her into going to the club. After a few drinks, they drove out of town, parked the car, and walked into the woods. He spread out a blanket and Terry took off all of her clothes and laid on the blanket with her legs spread. Then, he stripped and laid next to her. They kissed and touched for a while. Then, He ate her pussy. After she came, he put his cock inside of her and they fucked. She said it felt really good to feel him squirt cum in her pussy. Terry never uses condoms. They laid around naked for a while, kissing and touching. Then, he fucked her again. This time, swallowed his cum.

She got home and cleaned up just in time for me to get home. She told me that later that night, I made love to her three more times. She said that it really turned her on and she really felt like a slut, doing both of us that night. After that experience, she decided to fuck as she could.

She couldn't remember specific meetings beyond the first, but she said that they did the same thing most of the time. She really liked being naked in outdoors in broad daylight and showing him her naked body. When the weather was bad, they tried doing it in his car, but it was small and uncomfortable. Most of the time when the weather was bad, they did it in our bed and twice they went to a hotel. However, she said that every night after fucking him, we always did it later that night.

Terry said that she never really loved him, it just felt good to have a different cock inside of her pussy and she really like the way it felt when he squirted cum inside of her. Laying naked in the outdoors really made her fell like a slut and she enjoyed having him look at her naked body. She told me that she loved to lie on her back and spread her legs for him. She even masturbated for him a couple of time.

After she told me this, we fucked like two wild animals. I did her three times and she kept repeating how much she like fucking the guy just as she was beginning to cum.

Terry likes to tell me the naughty things she does, and I love to hear tell my every little detail while we fuck. At the time, I wasn't interested in watching my wife fuck other guys, but later the idea grew on me.

The Second Time
The second time Terry cheated on me was after I got out of the Army.
I got a job in a small college town, the same school that I attended before the service. Terry got a job working as a night clerk in one of the nicer motels in town.

We mostly hung around the people with which we worked; although, Terry ran into an old high school friend, Elaine. Elaine was married to Moe, who was working on a master’s degree at the university. I also knew Elaine from when I was dating Terry and thought she was very sexy. In addition, she was a big flirt. Elaine was tall, slender - almost skinny - with medium length red hair and freckles. She always wore revealing clothes; although she had very small breasts.

Once, at a dinner party, Elaine stood up and bent over to pass something, and the front of her dress opened and you could plainly see her tits. Of course I looked and Elaine pointed that fact out to everyone at the table. Although, I was embarrassed to have been caught, I told her that her tits looked pretty good. She responded by standing up and bending over again so that I could get a better look. She and I always flirted and she let me fondle her tiny little tits as much as I wanted, but only when Moe and Terry were not looking.

One Fourth of July, Moe and Elaine had a big barbecue and invited about 50 people. They were mostly Moe's college friend, current classmate, and some of Elaine friends from work. We arrived about noon and most of the guests were already there. It was really hot that day and most of the women wore halters or bikini tops and tight shorts or short sun dresses. My wife, Terry was no exception. She wore really tiny bikini top and tight cutoff jeans.

I knew the party was going to be wild, because Moe was in the kitchen mixing up "punch" for the party. He mixed 4 quarts of fruit punch with 4 quarts of grain alcohol in a big wash tub. Elaine tried it and said it was too strong, so Moe added a quart of vodka to cut it. Then, he put in dry ice to keep it cold, but not dilute it. Everyone grabbed a big glass and the party started.

Terry and I went different ways and mingled. When I finished my punch, I went back to the kitchen for more. There was a big group of people arm in arm around the tub singing obscene college song. I found a spot between Elaine and another girl. I put an arm around both of them and started singing. Terry was on the other side of the circle next to Moe. I noticed that some of the guys were feeling up the girls next to them and they weren't their spouses.

I watched Terry and saw that Moe's hand was slowly moving down Terry's chest. Terry knew what Moe had in mind, and looked at me, like she was asking if it was OK. I shrugged and then nodded my approval. I watched as Moe put his put his hand inside of Terry’s bikini top and fondle one of her tits. I started sliding right hand down Elaine’s chest. I look at Terry for approval. She shrugged and nodded, so I moved my hand into Elaine’s halter and fondled her. As I looked at Elaine, she turned and kissed me. I continued to fondle her and occasionally kiss her while we sang.

After we sang all of the song that we knew, the group broke up and went separate ways. I followed Elaine into the dining room and helped with the food. After we were done, Elaine and I went in to the living room and noticed everyone there was making out. We sat on the sofa and talked for a few minutes, but we quickly started kissing and eventually my hand slid into her halter. I played with her tits while we kissed for a while, then I moved my hand down over her belly to between her legs. I rubbed her pussy though her shorts for a while, eventually unbuttoning them and sliding my hand under her panties and touching her bare pussy. I heard her say, “Mmm, that feels good.” I masturbated her for a few minute and she became very wet, moving her hips and pressing against my hand.

She whispered in my ear, “I want you.”

I told her that I wanted her too, so she took my hand and we started to go to somewhere more private. That's when we notice that everyone in the room was watching us.

As Elaine led me away, a guy that I had never seen before walked up and said, “Your wife is in trouble."

I followed him through the house and outside. Several people heard him and were following to see what was going on. He said that she was in the garage and she's in big trouble. That's when I heard Elaine say, "You don't want to do this. Don't go in there."
I didn't know what she was talking about, and I was worried about Terry. I opened the garage door and there she was. Terry was completely naked, standing with on foot on top of a lawn mower and leaning against the wall. Moe was naked and standing in front of her with his cock inside of her pussy. They were fucking like crazy.

Moe, realizing what was going on; quickly grabbed his clothes, and ran out a side door. However, Terry was very drunk and was confused. She stood there for a few seconds trying to get her bearings. It had been dark in the garage and suddenly became light when I opened the door. She shaded her eye to see what was happening. Then, it dawned on her that she was naked and had an audience. She gasped and tried to cover herself.

I was upset and left. I got into my car and drove around for a while. At first, I was angry, but the more I thought about it the more aroused I got. I started to rub my cock through my jeans. Finally, I pulled over into a small park and drove to a secluded spot. I was about to unzip my pants and jack off, when there was a knock on the window.

It was Elaine. She got into the car and we talked about what happened. First she said that Terry was drunk and didn't know what she was doing and that Moe was always taking advantage of drunken women. She said that he was a jerk when he did that, but she still loved him. I said that I knew Terry was drunk, but this was the second time that she cheated. Elaine mentioned that we were about to do the same thing and I agreed that we would have if it wasn’t for that guy, who was trying to start trouble.

I also told Elaine that I was angry at first, but the idea of my wife being naked and getting fuck in front of a bunch of people, got me really turned on. We talked for a while and finally, Elaine said that she and Moe swapped occasionally and that they wanted Terry and me to join them. I told her that Terry and I had talked about it and even agree to do it, but we never followed through. We just never found a couple that we both agree on, but mostly we never found any other couples that were into it. I leaned over and kissed her and she put her arms around my neck and opened her mouth for my kiss. After a few seconds of kissing, I put my hand into her halter and fondled her tits. Elaine reached up and pulled on the top knot the held up her top and it fell open. My hand explored her tiny tits and then slid down between her legs.

Bucket seats are not conducive to sex, so we got out of the car. I opened the back door and Elaine lay on the back seat. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and her panties off. She had a very neatly trimmed triangular patch of hair between her legs, just red as the hair on her head. I dropped my short and pulled off my shirt. Then, I knelt on the ground outside of the car and started eating her pussy. She tasted very good and I ate her until she came. I move up and knelt between her legs. She spread herself as wide as she could and I rubbed the head of my cock against her wet opening. I easily went into her, and with one thrust, I was completely inside of her. I looked down at her and I put my hands on her tits and massaged them, slowly move in and out of her. I watch her writhing with pleasure and I told her how sexy and delicious her body was. We both came almost immediately.

I lay on top of her for a few minutes kissing and touching her. Then, she said that we better get back, because Terry was still upset. We dressed quickly and drove back to the house separately.

When we got back to the party, everyone had left. I found Terry sitting in the garage, still naked; although, someone had put a blanket over her shoulders. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. She said that she ruined our marriage. I told her that I still loved her and that I was not mad. We talked for a long time and I finally convinced her that everything was alright. Then, I told her how turned on I got thinking of her with Moe and that I wanted her to finish fucking him. I told her that Moe and Elaine wanted to swap and I wanted to try it. After talking about it for a while she agreed and we walk back to the house. It was dark by this time, so I picked up her clothes and she walk back with only the blanket to cover her.

We talked to Elaine and told her that we wanted to swap. She was happy, but she said that Moe was hiding in the bedroom, because he thought that I wanted to kill him. I walked Terry to the bedroom door, opened it, and guided her inside. As she walked in the master bedroom, I grabbed the blanket and pulled it off of her. She walked into the room completely naked and I shut the door.

I put my arm around Elaine and kissed her. Then, she led me to the guest room. I undressed her and sat on the bed as she turned around and let me look at her naked body. I stood up and she helped me undress. We lay on the bed and explored each other’s body for a long time. Then, I kissed my way down her body and licked her pussy until she was almost ready to cum. She told me that she couldn’t wait any longer, so I climbed up on top of her and caressed tits. At the same time, I started rubbing my cock against her pussy. Without any help or guidance, it slid inside of her and we began making love. This time it was like two lovers, completely lost in each other. We kissed passionately and I very slowly moved my cock in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around my waste and began moaning softly, until I felt her body tremble. She squeezed me tightly and then, collapsed. I came shortly after her and lay on top of her, resting my weight on my elbows. We kissed until she was ready to get up. Before she left the room, she asked me if I would spend the night. I told her that I would love to, but I would have to check with Terry. Then, she went to the bathroom.

While I waited for her to come back, I heard some noise, so I got up and investigated. I looked down the hall and saw that Moe was in the kitchen. When I looked the other way, I notice that the master bedroom door was open, so I looked in. Terry was lying naked on the bed. I walked in, sat on the side of the bed. I put my hand on one of her breasts, bent over, and kissed her.

I asked Terry how it was, and she said great. Moe made her feel really good and she liked the way he squirted inside of her. She asked me the same thing. I told Terry that I really enjoyed fucking Elaine, but that I didn’t love her; although, it was fun being with someone different for a change. But I definitely want to stay with Terry.

My hand drifted down between her legs and the felt her pubic hair all matted and full of Moe’s cum. I rubbed it all over her pussy and kissed her some more. I told her that she was really going to get fucked when I got her home. Then, I told her that Elaine wanted us to spend the night. Terry said that Moe asked her the same thing. Terry was excited about it, because it seemed so nasty. She said, “As long as we are going to fuck around, we might as well go all of the way.”

After Elaine finished in the bathroom, Terry wanted to cleanup. As she got up, she noticed a little drop of cum on the end of my cock. She bent over and licked it off and then, sucked and licked my cock, cleaning it off.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Moe and Elaine standing around naked. Moe asked if I wanted something to eat. When Terry came into the room, we all stood around naked, eating, drinking, and talking. Terry said, “I never had anyone eat my pussy like Moe did. He shook his head back and forth and hummed and made weird noises. It really tickled my pussy.”

Elaine laughed and said, “He does that all of the time. It gets old after a while, but it does feel good.” Then she looked at me and said, “The foreplay got me so hot, I could wait to have you inside of me.” Then, she turned to Terry and said, “You can have Moe anytime you like, if I can have your husband in return.” Terry laughed and smiled, but didn’t answer her.

When we were done eating, Moe took Terry’s hand and lead her back to the master bedroom. I started to get turned on watching my naked wife walk away with another man. I really wanted to watch her spread her legs of him and see him fuck her, but they closed the door.

I walked over to Elaine, put my arms around her, and kissed her. Elaine said, “I getting the best end of this deal.”

Then, I let my hands explore all of her naked body. We both started to get turned on, so we walked hand in hand back to the guest room. We lay on the bed, kissing and touching each other and I pulled her on top of me. Her legs spread and she straddled my hips. She had her knees up near my waist and her legs we spread wide. She was rocking back and forth, rubbing her pussy against my cock. Again, my cock slid into her without being touched. I moaned and smiled at her and I must have looked a little surprised.

She frowned and said, “I know that I am a slut, but fucking feels so good. I want cock inside of me all of the time.”

“ You’re not a slut. You’re too sweet and sexy for that. Besides, I really like the easy access. I really think it is just that my cock knows the best places to hide. Mmmm, it feels too good inside of you,” I replied.

She sat up and rode me. I just laid there and enjoyed the view. When she reached up and rubbed her face and neck or played with her hair, I would fondle her tiny tits, massaging them and making her nipples hard. She used my cock to give herself a major orgasm and then fell forward on top of me. I rolled her over and got top. Then, I satisfied myself inside of her. She had the most beautiful smile and giggled while I looked down at her and admired her delicious naked body. When I came, I fell on top of her and we kissed until I came out of her.

I rolled her over on top of me again holding her. We kissed for a while, and then, we fell asleep.

The next morning when I awoke, we were in the spoon position and I had a hand on one of her tits. I began gently messaging her, rubbing both breasts. She moaned softly and I kissed her neck. She rolled over in her sleep and I began to explore her more. I began massaging between her legs and she spread them slightly. She began moaning and breathing heavily.

Suddenly, she woke up and looked around, a little disoriented. When she realized that it was me, she smiles and said that she thought it was a dream. She pulled me on top of her, took my cock, and guided it into her. I took her hands and raised them up over her head and held them there while I slowly made love to her. I tried hard not to cum and held off until I felt her tremble beneath me. Then, I put my arms around her and kissed her and squirted deep inside of her.

After cleaning up a little we dressed and went into the kitchen. Moe and Terry were already there, eating breakfast. After eating, Terry and I thanked Moe and Elaine for a wonderful evening (and morning) and drove home.

As soon as we walked into the front door, I grabbed Terry and ripped her clothes off. She helped me undress. We kissed and touched and fell onto the floor. I told her how turned on I got watching her with Moe and how much I wanted to watch Moe fuck her. She said that she really felt like a slut walking around naked after sex and being so open about being with another man.

We spent that whole day naked, fucking, and talking about what we did. We still talk about our time with Moe and Elaine. Terry really gets turned on while we talk about her fucking other men.

We swapped with Moe and Elaine about once or twice a month for the next year, until Moe graduated. They move to Mississippi. Elaine and I would meet occasionally for a quickie until they moved, but we never told Moe or Terry. Once, after they moved, I met Moe and Elaine when I had to work in Mississippi. Moe and I share Elaine that night, but the four of us never got a chance to swap again after they moved.

Pat and Mick
One other time that we swapped was the night that we went to Pat and Mick's house. It was about a month after Moe and Elaine moved and we were actively looking for a couple to swap with. Pat was a waitress at the same hotel/restaurant that Terry worked at and they were good friends. Terry told Pat about how she got caught in the garage fucking another guy at a party and that we talked about swapping a lot afterwards. Pat asked Terry if we wanted to swap with Mick and her. I was all for it, because Terry and I met Pat at a dance club a couple of times. While dancing with her, I put and hands in her blouse and inside of her panties on several occasions, and she rubbed my cock through my pants, but never anything more.

Pat and Mick lived about 10 miles out of town on a small farm with no neighbors. Pat met us at the door. She was barefoot, wearing a small camisole and cutoff "Daisy Duke" jeans. Terry had met Mick several times at work. I had never met Mick before, and I was surprised that he was a biker. He was wearing a Harley tee shirt, jeans and boots. He had a beard, but Terry loved facial hair. I knew it was going to be a wild night, because they had a mattress covered with a plastic sheet in the middle of the living room floor, a gallon bottle of cooking oil next to the mattress, and a large metal bowl of condoms next to the oil.

Terry and I sat on bar stools next to a small bar in the corner of the living room. Mick fixed us drinks and stood next to Terry, staring at her body. Terry was wearing a halter that she made from a scarf (she folded the scarf into a triangle and tied it around her chest; she folded the top end over and sewed a string to put around her neck). If she tied it loosely around her neck, her tits showed when she bent over. It was loose, she was bending over and Mick was getting an eye full.

Pat stood in front of me with my legs on either side of her. She was touching my thighs and rubbing my chest while we talked. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her camisole was so thin that I could see her nipples when the light was just right. We talked for a while and finished our drinks.

While Mick was refreshing the drinks, Pat unbuttoned her camisole and said, "Let’s get naked." She threw her top to the side and unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties, so she was completely naked. She pulled off my shirt and started unbuttoning my pants.

I looked at Terry and she was untying her halter. As her halter dropped, I saw Mick put his hands on Terry's bare tits. He was kissing her passionately and was unbuttoning her shorts. Pat pulled my pants down and started sucking my cock. Mick pulled Terry's pants down and then almost ripped his clothes off.

Pat stood up and we started kissing and touching everywhere on each other’s bodies. Pat whispered in my ear, "Terry told me that you wanted to watch her fuck. Would you like to just play with me and watch while Mick fucks her?"

I said, "You don't mind?"

She pulled me over to the mattress and I stepped out of my jeans. She opened the cooking oil bottle and poured it over my shoulders and rubbed it all over my body, especially my cock. I poured oil all over her and massaged all over her body. Then, she lay down on the mattress and said, "Lay behind me and play with me while we watch them fuck."

I complied and watched a naked Mick pour oil all over Terry and rub her all over. He made a special point to play with her tits and rub between her legs. Then, Terry poured oil over Mick. She did a cursory job of rubbing it on him, but really stroked his cock. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hands and rubbed it till it was really hard and then put it in her mouth.

I was really turned on watching my naked wife suck another man's cock. I rubbed my cock against Pat's ass and fondled her tits. After a while, I slid my hand down to her pussy and massaged her while we watched Terry lay on the mattress next to Pat. Mick laid between her legs and licked Terry for a very long time. She loved it. She spread her legs as wide as she could and let him eat her. Finally, I heard her yell," O Phil, I'm going to cum." She buck her hips and to meet Mick's thrusts and moaned loudly. Finally, she relaxed and smiled.

After she stopped moaning, Mick crawled up on top of her and started kissing her. I slide my middle finger into Pats wet cunt and masturbated her while we watched. Then, Mick got up and knelt between Terry's legs. Both Pat and I sat up and watched as Mick took his cock and pushed it up to Terry's pussy. He rubbed it up and down against her slit and it almost went right in. With two strokes, his cock with in as far as it could go. Terry saw me watching and spread her legs as much as she could. She looked at me while Mick fucked her hard, and I saw her mouth, “I love you” while Mike moved his cock in and out of her pussy.

Pat grabbed my cock and rubbed it while we watched. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Terry was completely naked, spread wide open, and impaled by Mick's cock. He reached down and rubbed her tits and pumped his cock into her as hard as he could. Terry came with wild thrust of her hips and more loud moans. When Mike came, he moaned and fell on to Terry.

They laid there for a while kissing and touching, but I had already rolled Pat over and mounted her. We were both so hot and horny, that I slid my cock into her wet pussy. She came after only a few minutes, then I came while she was still shaking and moaning. I fell on to Pat and we kiss and touched until I came out of her. That’s when I noticed that Terry and Mick were watching us.

I rolled off of Pat and Mick immediately mounted her. I looked at Terry and got hard again thinking of what she just did. I mounted her and felt Mick's warm stick cum in her pussy. That’s when I realized that we all forgot all about the condoms, but I didn't care. I felt so good to fuck my wife while she was full of another man's cum. We both came quickly and we kissed for a long time. I felt Pats hand rubbing my back, so I rolled off of Terry and let Pat crawl on top of me and rub her tits over my body. I was too tired to do much, but she just wanted to rub her naked body against me. She kissed my cock and rubbed it against her face and over her tits.

When we got up, Pat gave us towels to clean up and we took turns taking showers. Everyone when into the bathroom and watched as we wash the other persons spouse. I help Pat by washing her back and a few other places and Pat wash me, especially my cock. Pat and I watched Terry and Mick for a while and then went into the living room and sat on the sofa and necked and petted each other like teenagers, while Mike and Terry continued to play in the shower.

Later, we all sat naked in the living room while Mick fixed the drinks. Pat brought snacks and we all talked. Pat knelt on the floor in front of me and took my cock in one of her hands and rubbed a little. Then she took her other hand and pet my cock like she would a small animal. She and Terry casually discuss little tricks to turn Mick and I on and what we liked to do in bed. Then, Pat sat on my lap and Terry laid her head on Mick's lap. We talked until after midnight, when Pat asked us if we would like to spend the night. She made is clear that Terry and Mick would sleep in the master bedroom and she and I would take the guest room. Terry just giggled and took Mick's hand and pulled him to the bedroom. Pat and I sat on the sofa and played with each other some more.

I was really turned on by this time and when she said, "I want you." I jump up and followed her to bed. As we walked by the master bedroom, we could hear Terry moaning and begging Mick to fuck her harder. Pat pulled the covers down and crawled into bed and I followed her. It felt really good to have her lying naked next to me. She was much more passionate in bed then in front of everyone else. She kissed and touched like she hadn't made love in years. She kissed and touched me everywhere and crawled on top of me and rubbed every inch of her body against me.

Eventually, she kissed her way down between my legs and kissed and sucked my cock. I told her that I wanted to be inside of her, so she moved up and sat on my cock like she was riding a horse and used me to satisfy herself. That was the first time that I really looked at her body. I was always watching Terry before, even in the shower. When we were really tangled up together necking on the sofa, I was too close to really look at her. Pat was tall and slender. Her breast bounced up and down while she took my cock, so I reached up and caressed them.

She had average sized breasts, but her nipples really stuck out. I really enjoyed looking at her naked body while she used me. She had a violent orgasm and fell on top of me. We kiss and I rolled her over and I made love to her. Up till then we were just fucking, but it became really passionate. She wrapped her arms around me and held me as tightly as any woman has ever held me. We kissed deeply and she wrapped her legs around me. He mouth opened wide and our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I moved slowly in and out of her trying to last as long as I could, but she started trembling, gasping and then she collapsed. The look of pure pleasure on her face made me cum and I collapsed on top of her.

We fell asleep naked, rapped in each other’s arms. The next morning, I woke up and found her still naked against me. I got turned on quickly and slowly rubbed my cock against her. I kissed her tenderly and she woke up smiling. We kissed some more and I caressed her and fondle her entire body. She pulled me on top of her and I entered her. We made love slowly and explore every inch if each other’s naked body.

When we were done, we took a shower together.

After the shower, I heard Terry moaning and saw that the master bedroom door was open. I looked in and Mick was on top of Terry and fucking her as hard as he could. Terry was still completely naked and she had her legs spread open as wide as she could. I watch while Mick pounded my wife and stroked my cock. I watched them until they both came, then I walked into the room, put my cock into Terry's mouth and came. After she swallowed my cum, she smiled and said, "I hoped that you would watch me."

Afterwards, we got dressed and thanked Pat and Mick for a great time. We went home and took off our clothes and talked about the thing that we did and what we enjoyed about the evening. Terry said that it really excited her to have me watch her while she was naked and open and being fucked. She felt like she was a porn star and it made her feel beautiful that we both wanted her. I told her that I wanted to watch her with other men again, and she agreed, as long as she could pick the men.

We never saw together Mick and Pat again. Apparently, Mick was growing more than corn on his farm. About a week after our swap, Mick got arrested. He couldn't make bail, so he stayed in jail until the trial. I met Pat a few times after the arrest. Terry wanted me to comfort her. I spent the night making love to her, but after Mick was convicted, Pat move away.

Terry and I still talk about that night sometimes while we make love. The discussions get very detailed and graphic and orgasms are usually explosive.

Watching Her With Another Guy
Terry got a new job at the motel, working as a hostess in the restaurant. This meant that she got off work earlier, 10:00 or 10:30 p.m. instead of 11:00 p.m., but she tended to stay later drinking in the bar with the waitresses and the other hostess. Sometime she didn't get home until well after 11:00 pm. or later.

One night, she arrived home a little after 11:00 p.m. with a guy that she introduced as her friend Bill. She said that she met Bill in the motel bar after work. She brought him home, because he belonged to a local group that was into wife swapping and she wanted to know more about it.

They both came in and sat on the sofa. I got drinks for Terry and Bill and we sat down in the living room to talk. Terry took her shoes off and sat between Bill and me. Bill said that there was a group in town that regularly met for orgies and wife swapping. He gave us details of the orgies and mentioned the name of several couples with which he swung. They were some of the more prominent people in town, which made me wonder about his veracity. I know that people that swapped might tell others that they were into it, but they didn't go around telling the name of their partners. However, Terry was getting into it, so I let it pass. Besides, I wanted to watch Terry fuck another guy.

After a while, Bill said that he had some magazines in his car that illustrated orgies and wife swapping. He wanted to know if we were interested. Terry immediately said yes, so he went out to the car. While he was gone, Terry told me that she wanted to fuck both Bill and I. By this time, I was really hard, so I told her to go for it.

Bill returned with several porn magazines. We all sat on the sofa with Terry between Bill and me. I was on her left and Bill was on her right. She held the book and he and I looked on while she turned the pages. Terry pointed out the photos that she liked and commented on them.

After a few minutes, I started to rub her back and then slowing moved my hand around to her chest. She didn't say anything; she just kept looking at the photos. I noticed that Bill was rubbing his hand along the outside of Terry's thigh, and was looking at my hand on Terry's tit. Finally, he asked me if he could touch her too. I told him that it was up to Terry. She smile and leaned back, thrust her chest out and said OK. Bill’s hand immediately went to Terry right breast and he began to massage it. Terry continued to look at the magazine while Bill and I fondled her tits. Eventually, I unbuttoned her blouse, pushed her bra up, and fondling her bare breast. Bill quickly followed suit. He messaged her right tit, while I sucked on her left tit.

Terry finished looking at one magazine, so I helped her take of her blouse and unhooked her bra. She dropped it on to the floor and kicked it out of the way. Then, she picked up another magazine and looked at the pictures. Bill and I fondled and suck on her tits while she commented on the photographs. I asked Bill if he and his wife would like to get together sometime, but he said that his wife wasn’t into swapping. Then, I was pretty sure that he was full of crap with his stories about the wife swapping club. You have to be very special to be a single guy in that kind of a group. However, Terry was getting really turned on, so I let it slide again.

After a while, I let my hand slide down from Terry’s breasts over her belly and down to her thigh. While I rubbed her, she spread her legs slightly and started breathing deeper. My hand slid between her legs and I rubbed her pussy through her slacks. Bill’s hand move down to her thigh and we started taking turns rubbing her pussy.

When she finished the magazine, Bill said that he has some videos in this car that he thought we might like. Terry and I agreed, and Bill went out to the car to get them. Terry asked me if I was OK with what was happening. I told her that I loved her and I wanted her to have all of the pleasure that she wanted.

Bill return with several DVDs and I loaded one into the player. When I sat down, I told Terry to stand up. When she did, I unbuttoned her slacks and slide them down. She stepped out them and sat down between Bill and me wearing only her panties. The video was about a woman having two guys, and Terry really enjoyed watching and commented that she wanted to do everything that she saw. During the movie, Bill and I continued to fondle Terry’s tits and masturbate her through her panties. About midway through the video, I put my hand inside of Terry’s panties and played with her pussy. She was really turned on by this time and the front of her panties were soaking wet.

When the video was over, I went to the kitchen and fixed more drinks. When I returned, Terry and Bill were standing in front of the sofa; kissing and Bill’s hands were all over Terry. Bill and I sat on the sofa and I told Terry to stand in front of us. I reached up and put my index finger into the waistband of Terry’s panties on one side and Bill did the same on the other side. Then, we both pulled her panties down. After the initial tug, they slide down her legs to the floor. There was my wife standing completely naked in front of me and another man. She had small landing strip of hair pointing down to her otherwise hairless pussy. Terry stepped out of her panties and I had her turn around so that we could get a good look at her completely naked body. She willingly compiled, enjoying the looks that she got from both of us.

After letting us look and touch her all over, she sat down between us again. This time, she spread her legs wide; putting one leg over Bill’s left leg and the other over my right leg. She laid back and let us do whatever we wanted to her. We both continued to massage and suck on her tits and we took turns rubbing her pussy. By this time her pussy lips were wide open and she was really wet. None of us paid attention to the video; we just enjoyed Terry’s body. She had at least one orgasm from each of us while we were playing with her pussy.

After her second orgasm, Terry moved to the floor and I got a pillow for her head. Bill move down between her legs and Terry spread them as wide as she could. Bill buried his face in Terry’s pussy and started licking her wet pussy. She reached up to me and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and took out my cock. I knelt next to her and she put my cock into her mouth and sucked on me. While she was taking me in her mouth, I watched as Bill buried his tongue in my wife’s cunt.

About the time she started to convulse with her third major orgasm, I came in her mouth. Terry loves the taste of cum, so she swallowed every drop and licked my cock clean. Bill and I traded places, and I watched Terry devour Bills cock while I ate her pussy. Bill finally came in Terry’s mouth and she licked him clean.

I went to the bathroom, and when I returned, Terry said that Bill wanted to fuck her, but he didn’t want me to watch. Then, I knew for sure that he had never been to an orgy, but I didn’t want to spoil Terry’s fun. So, I went into our bedroom and took off my clothes.

I started to get into bed and wait for Terry, but I was really hard and I wanted to see my wife fuck another man, so I quietly opened the bedroom door and crept up to the living room. All of the lights were out, except in the living room, so I hid in the shadows. I began rubbing my cock while I watched the show.

Terry was still lying on the floor with her head on a pillow and her legs spread wide. Bill was standing over her looking down at her naked body, which she so generously exposed for his eyes. I was slightly behind Bill about 5 or 6 feet away. I watched as Bill took off the last of his clothes and lay down on top of Terry. She spread her legs wide and let him rub his naked body against hers. They kissed and Bill ran his hands all over Terry. Then, he leaned back a little and he reached down between his legs and took his cock and guided it to Terry’s wet pussy. He rubbed his cock against her pussy and the head quickly disappeared inside of her. He lay back on top of her and began thrusting his cock in and out of her.

Terry was already really hot and I could tell that she was enjoying his dick deep inside of her. I stood in the shadows naked, rubbing my cock while I watched my wife giving me a live sex show. She was just about to cum, when Bill’s cock came out of her. He backed up and rubbed his cock, but he was losing his hard on. I guess he had too much to drink. Terry rolled over and took Bill’s cock in her hand and pulled it toward her. He stumbled toward her as she took the whole thing in her mouth. She licked it and sucked on it until it was really hard again. Then, she lay back on the floor. This time, she changed angles slightly and I got an even better view of the action.

Bill pushed his hard cock into Terry’s pussy and began to fuck her, at first slowly, and then faster, until he was slamming his hips against her. Terry loved it and she met every one of his thrusts. It didn’t take long for them both to reach a climax. She screamed and collapsed on the floor. Bill arched his back and began groaning and shot his load into Terry’s willing pussy with 3 or 4 short thrusts. He looked like he was trying to get his cock even deeper in to Terry's pussy.

They lay on the floor for a while, kissing and talking. Then, Bill got up to get dressed. Terry got on her knees and licked Bill’s cock clean. I could see Bill’s cum dripping from Terry’s pussy as she sucked him off. When he was clean, Terry laid back on the floor with her legs spread, touching herself, and watching Bill get dressed. Then, she walked naked with him to the door. They kissed and Bill left. Terry stood in the doorway for a while and watched him get into the car before closing the door. It was about 2:00 a.m., so I don’t think anyone saw her naked, but she didn’t seem to care.

At that point, I silently closed the bedroom door and got into bed. I expected Terry to come right to bed, but I heard the shower. I laid there rubbing my cock to stay hard, but not to cum, because I really wanted to fuck her.

After her shower, I pretended to be asleep when Terry finally came to bed. After she got under the covers, I rolled over and put my arm around her, caressing one of her breasts. I pulled close to her and whispered in her ear, “You were so nasty tonight. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Terry kicked the covers off and rolled over onto her back. I reached down and rubbed her pussy, which was still wet from the shower. It only took a few minutes until she told me, “Get in.”

I rolled on top of her and slide my cock into her with one thrust. She was so wet that she came almost immediately. While I was fucking her, I told her, “I can’t believe that you let us take off all of you clothes and you spread your legs for him and let him eat you. And you fucked him didn’t you. I could hear you moaning and screaming. You let him put is cock inside of you, didn’t you?”

She started panting again and said, “Yes, I fucked him. I let his stick his dick in me. I let him cum in me. I feel so nasty. It felt so good with both of you playing with me, touching me. I lost track of how many time I came.”

We both came almost together and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, we both called in sick and spent the day fucking and talking about the night before. Terry told me everything that Bill did, but I never told her that I watched.

Her Cheating Stories

Another time,Terry and I were having some pretty wild sex, I started talking about some of the guys that she had been with since we were married. I told her that I loved to watch her with another man's dick between her legs and I loved to hear her stories about when she cheated on me. Suddenly, she told me that she just gave my best friend Steve a blow job after the New Year's Eve party. I know that she wasn't making up the story, because I watched them do it.

This wasn't a one-way street, we have both had affairs, swapped, and shared each other with friends. I just really like to discuss her affairs. She isn't as interested in mine.

Terry is very attractive about 5'-8" and 120 lbs. She is tall, slender with relatively small tits. I am into girls that are smaller than average, so she is just perfect.

On New Year's Eve, we went to Debbie and Steve's house for a party. We planned to spend the night there so we would have to drive home after drinking. Several other couples were there and the party was OK, but not wild. After midnight, the party wound down and when everyone left. We were the only ones that were to spend the night.

About 1:30 a.m., the four of us put on swimsuits and bikinis and got into their hot tub. We never were involved with Debbie and Steve, mainly because I wasn't really interested in Debbie sexually. She was a friend, but she didn't turn me on. However, I knew that Terry had a thing for Steve, but never did anything about it.

We sat in the hot tub for a while and talked, but at about 2:00 am, Debbie got tired and went to bed. About 15 minutes later, my skin started to wrinkle, so I ask Terry if she was ready to get out. She said that I should go get ready and she would be right in.

I went into the guest bathroom and took off my wet suit and put on an old sweat suit. Then I went into the guest room and waited for Terry. After a few minutes, I wondered where she was. So, I went into the kitchen and looked out the window. The hot tub was only a few feet from the window, so I had a great view. First, I saw Steve's suit laying on the ground next to the hot tub and Terry's bikini next to him. When I looked up, I saw Steve naked, sitting on the edge of the hot tub, and Terry had her head between his legs. She was bent over with one hand had on Steve's cock and the other between her legs. As I watched her head move up down on his cock, I pushed my sweatpants down and started to rub my cock.

I got really turned on watching my naked wife masturbating and sucking off my friend. Occasionally, Steve would reach down and fondle one or both of Terry's tiny tits. She must have sucked Steve for about 5 minute, when he suddenly arched his back and thrust his cock deeper into Terry's mouth, and I heard him say, "Oh shit".

Terry wasn't ready for him to shot his wad, because some of his cum dripped out of her mouth. Terry always swallows every drop, She pulled back for a second, wiped the cum off of her chin and licked it off of her finger. Then, she pumped his cock and sucked on some more to get every last drop of cum. Then she lick his cock to clean it off, kissed it several times, and rubbed it against her face. She kissed it one last time, stood up, and began touching herself, her breasts and pussy. I almost came watching her standing on the deck naked and masturbating. She looked so delicious. However, Steve stood up and put on his suit. Then, he helped Terry with her bikini.

I figured that they would be coming in soon, so I went to the guest room, took off all of my clothes and got into bed. A few minutes later, Terry came into the bedroom and I pretended to be asleep. I waited for a few minutes to see what she would do. I was just about to reach over and start playing with her, when I felt the bed start to shake ever so slightly.

I knew that she was masturbating, so I reached down between her legs and grabbed her hand and said, "What are you doing?" I really surprised her, but I didn't give her and time to explain.

I started kissing and touching her, but she was already wet and ready, so I moved over on top of her and slid my cock deep into her wet hole.

She asked me why I was so horny, and I just said that I had a nasty dream about her. We made love like two wild animals and both came within a few minutes.

We never discussed why I was horny or why she was so wet, until last night. I told her that I was dreaming about one night when I shared her with Bill, a guy she brought home after working late. We started talking about how, nasty she was that night, letting us take of her clothes, touching her everywhere, eating her and fucking her. She was really getting hot listening to me talk, Then, I told her that I really got turned on by listening to her tell me about the all of times that she was with other men. I love to hear her tell my how nasty she was and how it felt with another guy. That is when she confessed and told me everything about New Year's Eve. And, she did tell me everything, down to the taste of Steve's cum in her mouth.

I asked her why she didn't fuck him, and she said that she was going to, but he came sooner than she expected and he was too tired to cum as second time.

She was mad at Steve and probably won't do him again. Too bad. I was hoping for more entertainment next New Year's. I don't plan to tell her that I watched her suck him off. That's one my little secret.

More Fucking Around
A few months later, Terry tracked down one of my old college friends. His name is Bill (not the same Bill with whom we had our first MFM). He is an attorney now, married with two kids. Terry ran into him back in November, while she was out drinking with a friend and gave him a blowjob in his car. She saw him at the mall last month and met up with him last weekend. Last night, while we were making love, she told me about her evening with him. Terry likes to go into great detail about every ripple of his muscles against her body and every stroke of his cock inside of her when she is really horny and wants to get me really hot. We both got so turned over her deion, that we both came twice, before she was finished the story.

I'm not sure how she got in touch with him, but she met him at the same bar where she met him before. Terry lied to me that night and told me that she would going out drinking with her friend Jean (the same friend that she was with the first time she sucked Bill's cock).

Terry confessed that she did not go out with Jean. She went straight to the bar. In the parking lot, she took off her panties and bra, sat in her car and masturbated, until it was time for their date.

Bill was already at the bar when she arrived. They sat in a booth had a few drinks and talked for a while. After the second drink, Bill put his hand on Terry's knee and started rubbing her thigh. Terry said that she didn't mind, because she met him with the sole intention of fucking him. It didn't take him long to find out that Terry wasn't wearing panties under her tiny little skirt. They had a few more drinks and Bill masturbated Terry to an orgasm. Terry said that it took all of her self-control to keep from moaning loudly. Then, they finished their drinks and left for Bill's car.

Bill had parked a few blocks away from the bar in a deserted spot. She said that he remembered the last time that they were together and wanted to be in as secluded a spot as possible. They both got into the back seat and began kissing. Bill quickly pulled off Terry's top and fondled her breasts, while Terry fumbled Bill's pants. She knelt on the floor, took his cock out, and started sucking him.

Terry only sucked him for a few minutes, because she wanted his cock between her legs. She crawled up on the seat and put her legs on either side of Bill. She pulled her little skirt up and revealed her bald/waxed pussy. Bill wasted no time and putting his cock into my wife. Terry was soaking wet from Bill's fingering in the bar, so he slide right into her. Terry laid back against the door, with her leg up in the air and spread wide. Bill couldn't lay on top of her, because there wasn't enough room with the car doors closed. He knelt between her legs and fucked her wildly. Terry put her legs over Bill's shoulders and had her feet on the headliner above him.

Terry said that Bill had a fairly big cock and it felt really good inside of her. He really pounded her wet cunt. Terry likes to talk dirty during sex and told him how much she wanted him to fuck her. She told me that she told him that she had been really excited about meeting him and all she could think about was getting naked so he could look at her body and spreading her legs so that he put his cock inside of her.

While Bill was fucking Terry, she noticed two guys standing outside of the car watching. She didn't say anything to Bill. She just laid there naked and enjoyed having an audience. She did try to shift her body so that they could see her better. Terry told me that that really got her excited and she had a major orgasm.

After she came, Bill filled her full of his cum. Terry said that he really shot hard inside of her and she came again. He didn't realize that anyone was watching until he shot his load. When he noticed the men, Bill pulled up his pants and tried to climb over the seat. Terry, still enjoying the attention, just laid there with her legs spread and touched herself. She rubbed Bills cum all over her pussy and licked her fingers. It took several minutes, but Bill finally got into the driver’s seat and started the car. As they drove away, Terry waved to the guys.

Terry didn't bother putting her clothes on. She laid naked on the back seat and gave Bill directions to a secluded spot that we sometimes use for outdoor sex. Terry just laid on the backseat naked until they arrive at their designation.

It was too cold to be naked outside, but Terry got out of the car and move to the front passenger seat. She reached over and opened Bill's pants. He never got them buttoned and zip, so she just reached in and pulled his cock out. Terry bent over and sucked Bill until he was hard. Then she climbed over the seat and spread herself out for Bill. He got out of the car, climbed into the backseat on top of Terry, and fucked her again. After he filled her with cum a second time, Bill said that he had to get home; his wife would get mad if he was too late.

Terry got her panties out of her purse and put them on. She wanted to have her pussy filled with cum for me when she got home. She didn't bother with her bra; just her top and she pull her skirt down from around her waist.

Bill drove her back to her car and she came right home. I was already and in bed when she got home. She stripped except for her panties and crawled into bed next to me. She whispered in my ear that she fucked Bill and when I put my hand between her legs, I got the confirmation. Her panties were soaking wet, and Bill's cum was dripping out of her.

I couldn't believe how good it felt to put my cock inside of her wet, slimy, cum-fill pussy. She wouldn't give me any details then, we just fuck like crazy.

Last night she told me everything that I just wrote. We both came twice without stopping. Later, after a little rest, we fucked again while she told me how good it felt and how much she enjoyed being a bad girl. I, of course, told her she was a slut and a whore, and I fucked her as hard as I have every fucked her.

This morning, I found her lying in bed naked and masturbating. She said thank you for loving me and pulled me on top of her. After I entered her, she told the story to me again. We fucked two more time.

Steve Again
I was out of town again, and called my wife one night. She told me that Steve came over last Friday night. His wife is out of town for work too.

Terry said that there was very little talking. She said, "Steve practically ripped my clothes off as soon as I closed the door. Then he got down on his knees and started to lick my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as I could and stood completely naked in front of him. I was completely naked in front of him and he was eating me."

She said, I told him, if he made me cum, he could do anything he wanted to do to me. Then I grabbed his head and pulled him as close as I could and I let him lick me.

"I kept telling him to 'make me cum, make me cum' and 'if you make me cum you can do anything you want to me.' I was so turned on"

By this time, I was naked and masturbating like crazy.

Terry told me that she had been wanting him ever since she sucked his cock, but this is the first time they had a chance. She continued telling me that she eventually start using his face to masturbate and finally had a major orgasm. After she came, he cleaned off his face in the bathroom and took off his clothes. Terry grabbed his cock and led him to the bedroom.

I could hear her panting and it was obvious that she was masturbating too.

I will never forget what she told me next, "I laid down on the bed on my back and told him to fuck me, fuck me hard. He climbed on top of me and kissed me one and guided his cock into my pussy. Babe, I let him do it. I let him put his cock inside of me. Oh, it felt so good. He fucked me hard and he made me cum. Then he squirted inside of me. Babe, he filled me with his cum and it felt so good that I came again. Then he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth and made me suck him.

I felt like such a whore. I was so naughty. I let him fuck my mouth.

He never got soft, he was really hard. After a while, he rolled me over and stuck his cock in my ass. He fucked my ass. He fuck my ass and fingered my pussy until I came.

Then we fell asleep. Sometime during the night, he woke me up again and fucked my pussy again. He was gone when I woke up.”

She was quite for a while, but I could hear her breathing, and then she said, “I am still naked. I never put on anything. I was naked, I let him put his cock in me. He came in me. Oh gawd, I am such a slut. Thanks you for letting me be a slut sometimes. Oh my gawd, I am cumming.

When she said the “He came in me,” I started cumming too.

I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck her too.

More on Gordon
The other night, Terry told me about the first time she fooled around with Gordon. She had an affair with him a few years ago when she worked as a hostess in a restaurant/motel. Gordon was a regular in the bar at night. After the restaurant closed in the evening, the hostesses and waitresses would go into the bar and have a drink or two. Some of the women would flirt with the regulars in the bar.

Terry said that she flirted with Gordon a lot after work and one Saturday night, after a few drinks, he suggested they go for a ride. Terry had more than a couple drinks and lost all of her inhibitions. They drove out of town a few miles and found a deserted spot on a gravel road. Terry said that she was very horny and wanted to fuck really badly, but she didn't know him very well at the time. After making out for a few minutes, Gordon started exploring Terry with his hands and she let him. He slide his one of his hands down the front of her blouse and pulled up her bra. Terry helped by unbuttoning her blouse and exposed her tits. Gordon sucked on one tit while he fondled the other.

Terry unbuttoned Gordon's pants and pulled them down and started stroking his cock. When she got him really hard, she started sucking him. While she sucked his cock, Terry fingered herself to an orgasm. She said that Gordon had a nice big cock and it tasted really good. She also said that when he came, he really shot a big load in her mouth. She said that she sucked him clean and then got dressed. He drove her back to the motel and she drove home. On the way home, she decided that she was going to fuck Gordon the next time she had a chance.

When she got home that night, she was really still turned on, so she woke me up and told me that she wanted me to fuck her like a whore. Apparently, we did.

That night, Terry told me that Gordon and I were the only two men that every made her cum when we squirted cum in her pussy.

The most recent Time
My wife, Terry, occasionally has an affair. It doesn't happen often (maybe once or twice a year), but when it does, the sex afterwards is great. She tells me every detail and we fuck like wild animals. Sometimes it takes a while before she tells me, but when she finally does, she really enjoys telling every minute detail while she lays on her back and I fuck the shit out of her.
Last Friday, she came home late with her hair messed up and her clothes wrinkled. I asked her where she went and what she did, but she wouldn't tell me. She just smiled.

I put my arms around her, held her close, and kissed her. She smelled like sex. While I was kissing her, I rubbed my hands over her back and ass. She wasn't wearing a bra and she didn't have on any panties. Then, I felt between her legs and she was all sloppy wet. I lifted her skirt, and she had cum dripping out of her pussy and down her leg. She just stood there giggling.

I practically ripped her clothes off and pulled her into the bedroom and threw her onto the bed. She just laid there naked and smiling with her legs spread wide.

She played with her nipples and said, "Guess what I did tonight? I was such a little slut."

I quickly stripped and jumped on top of her. With no foreplay, I pushed my hard cock into her slimy pussy. It felt so unbelievably good to fuck her cum filled pussy. With ever thrust of my cock, more of the other guy's cum oozed out of her. I asked her who she fucked, but she still wouldn't tell me.

She just said, "I want you to know that I have been naked all evening and my pussy is full of cum. I cheated on you tonight."

I came as soon as she said that she had another guy in her pussy.

She licked my cock clean when I rolled off of her. Then, she wiped the cum from of her pussy and licked her finger clean and said, "Mmmm, I love the taste when different guys' cum is all mix together."

Terry promised to tell me everything, but she wouldn't say when. However, she did say, "I just needed some of your cum to satisfy me for the night."

I really love my fucking my slut wife. I never know who or when she will fuck someone else. You just can't believe how fantastic if feels inside of her pussy when she is full of another man's cum and how much of a turn on it is when she tell me about it.

Last night, Terry finally confessed about what she did last Friday. I was sitting in the family room watching TV, when she came into the room wearing a robe and carrying a chair. She set the chair in front of me and sat down. When she did, the front of her robe opened and exposed everything. She was completely naked underneath. She spread her legs, leaned forward, and looked me in the eye. She almost looked like she was about to cry. The following is a quote of what she said to the best of my recollection.

"Last Friday, I did something really bad. I hope you don't hate me, because I really love you; but I have to tell you everything. Please don't say anything until I am done. I know that I told you I was going out drinking with Katie, but I was really going to meet a guy from our Denver office, named Jim. He was in town for a conference. I've fucked him twice before when he came into town, but I never told you about him. I know I should have, but it was my naughty secret."

"Anyway, I had been thinking about it for a couple of weeks and I was really excited about being a slut for him. I thought that we were going to have dinner and then go back to his hotel room and fuck, but when I got to the restaurant, there were two other men with him. They were two of your biggest clients, George was from New York and the Neil was from Boston. They were also in town for the conference. I sat down and we had drinks and dinner. We had several round of drinks before dinner and I got a little drunk and I really didn't sober up much while we ate. We had more drinks after dinner and then went to their hotel for more drinks in the bar. The more we drank, the more sexual the conversation became. We told dirty jokes and they made suggestive remarks about me and my body. I kind of liked the attention. Jim sat next to me in the bar and was touching me under the table, rubbing my thigh and later, my pussy. I was really getting turned on."

"There were a lot of people in the bar, because of the conference and it was fairly noisy. So, Jim said that he had a bottle up in his room, and we could go up there and talk without yelling. I wanted to go up to his room and fuck him, so I agreed."

"In the elevator, Jim began rubbing my back and ass. As we got closer to his floor, his hand moved up to my breasts. I really wanted to do him, so I let him do whatever he wanted."

"When we got to Jim's room, he backed me against the wall and kissed me. His hand explored me everywhere and the other two guys were watching. That is when I realized that they all expected to fuck me. I whisper to Jim, 'You bastard, you planned this didn't you?' He said that he didn't, they just happened to show up. Then, he said that I told him that I always wanted to be really bad sometime, so this was my chance. By this time, I was so turned on, that I couldn't just walk away. I wanted to be a slut that night and besides, the other two guys weren't bad looking."

"Jim poured me a shot of cherry vodka and I downed it. I'm not sure why, but I started dancing. The guys sat on the love seat and the bed and stared at me. I remember doing a striptease and getting completely naked. Then, there were three pairs of hands touching me and I remember lying on the bed with my legs spread. George was fondling my breasts. Neil began licking my pussy and Jim put his cock in my mouth. After Neil licked me to an orgasm, he mounted me and fucked me in front of the other guys. I laid there completely naked with my legs spread as wide as I could. I let them watch me fuck. After Neil came inside of me, he pulled out and I licked his cock clean. Then George mounted me and put his cock inside me, while I continued to suck Jim. After George came, I vaguely remember Jim starting to fuck me. Then, it all became a blur. It was just one big long orgasm. I didn't remember how many times they fucked me, or how many times I suck their cocks. I do know that they all used me several times, and they came inside of me. No one used a condom."

"Everything was just a blur after that. I just laid there complete naked and let them use me. It felt so good, I enjoyed every moment of it, every stroke of their cocks inside of me. I felt like such a slut. I let them cum inside me, in my pussy. Oh my god, I was such a slut!"

"After a while I realized that Neil and George were getting dressed. They both kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful evening and left. Then, Jim entered me one last time. While he fucked me, he told me that George fucked me twice and Neil came in my pussy and my mouth. Jim was fucking my pussy for the second time. Also, he also told me that I licked everyone's cock clean after each fuck and that I wiped the cum from my pussy after each time and licked my fingers clean like I was starving. Oh I love the taste of cum!"

"I felt like such a slut, but I enjoyed every minute of what I had just done. It was the most intense and longest orgasm that I have ever had. I wanted your cum inside of me to make it complete, but I wasn't sure how you would react. I know you want me to be naughty and enjoy as much sex as I want, but I didn't wanted to tell you everything until later. I didn't want to spoil the night in case you were upset by how many men were in me. After we fucked, I had four men's cum all mixed up inside of me and it was so wonderful and tasted so good. I have never been so turned on, excited, and satisfied in my life."

"Please don't hate me. I really love you. I just can't help being a bad girl sometimes."

As soon as she finished, I stood up pulled her off of the chair, ripped her robe off, and threw her on the sofa. I spread her legs as wide as I could and buried my face in her pussy. I licked her to an orgasm and then fucked her as hard as I have ever fucked anyone. After I came, I told her I loved her and that she could be a bad girl any time she wanted as long as she told me everything. We fuck like two wild animals two more times last night and then did it again this morning. I have never been so turned on in my life.

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2009-05-01 14:04:47
Damn, I hope this guy shows more life when he is so called "fucking" than he does in this piece of ....................... Wow, I cannot even think of a word to describe this story.

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2009-04-19 16:16:29
This is so boring and unsexy that I couldn't get past the first few paragrafs. "I touched this, she touched that" or "they were fucking like crazy" -- acquireit, do you actually think that this is erotic? Read some of the better writers on this site -- Sinturian, Qlick, Ruth38, Magpie Amy, lubutt -- to get a sense of pacing/builup and of erotic detail. And don't bother with stories by Phrenetic Ice (bombastic, preening, overwritten, badly written) or foxylindi (excruciatingly long and badly paced) unless you want a lesson in what NOT to do.


2009-04-19 04:28:24
story line is ok but this guy has the iq of a rock...suppose it's good for the trailer park venue...but who in god's name would include a friend who goes by the name of "moe?" lol next sequel: curly, larry join in? NYUK, NYUK, NYUK


2009-04-19 04:23:33
omg...this guy attended college???? his grammar is pitiful!


2009-04-17 08:55:24
The sex is really great. I liked the way the author talked about squirting and about the women spreading their legs. I can get around the grammer when I'm stoking my cock and getting excited by the sex deions

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