My fantasy of being fucked by a guy is realised.
Fantasy Fulfilled

I’d like to tell you about my first experience with another man. I was 18 at the time but looked about 15, if I was a girl I guess you’d have called me petite. I’d had a few girlfriends that I’d been sexually active with, but I had always wondered what it would be like to suck a hard cock and to be fucked. In fact, when I watched porn and masturbated I would imagine myself to be in the female place, being fucked and covered in cum, I had a couple of household objects that I’d use as dildo’s and push into my tight asshole. I’d always been told that I had a cute butt and I loved the dirty feeling of being on my hands and knees with my butt pushed into the air. This is the story of how I came to realise my fantasy.

Anyway, I was due to attend a job interview some distance from my home so I was staying in a small hotel in the middle of nowhere for 1 night so I’d be fresh in the morning for the interview. After my evening meal, I sat in the small bar for a couple of drinks. I was completely alone except for the manager of the bar, Ken. I’d guess Ken was in his late 30’s, muscular, I suppose you’d say he looked fit and obviously took care of himself. We talked about sports; music etc and Ken mixed me some cocktails. If anyone asked, he said, they were fruit juice. Wow, I don’t know what he put in them but my head was soon spinning, the bar was still empty so Ken said he was going to lock up early. I was a little disappointed as I was enjoying the buzz I had going on. Ken obviously noticed and asked if I fancied a nightcap at his place, a short walk down the road. I said sure and pretty soon we were in Ken’s living room drinking cocktails, talking and laughing.

I don’t know when, but at some stage I passed out, the next thing I remember is being carried, my head was spinning, I was laid down on my side on a bed. I felt Ken sit on the bed beside me and then, click, the TV was on and I heard the sound of Porn. I didn’t know what to think, was Ken just going to let me sleep it off here, or was the something else on his mind? I decided to pretend to be asleep and find out.

A few minutes later and Ken reached over and unbuttoned my shirt; he managed to remove it and then unfastened my jeans, the sound of people fucking on the TV and Ken’s gentle touch on my crotch made my cock start to stiffen. He pulled my jeans down and my underwear went with them, I wriggled a bit to give the impression of being disturbed in my sleep, but also allowed Ken to get my jeans off without too much trouble. Wow, was this really happening? Did I want it to continue? I had a choice to make, continue pretending to be asleep and see what happened, confront Ken and leave or confront Ken and stay. I decided on the easy option and continue pretending to be asleep.

There I was, naked, lying on my side on another man’s bed, whilst he watched porn and probably played with himself. I was really scared, my heart was pounding, I felt so exposed and horny.
I felt Ken lay beside me, his front facing my back, his hand gently ran up my legs and caressed my buttocks, I heard him sigh, then his hand reached over and lightly touch my semi hard cock, his fingers traced up and down the shaft a couple of times, barely touching and my cock throbbed and stiffened more. Oh my god this was really going to happen. I was scared but exhilarated too. His hand left my cock and a minute later was between my butt cheeks, his finger probed around my asshole and I felt something cold and wet on his finger, lubricant! This guy was going to fuck my ass! I was finally going to get to know what it was like to be fucked! Ken rubbed the lube around my opening and pushed the tip of his finger in; I let out a little moan and pushed my ass out toward him a bit. Ken obviously took this to be the green light and buried his finger to the knuckle; I let out a sigh of pleasure. Ken withdrew the finger so just the tip was still inserted then delved back in; he did this for a few minutes, my sighs turning to small moans. The sounds of fucking on the TV and Kens touch were really getting me going, he had to know I was awake now. Another finger joined his first and he fucked my ass with 2 fingers. His hand reached around and took hold of my throbbing 7” dick, again he lightly played with it and massaged my balls. I wanted him to grab it and jerk me off hard, but this was driving me wild. I felt his cock bump against my ass. Ken held my hips and pushed the tip of his cock against my hole. I grasped the bed and braced myself as Ken pushed. “Oh God” I cried. It hurt so good, his hard dick pushed into me spreading my ass lips open. Just the tip of his cock was in me but I wanted more. He reached over and took hold of my cock again, this time he grabbed it and pulled back the skin hard, “Oww” I whimpered, I thought he was going to pull the skin right off my dick, he released it and I felt a small burning sensation which made my dick throb even more. He still just had the tip of his dick in my ass and he went back to lightly playing with my cock and balls, I manoeuvred my body so my ass cheeks spread for him and I pushed my hips back trying to engorge myself on his cock. He pulled back and the he popped out. “Not yet bitch” he breathed. This was the first thing he’d said since this started, he pushed the tip of cock back into my ass pulled hard on my cock again. “Agh” I cried. This went on for some time, lightly playing with my dick then pulling hard on it, never putting more than the tip of his cock into me. He knew exactly what he doing, all this teasing was driving me crazy with desire, I was panting and gyrating my hips, pushing my butt at him trying to get him to push his pole into me. I was so cock hungry now; I’d do anything he wanted.

Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore, “Fuck me, fuck me” I cried. “Beg me you slut” Ken replied, “and call me Daddy”
“Please Daddy, fuck me” I panted.
Ken pulled back hard on my dick and pushed his hips forward, about 4” of his thick cock slid into my hole. (About half his length as it would turn out)
“OOhhh” I purred. It felt fantastic, better than I imagined it would. I pushed back, trying once again to impale myself.
“Tell me what you want you slut” Ken said pulling away again.
I knew what Ken wanted. “Pleeease Daddy, give me all your lovely hard dick, fuck my tight ass”
Ken slowly pushed his cock into me.
“OH GOD YES!” I shouted. I didn’t think it would stop, but finally he was sunk up to his nuts in my tight ass.
“You like that bitch, don’t ya”
“Yes Daddy, yes” I panted.
He withdrew again and again slowly pushed all the way in. I groaned in pleasure, it felt wonderful, I was filled with another man’s cock and I loved it. Ken continued to thrust slowly in and out, obviously enjoying the sensation of fucking my tight virgin ass. My cock started to twitch and I grabbed it with the intention of making myself cum. My moans of pleasure alerted Ken and he knocked my hand away from my dick and pulled his dick from my ass.
“No”, I cried
“You naughty bitch, who said you could touch that, that's mine and you’re not going to stop my fun” said Ken. Ken knew that once I came, I may well come to my senses and want no more of his dirty fun.
“You need to be punished” he said.
What was going to happen now I wondered? Ken got up from the bed and got something from a bedside drawer. This was the first time I’d seen Ken since He brought to the bedroom. I could see why he could carry me so easily. He was very muscular, obviously a keen gym member. His body was smooth, tanned and hairless down to his hard 8” cock which was bobbed as he walked back to the bed, his hairless balls swinging heavily. He sat on the edge of his bed and commanded “Get over here bitch, I want you over my knee.”
I moved over to Ken and laid across his lap, my hard dick pressed against his thighs and I could feel his rod against my side.
“I’m going to teach you a lesson now, you mustn’t touch yourself ok?”
“OK!” he shouted, when I did not respond and smacked my buttocks hard.
“Oww, yes daddy” I yelped, my butt stinging.
Ken proceeded to spank my cute little ass; each blow sending shudders of excitement through my body, in between each strike Ken would knead or stroke my tingling cheeks.
“You’re a naughty, dirty little slut aren’t you?”
“Yes Daddy” I panted.
“You love this don’t you?”
“Yes Daddy.”
My butt felt like it was on fire, I bet it looked great, glowing pink under the bedroom lights.
“Time of you to do something for me now” Ken said.
“Spread your ass for me” He commanded.
I reached back and pulled apart my ass cheeks for him, I felt something cold and very hard start to push at my asshole, stretching my ass lips open, then my ass closed around it, sucking it in to the base. Ken had just inserted his glass butt plug.
“Ooohhh” I purred, wriggling my ass, feeling the plug inside me.
Ken continued to spank me, each strike getting a little harder; I could see the TV from my new position and could see a woman getting fucked up the ass whilst sucking another cock. I wanted that to be me. I was moaning in delight and my lust had found new heights.
“On your knees slut” Ken instructed.
I got off his lap and positioned myself in front of him on my knees, gyrating and squirming so I could feel the butt plug working my ass. Ken stood in front of me.
“Open your mouth”
I opened my mouth for him, Oh yeah, my first taste of cock, I’d imagined what it must feel like for ages and now I was going to find out. Ken took hold of my head and guided his cock into my mouth, Jesus it was thick, I had to really stretch my mouth open to avoid catching my teeth on his lovely hard dick. Ken proceeded to fuck my mouth slowly, pulling my head back and forth. I could taste his salty pre-cum and I loved the taste, I hoped he would save some of his ejaculation for my mouth. He pushed his cock deep into my throat and I gagged, he enjoyed that, I felt his cock twitch and he pushed again making me gag again. Saliva was pouring out of my mouth and running down his shaft, dripping off his balls. I thought he was going to cum and I got ready to swallow his juices. I was still squirming on the butt plug and I desperately wanted to jerk myself off. I couldn’t believe how horny I felt, I’d never felt like this before. Abruptly he stopped and pulled his dick from my mouth. He spread his legs and pushed my head between his legs.
“Suck my balls bitch, and lick my ass”
I dutifully sucked one of his big balls into my mouth and sucked gently; using my tongue to massage it in my mouth, after a while I swapped it for his other nut until my jaw was aching.
“Ok, ok, eat my ass now you fucker”
I wasn’t sure how I felt about licking another man’s anus, even one as waxed smooth as Kens. I held onto his hips with my hands and ran my tongue from his balls to his asshole; he spread his legs a little wider to give me better access. I wriggled on the butt plug, sending small ripples of pleasure through me. Ok, I was ready, my tongue flicked around his ring and then I pushed it into his hole, Ken gasped and I licked greedily at his hole, dipping my tongue into his ring occasionally.
“That’s good you slut, I’m going to fuck you hard soon”
Oh god I couldn’t wait, but first I wanted to suck his cock. My tongue ran from his crack, up his shaft to the tip of his cock, I flicked my tongue around the tip and my hands grasped the base of his twitching dick.
“Hmmmnnnn” I murmured. “I love your big hard cock Daddy”
I’d never given a blow job before, but I knew what felt good when a girlfriend gave me one and I’d seen enough given in porn movies. I tugged on his cock slowly and sucked in his throbbing manhood; I looked straight into his eyes and saw the lust on his face, mirroring my own. My head was bobbing up and down his dick, my lips clamped hard around it, it was too big to take in all the way, but I did my best. Ken was moaning and his cock swelled even more. I picked up speed and sucked him harder. Ken looked skyward and his eyes shut. God, I didn’t want him to come before he’d fucked me properly. I stopped sucking him and climbed onto the bed on all fours.
“Come on Daddy; fuck me with your big hard dick.”
I wriggled my ass at him and spread my legs wide, the butt plug still working my ass. He came up to the bed and spanked my cheeks hard, twice. He pulled out the plug, making me gasp with pleasure.
“Lick your juices off, slut” He said offering the butt plug to my mouth. I could see small traces of evidence of where it had been, but I greedily sucked and licked it clean. I just felt so dirty now, I’d do anything. Ken climbed onto the bed behind me and I felt his cock bumping at my asshole. He grabbed my waist and pushed the tip of his dick into me.
“Oh yeah, Daddy” I panted, pushing my head down onto the bed and my cute little ass into the air. He eased his dick into me and then withdrew popping out and then thrust in again. He felt huge, and I felt so vulnerable and the feeling of his big hard dick sliding in and out of my puckered butt felt fantastic, better than I had dreamed. I moaned and groaned in ecstasy as he picked up speed, pounding my little white ass, occasionally smacking my quivering ass cheeks.
“Take it you cock hungry slut” he whispered
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me hard Daddy” I cried. I felt so dirty and horny, my ass pushed into the air, filled with dick, I never wanted it to stop, my own dick was so hard I really thought the skin might split off of it. He kept banging away for what seemed like ages, pushing my head into the bed.
Just when I thought he was going to cum, he stopped again and withdrew his cock with a squelch. His self control was unbelievable; he was keeping us both at a sexual frenzy that was amazing.
He paused, panting behind me, letting his himself calm down, delaying his ejaculation. He came round to my head and offered his cock to mouth; I sucked and licked all my ass juices from that wonderful dick of his and he lay down on the bed beside me.
“Ride me whore”
I positioned myself above his quivering member and lowered myself onto it, slowly engorging myself and filling my hole, it felt like I was getting even deeper penetration in this position and I took all of him in. I shut my eyes, letting the sensation wash over me, raising myself up and then, just as his cock was going to pop out, sliding back down, hard. I got into a rhythm and pumped up and down, picking up speed.
“Oooh, Oooh, that feels soooooooo good” I purred.
“Yeah, ride my cock you bitch”
Ken reached forward and grabbed my cock, jerking me off, he started to push up on my downward thrusts and I could feel he was close to cumming. He pulled harder and faster on my dick and I could feel my orgasm rise inside me.
“I’m cumming Daddy, I’m cumming” I cried, leaning back on his cock.
My cum rocketed out of my dick, I’d never cum so hard, it splashed up onto my chest and a dollop of salty goo landed on my cheek. Ken ran his fingers across my face, wiping my cum into my mouth, tasting my salty discharge, staring at Ken with lusty eyes I licked and sucked his fingers clean. I felt completely spent now and Ken pushed me off his dick.
“Open your mouth you dirty slut” He commanded.
I duly obliged, and he positioned his dick above my open mouth, my tongue sticking out. He wanked hard on his cock, and shut his eyes.
“Oh yeeeeesssssss!” he shouted as his cock erupted. Cum splashed all over my face, in my eyes, up my nose, in my hair and in my mouth, he pushed his twitching dick into my mouth and I sucked him gently, squeezing every drop of his cum into my mouth. It tasted good, I swallowed hard, and there was so much I nearly gagged. He pulled out his cock and looked at me, covered in cum, I used my fingers to push it into my mouth swallowing, staring into his eyes. I felt disgusting but I loved it. We collapsed onto the bed, covered in cum and exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately.
Needless to say, I didn’t get the job, I attended the interview looking exactly like I’d spent the night drinking and being fucked, my butt was real sore, and I couldn’t concentrate, constantly thinking of the fantastic sex I’d had.
I took Kens number but I didn’t think I’d have the balls to phone him, it turns out I would see Ken a couple more times though. He helped me fulfil my next fantasy but that’s another story........

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i am a cock hungry bottom slut just like that and this story gets me so very cock hungry


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I don't understand why this has suck a low rating....This is reallly, even amazingly, good, and really hot on top of that.

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