The next morning, I awoke to the sunlight gleaming on my face. Izzy must had felt it too as she began to stir from her sleep. Her head was still on my chest. I stroked her hair and back. I looked down at my chest to see her looking back at me with her brown eyes. She smiled weakly. I smiled back.
“Morning beautiful” I said kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes as I kissed her and then gave a small yawn.
“What time is it?” she asked yawning. I tilted my head to the bedside table and realized that it was nine thirty.
“Shit, class starts in an hour’s time” I said. She heard this and her eyes widened. She quickly rolled off my chest and I ripped the covers off. We both jumped off bed and ran into the bathroom, stripping as we entered. I turned on the shower and both of us jumped in. We washed ourselves quickly so there was no sex involved. We dried off and brushed our teeth at lightning speed. I ran into my room, my dick smacking my lap with every stride. I put on black jeans and a green band t-shirt. I then took my cell phone, keys and wallet and went to the kitchen and got a banana for breakfast. By now it was 10am. Isabel came out of her room. She was wearing brown short shorts that hugged her ass nicely and a blue tank top that was a little short so I could see a bit of her tummy. She grabbed her assignment and stuffed it in her bag and met me at the door. We kissed briefly. We got to my car and I dropped her off at her lecture hall.
“Sorry we woke up late. It was a little rushed but you still have a good 5 minutes before class starts” I told her in the car. She leaned in and kissed me.
“It’s ok, but remember, you owe me a fuck.” She smiled lustily. She got out the car and turned around. I reached out and pinched her ass. She squealed and looked back at me blowing a kiss as she dashed off to class. I rushed to my class 5 minutes late to find that the lecturer had not arrived.

When we returned home that night, we fucked again. She was like a feisty tiger. When we entered the apartment, me closing the door behind us, she pounced on me and wrapped her legs around my waist. She kissed me deeply.
“I couldn’t hold it in since last night” she said between kisses. “You’re so damn hot I just want to eat you.”
I placed my hands under her ass and squeezed them.
“Carry me to my bed. I want you to fuck me on my bed.” She said the word fuck in a hoarse tone that was a total turn on. I nodded dumbly and carried her to her room as she kissed me and tried to strip my clothes off with difficulty. When we reached her room, I got to the edge of the bed and then threw her onto the middle of the bed. Her light body bounced on the bed and she landed in a semi sitting and lying position. She was giggling. She took of her top and pulled of her pants. I got to see her in a pale green lacey bra and matching thong. I looked down to see that she had taken off my belt and my pants were unzipped. I pulled of my jeans and t-shirt to leave myself in boxers. There was a tent in my boxers hiding my hard on. I pulled it down slowly and watch it spring out and bounce about. I got on the bed on my knees and crawled to her.
“Take my thong off with your teeth.”
“Oohh you dirty girl” I said in a smooth British accent. She giggled. I managed to bite the elastic and slowly pulled off her thong. I kissed her right ass cheek and smelt her womanly scent in her crotch. I rubbed her pussy a bit and felt some juice leak out. I then advanced to her cunt and spread her lips sticking my tongue into her vagina. Izzy groaned with pleasure. I flicked my tongue quickly and then found her clit. Taking some of her cum in my free hand, I rubbed her clit and pinched it very lightly. She cooed and sat up, unhooking her bra. I paused to see her beautiful tits drop out. I pulled off from her cunt and advanced to her chest. I licked between her tits and the pinched her hard nipples. She moaned with her eyes closed. I took her right tit in my mouth and sucked hard. Her nipples felt so nice against my tongue, tasting nice and sweet. I then stuck two fingers into her cunt and lay next to her and finger fucked her while is sucked on her tits. She reached down and grabbed my hard dick. She began stroking it lightly her hands soft. I then started to thrust my fingers in and out of her very quickly till my hands looked like a blur. I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers then a gush of wet juices forced my fingers out. She squirted onto the bed sheets.
“Daaaannnnnn…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…” she cried as she squirted. She had stopped jerking me now and I was a little soft. Her hands were balled into tight fists and were slamming down on the bed. Her body jerked and her and her breathing was fast and intense. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead. When her powerful orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes and took slow breaths, her chest heaving, her breasts softly wiggling with every breath. The bed was soaked around her. I looked around and it seemed she drenched it with her cum. Part of me was soaked too with her pussy juices. She noticed me observing and blushed.
“I’m sorry about it” sounding really embarrassed.
“Did you enjoy it?” I asked. She nodded nervously. “Then I’m really glad you did. Wow I didn’t know you could do that.”
She looked relieved now. “I didn’t know I could too. I guess you fingered me really fast and that sort of made me cum so hard, but I don’t know whether its going to happen again.”
“Seriously I’m really glad you enjoyed it and watching you squirt was really hot.”
“Well since you made me cum that hard, I guess I should return the favor.”
“I guess you should.” I replied. I then felt her slid her hand down my stomach down to my crotch where her soft hands grabbed my dick and slowly stroked it back to life. In no less than a minute, I was hard again. She got on her knees then knelt down facing my dick, her open mouth hovering above it. She then took just the head in and flicked it with her tongue. It felt warm and wet and wonderful and I couldn’t help but groan. She then slid her whole mouth down until my whole cock was inside. Fuck she was giving me a deep throat. she then started sucking hard and her head was bobbing up and down my cock, her hair flying about and hanging over her head and face, tickling my stomach and crotch area. She went faster and I groaned louder. My pleasure stopped when she gagged. Her mouth released my dick and she sat up coughing. She had tears in her eyes.
“Shit. I cant even do this for you. What kind of girlfriend am I?”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked surprised.
“This deep throat thing. I knew you would enjoy it but I can’t even do it without gagging. You made me feel so good just now and I wanted to do the same for you and I couldn’t.” she looked away from me ashamed. I sighed. Wow, she really cared about me and was willing to fuck up her throat just for my measly enjoyment. It reminded me of why I fell for her.
“Izzy,” I said softly, stroking her face lightly. She looked at me with tears still in her eyes. “I don’t really care if you can’t do these kinds of things. I would be just as happy with just kissing and hugging you if that’s all you can do. So what if you cant do this. It’s ok. I still love you. I leaned over and wrapped myself around her, kissing her lips. She kissed back. I pulled back and wiped her tears and kissed her on the nose.
“Just be you. I don’t want you to do things that you don’t feel comfortable. I cant bear to hurt you in anyway. She nodded and smiled weakly. We continued making out and she continued to stroke me while I fingered her. Finally she pushed me onto my back and straddled me. I entered her cunt with some resistance as she was tight as hell. For the next 10 minutes she bounced on my cock and I watched her enjoy her second orgasm as her tits flailed about. After she came, she fell forward onto me, her tits squashed onto my chest, her hard nipples rubbing against mine. I then took over and started thrusting upwards quickly, my nuts slapping against her tight small ass. It had been nearly an hour and I really wanted to cum and that’s what I did minutes later. I shot load after load deep into her cunt and filling her up. Finally I was spent.

Izzy lifted herself up and I felt my flaccid cock vacate her with a small pop sound. She then laid on top of me and looked at me. I wrapped my arms around her back and stroked her hair. We were both looking into each other’s eyes. There was a silence between us for a few minutes. It wasn’t an awkward silence but one that we both enjoyed as we could both feel the connection between us. I studied her face while she closed her eyes. Her nose wasn’t too big or too small but slightly sharp. Her lips were small. Her eyebrows thin and slightly arched highly. Her eyes were round, eyeliner smudged a little from the sweat produced from our sex. She noticed it and wiped it off. Even without her makeup she still looked beautiful. Her boobs were squashed onto my chest and I could feel her heartbeat matching mine. The silence lasted awhile longer and it was broken by the sound of her rumbling tummy. She giggled and I laughed.
“Do you want some dinner?” I asked. She looked at the clock next to the bed and nodded. It was about dinner time. She rolled off me and I got up and off the bed. I found my boxers on the floor and put them on. She just put on her thong and got off the bed, her tits jiggling as she got off. We went straight to the kitchen I fixed ourselves dinner. After our meal both of us showered together. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I fingered and ate her pussy giving her an orgasm and she blew me off. After our shower, we changed in our separate rooms.

The thought of staying in separate rooms was ridiculous given the relationship we had. I then went into her room; she was still changing, looking for a bra to wear for bed. I walked to her and stood behind her while she was looking at herself in the mirror. I then hugged her from behind, wrapping my arms around her chest and kissing her neck.
“Hey Isabel, why don’t you move your clothes into my closet?” I asked her. She turned around and looked at me confused.
“Why? I would then have to go to your room to change every morning and that’s a waste of time when I can do it right here” she replied. I shook my head.
“No I mean I want you to sleep with me every night” I told her.
“I am. I mean we do it like everyday” she said still clueless. I sighed and shook my head.
“What if I asked you to move into my room with me so both of us share the same bedroom, and we can wake up in the morning besides each other like a real couple. I want this relationship to go further.”
Her eyes suddenly widened with joy and I saw a grin forming. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped onto me, forcing her legs around my waist.
“Of course I want it… of course…oh this is really great!!!” she exclaimed. She was so excited by my offer that she was kissing me all over my face. I couldn’t help but laugh. I felt so loved by her, but after awhile the kissing kind of made me feel like she was a dog trying to lick her master’s face.
“Uh Izzy, you can stop now.” She stopped kissing me but still clung onto me topless. I pushed her hair back from her face to reveal her beautiful eyes. We looked at each other deeply as she got off me. She then took my hand with hers. It was small, soft and comforting. She then led me to my room and got on the bed. She motioned for me to come to her. I hopped on and we started to make out. She started taking my shirt off but I stopped her. It was late and I was tired from the sex sessions we had earlier.
“Not tonight” I whispered to her between kisses. “I just want to lie down next to you and think about how lucky I am for you love me the way I do to you.” She broke the kiss and nodded her head. She turned around so that I was in a spooning position with her. I wrapped my arm around her chest and kissed her neck. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. I watched her for a few minutes and soon fell asleep with her in my arms.

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I have read all 5 of them and they are great so far and I jack off to each story multiple times. Keep doing what you have been doing.

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