Many months later:

I woke up with my boyfriend by my side. Since he asked me to ‘move in’ with him as his girlfriend and not a room mate, we have been sleeping with each other every night. It was the same routine everyday but both of us were not complaining. I mean, not many couples get to experience orgasms every night. I watched Dan sleep. He was spooning me with his arms wrapped around my chest, his strong arms. I couldn’t remember when he got more muscular. Back in school he was the kind of guy who wasn’t skinny or fat. He was just lean but not buff. Now, his body was more chiseled. His abs were hardening and his chest showed that he could bench a lot. He let his hair grow longer now. It was not long like the guy from nickelback, but just a messy and his fringe covering his eyes and the sides overlapping his ears. He also had facial hair which was maintained close to the skin. It made him look a little older but more manly. He looked so cute. I guess a lot of girls realize that too. They somehow started trying to woo him. Many girls just sort of soften when they see him. Like the other day, when we were in the park, we were jogging together. His t-shirt was soaked with sweat and it stuck to his body and it made it hard to move his body. I told him he could take it off. He complied and ran without a shirt his hair blowing in the wind. Well we stopped near the lake to rest as our things were there too. He went to get my water bottle and passed a group of high school girls in short shorts and tight tank tops. They were giggling girlishly and whispering about him. I felt a rush of jealousy. I don’t know why, I mean I knew they were not his type but I couldn’t explain the feeling. I just wanted them to know that he was taken. When he returned with my bottle, I wrapped my arms around his neck and reached up and kissed him deeply, making sure it was obvious to them. He was surprised a little by my kiss but he kissed back. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the bunch of sluts just shaking their heads and being pissed. I couldn’t help but smile.

Well, back to the present. We were lying in bed together, him being asleep. I looked at the bedside clock to find out that it was only seven thirty on a Saturday morning. Last night we went out for dinner and came back late, like around 1am. We showered together and went to bed. He was super tired from driving the whole day that he just jumped onto the bed. I joined him and kissed him lightly. His lips were so soft. He then kissed my neck and I sort of melted. Then a switch flipped and I got super horny. Although he was tired, he still had energy to have sex with me. The best part was, he held out till I had my orgasm, then he came. How sweet is he? That’s why I love him. He never fails to make sure that I’m happy first. Furthermore, he never ever does anything that makes me uncomfortable. Take for example when I had sex the very first time. If I told him to stop, he would have done it without question. He respected me as a women and made my first time really special. Not a lot of guys were like that. I heard from my friend Jenna that her first time was rough, fast and really uncomfortable. She did it at a party on her boyfriend’s bed and the jerk dumped her weeks later. Realizing that it was too early to do anything, I fell asleep again.

An hour later I woke up again. Dan woke up at about the same time.
“Morning beautiful,” he whispered into my ear. I smiled and moaned softly. He kissed my cheek and rubbed my arm. “How does pancakes sound for breakfast?”
“Mmmm. Delicious,” I said licking my lips. He laughed and rolled of the bed, landing on his hands in a push up position. He started doing pushups in his boxers. I rolled off to the side and propped my head up supporting it with my elbows. I watched him as he intently did his pushups. I watched how his tight biceps hardened every time he got close to the floor. His strong arms were turning me on. I imagined him fucking me while he carried me, while I wrapped my legs around his body. The feeling of his hard thick cock penetrating my tight pussy was getting me wet. Using my free hand I couldn’t help but start to advance my hands to my soaking pussy. I put my middle finger in and started to finger myself. I was so engrossed that I didn’t realize that Dan had finished his morning exercise and was standing at the edge of the bed. By now my eyes were already closed and I was moaning softly.
“My, my. Someone’s’ enjoying themselves without me” he said laughing. I was a little surprised when he suddenly talked. I felt myself blush.
“I guess seeing me exercise and showing of my buffness made you wet right? I cant say I blame you. A lot of chicks can help themselves with this” he said in a fake stern voice. I sat up now.
“Well I couldn’t wait for you.” I said.
“Well I’m free now aren’t I?” With that I grabbed the elastic of his boxers and tugged it down swiftly. His semi erect penis just sprung out. I pulled him towards me and took him in my mouth. His cock head was warm and I could taste last night’s sex juices on it. I heard him moan. He pulled back my hair and I grabbed his leg as I bobbed my head on his cock going faster then slowing down. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed my left boob. He used his thumb and index finger to pinch my hard nipples. I felt myself get wetter and moaned on his dick. After blowing him off for awhile longer, I felt his balls sort of contract. He was close. I went faster but he stopped me and pulled out of my mouth. I felt rejected.
“No. I want to save it for inside you.” I nodded. He then bent forward and lifted me his arms around my armpits. He then kissed me softly. Then he carried me off the bed slightly and threw me onto the middle of the bed. I couldn’t help but squeal. I laid on the bed, my legs spread out. I was using my fingers to spread my cunt and I was rubbing my now hard and exposed clit. He crawled onto the bed and got in between my legs, his thick cock hanging low, the head on my vaginal entrance. I felt his precum ooze out of his dick and coated my bush. The tip of the head penetrated my slit slightly. He was supporting his body with his hands at my side. He reached down and kissed me tenderly. I stopped fingering myself and wrapped my arms around his strong back. He was teasing my vagina by rubbing his schlong on my slit.
“Sorry, but if I enter you now, I might cum too fast. You’re to fucking hot.”
“Awwww. Your so sweet.” I smiled at him trying to hide my embarrassment. I loved it when he told me I was beautiful. A lot of guys have told me I was hot and stuff but only Dan really meant it both inside and out. After a minute of making out, with my eyes closed, he entered my cunt.
“Ooooohhhh…” I cried, my eyes opening wide. I was surprised by his entrance but at the same time really turned on. He got worried and pulled out thinking he hurt me. I pulled him back into me.
“No… don’t pull out. Don’t fucking pull out. I want you to fuck me hard” I said coarsely. He nodded and just penetrated hard and deep. I felt the full force of his thick cock splitting my pussy filling me with ecstasy. I unwrapped my arms around him and pulled them above my head. He was kneeling on his knees and then pulled my body up towards him by putting his arms under my ass. He started going slow, pulling out until just the head was inside, then he would pound down hard making my pussy throb. In a matter of minutes I came and I felt my pussy tighten around his ragging cock. He felt it and slowed down, trying not to cum. After I ended, he pulled out and put his head on my cunt and ate me. I couldn’t help but moan loudly. He licked the juices off. We both sat up and I proceeded to lick my pussy juice from his face. I love how I taste – so sweet. I then pushed his chest and made him lie flat. Then I swung my legs around his and straddle him, cowgirl style. I eased my pussy down on his cock till it was all the way in. He grabbed my tiny waist and I grinded his dick, gyrating my hips. I started to bounce on his dick. It was my turn to fuck him. my breasts were bouncing around. He grabbed both of them and squeezed them. My legs were now tired and I slowed down and fell onto him. He didn’t seem disappointed and was determined to continue. He just sat up and hugged me tight. My tits squashed between our chests and I could feel his heartbeat. I loved that feeling when our heartbeats match. It made the connection between us stronger. He grabbed my waist and thrusted his dick upwards. I felt his balls slapping my ass and making a rhythm. He kissed me between my breasts and took at boob in his mouth. I felt his tongue circling my nipple. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. Damn he was making me cum again. my warm juices were flowing over his cock. It had been fifteen minutes and although I knew he really want to cum, he still held back. What a boyfriend. So thoughtful and kind and always wanting to make sure I was pleasured first. Again he slowed down to stop from cumming but he still got me off by squeezing a hand between us and rubbing and pinching my clit. After my orgasm, I collapsed on him, my boobs in his face. He was still kissing me on my sensitive nipples and I couldn’t help but shudder with pleasure.
“I want you to cum now. Just let it go.” I told him between pants, my eyes still closed.
“You sure? I mean are you like happy?” I nodded and opened my eyes.
“Seriously let it out. I want you to.” He smiled and kissed me. He started pounding me again. this time he went faster then slowed down. He was building up his orgasm.
“Pick me up. Carry me. I want you fucking carry me and I want you to pound me hard.” He was a bit surprised by my spontaneity but then smiled and nodded his head. He grabbed below my ass and slid of the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me. He was moving my body up and down his shaft. He was still pounding me. How long can this guy last? I wanted him to cum. I knew he would explode with pleasure.
“Baby, I want you to fucking cum. I want you to shoot your load. I want to feel your hot thick cum filling my tight little pussy. I know you want to. Cum on you stud, cum for this slut. Come on. Pull out your big hard cock and shoot your load on my face. I want it on my face. I want your hot cum to drip down into my mouth. I want to taste your hot cum going doing my throat. cum for me baby…” I moaned seductively. I knew he couldn’t take it.
“where do you want it bitch?” he groaned loudly.
“I want it on my face, I want to see your hot white thick cum shoot out of your beautiful cock and cover my face.”
“You want my cum bitch??” he was shouting now.
“YEAH. FUCKING CUM FOR ME!!!” and with that he threw me on the bed. He was stroking his dick vigorously as he moved his body above me. I took his cock in both my tiny hands and stroked him.
“Uh fuck Izzy, stroke it…yeah…stroke it faster…faster…faster…fuck yeah…oh here it cums… here it cums…you ready babe?” he cried. His hands automatically took over and as instantly, his load just rocketed out as he exploded on my face. The first shot was powerful, big and thick. It hit me across the face and fore head. Some went over my head and got in my hair. The next three shots were fired onto my nose and into my open and willing mouth. I felt his warm cum slide down my throat. it tasted so nice. It felt like I had a part of him in me now. The subsequent shots were over my boobs. I squeezed my tits together, his cock between them after he finished shooting. He was still groaning. He looked down at me and smiled.
“Ohh shit… that was fucking awesome.” He got of my chest and lay down beside me. I proceeded to clean his cock with my mouth. I sucked up the remaining drops of cum left in his dick. then I let go of his cock and sat up with him. I was rubbing off the cum on my face and tits onto my hand where I then sucked off. I missed a spot near my mouth and tried to lick it off with my tongue but failed. I struggled to get that patch of cum off. it caused me to scrunch my face up and look silly. Dan started laughing.
“What?” I asked him.
“Nothing. You look so cute like that.” He grabbed my breasts and played with them. I just cooed at the feeling of his fingers tweaking my nipples. I pulled his hands away.
“Stop. Don’t tempt me or we will have to fuck again.” he stopped and made a serious face.
“Your right I should, I don’t to have sex with the most beautiful girl in the world.” I blushed at his compliment.
“Why are blushing. Is it because you cant believe you had amazing sex with a super hot guy?” he joked. I hit him on the chest playfully.
“You weren’t that great” I joked back, keeping a straight face. He pretended to look hurt.
“See what you did, you made me feel sad.” He pouted and I couldn’t help but laugh. I got a cloth from the bedside table and wiped off the cum from my face. After doing that Dan kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear
“That was so amazing. I cant believe you’re with me. I love you so much.”
“I love you too.” I replied.
“I’m so damn tired. You wore me out” he sounded exhausted. “My little friend here sometimes cant keep up and I think might be soar later.”
“Oh you poor thing,” I said rubbing his limp member. I felt it stir a little.
“You’re such a tiger. Where the hell did you learn how to talk so dirty?”
“Porn I guess.”
“You watch porn?” his eyes widening seeming a little excited.
“Not really but I guess you do. I mean don’t most guys do it?”
“Well yah but since I have been with you, I haven’t watched porn or masturbated. The sexual relief I get from sessions with you suffice.”
I smiled. I felt so proud that I could pleasure him.

We cuddled a bit then we realized that we still hadn’t had breakfast yet. We then slid off the bed I held his hand as I led him to the bathroom for a shower. I knew he was watching my ass. He suddenly pulled me close to him and slapped my ass. I shrieked with pleasure and giggled. Then he grabbed my tits and fingered my cunt.
“I thought you were tired?” I asked him innocently.
“Apparently my friend here isn’t.” I looked down at his crotch to see his dick sticking out hard and straight. I grabbed it and stroked it, smiling.
“Well I guess we still have time. Its only Saturday.”
“Babe, I have all the time in the world when it comes to you” he said kissing my neck. He turned me around and carried me on his waist again. he then brought me back to the bed and we fucked passionately again another two times till his dick went soft.

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i didnt like how u put it in the girs perspective after having it in the guys perspective


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