It had been 2 years since we had lost our virginities together. Both Isabel and I were lying on the dining table panting from our previous sex session.
“So I guess that was the last place in the house we tagged” she said to me. We had made an agreement a week ago to see if we could have sex everywhere in the house. Tonight we did it on the dinning table. Over the week, we had tagged the sofa, bed, kitchen counter, toilet seat, sink, window, balcony, floor, closet, behind the curtain etc. Yes, we did it everywhere.
“Yeah, but I don’t think eating here will ever be the same again” I said. she giggled. I looked at the table and saw that it was smeared with our sex juices.
“Dan, you don’t eat here remember” she said.
“Yeah, I eat your pussy right?” she giggled and slapped my chest. “Hey. I’m not complaining. It tastes good…” We got of the table and walked to the shower. She got in first and stood under the hot water. I loved watching her under the shower. She looked so captivating when the water hit her beautiful body. The water would trickle between her breast and down her legs and it would only show off how soft and smooth her body was. I joined her and kissed the top of her breast. I grabbed her ass and pulled her close to me, my semi erect dick just touching the entrance of her recently fucked pussy. I then kissed her deeply and let her slide her tongue into my mouth. After awhile we pulled back and rested our heads on each others’ foreheads.
“Happy 2nd anniversary” I whispered. She looked at me and smiled. We continued to shower and talked. We had finished our mid terms. In a years time we would be turning 21. Life was great as I was with the girl I loved. College exams had taken a lot out of us and we needed a break. Luckily we had a few weeks before the new semester started.
“I was thinking that we take a trip together somewhere. I mean we need a break from school and stuff” I started. She smiled.
“I guess you’re right, but where do you want to go?” she asked.
“Anywhere, as long as I’m with you.” she gave me a kiss and scrunched up her face while she thought. She looked really cute and I wanted to laugh, but didn’t for some reason.
“What about my parents beach house. We could stay in it just the two of us.” I loved the idea. Just the two of us away from the stress of college, life and people. Plus it was on a beach in an expensive bungalow. Isabel Valentino was from a rich family. Mr. Valentino was Italian and owned an expensive restaurant in town which was known to have regular customers who were Hollywood stars. As a result it received good reviews and not to mention good money. Izzy’s mom was a partner in a renowned law firm. Both her parents were sort of arrogant and not many people like them. I didn’t mind them as they were ok towards me as I was best friends with their daughter. Izzy’s dad was a formidable one though. He acted like some fucking Mafia gang leader and scared the shit out of me. From what I heard from Izzy was that her past dates were terrified by her dad and led her to not getting a real boyfriend till she met Brad. Since I was her Izzy’s best friend since young, she used to tell me her secrets. She told me that her mom and dad constantly fought and it scared her and her younger sister, Adrianna. When the fighting was too much, they would come to my house to stay over. Usually the three of us would stay in my tree house with sleeping bags and camp out. That was like ten years ago. Now her parents still fight but she and her sister have become stronger, but at times they still come to me for comfort. The tree house was a part of our lives. Izzy had asked me before whether we could have sex in it. I was turned on by the request but had to reject it as the house was old and would not take our wait and the constant bouncing from our bodies.
“The beach house sounds good” I replied. She gave a smile but it quickly faded.
“Shit, I forgot that my family’s going to be there. Their attending a wedding and it’s near the bungalow. Shit how could I forget.”
“It’s ok. I mean we can still go. It’s only your parents and besides, you haven’t spent much time with your parents since college started. It would be good for you.”
“Yeah but then we can be together at night. We would have to share separate rooms. To my family, I’m an innocent 20 something virgin.”
“Yeah. I don’t think your parents would be proud to find out all the dirty things we did together over the past 2 years.” She giggled and smacked my chest, asking me to stop it.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV, our bodies intertwined with one another. We were watching the game. One thing I liked about Izzy was that she was into sports. She was like a buddy to me. we had the same interests and supported the same teams and listened to the same music. The only thing is that we had sex together so practically we were like sex buddies. After the match, I untangled myself from her and yawned, stretching my arms above my head and cracking my neck and back. I felt more relaxed now.
“So have you called your parents about the trip?” I asked her. She nodded.
“I’m waiting for the reply. Are you sure about this? I mean we wont be alone and stuff you know” she said biting her bottom lip.
“Of course. Besides, I haven’t really met your parents as your boyfriend and I think it would be cool to hang out with your sister again sort of like bring back the 3 musketeers again.”
“But we wont be able to be together” she said again. I understood what she meant.
“Isabel Christie Valentino. How horny are you? Cant you last 2 weeks without sex?”
“Two weeks?!” she cried. She then pouted, “that’s going to be so hard. I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”
“Well we should fix your urges right now” I said and put my hand over her right breast, squeezing it. she yelped and gigged. I pulled off her sweat shirt and saw that she was wearing a simple black bra. She was wearing tight short shorts which I pulled off easily over her smooth silky skin. I then unhooked her bra and let her tits pop out. I kissed her between her breasts and took her left one in my mouth licking her nipple. She moaned softly and leaned back while she slowly rubbed herself off. I let go of her mouth and got into a kneeling position. I was wearing only boxers and I felt her thumbs grab my elastic and yanked them down. My dick popped out and bounced a little till it stood straight and hard in front of her mouth. She pulled back the skin and took the head in her warm inviting mouth. I closed my eyes and fell back onto the back of my feet. She leaned forward and went down. I was rubbing her smooth back and let my hand slide down under her where I pinched her nipple. I felt her gasp and moan on my cock. My other hand was stroking her hair and holding it up. Her free hand was in her pussy fingering herself. I grabbed her ass and when I felt like cumming I patted her tight ass while I used the hand stroking her hair to push her head up. She understood and stopped sucking me. she sat up and was still fingering herself. Her pussy was shining from the wetness. Her cunt was now shaved and she had left a small triangle patch above which she kept trimmed.
“I think you need some help” I said to her. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them, and then I pushed her onto her back. My face was now near her pussy and I began eating her out. First I licked the slit and tasted the juices coating my tongue. It was sweet and salty and bitter but delicious. I stuck my tongue into her vagina and I rubbed her expose and engorged clit. After awhile I looked up to see her rubbing her tits and nipples with her eyes closed and moaning. A few seconds later, her back arched and her breathing got heavier. Her other hand was now on the back of my head as she forced me to go faster. I obeyed and watched her have an orgasm. She let out a very long groan which told me she relished it. her pussy was quivering as she came and it tighten over my tongue. I felt her cum rush out and onto my tongue as it slid down my throat. all this time I was watching her. I loved watching her have an orgasm. Her face was flushed and her hair was wet from perspiration. Her other hand was now above her head and she was panting, recovering from her session. She then opened her eyes and looked at me smiling telling me she enjoyed it. I got up and on top of her, with my dick positioned at the entrance of her love tunnel. I proceeded to stroke the head of my cock on the slit and then pushed forward, entering her cunt. It was warm and tight and slippery. I went fully in and let her adjust to my size. After a few seconds I started to slowly pull back but when only my cock head was inside, I penetrated down swiftly, going deep. She moaned loudly in pleasure. I started to pick up the pace. I enjoyed the heat on my dick created from its contact with rubbing against her vaginal walls. I loved the feeling of her velvety tight pussy over my dick. I was going faster now and she matched my thrusts. I was near again but slowed down and eventually pulled out. I patted her ass.
“Doggy style” I grunted. Her eyes brightened up. This was her favorite position. She flipped over in one move and got on her hands and knees, her body slumping over the arm rest of the futon. She looked back and I smiled. I then took my dick and placed it at her entrance. I teased her for a while by slapping it on her lips. I rubbed it up and down and placed it between her ass crack. She spread her cheeks and I got a look at her asshole. It was tight and enticing. We never did anal as we thought it was kind of dirty and she wasn’t really ready for it. I didn’t mind. I’m not an anal fanatic either and I was content with her vagina. She groaned impatiently signaling me that she didn’t want to be teased. I rubbed her pussy to get some of her pussy juice which I used to lube my cock. I placed one hand on her small tight ass while I used the other to find her pussy with my dick. I pushed forward and was in her again. I started thrusting forward and felt my pelvis banging against her ass. My balls were low and flapping about as it slapped against her clit. I had one hand on her ass while the other slid down her back onto her chest and I grabbed her tit. I pinched her nipples and rubbed them as she moaned my name.
“Mmm… Dan…do that to me… yeahh… your dicks so big…take me… fuck my tight pussy… I know you like it… I know you want to cum… shoot your fucking hot load into me… I want it in me…” The dirty talk sent me onto the edge. I felt the tingling and I slowed down. The sensation subsided but was still lingering.
“Fuck, don’t stop… I need to uh….” Her pussy tightened over my dick and I felt hot warm pussy juice flow over my dick. I went faster and I felt my balls tighten. By now there was as louder slapping of testicles on clit. I then exploded. My first shot went deep into her pussy.

“Ooohhh… I can feel your hot cum inside me. pull out; I want you to shoot it over me. I want to feel you’re hot cum on my body.”
Before my second shot, I pulled out and squeezed my dick, then she flipped over and I released my hand and jerked the shaft. Izzy watched my dick spew more of my cum onto her body. The second shot was powerful and hit her chin. I was by now over her stomach. the rest went between her tits and then my shots was reduced to drops of cum. I pressed down on the head of my dick to let out the last drop of cum. I then collapsed on top of her body. I didn’t care if my sperm rubbed against my body. I kissed her cheek and caressed her face and neck. She cooed as I did it.
“I hope that helped” I whispered. She smiled and we sort of hugged each other lying on top of each other. Awhile later the phone rang. Izzy sat up and went to the opposite armchair and answered it. it as her mom. the conversation was brief with a lot of ok, yeahs and uh-huhs. She had her legs spread and on the table giving me a perfect view of her pussy. It oozed a bit of my cum. her chest was shiny with sperm and I saw he rub the cum of her chin with her fingers, which she put in her mouth. Fuck she was hot. After she hung up she told me the trip was on. I nodded and held her in my arms when she came and sat next to me.

The next Monday at around 8am, we loaded up my car and took a long road trip to Izzy’s parents’ beach house. Izzy slept on the trip and I drove all the way, only to stop for bathroom breaks and lunch. We reached the beach house at around 3pm and when we got there we were greeted by Adrianna, Isabel’s younger sister. The last time I saw her she was a freshmen and that was when I was a senior. She was now going to start her senior year. When she was a freshmen, she was pretty flat chested. Now she had grown breasts but they were probably a really big A cup. She was had a petite athletic build and was taller than Isabel by an inch or two. She was on the varsity volleyball team and was pretty popular. The thing I liked about her was that she didn’t act like a jock. She was a nice all round person and could mix around with any crowd in high school. She saw us get out of the car and ran towards us hugging Izzy tightly and almost squeezing the air out of me. she was wearing really short shorts and a fitting sleeveless top.
“Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in ages Dan” she cried excitedly while she kissed my face all around. I smiled. It was good to see her again. she let go of me and started chatting to her sister. They were chatting really fast in a girl language that no man can ever understand.
“So are you two really together?” Adrianna asked excitedly. I nodded and she squealed. “Oh I knew you two would end up together. Its true love and I bet you guys are gonna get married soon and stuff.” I froze for a second. Married? Me? I’m still young. I’m barely out of college and I have a whole life ahead. But still… I didn’t look at Izzy for fear of finding out how she felt. I knew I would marry one day and it would probably be with her but it seemed so fast.
I got the suitcases and brought them into the house. Adrianna brought me around the place showing me the different rooms. Wow, this family is rich. There’s even a games room equipped with pool table and pinball machines. Izzy went to her room and changed out of her jeans and blouse. I went down to the basement where they had an extra room. The room was cozy and brightly lit for a basement. It was next to the laundry room. Hey at least my room would smell nice. I changed out of my shirt and jeans into Bermudas and plain white tee. I unpacked and went upstairs to the living room and found the two sisters talking away. I sat next to Izzy and kissed her cheek. She kissed me back and I heard Adrianna sigh.
“Oh… You two are so cute together” she said dreamily. “So how far have you guys gone with your relationship”
“Well, we are living with each other” Izzy began. “But that’s it. we’re taking it slow.” I breathed easily. Good she felt the same way as me – take it slow.
“So have you gone to home base?” Adrianna asked cheekily. I didn’t react.
“No. We haven’t. I’m still a virgin” Isabel said matter of factly. I wanted to laugh. Isabel a virgin? That was funny. How many times did she prod me for sex? I wanted to laugh but didn’t. We talked some more and then went to the dinning room for dinner. I greeted Izzy’s parents and this time as her boyfriend. Her dad wasn’t too excited that I was now with his daughter but her mom was ecstatic.
“So how are you two lovebirds doing?” she asked sipping her martini.
“We’re doing fine mom” Izzy replied. She squeezed my hand and smiled. “Actually we’re really happy together”
“So am I going to expect any grandchildren soon?” her mom asked. I nearly choked on my Coke.
“Mom! Not here. We’re only 20. Why would you say such a thing?” Izzy cried. Her dad looked more alert and agitated, like he was going to strike. He stared at me.
“Well you two are living together and I guess you might get married soon and probably have children. Come on you two are probably sharing the same bed and doing you know what” her mom said swishing her glass obviously heavily tipsy or drunk. What was with these people today? That’s the second time I was asked about my future with Isabel.
“Mom?! What Dan and I do is none of your business, and for your information, I am still a virgin.” I saw her dad relax.
“What ever you say” her mom replied as she got up to fill up her glass with vodka this time. After dinner, I was about to go out with Izzy and Adrianna when Izzy’s dad stopped me.
“I want to talk about something important with you” he said to me. I nodded and stopped. his voice suddenly got deeper and more serious. “I see that my daughter is happy with you. I am happy about this, but don’t fuck this up. If you hurt her in anyway or even touch her in the wrong way, I will make sure you wake up tomorrow with out your fucking nuts. Do you understand me?”
“Yes sir. Loud and clear” I replied terrified. I walked quickly away after the incident and went out with the sisters. That night when we returned home and Adrianna went to bed, I kissed Izzy good night outside her room. She wrapped her arms around me and started to coo as I made out with her. her hands went south to my crotch and I immediately stopped her.
“Don’t. We can’t” I told her. she frowned and asked why and I told her what her dad told me. she laughed and said that that’s what her dad told all her past dates and that I shouldn’t be worried. I told her that to play it safe we should avoid sex for until the end of the trip. She wasn’t happy about it at first but after kissing her for awhile she agreed. I turned around to leave and she pinched my ass.
“For me to sleep better” she whispered and closed the door behind me.

Over the next week, the three of us (Izzy, Adrianna and I) would go to the beach in the morning and hang out. We would build sand castes or go surfing or just chill under the umbrella with a fruit punch (mine with vodka of course) and just talk. The girls looked really hot. Izzy mostly had black bikinis while Adrianna was perkier and had ones with patterns and stuff. Both of them had really hot bodies and they would walk on either side of me on the beach. Izzy with her arm around my waist while Adrianna walked closely to me. many girls were jealous of how these two looked. Izzy mostly said it was because they were jealous because they were with me. I didn’t want to disagree. It felt good to have some sort of attention. The guys on the beach were also jealous with me having to really sexy girls to myself. It got harder for Izzy to resist me. she always was touching me and was pushing for sex. She told me the more I rejected her the more she wanted me. she also said that doing it in under the same roof of her family was sort of forbidden and it turned her on a lot. Finally she got me after the first week. It was a morning and I was getting ready to go for a jog when she came down and seduced me.

This morning I went to Dan’s room determined to make him fuck me. I was so horny; my pussy was wet and throbbing. I was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a big checked shirt that was unbuttoned to reveal my cleavage. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. I didn’t care if my dad threatened him. He would have to fuck me today. I got downstairs to find him standing at his bedside, doing his stretches. When he saw me he smiled.
“Morning beautiful” he said. I just put a finger to his lip to silence him. I touched his bare chest and grazed my fingers over his nipples. I looked down to see that he had morning wood. I tugged at his boxers and his thick cock sprung out.
“Izzy what the fuck are you doing?” he whispered sacredly. I pushed him on his bed and took hold of his cock. “If anyone finds out we are really screwed…” he stopped talking and groaned when I took the head of his dick in my mouth. I flicked my tongue across the head and immediately tasted precum. I sucked him of for a few minutes while I finger fucked my wet cunt. I stopped then took of my shirt and straddled him.
“Not here. I don’t want to get caught. Somewhere else” he said nervously. I got of him and sat down next to him.
“So where are we going to do it?” He told me he couldn’t do it. I was determined to fuck him. I then bent over and sucked his dick again. He was moaning in pleasure. I took his hand and placed it over my tit and let him squeeze it. I teased his dick going fast then when I felt his dick throb a bit, I stopped. He was in a frenzy and wanted me to continue. He didn’t care anymore. Yes. I got him but he was right, anyone could come here to do their laundry and catch us. I looked at the time. It was over 7am. It was sunrise and no one would be on the beach.
“Let’s do it on the beach.” I suggested. I think his dick got harder when I said that because he looked really turned on.
“Wherever. I don’t care. Your pussy is mine.” he said coarsely. I grinned. I had him around my finger. He changed into his running shorts and I pulled out my bikini from the laundry room next door. I left a note saying I went jogging with Dan and we snuck out the house and rushed down clumsily to the beach to a secluded area where no one would usually walk. When we reached the area, Dan grabbed me by the waist form behind and kissed my neck. He slipped one hand onto my breast and the other down to my wet pussy. He touched my sensitive clit and I shuddered. My clit was swollen with lust. I hadn’t gotten off in nearly two weeks. I knew he was horny too as he dick was poking my ass through the fabric of my bikini bottom and his shorts. He turned me around and faced me. He untied my top and let it drop onto the sand. He then cupped both boobs and squeezed them kissed the top of them. I felt a tingle of excitement. He started to lick my nipples and twirled his tongue over them. I slid off his shorts and let his member spring out. It was still coated with some of my saliva. I went down on him but he told me not to when I was on my knees. He bent forward and pushed me onto my back while stroking himself. He then positioned his cock over my pussy and pushed in splitting my cunt apart. I felt the length of his thick member fill up my cunt. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. The warm send felt so nice on my back and ass. Every penetration caused my body to sink into the soft sand. The cool morning breeze evaporated the sweat on my chest and felt so good. Within a couple of minutes I felt the tingling sensation deep in my pelvis. I felt my back suddenly arch itself and my body sort of stiffened as I dropped my legs to the side and squeezed them together. My pussy clamped down on Dan’s dick and I felt hot juices exploding over his member. I was screaming in ecstasy. I didn’t care how loud because people couldn’t hear me over the crashing waves. I saw that Dan was on the brink. My vagina had gripped his dick tightly and I knew he was having difficulty controlling his orgasm. His face was scrunched up and he was going slower. I finished my orgasm and I felt him leave my pussy. I frowned at him as he panted.
“I can’t. I won’t last. Fuck your pussy’s so tight. How am I supposed to keep it in? I was so close but I didn’t want too. It’s only been less than ten minutes.” He was now flicking and slapping his dick onto my pussy, trying to get rid of the urge to orgasm. He then stopped and bent forward to kiss me. His dick rested on my pussy (not in it) and he massaged my tits with one hand will the other caressed and stroked my face and hair. We were making out passionately. After a few minutes, his urges subsided and he let his cock slip back in. I grabbed hold of his ass and pulled him closer to me every thrust he made, causing him to go deeper into me. I had m legs around him. He was going steadily and I came again. Again my pussy tightened around his dick. I didn’t let go of him and he had no choice but to release his jizz into me as I came. His pop shot was incredible. I felt it splash powerfully inside and I think it shot out of my pussy too. He went faster as he came and this caused me to cum harder. When we both finished, he rolled over on his back with me on top of him. He stroked my hair and kissed my neck softly.
“I love you so much.”
“Me too” I replied. He closed his eyes and hugged me. I saw his face in the morning sunlight and it was so handsome. The sun had risen to a height that gave a reasonably brilliancy. In half an hours time people would be coming out for early swims and runs. I let him pull out of me and saw his week’s worth of jizz ooze out of me. He must have enjoyed this session because I noticed he shot a lot. It looked like it could fill up a shot glass. The cum mixed with the sand and became a disgusting glob of sand and spunk. I pulled on my bikini and I got Dan back in his pants. I laid next to him and allowed him to hug me as he napped while I watched the sun continue to rise. When it was time to head back to the house, I tapped him lightly and he woke up. He got up and stretched and held out a hand to help me up. What a gentleman! He then brought me close to his body and hugged me and kissed me on the lips.
“That was amazing” he said. I smiled.
“I knew you would like it” I replied. We then walked back home with his arm around my waist and my head on his shoulder.

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