Whoa. I had just had my first outdoor sex session and it was fucking amazing. I walked back to the beach house with Izzy around my arm. When we entered the place, the first thing we smelt was pancakes. Everyone was awake. The first thing I did was go downstairs and to shower in the bathroom in the basement. Izzy went to her bathroom upstairs. I took an new pair of boxers and my towel to the bathroom downstairs. It was unlocked so I entered. Inside the bathroom was Adrianna. She was naked and she was toweling herself off. Her right leg was on the toilet seat (with the lid down) and she was drying off her beautiful long and smooth legs. In this position I could clearly see her pussy. It was like her sister’s, shaved with a patch of hair on top. Her 32A cups were hanging as she bent down to dry her legs. Her nipples were pink and hard and her wet hair covered her face. Fuck she was damn hot. By putting her leg on the toilet seat, it caused her to spread a little revealing her clit. Her pussy was dripping. Damn, she was getting off just now. I only had to admire her for a few seconds before she screamed causing me to scream and shut the door and run back to my room. Adrianna came running into my room with her towel around her, covering her chest. it was a little small so I could see part of her ass.
“Shit” I said apologetically. “I’m really sorry, I just assumed that it was vacant, I should have knocked…Damn I’m really sorry… I swear I didn’t see anything…I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of perv…” I was rambling on and Adrianna suddenly just smiled. She came up to me and hugged me then kissed my cheek.
“Its ok. It was my fault for not locking the door” she whispered. I stopped talking and nodded.
“Again I’m really sorry.” I said. she put her finger on my lips and told me it was ok.
“By the way, how do you think I looked” she teased.
“Fucking amazing” I said in awe. She blushed and smiled. Then she asked me about where I was this morning. I told her I was with Izzy. She asked me what we did and I told her we went for a jog.
“You sure you two weren’t sneaking out to do it or something?” she teased. I just laughed and told her that was in her dreams. Just then I heard someone come down the basement steps. It as Izzy and she was calling my name.
“Oh Dan” she called playfully. “I have a surprise for you.” she came into the room with just an extra large shirt that went down about 6 inches above her knees. The top and bottom few buttons were unbuttoned. She clearly wanted sex. She acted seductively until she saw Adrianna who was grinning widely.
“Adrianna. What are you doing here?” Izzy asked as she quickly buttoned up her shirt.
“The question is, what are you doing here with only a shirt on” Adrianna replied cheekily. Izzy was stammering, Adrianna just walked out of the room and turned back and winked at me.
“Uh, I don’t think that this would be the right time to do it” I said. She agreed with me and went to the laundry room to fetch new clothes. She stripped off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. How horny is she. I was so tempted to grab her tits and suck them but I only stood there with my hard on. I took a shower and went for breakfast.

Over the next few days we did the same old things. Hang out at the beach, eat lunch in town, hang out at the local mall then return home at night to hang out in the game room. Finally the wedding had arrived. The day before, Isabel had bought me an Armani suite which she forced me to wear. I don’t really wear formal clothes but when I saw myself, I looked wicked. I felt like 007 without the gun and Aston Martin. I changed and went to Izzy’s room. Her sister was there fully dressed. She looked really pretty. Izzy was wearing a black Dior dress. It fit her perfectly and showed off her petite frame and accentuated her breasts. I was gazing at her with awe as she tried to zip the back of her dress which Adrianna immediately lent a hand. She caught me staring.
“What?” she asked. I didn’t reply as I was still in awe. I had never seen her like this. I was at prom as the live band and I saw her there with Brad, but that was when we were eighteen. Now we were nearly 21 and adults and I realized that she wasn’t just a hot girl. She was a beautiful woman.
“Hello?” she said again waving her hand in front of me. Adrianna as snickering. I snapped out of my trance but was still in a daze.
“Huh?” I replied.
“You sort of spaced out. What happened?” she asked.
“No. its nothing. Its just…I was just so captivated by how beautiful you look like right now. I just wanted to remember how you look right now forever.” She looked down and turned away, blushing.
“Oh… its nothing... really” she mumbled. Adrianna just rolled her eyes. I smiled and asked her to help me with my tie and the three of us went to the wedding in my car.

The wedding was like all other weddings. I have been to a lot and every time I almost die of boredom, but this time I went with my girlfriend, someone who I loved. Towards the end when the groom and bride were announced husband and wife I couldn’t help but notice the happiness in both their faces. They were going to be together forever and at that moment I knew I wanted the same thing. I looked to my left to see Isabel focused on the happy couple. She then looked at me and smiled.
“Seems like their meant to be” she said. I nodded and she turned back to the ceremony. I was going to do it. I was going to ask the big question. I was going to ask her to marry me but not just yet. I had to wait after we turned 21, then I would ask her.

After the wedding, we spent the rest of the holiday as usual. This time we were out more as Izzy and Adrianna had reported that their parents were fighting even more now. I told them that they always did it and that nothing was going to happen. Both the girls were unsure saying that they never saw them fight like this. Izzy’s dad slept on the couch after the wedding so it was difficult for Izzy to come down to the basement to be with me as we were afraid she might get caught. Finally she had snuck past her dad who was apparently passed out from drinking too much. I was downstairs playing my guitar softly when she appeared at my room door.
“You and me, on the bed now. Pants off stud” she commanded as she was stripping of her clothes. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Both of us struggled to take our clothes off. we were too excited as we hadn’t had sex in week since the beach incident. I kicked off my boxers and my hard on sprung out. She pounced on me and we both fell backwards on the bed to hear a loud squeak.
“Shit, we cant do it here. The bed’s too loud and we’d get caught for sure” I whispered. She was kissing my neck and chest furiously. “Izzy. Did you hear me? We cant do it.” she stopped and sat up.
“Fuck you” she cried. “Why do you always want to ruin it every time we do it? Am I not pretty enough or something that you have to try and reject me? Do you not love me anymore?” she was hitting me on the chest.
Whoa, where did that come from? I held her still. “Don’t ever say that. I will never reject you.” I said softly. “I just don’t want us to get caught and have this end. Its too risky.”
She looked away silently. I sighed. “Izzy.” I said but she still kept quiet. I heard the washing machine next door running loudly. It was making a loud droning sound. I had an idea. I got up and took her hand.
“Follow me” I said. She looked at me weirdly. “I want to show you how much I love you?" she accepted my hand and followed me into the laundry room. The machine was shaking violently but it was still safe. I kissed her cheek and hugged her.
“I hope you enjoy this” I said and I swept her off her feet and carried her bridal style to the machine. I sat her on top of the machine and knelt down, spreading her legs. I then dove into her pussy and ate it out, first licking her slit to taste her juices. She moaned and leaned back, eyes closed. I grabbed her left tit and massaged it. she placed her hand on my head and pushed me in further. I found her clit and sucked on it and occasionally gave it toothless bites. She moaned louder when I did that.
“Oohh Dan…don’t stop…I’m so near…oh please….please…uhh…uhhhhh” she moaned as she came. Her body became rigid, and her pussy tightened around my tongue as her vaginal juices oozed out quickly. When she finished, she sat straight up and looked down at me. her hair was wet with sweat and it covered her eyes. She flipped it back and smiled at me. I stood up and she took my dick in her hand. She stroked it for awhile till it got hard. I found a small foot stool and stood on it, allowing her head to be at my chest level. My cock was standing straight up proudly shining with precum. She bent down while sitting down and took my dick in her mouth. I groaned as she did it. she used her tongue to flick the head and used her free hand to massage my balls. she sucked faster this time. I used my right hand to hold up her hair as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I used my other hand to grab a tit which was hanging down from her bending forward. I pinched her nipple and she yelped then giggled. She continued sucking then stopped and looked at me. she started to stroke me fast with both her tiny delicate hands. All this time she was looking at me seductively. She was whispering to me dirtily.
“Dan I want you to cum for me okay? I want you to shoot it in my mouth. I know you want to. I want to blow your hot jizz inside me, I want to taste it. I want to swallow your jizz. I know its tasty. Cum for me baby. Make me proud baby. I want you to cum in my mouth then I want you to fuck me hard. I’m a dirty slut and I want your huge thick cock inside of me.” she vigorously jacked me off. my dick and her hands were literally a blur. I felt the tingling sensation deep inside me. I was near as my balls were contracting. I got onto the machine and pushed her chest to make her sit up. I took my dick in my own hands and continued jerking myself while she fingered herself. I then exploded.

The first shot was huge and it surprised her as it perfectly shot into her open, waiting mouth. She almost choked from the sheer power of the pop shot. Some cum dripped out onto her chin and chest. Before my subsequent shots, I stuck my dick in her mouth and emptied my nuts. She was sucking me as I did this and it felt like she was milking out my cum. I finally stopped with my semi erect dick in her mouth. I pulled out and let my cock hang. I gave her time to swallow my load. She took as much sperm from her chest and chin in her hand before eating that up too. finally she cleaned herself and told me how tasty it was. I was stroking myself still and I managed to maintain my hardness. I pushed her onto her back and got off the machine. I let her spread her legs and put them on both my shoulders. She grabbed me around my neck and I entered her, while she sat up. I went fast. The machine was still rumbling. I watched as my dick went in and out of her tight cunt. The sight was beautiful and spurred me to continue. She was rubbing her now exposed clit. I then stopped an pulled out.
“I want to do you doggy style.” She nodded happily and turned around. “Lie flat on the machine.” Her breasts were pressed flat on the machine and her legs dangled of the machine. I let them hang down. I was rubbing my dick on her slit from behind. Then I entered her and began pumping her again. As she laid flat, her pussy was rubbing against the machine, more specifically her clit. The washing machine started to shake violently again. the vibration from the machine was loud enough to cover up her loud moans. The vibrations helped Izzy to get her off thrice as it stimulated her engorged clit. I was still pounding her. my pelvis was slapping against her tiny ass and I then felt the urge to cum. I went faster and I patted her ass to signal her of my impending orgasm. She nodded sleepily, recovering from her orgasms.
“I’m near soon” I told her. She told me not to stop and that I should finish in her. I pounded her harder and this time on her third orgasm, I came with her. her pussy had tightened around my cock and I couldn’t help but ejaculate. She was moaning loudly but no one could hear us. I was shooting deep inside her as her pussy became wetter and slicker. The first shot was powerful. Before I blasted it deep into her cunt, I held it in as long as possible but after 20 seconds or so it was too hard to keep it in and I just let go. My second and third shots were strong too but the subsequent ones were weaker but still enjoyable, and all this time I was pounding her faster than I had done previously thus allowing her to enjoy her climax.
“Ahhh, Dannnn….uh..uh..uh…ohhhh yeesss…” she said as she screamed. I had to put my hand over her mouth to try and silence her as much as possible. I was moaning softly as I came inside my girlfriend. After I finished, I just fell onto her back and hugged her tightly as I kissed her back, neck and shoulders. She purred as I did this. The smell of strawberries was relaxing. she was breathing heavily and I just massaged her back and shoulders. I stood up and allowed my penis to pop out of her vagina, allowing some cum to drip out. I patted her back and she stood up and face me, her face and body coated with sweat. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and we sat down on the edge. I pulled on my boxers and she tried to wipe of the cum that leaked out. apparently it was oozing out and all over her inner thighs. Once she finished, she put on her shorts and sat there topless. I then proceeded to make out with her, hugging her tightly. When I broke of the kiss she smiled at me and I stroked her hair. We lay down on the bed together.
“Izzy, why were you angry with me just now? Did I do something to upset you?”
She shook her head and replied. “No, its not you. I guess I’m a little upset with what’s going on with my parents. I just don’t want them to get divorced or anything.”
“Hey, everyone fights. Doesn’t mean that their going to get divorced.” She just sighed. “Do you know why their fighting?”
“Usual. Mom’s accusing dad of cheating on her. the thing is, I believe her this time. I mean during the wedding, he was hitting on the waitress. I love my dad, but sometimes he’s such a dick”
“Oh” I said, feeling really stupid for not having anything else to say. She suddenly looked at me sadly.
“Promise me you won’t leave me. Please?” she said with tears in her eyes.
“Never in a million years” I said and I kissed her. we held each other on the bed for another half hour and then she said she needed to go back to bed before anyone looks for her. We kissed again and she left. I am definitely going to marry her.

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