I love my boyfriend Dan. He never fails to pleasure me. Just an hour ago, we did it on the washing machine and he gave me three of the best orgasms ever. I walked back to my room dreamily. I was sharing my room with Adrianna, my younger sister as her room was under renovation. I opened my door slowly and entered the room. The light was on and I found Adrianna on my bed in just her sleeping shirt and panties. She looked a little agitated.
“Hey, you said we could hang out tonight” she said sounding irritated. “Where the hell were you?”
“Relax.” I replied. “I was with Dan downstairs. We were just talking.”
“Yeah right. You were having sex with him. you’re all sweaty and flushed. Don’t think that I’m stupid.” I was caught but I didn’t want to admit it.
“No I wasn’t sleeping with him just now. We just talked.” She slid off the bed and walked up to me. She looked calmer now.
“Izzy, don’t lie to me. For god’s sake I’m your sister. Don’t you love me anymore?”
“Of course I do!” I exclaimed. I just sighed. “Things are different now with mom and dad fighting even more now I can’t…” I didn’t finish as she silenced me with her finger. She was slightly taller than me. she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back and felt her stick her tongue in my mouth. I felt her hands on my breasts and I couldn’t help but grab her ass and pull her closer to me. She then surreptitiously slipped her hand into my shorts and panties and stuck her index finger up my pussy.
“Hey!” I exclaimed in between the kiss.
“I knew it. You were sleeping with him, you popped your cherry.” I was definitely busted.
“I can explain” I said, trying frantically to find an excuse.
“Don’t.” she said softly. She then kissed me again softly and tenderly while she rubbed my cunt. I just melted and couldn’t help but kiss her back again. we then broke of the kiss after a few minutes.
“I don’t care if you lost your virginity to him. I know you did it with Dan. I see how you can’t keep your hands of him. I’m happy that you did it with him. He’s good for you. I see the way he looks at you. He definitely loves you. Just please don’t lie to me. You’re the only person that I have left. I can’t trust mom and dad. They keep fighting and I don’t think their gonna be together longer. Please don’t lie to me. I love you. I really love you.” she said. I smiled continued kissing her. She then had her hands at the back of my head, ruffling my hair. I was sliding a hand into her panties. She moaned when I stuck a finger into her cunt. Fuck she was tight and wet. As we made out, we were moving towards the bed. When she hit the bed, we broke the kiss. I quickly took of her t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra and her tits were small and round and her nipples were hard. When her breasts popped out, she instinctively massaged them. I then took off my shirt and threw it on the ground. I pulled down my shorts and kicked them off revealing my pussy and breasts to my hot sister. I was admiring her body as she pulled down her panties only slightly to reveal her trimmed pussy.
“Hey, your pussy looks like mine” she said happily. She was right. We both trimmed our bushes to only allow a triangle patch on the top. I just smiled.
“God how long’s it been since we did this?” I asked her.
“Too damn long” she said hungrily. She was right. The last time we did this was before I went to college. It was an amazing night. We both started sleeping with each other when I was 15 and she was 12. By then she was undergoing puberty and I was more than half way through mine. It started when she would come into my room and sleep with me at night when my parent’s fighting was too much. She was scared. Usually we would refuge at Dan’s house but on nights when we couldn’t go there we would sleep together in my bed.

One night when she was hugging me, her hand brushed against my breasts. She was not very developed in the chest area so she didn’t know how it was like to have a full set of tits. Her touch gave me an electric shock. She apologized and I told her it was ok. I kissed her and she hugged me back. We were talking and it came to sex and boys. She asked me whether I had kissed a boy. I told her yes. She said that she hadn’t yet. She asked me questions about her body and how she told me how she was excited of growing breasts. She said that she wanted hers to be like mine. I wasn’t very big but I still got guys staring at me. I even caught Dan staring at my chest a few times. This was back when we were just friends. Adrianna then started asking me about sex. She said that she heard girls talking about masturbation. I explained it to her and told her that it was normal for girls to do it. She asked me whether I did it and I said yes. She then asked me to teach her as she heard that it felt good. At first I felt kind of weird but when she insisted I couldn’t help it. I told her to sit up and take of her clothes. She insisted I take mine too. I agreed and we both stripped. I looked at my sister’s naked body. She was cute. She was small and skinny and her boobs were just budding out. Her nipples were hard and when I touched them she moaned. They were super sensitive. I proceeded to massage them and she purred as I did it. she now had her hands on my tits and I too was moaning. I let my hands slid down to her cunt. She just started growing pubes so it was quite thin and short whilst my pussy was unshaven and thick. I didn’t like shaving as it got quite itchy. Besides leaving my pussy unshaven made me feel older and more like a woman. I stuck a finger in her pussy to feel her tightness. She moaned louder and she proceeded to do the same with me. Eventually we started kissing and were giving each other orgasms. From then onwards we were having sex with each other every night. Although we were doing it, we agreed to remain virgins and keep our cherry intact. We wanted the right guy to pop it. The right guy for me was Dan and that was years later. Right now, Adrianna’s was still intact. She had stuck to her agreement.

Anyways back to the present. We were making out on the edge of the bed and I then pushed her on the chest so that she fell on her back on the bed with a bounce. I pulled her underwear off and threw it on the floor. Then I climbed on top of her. My pussy was rubbing against hers and both of us were immediately soaked and dripping on each other. My breasts were squashed with hers and our hard nipples rubbed against each other. We moaned into each other’s mouths as we made out. I then rolled over on my back.
“I want to eat you” I told her. She squealed and straddled me in a sixty nine position. Her pussy was in my face and I felt her juices drip on my chin. I stuck my tongue out and spread open her slit allowing my tongue to enter he cunt. She moaned loudly. I started to flick my tongue about inside and I stuck a finger inside. I found her clit and gave it a toothless bite with my lips. She was going wild. I felt her hand stroking my slit. She then stuck a finger in and licked my cunt. I moaned too in response. She stopped licking and turned to face me.
“Arg. You taste different” she said with her face scrunched. I asked her what she meant. She told me my juices were saltier. She then stuck her finger in my cunt and dug out a white creamy liquid. My eyes grew wide with shock.
“Shit, I forgot that I had that in there. I’m so sorry” I said embarrassed.
“What is it?” she asked licking her lips and sucking on her fingers.
“Umm…” I said hesitantly. “Its sperm. It’s Dan’s actually.” She sucked on her finger and swallowed the cum. She then smiled.
“Well it’s no biggie. Oh, tell your boyfriend he tastes good too” she said cheekily with some cum on her bottom lip and before I could say anything, she continue eating me out silencing me with pleasure. I then started licking her. Finally her legs were tightening around my head. I was also near. I was thrusting my hips upwards and thrashing. She was grinding her cunt on my tongue. I began sucking on her clit. She was licking my clit and fingering my cunt. Then it came for both of us.
Adrianna came first. “Oh shit. Oh shit... Oh don’t stop Izzy, don’t stop. Uhhhh….uhhhh…yess yess….aayeeeee.” she screamed into my pussy. Her juices gushed out over my face. About two seconds into her orgasm, I came too. I was screaming into her cunt. “Oh Adrianna…. Uh eat my pussy…eat my pussy you slut… uh…uh…uhh…I’m cumming… don’t stop…don’t fucking stop…” Our orgasms were simultaneous and they were amazing. When we ended, I felt her legs loosen up around my head. She rolled of me and sat up. I sat up too and she grabbed my tits. I rubbed her cunt and we made out, cleaning the love juices over our faces.
“Mmmm… you taste the way I remember little sis”
“Oh, big sister, you make me so horny” she moaned.
“Call me big sis again… say my name” I said. She moaned my name with lust. I loved it when she called me big sister. I then started to finger her quickly. I was fingering myself at the same time. She was massaging her breasts while she licked my nipples. Finally I came again. She shortly orgasmed on my fingers. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as she orgasmed. She stifled a scream and almost bit my nipples off. I pulled my fingers out of our pussies and I licked the one in her cunt while she licked the other one. By then I was tired and my pussy felt the same, 5 orgasms in an hour. I lay down on the bed and Adrianna laid on top of me, again her pussy and tits rubbing against mine. She was still energetic. I stuck my fingers in her cunt again and felt her hymen.
“You haven’t popped you cherry yet?” I asked curiously. She shook her head. “I thought you were going steady with your boyfriend what’s-his-name?”
“Josh” she said simply. “I really like him and all but I don’t think he is the one. I mean he keeps pressurizing me to do it and stuff and I just can’t. I’m still not ready yet. I mean he hasn’t even told me he loves me yet.”
“Do you love him?” I asked. She looked hesitant.
“I don’t know. Maybe.” She sighed. “I mean sometimes he seems like all he wants from me is sex and I can’t give it to him. Maybe I should do it and then maybe he will say he loves me.” I shook my head.
“Don’t. Don’t ever do that. I almost did that with Brad and look what happened to me. I found him cheating on me. He was such a jerk. Lucky thing I didn’t do it or else I would have regretted it. Dan lost his with me and I dumped him the next day. It was the greatest mistake of my life because I hurt him badly. I love him so much. I knew that he was the one.” She sighed again. she then rolled off me to the side and we both looked at each other and she spoke.
“Dan must be really special huh?” I nodded. “Tell me. How was it? How was your first time?”
“The most gentle. He made my first time memorable and I never regret giving him my virginity. Some of my boyfriends I had, especially Brad always pressurized me to do it with them. They didn’t understand that a girl’s first time was important. They just wanted to do it, but Dan… he was gentle and caring. He kept asking me if I was comfortable and I appreciate it, especially when he popped my cherry. It hurt like hell but he went slowly and he kept telling me that if I wanted to stop he would understand. I could tell he cared for me at that time.” I continued telling her about my sex experiences with Dan and she listened. She was rubbing her pussy as we talked. After I finished she smiled at me and told me how lucky I was to have Dan. I couldn’t help but agree.
“I want someone like him to be my boyfriend. Sometimes I feel that girls are better.” I smiled and kissed her. I knew my sister was hardcore bi. In freshmen year, she secretly dated girls from other schools which led to hot steamy pussy fingering and eating. I was kind of bi too but not as hardcore as her. I couldn’t blame her as most guys were jerks.
“I think I have to tell Dan about us” I told her. “How do you think he’s going to react?” I as nervous. She just laughed.
“Uh, Izzy I don’t think that he would be pissed that you were fucking your little sister. I bet he would be ecstatic and would like to join in the fun.” I smiled.
“Yeah, but I feel like I cheated on him tonight.”
“Izzy, I think he will understand our situation.”
Before I could say anything else, I was interrupted by my parents fighting.
“I can’t take it!!!” mom yelled. “You fucking bastard. Why can’t you admit that you fucked that slut at the wedding. I know you did, just like you did with all the other sluts in the past”
“Don’t fucking shout at me!!!” dad yelled. Adrianna looked scared. I held her tight and told her to change back into her clothes. We did and sat on the bed holding each others hands.
“If you don’t trust me then that’s your damn problem” dad shouted.
“Actually I don’t” mom screamed back. They continued fighting and then I heard dad hit mom. she was crying now and swearing at him. I then heard him go out the front door and drive off.
“Adrianna. When I go back this home tomorrow, come with me” I said to her.
“What about mom and dad?” she asked sacredly.
“Screw this. You can’t stay with them for now. Let them work it out. When they do you can go back.” She nodded. We then held each other and fell asleep.

The next day, I told Dan about my plan. Just as expected, he was cool about it, even sounding like it was the best solution for my sister. he had heard the fighting and felt the same that it wasn’t safe for Adrianna to live like that. We took Adrianna’s things and drove back to our apartment. We told mom about the situation. She was drinking again and I don’t think she really cared. The next day, we went back to my parent’s house and brought all of Adrianna’s things back to my place. The room that used to be mine was now hers. School started and I was busy. Dan was really helpful. Since Adrianna’s high school was all the way the other side of town, he drove her there every morning. I made attempts to hang out with my sister but on days when I was busy, Dan took my place. He was never pissed about it. He loved it. Pretty soon, the two of them were best friends. They were inseparable. Sometimes they would talk secretively and Adrianna would giggle and stop when they saw me coming towards them. I didn’t care. I was happy that she was happy. I called mom everyday to ask her about the situation at home. She said everything was fine and that dad and them were working things out. Life was getting better, but I soon found out that it wasn’t. A month later, I found out that my parents were getting divorced. Adrianna knew. She was crying for hours. Dan didn’t though. I had to tell him.

When I found out about the divorce, I was miserable as hell. My sex sessions with Dan decreased as I was never in the mood. He didn’t pressurize or question me though. I guess he was relieved to get some sort of rest as opposed to before. I sort of became pessimistic about relationships. When I saw a happy couple in public I told myself that it wouldn’t work out. I hated this. Dan was out of town for awhile. He and his band were playing at a bar for a week. Apparently it paid like 10 thousand bucks or something so he didn’t miss the chance. I hadn’t told him about the divorce yet. When he returned, I would.


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