I came back from my gig a few days later. actually the trip only required 3 days, but I stayed an extra day to buy something special for my girlfriend. I was told that I would be paid ten grand for the gig. Since we were a big hit, we got and extra five. I used the money to buy Izzy an engagement ring. It cost me seven grand and I saved up the rest for the future wedding. I was so sure that she was going to marry me. I knew it.

When I returned, I was greeted at home by Izzy. She looked a little sad. I asked her about it and she told me it was nothing. I asked about Adrianna. She told me she was at a friend’s house for the night. I asked her again if everything was okay and she said yes, smiling widely this time. I kissed her and she kissed me back.”
“I have to tell you something important but it will have to wait till dinner tonight” I said. She looked at me curiously and asked me what it was.
“Wait till tonight.” She rolled her eyes and nodded.
“I have to tell you something important too” she said.
“Does it have to wait till tonight too?” I joked. She didn’t laugh.
“My parents are getting a divorce” she said simply. I stopped laughing.
“What?” I said shocked.
“Their getting a divorce” she said starting to cry. I was lost for words as she sobbed. I brought her to the couch and sat her down telling her it would be okay. I kissed her on the top of her head.
“I can’t take it. I knew they fought but this… it cant be the end…” she sobbed. I just hugged her tightly.
“It’s okay…”
“I could have done something…” she went on. I told her she couldn’t and it wasn’t her fault. she sounded like love was hopeless. I don’t know why but I suddenly just popped the question.
“Love isn’t hopeless” I said.
“No it is” she insisted. “How do you know?”
“Marry me” I said simply.
“What?” she said. she stopped sobbing and looked at me puzzled.
“Marry me” I said again, this time more enthusiastically. She looked shocked. I said it again.
“I don’t know what to say” she said simply, sniffling.
“Say yes. It’s that easy” I said smiling. She looked hesitant. She then shook her head slowly.
“I can’t. Not right now. With all this.”
“Why?” my smile disappearing.
“I just can t right now.” Fuck. This cant be happening. I heard her say she was sorry but I was too pissed to hear anything. I was denied again. After 2 damn years.
“Dan? Please say something” she pleaded. I shook my head and stood up heading towards the door. “Dan please. Don’t go. Don’t leave. Damn it you promised me you won’t leave me. Fuck. I knew this was going to happen” she said, crying loudly. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t leave her there in her time of despair. I reluctantly sat down beside her and consoled her. she cried into my shoulder and finally fell asleep on the couch. I gently put her down and put a blanket on her. it had been two hours since I was rejected. Damn it. I didn’t see it coming. I really needed a drink. I wrote a note and told her I would be back late, with no intention of coming back for awhile. I then drove of to the nearest bar and started drinking away my sorrows. Thank goodness for alcohol. Around 8pm I went to my car with half a bottle. I wanted to finish it but was to tired and fell asleep in the car. A few hours later I was awoken by my cell phone. It was Adrianna. She was in trouble. I was feeling buzzed but I could think straight as I shook off 90 percent of the effects of alcohol. I drove off to Adrianna’s friend’s house to find that a party was on going. It felt familiar. I went in to find that Adrianna was arguing with her boyfriend. Her blouse seemed ripped.
“What the fuck is going on here?” I asked loudly. I sounded drunk but actually wasn’t. her boyfriend told me to stay out of this. He took Adrianna’s hand and said he was sorry, but she just screamed at him. He got pissed and slapped her. that’s when I got pissed and I pounced on him.
“Hey asshole you’re gonna regret that!!!” and I punched his face. He fell back onto the table behind him and I heard the crashing sounds of beer bottles. He got up with a broken bottle and charged at me. I ducked but he managed to cut me on my chest. he came around but this time I was prepared. I moved to the side as he charged at me. I stuck out my foot and he tripped face first on the floor. He got up and tried punching me. I blocked it and punched him in the gut and karate chopped him on the throat. he was gasping for air. I kicked him and he fell onto the floor. He had a bloody nose and I found his tooth on the floor. He couldn’t get up as he was in pain.
“Fuck you man” I shouted at him. Adrianna was sobbing. I went to her and asked her if she was okay. She nodded and I brought her to my car. I drove off. she explained to me that they were in a room making out and he sort of slipped his hand up her blouse. He said he was too tired of waiting to sleep with her. He wasn’t drunk, but really insistent. She rejected him and pulled away, thus causing her blouse to be torn. She kicked him and ran to the toilet where she called for me. she didn’t want her sister to come as she was embarrassed and she apologized to me. I told her it was okay and that I was happy that she was okay. I told her that she shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to do it with him. We talked and I drove around town. I told her what had happened with me and Izzy. She seemed shocked and disappointed with her sister. I then pulled up at the convenient store to get the coke she asked for. Just then Izzy called my cell phone.
“Dan? Where are you there?” she said worried. “you said you would be back but now it’s like 2am? Are you okay”
“Dan” she said sounding hurt. “I’m sorry.”
“Look I will be back. I’m with Adrianna. Don’t wait up for me okay?” I said sounding impatient. There was a pause.
“I’m sorry” she said and hung up. I got out of the car and told Adrianna I would be buying a drink. I went into the store and got the coke and stood in line. There was a guy in front arguing with the cashier. Suddenly he whipped out a gun and pointed it at the cashier. There was screaming and the next thing I knew, I was hiding behind the shelves. I saw that the guy was pointing the gun at the cashier forcing her to give her all the money. I silently called 911 and got confirmation that the cops would arrive shortly. Everything was going to be fine. I was near the door. I heard the sound of the cops rushing down the street. The gunman looked panicked. Just then Adrianna came in the store.
“What’s taking so long Dan?” she asked loudly. The gunman heard this and pointed the pistol at her.
“Get down!!!” I bellowed. I jumped in front of her and the next thing I heard was a gunshot and screaming. Everything was blurry and suddenly I passed out.

I woke up strapped to IV tubes and machines. My chest was burning. I choked at the tube that was down my throat.
“He’s awake!!” I heard Adrianna exclaim.
“Really?” cried Isabel. I saw a blurry vision of my girlfriend standing next to me. she had tears in her eyes and looked a mess but she somehow looked beautiful. “Dan? Can you hear me? Are you okay?” I nodded. I looked to my right and saw Adrianna smiling widely. She looked in a mess too but like her sister, still beautiful. Doctors came rushing in and they took tests and blood pressures and all that shit. Finally the tube was taken out of my throat and I could speak. I touched my face to feel that I had a full beard on.
“Where am I?” I asked groggily.
“In a hospital silly” Adrianna said giggling. I felt stupid for asking that.
“What happened? I mean did the gunman get arrested? Why am I here?” Adrianna looked serious now. Izzy was biting her bottom lip.
“Well you see…” she started. I found out that when Adrianna came in, he pointed the gun at her out of fear. I apparently jumped in front of her and took the bullet that was fired. Shortly after that he was arrested. For me though, I took two shots to the chest and hit my head pretty hard. The profuse bleeding and concussion caused me to go in a week. They thought they had lost me but I pulled through. Adrianna was sobbing and Izzy was smiling weakly when she finished telling me this. I didn’t know what else to say. Suddenly I felt a sudden surge of pain in my chest. I screamed and the doctors came in and injected me with morphine. Pretty soon I was high but later I vomited due to the side effects. I was kept in for observation and surgery for another 5 weeks. The wound healed and the bullet was removed. They let me keep it. Both the sisters stayed by my side. Even though they had school, they came straight to keep me company. Adrianna insisted on taking care of me. She rubbed my back as I vomited and fed me when I was too weak from the morphine. I grew fond of her. When I needed to vomit or help to sit up properly, I called for her and she happily helped. I wasn’t pissed with Izzy anymore. I loved her, that’s for sure. We both never talked about the marriage proposal. I learned from this experience that life was too short to keep anger inside of me so I forgave her. I still wanted to be with her.

Every time Adrianna leaned in to readjust my pillow, I caught a peek of her down her blouse. She wasn’t busty or anything but due to her loose top and bra, I could see her erect nipples. It caused me to have hard ones. Luckily for me I was wrapped in blankets which covered my erections. I noticed how she smelt nice too, just like her sister. when she would sleep on the chair, I couldn’t help but admire her long smooth athletic legs. When we finally got home, I was so relieved. I hated the hospital. It made me feel depressed. The first thing I did was throw up in the sink. Both of the girls rushed to me. Arianna got to me first and was rubbing my back. I cleaned myself up and hugged her. Izzy told me that she was going to school and would return later so she left. She told her sister to look after me. I was still weak from the morphine and medication so I couldn’t even stand straight. I sort of fell drunk. I still had vomit on me so I had to shower. I told her this and walked to the toilet.
“Hey, I think I should help you” she said. I almost fainted.
“Uh… no thanks” I mumbled.
“Oh come on. You can’t do it yourself. Look at you. you might fall and hurt yourself.”
“No really it’s okay” I replied.
“What, too scared to show me how well hung you are?” she teased. I blushed.
She insisted and the next thing I know, I was sitting on a stool in the bathroom topless.
“Take off your shorts big boy” she said playfully. I shook my head. She took the shower head and sprayed water on me as she pulled my boxers off. Some water splashed on her top and I could see her chest. she wasn’t wearing a bra. Even though she was an A cup, it still looked damn hot. when my boxers were pulled off my dick sprung out. I turned red and looked up trying to avoid looking at her. she giggled at me.
“My my, you are well hung. No wonder Izzy’s always happy. Look at that thing” she teased. I turned even redder. She laughed at me and doused my whole body with water. She took shower foam and lathered my body. She found where my wound was and stroked it slowly. Suddenly she turned quiet.
“I’m so sorry” she said quietly. I looked at her to find that she was near tears.
“It’s okay. You were worth it” I said and meant it. She smiled weakly and there was awkward silence. I broke it by splashing water at her and hugging her.
“Hey!” she cried playfully. She continued to massage soap on my body. It felt so good. Her hands were small and soft and gentle. She massaged my aching muscles and back. Her hands went down to my stomach. Then her hands touched my dick and I sort of jumped in my seat.
“Sorry” she said and giggled.
“No problem” I mumbled. She then took a handful of soap and rubbed it in my crotch. I was fighting the urge not to cum. Damn it, it was two months since I jacked off or got laid. I was pretty horny every time and I couldn’t get the little guy to stay down. She noticed and chucked at my discomfort.
“Seems like he likes it” she said she was stroking me now. Fuck it felt so good. Within a minute, I was near orgasm.
“Uh…” I said both with weirdness and pleasure.
“Don’t worry. I wont tell Izzy” she suddenly stopped and let go. Damn it, my nuts were aching. “You’re with my sister and I think it’s her job to handle this.” She winked at me. I was both relieved that she stopped as it was wrong but at the same time disappointed as it felt damn good. She finished bathing me and helped me get dressed. She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tightly. She smelt so good.
“You know, if you weren’t with my sister, I would have helped you” she said and walked off to take her shower leaving me shocked and turned on. For the next hour, I tried to get my bonner down. It was hard (no pun intended) but I managed. Izzy was home by then. Adrianna was in her room studying. Izzy took shower sat next to me on the sofa. She hugged me and we cuddled.
“I thought I lost you back there” she said softly.
“I thought so too” I replied. she kissed me deeply and I kissed back. Her hands were rubbing my chest and I was grabbing her waist. I reached up her blouse and unhooked her bra to let it fall onto the sofa. I then unbuttoned her quickly and tore one button off. Fuck it man, I wanted relief.
“I haven’t gotten off since they brought you to the hospital” she said quietly after we kissed. I was touched. She was waiting for me. I sighed.
“I don’t think we’re gonna last long” I said. she nodded her head. “It’s been like two months.”
“Yeah. But think of it this way. Its gonna be awesome when we end” she said. I couldn’t help but agree. I slipped of her blouse over her shoulders to reveal her breasts. I then kissed the top of it and rubbed her hard nipples. She moaned and threw her head back. She had her hand down my shorts and was stroking me very very slowly. We were so into the session and broke out of it when we heard Adrianna cough in her room. We snapped out of it and realized that we couldn’t do it in the living room. She was on top of me now. I picked her up with her legs around my waist and I walked to the bedroom. I closed the door quietly and locked it. I then went to the bed and threw her on it, watching her bounce. She squealed. She stripped off her shorts and underwear. Her pussy was drenched with juices. She was so horny just like me. I was topless and so just pulled down my shorts and boxers. My dick sprung out free. She sat at the edge of the bed and took it in her hand.
“I missed him” she said and took the head in her mouth. I groaned. She flicked her tongue on the head and I felt some precum ooze out. I then held her head and told her to stop.
“Don’t. I might blow any minute. I want to do it in you.” she smiled and nodded. I got onto the bed and sat down, resting my back on the head rest. she crawled to me seductively. I watched as her tits hung below her and bounce as she came to me. I grabbed one and squeezed. She moaned. She swung a leg around and over me and straddled me.
“Go slow.” I told her. she nodded. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself to me. we were both in a sitting position; my legs sprawled on the bed. I entered her wet cunt. It as tight but my dick slipped in easily due to the immense amount of juices dripping out of her. as I impaled her, she moaned into my mouth. when I was all the way in, we paused and made out. then she started to lift her body up till only the head of my cock was inside her. she then slammed down. I chose this position as there was less chance I would nut. She was now bouncing on my dick, her chest pressed in my face, her head thrown back and moaning as I sucked on her erect nipples. A few times I grabbed her ass and stopped her from fucking me so as to prevent from cumming. I wanted it to last. Finally I felt her pussy tighten and she came on my dick. she moaned loudly and I felt her cum blast out of her onto my dick.
“Nooo” she cried. She sounded pissed. I thought I had hurt her or something and asked her what happened.
“Damn it. I thought we were gonna cum together. Fuck it. Why did I cum?” I smiled with relief. She was trying to get off the same time as me. she wanted me to enjoy it. I kissed her lips.
“Don’t worry. We can do it again. This time tell me when you’re near and I will do it too.” she nodded. She started bouncing on me again. this time she leaned back and supported herself on her hands. I watched as my dick went in and out of her. I was going wild. I was near but I fought the urge. I wanted her and I to cum together. Without thinking, I placed my hand on her cunt and rubbed her off vigorously. I touched her clit and she got really excited and yelped. She stopped and almost fell off. I grabbed her and pushed her on her back. I got on top of her and was pounding her.
“Izzy I need to cum soon” I told her, fighting the urge. She nodded and smiled.
“Hold on baby. I’m near too.” I continued and went slower this time. Real slow. She slipped a hand in between us and was pinching her clit. I was kissing her and tonguing her. her pussy was so tight and velvety and smooth against my cock. I really needed to blow. Finally after a few minutes she started to squirm. Her body then became rigid and her back arched. It was my cue to go faster and that’s what I did. I pounded her fast, going deeper. She wrapped her legs around me tightly. My dick was swelling and my balls were pumping jizz to the entrance of my cock. I squeezed my butt together to hold it in. it was now or never. Suddenly she moaned into my mouth and grabbed my hair. I felt her pussy become wetter and warmer and tighter around my dick. she was cumming. I then let go of my pent up jizz. It felt like two months of cum had been released all in one shot. her pussy became warmer from me filling her up. Her vagina tightened around my prick and it felt like it as sucking out my cum.
“Oh..dan…fill me up good….oh fuck you stud…oh shit…oh shit I can feel your hot cum in me…fucking cum in me baby…fill me up with your hot creamy jizz…” she was moaning really loudly. I almost screamed into her shoulders but didn’t. I felt as my dick swelled up and release rope after rope of jizz. Shit, I didn’t know 2 months worth of cum was this much. I felt my sperm overflow in her pussy and drip down onto my balls which were pressed onto her ass. I think I shot like ten ropes of jizz or something. My balls were still convulsing even after I knew there was no more sperm. The pleasure from my release was so much that my legs and arms were suddenly weak. I came so hard it almost hurt. I collapsed onto her gently. She ended her orgasm too. we were sweating and panting from the session.
“Definitely the best fuck we ever had. Ever!” she said panting onto my shoulders. We were still clinging onto each other, me on top, still inside her. My bonner still hadn’t gone down. No matter. It would go off eventually. I rolled over to let her be on top, with me still in her. Pussy juice and sperm oozed out of her and onto the bed. We didn’t care.
“We didn’t fuck. We made love” I corrected her. She smiled and laid her head on my chest. she then got off me. my dick plopped out of her still hard and coated with sex juices. She laid down beside me. we were on our sides and looking at each other. I stroked her face and pulled her beautiful brown hair back to reveal her captivating face.
“You’re so beautiful.” I said softly. She smiled and closed her eyes and we kissed. We broke it off and she talked.
“Like I said earlier. I thought I lost you back there and I regret about how we left things..”
“Izzy” I interrupted. She put her finger on my mouth to silence me and tell me she wasn’t finished.
“As I was saying, I was devastated. I mean, you could have died. If that happened I don’t want us to leave with the way things were.”
“I’m sorry” I said. “I just couldn’t take the rejection. I really wanted us to be together.” She interrupted me and I let her.
“This whole thing with you in the comma. I got a chance to think about it and I have. If this happened again” she said slowly stroking the scars on my chest. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I can’t bear to lose you and I want to be with you forever. What I am saying is yes.”
“Huh?” I said dumbly. “what are you talking about?” She giggled.
“I want us to get married. I want us to live together like husband and wife and I want us to have children. I want us to grow old together…” she was rambling on but I wasn’t listening due to the fact that I was exploding with joy inside of me. I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her deeply. She stopped talking and kissed back. I rolled her onto of me. surprisingly I was still hard and she noticed.
“I love you” she said. I told her the same thing as she let me enter her again. since I had released a huge wad just now, I was able to last much longer now. This time we fucked wildly. She was bouncing on me vigorously, her tits flailing about. I grabbed them and sucked on them and she came on my dick, screaming my name into my shoulders. Then I pulled out and patted her ass.
“Doggy style…now” I told her. she complied with a huge grin. This was her favorite position. She got on all fours and I got behind her. she was fingering her self and I stroked my dick on he wet pussy lips. I entered her but only till the head of my dick and pulled out quickly. I did for awhile and she realized I was teasing her. She was whining now frustrated with me.
“Just put it in me and fuck me damn it” she growled. I was so turned on. I slapped my dick on her cunt and some precum splashed about. I took some and rubbed my head and pushed all the way into her. she gasped and without waiting I fucked her hard.

I don’t have the biggest dick in the world. It’s only slightly above average falling short of 7 inches and slightly thicker than normal. Although I wasn’t huge, I did know how t please a girl. That’s what all the girls I slept with told me and that’s what Isabel told me too. I was slamming into her now. I was grabbing her waist and leaning back and pulling her into me as I watched my dick enter and exit her love tunnel. The sight was so steamy. I was far from blowing my load. My balls were slapping her ass and I slid my hand down her body to grab her hanging tits. I pinched the nipples and she moaned. Then pushed her flat onto her tummy, still inside of her and fucked her with her legs closed. Her pussy was extremely tight. Although it loosened over the years (still damn tight) she now felt like how it was when I popped her cherry.
“Ddddannn… you ss-stud… yy-ouu f-fuck me sooo good…” she said drowning in pleasure. I then slipped a hand under her and found her clit which I played with. I then pinched it and instantly she exploded. I slowed down a lot. Her pussy convulsed and tighten on me and I couldn’t even thrust into her. she screamed into the pillow. I knew she would cum hard doggy style. When she ended, I turned her over and let her legs rest on my shoulders. I leaned forward while resting on the back of my legs. Then I proceeded to fuck her. She was groaning in pleasure. We did it for another 10 minutes. I was pounding her fast and she got off twice. I then felt the urge to cum. she felt the swelling of my cock and knew I was near.
“Baby, I want you to shoot it on my face” she told me. I grunted and then a minute later pulled out. my cum spurted out of my cock, the first one shot far and got between her breasts. The second on her tummy, the third on her pussy and bush. She sat up and I position my dick in front of her face. I shot on her nose and lips and she took my dick in her mouth and I released the rest into her mouth. I leaned back and moaned as she milked the remaining three squirts. I was finally spent. I let my dick fall out of her mouth and saw that my cum had oozed out of her mouth and dripped onto her chin and down to her breasts. I was panting and I fell next to her on the bed.
“That was awesome.” I said to her and she smiled. She used her fingers to wipe off the cum from her nose and chin and sucked them off and swallowed. She took my boxers and wiped my sperm off her chest and tummy.
“Hey” I said playfully. She giggled and threw my boxers onto my face. I acted angry but she just pounced on me and hugged me.
“I can’t wait to get married to you.”
“me too” I said, and we fell asleep till the next morning.

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