Izzy and I woke up the next morning fully rested. The pain from my injury had miraculously disappeared and I felt much better now. We slid of the bed and put on our underwear. I was just in my boxers and she was in her bra and panties. We walked out the room to the kitchen to get breakfast. She was in front of me and I was following her. I watched her sway her tiny waist and I reached out and grabbed her tight ass. she yelped and giggled. When we got to the kitchen, we saw Adrianna eating a bowl of cereal. She was wearing a tight t-shirt which failed to cover her flat tummy and a pair of pale blue panties with white frills as trimmings. Her legs were well accentuated, so long and slender and smooth. I fought to keep my bonner down.
“Had fun last night?” Adrianna asked.
“You know it babe” I replied smiling and then I grabbed Izzy’s boob and she squealed and slapped my hand away. Adrianna laughed. The three of us sat at the table and ate cereal and talked. It was now the end of May. Adrianna was graduating in two weeks. She had gotten a reply for her college applications and she had gotten in the same college as both Izzy and I. she did well with a 3.7 GPA so she deserved it. We talked some more and she mentioned about prom.
“So who you going to go with?” Izzy asked. I tuned out of this. Prom and dances were not my thing. The two girls were chatting girlishly. I heard bits and pieces about how Adrianna didn’t really want to go with guys from her school because of how they were too immature. Then I was posed with a question.
“Dan, sweetie, can I asked you a question?” Adrianna asked nervously.
“Anything babe” I told her. We were best friends now and called each other names like sweetie or honey and stuff just for the fun of it.
“I was wondering if you would like to take me to the prom?” she said, biting her bottom lip, just like her sister.
“Uh…” I said thinking.
“I mean I don’t really like the guys from school. All they want is to get in my pants and stuff. I want you to go cuz I know you would protect me.” Damn right I would. Since we became friends, I was always looking out for her. When we went out to the beach or mall, I would walk close to her and shield her from horny teenage boys. Now she wanted me to go with her to the prom. I looked at Izzy and saw that my fianc?was nodding in approval with me taking her to the prom.
“I would love too” I said to her smiling. She then acted all girly with her sister and then I tuned out again. Now they were talking about what dress Adrianna would wear and what were the matching accessories and make up and hair do.

On the day of the prom, Izzy forced me to wear a suite again. I wore a white shirt with a black tie and pants and a black blazer. Since I looked leaner now, I wore it fittingly and I couldn’t help but agree with Izzy that I looked hot. I styled my hair to make it look neat but untamed and my fringe was touching my eyes. I was clean shaven and I wore cologne. I waited at the front door for Adrianna.
“You know she really likes you” Izzy told me.
“I know” I said.
“She blames herself for you getting hurt.”
“It was worth it” I said simply and saw her smile.
Adrianna came out of the room wearing a really hot dress. She was in a black Dior dress that hung slightly above her knees, making her legs look extra long. It showed her cleavage as it had a low neck line. Her dress was simple but elegant. She diamond earrings and a tiny matching bracelet. I took out the rose I had placed in my blazer pocket and gave it to her. I took her hand and kissed it.
“Shall we go my lady?” I asked bowing. She giggled. I got next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me. she smelt like lilacs. Izzy began snapping tons of photos. Finally walked out the door with Izzy waving to us.
“Bring he back early” she called sounding like a mother.
“I will” I called back.
“And you” she called to Adrianna. “Control yourself. No sex or anything the both of you.” we laughed at Izzy and got to my car. I polished it for this occasion. It was a black Cameron and it looked like I imported it from Italy or something. I opened the door for my date and she giggled and got in. once inside we drove off to the prom.
“You know you really look good tonight” I said.
“Awwe, you say the nicest things to me” she teased. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.
The prom was surprisingly okay. we danced goofily at the fast songs and danced seriously with the slow ones. Many girls were jealous of Adrianna as she looked stunning. Some wanted to get close to me. it was cool having girls drooling over me. I didn’t have that in high school. Adrianna only danced with me. at the end of the prom, I asked her if she wanted to go to the after party. She said she was cool with it. the party was at some hotel room. There was booze but I didn’t touch it. I was driving for god’s sake. Adrianna didn’t too. there was a live band too. at some parts, I got on stage and rocked out on the guitar. Adrianna joined me and danced along, we had a blast. The final part, I jumped onto the crowd and body surfed. She was too afraid to do it though. At the end of the party, the hotel room was trashed. Couples slowly went to other rooms to ‘do it’ but me and Adrianna went home.
“I had a fun time tonight” she told me.
“Surprisingly this prom was kind of cool. I guess I was with a beautiful girl so it was fun.” She giggled and slapped my chest telling me to stop teasing her. I looked at the time and saw that it was near four. The drive across town was long. By the time we reached home, she was sleeping. I pulled her out the car and carried her up home. I placed her on her bed and kissed her good night. I then dropped on the couch and went to sleep.

After graduation, Adrianna and I celebrated or birthdays together. Her birthday was the day after mine, so we held a party here for the both of us at night on my birthday. We would hold it over night so that both our birthdays would be celebrated. I turned 21 and she turned the legal age of 18. The party was fun. We had a bunch of people (most of them I don’t know so I assumed they were Izzy’s and Adrianna’s friends). We had chips and booze. There were drinking games and luckily I didn’t lose so I was pretty sober. My band mate Eddy passed out and our drummer had to stuff him in his car to bring him back home. Once the party ended it was like 7am. We slept for awhile and around 3pm woke up.
Me and Izzy were on the couch making out.
“Dan I have a birthday surprise for you” she told me.
“Is it sex?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.
“Not really but close.” She went into my room and five minutes later she came back in plaid skirt that was too short for her, a white unbuttoned blouse to the middle and black boots. She also had a black tie inside her blouse that was nicely fitted between her breasts. Fuck she was dressed as a hot school girl. My boxers almost tore from the extreme hard on I was getting. I looked around to see that Adrianna was still damn tired in her room sleeping. Awesome, we could do it here on the couch. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it hang there. Form the side, I could see her b cup breasts. Her nipples were exposed and they were hard. She slid her skirt down slowly and stopped half way. She turned around and bent forward letting me see her tight ass.
“I’ve been a bad girl” she said so innocently. “Discipline me” she said and slapped her ass. I stood up and quickly stripped to my boxers, with a distinct tent. She then pushed me on to the couch. She knelt down between my legs and pulled off my boxers allowing my dick to spring out. she licked my cock head slowly while looking at me. she then licked my shaft starting from my balls. she stroked me gently and sucked on my whole member. After a few minutes, she stood up. I pulled her close to me. Her pussy was at my eye level. I started to spread her lips with my tongue and she moaned, grabbing the back of my head. I found her clit and pinched it. She shivered with pleasure. I ate her out for another five minutes. Her body got rigid and her back arched. She came on my mouth, her juices rushed out over my tongue and chin.
“uhhh….dann…” she moaned. After her orgasm, she collapsed next to me and I mad out with here more. “I want to try something different” she whispered. She took off her tie and wrapped it around my head and covered my eyes. She then pushed me so I was half lying on the sofa and half sitting up. She the got between my legs and started to suck me off. fuck the sensation was awesome. It’s as if by removing my sense of sight had enhanced my sense of touch. She sucked me off for nearly ten minutes. I could hear the slurping sounds and my nuts started to tingle and tighten. She felt it and then stopped completely. I groaned in disappointment.
“What the hell?” I groaned.
“Your surprise hasn’t even begun. Don’t take of the tie” she said slyly. She got off the couch and walked somewhere. A couple of minutes later she came back and told me to sit up on the edge of the sofa with me feet on the ground. I complied. Then she got between my legs and took my softening dick. Now it would take awhile for me to reach the point of no return again. Her hands felt different. It was slightly colder. She then started sucking me off. It felt different too. It was like she did something to her mouth. The blowjob wasn’t like hers. It felt different but not bad. It felt almost amateurish.
“Take off your blindfold” Izzy said and I almost ripped the tie off my face. My sight returned and what I saw almost made me jerk violently. Izzy wasn’t between my legs. It turned out to be Adrianna.
“What the fuck?!” I cried shocked. Izzy laughed and Adrianna smiled cheekily. She let go of my dick and got up and sat on my lap.
“Are you happy baby?” Izzy asked. I was speechless. Although I was turned on extremely, I was afraid that this was wrong. Adrianna was my fianc? sister. We were best friends and she seemed like my younger sister, who was extremely hot. I had to protect her.
“Well stud, little sis here has the hots for you” Izzy said playfully. “She told me the other day that she really liked you and wished she met a guy like you.” I looked at Adrianna and she blushed. She was sitting next to me in her underwear. She was wearing white bra and panties with red polka dots. Her bra was slightly big for her so her nipples sort of showed when she moved. Her hair was loosely tied up in a pony tail. She looked damn innocent and hot. She then spoke.
“Dan I love you. I know you’re with my sister and I’m glad. I just wish I was with someone like you. as you know, I am still a virgin but I want you to change that tonight.” I gulped.
“Uh.. I don’t think that I should be your first” I said regretting what I was saying. She looked a little disappointed but continued.
“I do. I really love you and you always care about me. you aren’t like the other jerks who try to get in my pants. You actually treat me like a real person and not a sex toy and you are so special to me. when you saved me that time I knew you were great. I really want you to be my first. Please. Unless you are saying that you don’t love me too..”
“I love you Adrianna, but you are like a sister to me. I don’t want to do this and hurt you. you know I’m with your sister.”
“Dan. You can never hurt me” and with that she kissed me deeply. I couldn’t help but grab her waist and kiss her back. When we broke off the kiss I spoke.
“You sure about this?” I asked her. she nodded and grinned.
“Well that’s settled” Izzy said cheerfully. “Oh little sis, you might want to strip.” Adrianna nodded. She stood up in front of me and slowly pulled the straps of her bra down revealing her boobs. Although she was only a 32A, her boobs looked fucking hot. her brown nipples were erect and her tits looked so perky. She unhooked her bra and threw it at me. she then turned around and bent forward giving me a nice view of her round tight ass. she looked back and smiled at me. she stood up and pulled down her panties and swung it around her fingers. Then she threw them at me and I caught them and got a whiff off her juices that soaked the front of her pussy. It was sweet and tangy. She turned around and exposed her pussy. She had trimmed her pubic hair to leave a triangle patch above her lips just like her sister. Izzy then got up and went to her sister. she hugged her tightly. Adrianna cupped her sister’s tits and sucked on the nipples and Izzy moaned. Izzy had her hand down at Adrianna’s pussy and was rubbing her with juices dripping out of her hand. Now Adrianna was fingering her sister. both of them were rubbing or fingering each other and thrusting their pussies onto each others hands while making out passionately. Then Adrianna moaned into her sister’s mouth as she came. Ten seconds later, Izzy screamed into her Adrianna’s mouth as she orgasmed. When they both ended cumming, they fell onto the sofa next to me still making out, Adrianna lying below her sister. they were panting and giggling. They sat up and kissed then looked at my shocked face. my dick was hard as stone and I felt that if I pushed it down, it would snap. Adrianna was gigging at me. Izzy sat next to me and touched my dick and stroked it very gently. Then Adrianna spoke.
“You know, part of the reason I didn’t sleep with guys was because deep down, I really liked girls instead, but I can make an exception with you” she then sat on my lap trying to start having sex with me when Isabel stopped her.
“Hey, I’m not done with him yet” she cried. She pushed her sister off me and took her place. “This is gonna be your first time so look and learn.” she lifted her body up and straddled me with her pussy touching and spreading her lips slightly. She then made out with me and stuck her tongue in my mouth as she lowered herself and I entered her love canal. I went all the way in and we stopped to let her reposition herself until she was comfortable. She leaned back slightly and started to lift her body up slowly and slam back down. We did that while Adrianna sat next to me and kissed me. I made out with her now and had my hand at her crotch. I had a finger in her cunt and felt her tightness. Fuck she was tight. I was gonna enjoy her later. I was so into Adrianna that I forgot about Izzy. I only remembered her when she screamed as she came.
“Oh fuck Ddaannn…” she cried. I felt her pussy tighten around my length as she slowed down. Her back was arched and she was breathing fast. Her juices flowed over my member and then she collapsed on me when she ended. She was sweaty and panting.
“Wow, I cant wait for that” Adrianna said amazed. She was quietly rubbing herself off.
“Yeah…” Isabel replied dreamily. Then she snapped back to reality and commanded me to be on top. Adrianna shifted aside and got next to me as her sister lay on her back with me at her entrance. I pushed forward and she gasped. I pounded her fast this time as I was so eager to fuck Adrianna. I was pounding her for 10 more minutes and she came within five. Then I got the familiar feeling in my balls. I was moaning and kissing Izzy more now. Adrianna noticed the change in me and asked her sister what was happening as I was nearing the end.
“He’s gonna cum sweetie” Izzy told her sister.
“Can I see him shoot it on you?” she asked. I was so turned on. “I mean I haven’t seen a real guy do it before and I’m curious.” Izzy nodded and I pulled out immediately. Then I was stroking myself vigorously.
“You know you can help him if you want” Izzy told her. Adrianna was excited and immediately replaced my hand with hers. Her hands were soft and gentle and small. She went fast.
“Am I doing it correctly?” she asked. I nodded and moaned. Then I fired out a huge load. The first one went far and hit Izzy on the chin and neck. The second went on her right tit and dripped down to her cleavage area. The subsequent three of four shots were at her fat tummy and the last was on her pussy coating part of her trimmed bush. As I came, Adrianna was fascinated. I was squeezing her tits and kissing her neck and shoulders. Some of the cum had gotten on her hand. She licked it and smiled.
“It tastes nice” she said simply. Izzy got up and sat down in front of her sister. she then took her by the waist and kissed her forcing Adrianna to clean her face and neck and breasts. The sight was so hot that I remained hard. They finished making out with each other and Izzy spoke.
“Okay stud. She’s all yours. Enjoy” she said smiling widely. Adrianna squealed like a school girl and pounced on me. She then looked at me and into my eyes. I looked back and knew that she wanted it. I really cared for her and I wanted her first time to be magical.
“Before we start, I want you to know it might hurt so if at any point you want to stop tell me and I will do it. I think its better if you be on top so you can control it. besides its your first time so you should be in control. I want to make this memorable for you babe.” She had tears in her eyes. She closed it and kissed me deeply and nodded. We kissed passionately. My hands were massaging her boobs and she was rubbing my chest. she sat on my lap with my cock near her pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from it.
“Hey little sis, he’s pretty good at licking pussy you know” Izzy called from the arm chair opposite us. Adrianna squealed with delight and begged me to eat her out. I was just as excited. I lifted her up and placed her on her back and got between her legs. I spread them and admired her virgin pussy. I then stuck my tongue out and licked the slit. Her pussy lips quickly got wet with her juices and her lips spread open. I grabbed her below her ass and pulled her pussy to my face and licked her faster now. I managed to stick my tongue in her and eat her out. I found her engorged clit and licked it too. she shuddered with pleasure. I gave it a toothless bite and she almost yelped from surprise. I continued to lick her and within minutes she orgasmed. She was holding my head from the back and pushed me closer to her cunt. She came on my face while moaning loudly about how good I felt.
“Oh fuck Dan… oh shit…don’t stop…don’t stop… yes…yes..yes..ooohhhhhh” she cried and her body stiffened and she coated my face with her juices. She tasted different from her sister but just as nice. She was panting now and her eyes were closed. She looked dreamy. She saw me as I got up and laid on top of her.
“Oh you were so good. Izzy you were right he is good” she said. I looked at her and she said she was ready. I sat up and helped her up. She swung her legs around and sat on my lap. She stroked me to maintain my hardness and I slapped it on her pussy lips. She giggled. Then she lifted herself up and straddled me with my dick at her entrance. She lowered herself and I entered her tight love canal. This pussy was fucking tight. at first my cock had trouble even entering her. she was moaning as I stretched her.
“Go slow” I told he in between kisses. She nodded and complied. She took me inch by inch until I reached her hymen. I looked at her again.
“You sure. We can stop if you want. I don’t want to hurt you.” she giggled and slapped my chest playfully.
“Oh you are so cute” she said. “Of course I want to do this. It feels right.” She then lowered herself further and quicker and the next moment I felt myself go through her barrier. She stifled a scream on my shoulder. I hugged her tight and stayed still not wanting to aggravate the pain. I was kissing her hair, face and neck and shoulders trying to comfort her. I was whispering in her ears about how I love her and how beautiful she was. She then finally sat up and looked at me. I could see some tears in her eyes.
“Are you okay?” I asked concerned. She nodded weakly. She was hiding her pain. I kissed her and rubbed her clit to try and ease her discomfort. A while later she said she was ready. I grabbed her small hips and assisted her. She bounced up and down on my dick, going up with my cock almost out all the way before slamming back down. At first she was uncomfortable but soon she was enjoying it and was moaning. If I hadn’t had sex with Izzy ten minutes ago, I think I would have exploded just when I entered Adrianna as she was fucking tight. now I could last long and since she hadn’t orgasmed yet and I was determined to make her to cum during her first sex session.
“You want to change positions?” I asked her. she stopped and nodded excitedly. “How do you want it?”
“What’s Izzy’s favorite position?” she asked. I looked at my girlfriend to see that she was enjoying masturbating herself to the sight of me and her sister. she had her eyes closed clearly engrossed with her own pleasure.
“She likes it from behind” I said. She nodded saying she wanted to try it doggy. I lifted her off and she got on her hands and knees. I told her to rest her body on the arm rest and she did. I stroked my dick at her slit and felt the resistance from entering her. I slapped her ass with it and then stroked her pussy lips and asshole with it. then I entered only allowing my head to enter which I immediately pulled out. I did it a few more times. She looked back and frowned and then realized that I teasing her.
“Stop teasing me and start fucking me stud” she commanded. I was surprised at her control and immediately rammed myself inside her cunt. She moaned loudly. I reached down and pinched her nipples. I managed to get my free hand and started to rub and pinch her sensitive erect clit. She was shaking with pleasure. she was moaning. Izzy had returned from her personal orgasm and was now cheering me on. She held her sisters body in place while I rammed Adrianna’s cunt hands free. I went deep and fast my balls slapping against her ass. now Adrianna was getting more vocal. She was talking dirty and it was driving me crazy but I was still far.
“Yes Dan… do it… do it… yeahh…fuck me hard…I know you like my tight pussy you stud… oh yeah… fuck your cocks so good in my pussy…” she was screaming. Then she got really kinky. “Say thank you Dan… say thank you for letting me pop my cherry… huh…you like that don’t you… how many girls let you deflower them… how many girls have tight pussies like mine… oh fuck me good…” I was shocked. I didn’t know that Adrianna was this dirty. I continued pounding her. I then lifted her up and allowed myself to come to a sitting position and she straddled me reverse cow girl. I told her to keep her legs closed and I could feel the tightness of her pussy. She was practically milking me out. I wouldn’t last now. She still hadn’t cum yet. I had my head at her shoulders and was kissing her neck. She then wrapped her right arm around my neck and leaned back into me sot that I could suck on her tits and make out with her. I was rubbing her clit fast now and Izzy was sucking on my balls now for some reason. I then stopped and pushed Adrianna off me. she looked a little hurt and rejected. I was breathing heavily and trying to hold in my orgasm. Izzy stopped touching me. she knew I was controlling myself.
“Don’t worry sweetie” she told her disappointed sister. “Stud here needs to stop or else he would explode.” I looked like I was meditating with deep breaths.
“So what if he cums” Adrianna piped up.
“Well first you aren’t on the pill and second he wants you to cum first” Adrianna lit up.
“Awe how sweet of him” she said sweetly.
“Yeah. That’s my Dan. Always wanting to pleasure others.” She kissed my cheek and then I regained control. I nodded my head and Arianna rubbed herself faster to get pussy wetter. She then straddled me again in a cowgirl position. I told her I would fuck her. I grabbed her hips and thrusted upwards slowly. I was near again. Fuck I wouldn’t last long.
“Adrianna I need to cum” I told her.
“Cum in me baby. I want my first time to be with you filling me up” she said.
“I don’t want to get you pregnant” I said.
“Don’t worry. I’ve been keeping track of my cycle. Today’s one of those days where I cant get knocked up so you cum in me all you want.” She then started to ride me faster. I was at the edge. I was kissing her. Fuck it man. Its too painful to hold it in.
“Oh shit… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum…” I cried. I felt my balls contract but sperm hadn’t been released yet. Just then I felt her pussy tighten.
“Do it in me baby. I’m cumming too… do it in me… fill me up with your hot sticky load. I know you want to shoot it in my hot tight pussy…” she moaned loudly. Her pussy clamped around my cock and I felt hot juices soaking my dick.
“Oooohhhhhhhh…..uuuhhhhhhh….Ddddaaaaannnn…” she cried. I couldn’t take it and pushed into her until I reached deep in her cunt where I released my seed. I shot like 7 ropes of jizz into this beautiful girl.
“Ohhhh don’t stop… don’t pull out…don’t you fucking pull out…oh I can feel your hot cream shooting inside me…” She leaned into me and screamed into my mouth. her beautiful brown hair covered my face and grazed my shoulders and gave me a tingling feeling. I hugged her tight and when I finally finished, she had ended too. she sat up straight and leaned back enough to look at me.
“Dan I love you so much. Thank you for that. I will never forget this first fuck.” I smiled.
“We didn’t just have sex sweetie. We made love and it was fantastic” I said. she held back tears of happiness. She then leaned in and kissed me softly.
“This is the best part of sex” I told her. “I do this with your sister all the time and I love it. Just lie here. Don’t worry, I will hold you.” she did and hugged me tight and I could feel her nipples rub against mine. Her heartbeat was now slower and steady and it was amazing to feel. She felt so warm and nice. By then my dick was already out of her and shrinking back to normal size.
“Don’t leave me” she whispered. I kissed her ear and whispered to her that I wouldn’t, even in a million years. She finally fell asleep and I placed her on the couch face up. I slid onto the ground and rested. Izzy sat next to me and we made out.
“I hope you liked your present” she told me after fifteen minutes of making out.
“I loved it” I told her.
“Well I guess she loved it too seeing the way she enjoyed cumming with you just now.”
“It was amazing.” I told her. “Well since it was my birthday yesterday, I am in such a giving mood that I have a present for you now.”
“Oh really what is it?” she said leaning closer. I stood up and took her hand and helped her sit/lie on the arm chair behind her. I spread her legs and placed each one onto of each arm rest. her hair was covering her beautiful eyes partially and her hands were on her breasts.
“Oh Dan… aren’t you tired?” she asked.
“Babe, when it comes to making love to you… never” I said stroking my dick back to life getting on top of her. She smiled as I re-entered her pussy and proceeded to fuck her lasting much longer now.

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