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Stacy runs into a group of horny frat boys...
This is the first in a multi-part story. Thanks to all who voted for my first "Stacy the Asian Pharmacist" story. Hopefully you'll like this too.

It's after pharmacy hours in the local community store, and Stacy, the cute Vietnamese pharmacist, is shopping in the deserted medicine aisles for tampons. It's not that time of month yet, but she's been very moist. It's Halloween eve, and Stacy has to get home to her husband and kids. She's wearing a "Little Red Riding Hood" outfit: mini-cape with hood, short red skirt revealing her smooth, slender legs wrapped snugly in black come-fuck-me boots. She has on a white blouse with cute, poofy shoulders. Her raven-dark hair is shoulder-length and straight, and at 5'4", she looks absolutely fuckable.

As Stacy looks through the aisles near the pharmacy doors(which should have been locked by now, but aren't because one of the managers forgot), a bunch of six half-drunk college guys come in. They immediately take notice of Stacy, and she tries to ignore them, even though her ears prick up as one of them realizes what her costume is and loudly mentions how he'd like to "fill her basket". Stacy's heard the comment several times today. Part of her wants to groan at it, but inside she's secretly flattered; it's nice that in her late twenties, she can still be admired by school-age guys.

As they move closer, chatting among themselves, brazenly admiring her shape and pretending to check out the items on the shelves, Stacy moves forward a bit, trying to give them a clear path. A couple of them seem to mind their own business as they brush past, but then one of them boldly raises the back of her little skirt high enough so that he and his friends can catch a nice glimpse of her white panties underneath. Stacy smacks his hand away and turns to face him, even as his friends laugh at her surprised look.

"Excuse me?!" she says loudly, hoping this will startle him and his friends into moving along, but it doesn't. Surprisingly, he has the nerve to cup Stacy's chin in his hand and answer with the tired cliche "There's no excuse for how hot you are, baby." She swears to herself, she'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic. She can smell the alcohol on his breath as he leans in to kiss her...Stacy puts your hands to his chest, trying to push him away, but he grabs her arms and pulls her in, his mouth pressing against her sexy thin lips, his alcohol-drenched tongue shoving its way into her mouth, plopping down on top of hers for a sloppy tongue kiss.

His friends whoop and laugh, until one of them comes to his senses enough to tell them to quiet down, or store security might come over. But Stacy fearfully realizes that the security guard's gone home for the evening, and her only hope is to scream for one of the managers...but how can she, when this creep's tongue is overpowering hers, forcing her to moan in protest, but which makes the clowns with him think she's getting into it?

Finally he lets her lips free from his, and as Stacy coughs at the alcohol taste, he informs his friends how hot it is to kiss her, how soft her lips are. She struggles to get free, about to open her mouth to scream in protest--and suddenly, one of the other guys steps behind her and wraps a liquid-drenched cloth around her nose and mouth. Being a pharmacist, Stacy recognizes the scent as being trichloromethane--chloroform! She knows that unlike in the movies, it won't really knock her out...but the amount they've used makes her woozy, almost to the point of giddiness. Stacy starts to panic, but it's no use...her legs get wobbly, her vision blurs. Before she knows it, the cloth is removed from her face and she's being led around by her slender waist in a circle of the guys as they pass her one to the next for some free kisses and feel-ups.

Hands grab Stacy's B-cup breasts, fondling and squeezing them. She moans "ow" so weakly as hands(she has no idea whose they are) pull her skirt up and slap her clean silk panties. With each lip-lock from a different guy, she begins to resist less and less...partially out of being so floored by the anesthetic, but also by the fact that it's not so bad, being admired and kissed by so many different pairs of lips. She hasn't felt so admired(if that's really even the word for it) in a long time.

Stacy finally feels a whirl of further light-headedness as the guy who came at her with the corny line effortlessly lifts her up in his arms. She automatically throws her arms around his neck for support, not wanting to be dropped, as under the influence of the chloroform, the floor seems so very far away. "Don't worry, baby; daddy's got you," he says as he plants a more gentle, lingering, loving kiss on Stacy's lips which she literally can't help but respond to. She doesn't know if it's a couple of fearful drops of pee or moistness from some other cause between her legs as he says, "Let's go home." With that, he and his gang of buds head out of the pharmacy doors, their Asian prize ready to be used as they see fit...

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