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Sorry if the first was too short. I didn't have much time, and I don't now, lol!!!
After the incident in the shower, Katie behaved wonderfully. She laughed several times and suggested we go out for breakfast. I agreed, so we piled into my car to go to a local diner for breakfast.
As we waited for a waitress to notice us (they were always busy on Saturday mornings), a buddy of mine, Ken, came over to greet me. He caught sight of Katie examining the menu, and gawped at her. Josh cleared his throat and his brow darkened ominously. Ken greeted me, and asked who the kids were. I introduced them, Katie oblivious that Ken was openly apprising her shapely figure. Josh stood up and gripped Ken's hand in a "warm" handshake. I heard something crack, and Ken rubbed his hand. "So, Derek," he said hurriedly, "Who is this lovely lady I have the pleasure of meeting?" Katie blinked.
"That's Katie," I said, watching the goings on with amusement. "She's 13."
"Oh! Wow, are these yours?" Ken asked, jaw dropping just for a moment.
"Yeah," I laughed, "As of yesterday." Ken nodded his head and shook Katie's hand. "Charmed," he murmured, brushing his lips aganist her hand. Katie giggled and Josh nearly smashed a salt shaker. I invited Ken to join us, and he accepted in a heartbeat. I mean, what man wouldn't? He kept trying to engage in a conversation with Katie, but Josh would have none of it. Finally, I suggested that Josh and Katie go and buy some candy from the counter. The left, and Ken hissed in my ear:
"Oh my GOD! Where the fuck did you pick up that little beauty?" I frowned.
"She's not a 'little beauty', " I said. "She's Katie, and she's also my daughter. " Ken tried hard to keep his voice down.
"Yeah, but I mean, c'mon man! She's like, fuggaboutit! Did you see those tits?!?"
"Shhhh, man, someone's gonna hear you," I warned, noticing the looks from the other customers. "She's 13, and she's MINE, Ken. You are NOT to touch her."
Ken wasn't too happy. He stood up to leave just as Josh and Katie came back. He flashed a smile at Katie and nipped her ass. Suddenly, she whipped around and smacked him across the face, shrieking "OH MY FUCKING GOD! YOU DIRTY OLD MAN!"
Josh and I nearly peed our pants laughing at Ken's shocked face, fingering the red mark where Katie had slapped him.
The laughter stopped when he snarled "Just you wait, missy. I'll make you feel that smack on your ass!" I tripped Josh as he lunged for Ken and the little man stepped back hurridelly, as though Josh was a rabid dog. A waitor came over the picked up Ken by the scruff of his neck.
"Get out, before I call the police!" He shouted, flinging him out of the diner.
When we got home, Katie disappeared into the library, and Josh went down to the basement to take his anger out on a punching bag. I waited until I could hear Josh's muffled snarls as he pretended that the innocent punching bag was Ken's face. I then snuck upstairs in the library.
Katie was sitting on the window seat, reading Tom Sawyer. I knocked on the door and she jumped, looking around startled.
I came over and kissed her lightly. She sank back into the window seat, and allowed me to unbutton her lacy white blouse. I unsnapped her bra and kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I stroked and purred at her, murmering that she was a wonderful girl. My hands stopped the massage of her breasts and she mewled in protest. My hands found their way down to her jean buckle, and I unsnapped her jeans. I tugged them off and pulled her panties off with my teeth. Her breath caught, and she slipped out of her bra and unbuttoned shirt. I considered myself the luckiest man alive. Here was a 13 year old, horny, submissive girl, who was my own DAUGHTER, naked in front of me. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. I moaned as she caressed my dick through the briefs I was wearing. She tugged them off, and began to lick my cock, starting at the balls and working her way up to the head. It felt wonderful, and she was fondling my balls all the time. She then swirled her tongue around the head of my shaft and began to take my 8 inch member in her mouth, inch by inch. When she had the whole thing in her mouth, she gagged a little, and began bobbing her head. As a hand went to her pussy, that was too much. I blew my load in her mouth, and she was slurping it down like a little pro. She cleaned up my dick and balls, and began to dress. But I stepped over and stopped her.

Kissing her again, I slid quickly down to her slit, lubing my fingers up in her own juices. She nearly broke the kiss when I slipped a finger inside her. I laughed to myself. She wasn't a virgen! Yes! Visions of me and her making love in the kitchen, in the pool, on the couch, in the bedrooms...I nearly came again as I slipped another 2 fingers in her. She moaned, and for the umpteenth time, came hard over my fingers. I brought my fingers to her mouth and she suckled on my fingers. I gave her tits one final pinch, and left her to dress.


I suggested we make brownies for lunch. Josh readily agreed, for her had worked up a vicious appitite down in the basement. As we made a batch, I dabbed a little of the mix on Katie's nose. She laughed and I kissed it off. Josh smiled and hugged both of us. I felt content. I felt...whole. I had had countless girlfriends, and 2 wives, but I had never felt COMPLETE before. As I looked in Katie's green eyes, I felt as though a whole new world has unlocked in front of me. Was I supposed to look in her eyes and feel as though...I loved her?

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plz continue this is one of the best stories on this site but it does need to be more desciptive

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it now seems that katie needs some carnal development and subtle training in the art of total sex. perhaps josh wants to go to camp or something for several weeks so the training can begin. pls continue.

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Excellent story.

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