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This is my first story and there is high probability that the story sucks. Also forgive me for the grammer and other mistakes.

My name is Michael and this is the story about my family and especially about my special one, my slave – my lovely mom. I am 19 years old and my story starts two years back when I was 17 and when I used to stay with my family- with my mom and dad. Like any teenager at my age I was sexually very active and always trying new stuffs in sex. My dad was a business consultant and used to be away for work for at least 4 days a week. My mom Sophie was 35 years old, worked for a marketing firm at that time was petite, 5 9” was very attractive for her age. Her beauty and her perfect figure made her a very ‘popular’ woman in the neighbourhood and god knows how many times I masturbated thinking about her in my bed.

My dad was 10 years elder than my mom and the age difference was very evident in their appearances. Even though my mom was 35, she looked and dressed more like a 25 year old women. The age difference really affected their sex life and my dad’s busy work pattern led their married life to a disaster. But my mom never wanted to split up from my dad because of the money he had and also because of me.

By now, I am sure you would be wondering, how such a nice lady like my mom became a sex slave of mine? Well lets just day that it was my lucky day when I caught my mom having sex with her co-worker in our living room. Pretty stupid thing to do in our living room or maybe she thought I would be at school that whole day. As I told earlier, - ‘the luckiest day of my life’!!!

I have always considered my mom to be one of the sexiest women in the block, but she having an affair!! seeing completely naked and having mad sex with a stranger, I was completely frozen. The only thing I could feel was my dick getting bigger and bigger in my jeans and I was loving it. A dream comes true. My mom – naked- a true angel.

It was bargain time afterwards. My mom didn’t want to leave my dad because of his money. I knew the long sexless life with my dad had made my mom into a horny bitch. I told her that affair would remain a secret between her and me ‘as long as’ she obeys to whatever I ‘says’ for the next one week. Even today, I always wonder why she said ‘yes’ to my proposition? May be she thought I was after the money and am going to rip her wallet off for the next one week. She can’t be any more wrong!!

My plans were simple at that time. Get into her panties, shag her and that’s it. BUT I started to think about the bigger picture. A beautiful woman ready to do whatever man wants- her son wants!!

My ground rules were clear.
1. She would be completely naked inside the house for the next whole week.
2. She would always address me as son. I want her to be completely humiliated.
3. She would never look me at my face for the week unless and until I ask her to do so.
4. Everyday she would be given an assignment to do before going for work. I must be done when she comes back in the evening and she would bring a proof of some sort to let me know that she has done it.
5. Any mistakes/ disobedience will be dealt with severe punishment.
6. The last one: She will do whatever I ask her to do. No question and no hesitations.

Mom was completely stunned to hear about all these. She said she would rather tell dad about her affair and get a divorce!! I told her that she has more to loose than just my dad’s money here. I told her that I will ruin her image in the community and at work. She will lose her job and nowhere to go and no money. I told her that, it wont be hard to make her look like a whore especially since she wears tight dresses and heavy makeup’s like a 20 year old girl even when she is 35 years old. Hearing all these threats my mom knew how much of a trouble she was in. She started crying and sat on the couch. I sat next her and whispered into her ears: “Just one week. Afterwards, you would be free like everyone else. After all, I am your only son; I know what is best for you”. Against her own will, she complied to my proposal. I knew it wasn’t easy for her to live like a slave under her own son. But for me that was the fun part.

Hence our session started.

I told her to go to her room and get freshen up and come to my room in an hour’s time. I told her to wear all make-ups, her best dress and NO PANTIES. I also asked her to shave her body except for per pussy.

After half an hour, I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and there she was. My sweet angel- my mom.

I told her that she will respect her son for the next one week since he will be her master for the week. She whispered: “Yes son”. I inspected her body. I felt her boobs and touched her crotch and made sure she was not wearing any panties. Then I asked her to be on her all fours. She looked at me surprisingly and then kneeled down on her hands. Then I asked her to crawl into my room, which she did.

I stood in front of her and told her to remove my shoes. She stared at my face for two seconds and the slowly removed my shoes. I told her: “Now you can kiss your master’s, your son’s feet.” She stood still for couple of seconds; then slowly started kissing my feet. Satisfied with her work, I asked her to stand up.

I told her: “Now mom, you can start removing your dress. You can show your son how pretty a woman you are. You can start slowly with slow motion.”

She started getting her clothes off. I asked her to look into my eyes when doing so.

When she removed all her cloths, and started removing her bra, I stopped her. I asked her to kneel in front of me. I stood in front of her with a huge bulge in my pants. The bulge two inches away from her face. I asked her to look at my bulge. I asked her to kiss it. She reluctantly did so.

Then I asked her: “Has mommy been a good girl today?”
She looked into my face and said: “Yes”.

I asked her again: “Yes what?”.

She replied: “Mommy has been a good girl today.”

“Every good girl deserves a present, doesn’t it?”

She said: “Yes”

I asked her to open my fly. When she did so, I asked her to put her hands inside and feel my dick. I told her not to take it out. I asked her to stand up, and then look into my eyes. I kissed her forehead and told her how beautiful she is and how good a slave she would be for her son.

I could see the sparkle in her eyes when I mentioned the word ‘slave’. I knew it! She is enjoying it so far and I was determined to make it more interesting. I asked her to start stroking my cock.

I asked her- “Do you want to see your son’s dick?” She nodded her head. I asked her to say that she wants to see it. She said: “Yes I want to see your dick”. I told her that she forgot to address her master and she should be begging for it. I also told her, the next time, she forgets, she would be severely punished. She said: “My baby son, please let me see you beautiful hard cock”. Satisfied with her request, I kissed her deeply

I am kissing the most beautiful women that I know and that itself is my mom. I couldn’t believe my luck.

She removed the cock out of my pants. I asked her to worship it. I told her not to suck it yet but to kiss it and adore it. She started kissing my dick; she felt my hard cock against her cheeks. I could see her lips moving against my cock, I knew that she couldn’t control it anymore; she wanted to suck my cock.

I asked her: “Mommy, what would you like to do with your son’s cock next?”

She looked onto my eyes and said: “Please let me suck your cock”

I slapped her face SMACK. I asked her, why I did that for. She said: “Mommy didn’t address her master ‘son’ and I need to be punished”

I asked her to be completely naked and to be on her all fours. I asked her to lift her butt cheeks high so I could see her crack clearly. There they were!! The ass I always dreamed off, the ass I always jacked off thinking about. But right now I had special plans for that sweet ass.

I went into my mom’s room and took her hair brush. When I returned back, I could see my mom’s restlessness in her position. Face down and ass high up.

I told her that I have some special present for her: a hard spanking with her own hair brush. I could see her surprise in her face. Her own son spanking her! I told her every time she gets a spanking, it she would say: “Thank you son, please spank mommy’s ass, Mommy has been a bad girl”. And she would be receiving 10 spankings on her each ass cheek!

I started feeling her ass. I slightly pinched one of her ass cheek. Then ‘”SMACK” the first blow. Mom cried loud in pain and tried to fell her ass with her left hand. Then she said weeping: ““Thank you son, please spank mommy’s ass, Mommy has been a bad girl”.

Satisfied, I started pinching and feeling her breasts. I could hear my mom still crying. “SMACK” the second one. I asked her: “How do you feel mommy when your son spank your ass?” Mom started crying even louder and then said: ““Thank you son, please spank mommy’s ass, Mommy has been a bad girl”.

By then, I had a different idea to make the spanking more interesting.

I went to he kitchen and took a frozen carrot out from the fridge. An inch diameter carrot was perfect for the purpose.

Back at the living room, I asked my mom to open her mouth. I inserted the cold carrot into her mouth and said; “Now mommy have to lubricate it, because it is going to go into your special place!!”

I removed the carrot from her mouth and started to play it with her pussy. I was sure she thought it was going to go into her pussy. Well, she can’t be any more wrong. Into her ass it goes.

I heard the painful “Ahhhhh” from her, followed by her moan. An ass virgin with a carrot up her ass!!!”SMACK”!!! The third blow. “Please son, stop it, I cant take it any more” She said.

Five six, seven eight….. After 10 slaps on each ass, I could feel the heat from her ass. “Thank you son, please spank mommy’s ass, Mommy has been a bad girl” she said painfully holding her sore ass in her hands.

I kissed both her ass cheeks. Removed the carrot and started to finger her asshole. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ she whispered. I handed the carrot to her asked her to taste her own ass. She started licking it like a hungry bitch.

I held her by her hair. I closed my face to hers and asked her, “Mommy, how do you like tasting you own ass?” She replied: “Nice, and it makes me more horny, son!” I kissed her deeply.

I asked her how feels about her son’s hard cock inside her pussy.

She said: “Please don’t fuck me, I will do what ever you want son. I obeyed your every nasty orders so far and played along with your sex game. But please don’t let me do this!” I slapped her hard and started pinching her nipples with both my hands.

I made her stand on her legs. I told her: “Mom, if you disobey me one more time or hesitate to do what ever I ask you to do, I will forcibly make you do it and make you pay for the disobedience in front of dad and everyone you knows!”

She replied: “I am sorry son, but please….dont…… I am your…..”. SMACK I slapped her face again and told her:

“I want you to beg for your son’s cock. Beg like a horny bitch, because you are one! Make me know how far you will go to get a real good fuck.”

Her eyes on the floor and said: “Please fuck me my son, I will do anything for my son’s cock. Please fuck me hard and make your mommy cum. Please fuck me, fuck me hard…”

I slapped her face, then pinched her nipples hard. I slapped her breasts. I twisted her nipples. It made her cry.

I made kneel in front of me. “Open your mouth wide”, I told her. Then I spat on her mouth and told her to swallow it. Slapped her face again and covered her face with my spit.

Then I slapped her face with my cock. I made her lick my pre-cum. Then I inserted my dick into her wide opened mouth. I face fucked her. I made her spit on my cock and made her suck it again.

Satisfied with what I have done to her face, I made her on her all fours and started feeling my cock into her pussy doggy style. I could hear her moans. ‘”Ahhhhhhh, please” I didn’t let her finish, I thrusted my cock inside her pussy and removed it. I asked her to beg for my cock again. “Please son, fuck you mommy like a whore, fuck me please”. I thrusted my cock again into her pussy, this time harder. I teased her for some time and made her beg for what she is going to receive.

“Harder, harder, harder…..” she said. I whispered into her ears. “How does it feel mommy??” She said “Ahhhhhhh, fuck me son, fuck me, harder, harder…….. you are much better than your father, fuck mommy’s pussy”

I fucked her harder and harder. I could feel her body shivering. I knew she was cumming, but I didn’t stop. She cried: “Son I am cumming please stop, please stop…” I started fucking my mom harder and faster. She climaxed one more time and started crying louder.

Then I asked her: “How do you want to take your sons fresh cum???”

Mom said: “Not in my pussy, please son, not in y pussy, please…”

I removed my dick from her pussy and shoved it into her ass. She couldn’t control the pain, she made a loud noise. I came in my mom’s ass.

Then I asked her grab a coffee cup from the kitchen. Then I told her:

“Mom, I want you to squirt all my cum from your ass into the coffee cup”

To further humiliate her, I asked her to do it in front of me, facing me and by looking into eyes.

She kept the cup on the floor, facing me and started squirting the cum out of her ass by looking at me.

I could see her tears rolling down her face.

Then I told her to kneel in front of me and hold the coffee cup in her hands. Then I told her:

“Now mom, I want you to thank me for fucking you and beg me to let you drink my cum from the cup”

Mom, still crying said: “Thank you son for fucking me like a whore and for cumming inside my ass. Now please let me drink your fresh cum from this cup”

I told her: “You have been a really good girl. Now drink you baby son’s cum”

Tired, but satisfied with my work on my mom, I leaned back on my couch.

Still on her knees with my cum in her mouth, my mom looked at me. She smiled lightly and crawled to me and asked me: “Is mommy’s son tired?? Ohhh, you have done a really good job fucking your whore mom. My special little boy”.

By saying this she kissed my forehead.

Surprised by her reaction, I asker her, “Did you really enjoyed all these. I was thinking I was doing this against your will.”

She replied: “I was terrified in the beginning. But 3 months of sexless life with your dad and all the humiliation and nasty talking with you made me really horny. What happened is happened, it can’t be turned back. So just enjoy it!”

Surprised but hearing those words I hugged my mom and kissed her deeply. I could feel my own cum in her mouth.

Then he asked me: “So do you have any more plans for you new sex slave?”

I replied: “Oh yes, I am just getting started”.

Afterwards, we had a long talk about how our relationship is going to be from here onwards.

We made new rules on how things would be.

We decided that we would be living like a married couple in the house but as a normal son and mother outside. Mom would be my sex slave for the rest of her life.

The New Rules of the House:

1. Mom will be my sex slave for the rest of her life.
2. In the house mommy will always be completely naked and will be on her all fours at all times except when I ask her not to be so.
3. Everyday mommy will wake me up by sucking my cock and making me cum, same will happen before going to bed. Son’s cum is precious for a mom. So mommy will either drink all my cum or take it in her pussy during these routines. If taken inside her ass, she must squirt it on the floor and lick it from the floor.
4. Mommy will bath me every morning and dress me before school.
5. All breakfasts and other meals will be followed by breast feeding.
6. Mom will be treated like met pet dog inside the house. (Exceptions: when dad is home!!)
7. She will eat from her plate on the floor without using her hands. She will always wear a leash inside the house. She will be sleeping inside the cage or in rare. Special occasions in the bed with me. (Exceptions: when dad is home!!)
8. Outside the house mommy will never wear panties and will always wear tight dresses showing ass and her cleavage.
9. Everyday there will be a special assignment for mommy. For example: Mommy will wear a vibrator/ dildo in her ass/ pussy during her entire work OR mommy will dildo fuck herself on her office table (completely naked) after every one has left. She will record this on her mobile as an evidence for me; OR by midnight she drive her car through our neighbourhood completely naked; OR Go to a party and then she will kiss me deeply in front of her friends, then she will tell then later that she was just drunk, sleeping next to dad with my cum all over her face Etc etc.
10. Mommy will continue her relationship with dad. But she will not have sex or even kiss him anymore.
11. Mommy will pierce her tongue, nipples and her pussy lips to spice up her sex with me. This will definitely open new ideas to our sex life later on.
12. Every time, mommy disobeys me or makes a mistake, she will be punished severely. Punishment could be any of the following or a combination of the following but not limited to: spanking, public humiliation, public sit-ups (during nights, on the middle of the road), thrashing in public places (ass thrashing with a branch of a tree in a public park on broad daylight), continuous ass fucking, waxings, toilet humiliation etc etc.
13. If we go to any place where nobody recognises us we will behave/ announce as a married couple.

After making up the rules we talked about our future together and also about my dad. We decided when the time is right we will let him know what is happening between us.

I looked into my mom’s eyes and saw a new hope and excitement in her eyes. A hope for a new happy life with me and excited about my plan for her tomorrow.

She hugged me tight and whispered into my ears: “I hope you are ready for your new life with your whore ‘slave mommy’ ”. Then she went on her knees and started sucking my cock. With mom eagerly sucking my cock, I looked into my wrist watch and noticed – its bed time and it’s cum time for mom!!


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