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Ashley moved over to Roy and started rubbing her tits on his back as she fumbled with his cock sack. “MMM, I hope you are ready!” she said with a hard squeeze of his massive dick. Roy closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing the felt a 2nd set of hands touching his chest. Sam had joined them and was now playing with the nipple chain, pulling on it. Ashley smiled as she felt his body tense and his breathing quicken. “That’s it girl tease those man boobs.” She said laughing as Sam twisted the chain. “Hey lets tie him down.” Sam said nodding towards the large wooden X in the corner; Ashley grabbed Roy’s cock and pulled him to the corner. Here they force him on the X and the rough wood bit at Roy’s skin as did the rope they used to tie his wrists and ankles down. Once Roy was secured Ashley ripped his pouch off and his meat sprang forth. “Damn ya momma must loved a horse.” Ashley said as she grabbed hold of his thick cock. Her finger just barely wrapped around its girth and Roy wasn’t fully hard. Roy smiled slightly until she bent his dick with anger in her eyes, “Ya ain’t that good.” She snapped.

Sam snickered then clipped 2 alligator clamps on to his nipples and Roy’s eyes narrowed as their teeth bit into his flesh. “Lets see how you like a pound of lead.” Sam said hooking some weights to the end of the chain connecting the clamps. Roy gritted his teeth at the weights pulled on the clamps and his nipples digging their teeth deeper. Ashley gave his cock another twist then dropped his hardened 11 inches before grabbing a pair on nut shackles. She clamped on end above one nut then gave it a good yank and Roy jumped. Next she clamped the other nut watching he grimace from the pain. Sam twisted the X into a flat position then straddled Roy’s face pushing her puffy lips over his nose. As Roy opened his mouth for air Sam let loose with a stream of pee that hit his mouth and face and he swallowed trying to breath.

Ashley hooked 2 pounds onto the nut shackles and dropped them, his breathing rattled and he groaned from the pain the ladies were giving him. Sam moved her pussy from his nose then planted her ass on his mouth, “Like my ass, eat it!” she snapped and Roy started tonguing her pushing his tongue deep into her ass. “Yes bitch eat it good.” Sam said wiggling her ass.

Val held Richard’s face in Vicki’s ass while he slurped away at her ass as Mali rubbed oil over his well beaten ass. Ashley took and clamped a hard rubbed ball over Roy’s dick head then started running her hands up and down his shaft. As his cock swelled the ball squeezed his bulbous head and Roy couldn’t stop the blood rush to his member. His veins popped out across his cock and balls and when he felt Ashley’s tongue on his shaft he screamed in pain. Tricia seeing the veins in Roy’s cock she grabbed a ring and clamped it around its base as tight as she could burying it deep in his skin. She then gave Ashley a kiss saying, “Drive him crazy baby doll!”

George had fallen prey to Jo Jo and Jes, they had locked one ankle to the floor and the other 2 feet high on the wall, his wrists were cuffed and hooked to a chain that hung from the ceiling and stretched tight. The two were whipping his with 9 tails as his body jerked against his restraints, blow after blow fell on his back and ass and George groaned in pain as the girls giggled. “So we can still move!” Jo Jo said as she stopped whipping him the pulled a box and chain out of a case. She hooked the chain to his cock cage and smiled at George. “You’ll like this it’s a real shocker.” She said then set the box down. Jes gave him a whack on the ass and when George jumped the chains pulled on the box and George jumped from the shock that hit his cock. She gave him 3 more whacks and George was screaming in pain as his cock spasmed from electric shock.

Jes dropped her whip and picked up a wood rod and beat his ass as George tried to stay still. Jo Jo whispered, “Oh I‘d love to have you fuck my tits with that big cock of yours and I would suck on its head. I would lick and suck your balls till you were ready to blow, baby.” George closed his eyes and tried to fight the thought of these two ladies playing with his cock, he moaned and groaned at the thoughts running through his mind.

Richard was slowing down with his tongue and the girls let him go and he lay on the bench catching is breath. His body jerked as he stiffened when he felt a dildo jammed into his ass. “Ya bitch take it!” rang out as Mali sank half a 9 inch strap on up in him. Another jab and the pink dildo disappeared in Richard’s ass and he cried out. “Yes, tiger fuck the bitches’ ass, fuck it hard!” Val shouted then smacked him on the ass; Richard held his breath as Mali pulled out the shoved back in. Val strapped on a dildo and stepped in front of Richard and picked up his head. She pushed the dildo against his lips and he opened wide for her, she pushed the cock into his mouth and started fucking his throat. Mali was now pumping away hard and fast at his ass as the others stopped to watch. Richard gagged on Val’s cock as she sank it all the way down his throat and the others looked at George and Roy, “Boys, do we have an idea!” they said excitedly

When Mali finished Tricia whisper in her ear and she smiled, she pulled out then pushed back in a few times as Roy was moved up behind Richard and Mali. Mali pulled out and moved aside as Val continued to fuck Richard’s mouth, before he knew what was happening Roy was guided in. Jo Jo smacked Roy’s ass hard and he jammed his thick black swollen cock deep into Richard’s white ass. Richard groaned as he was spread wide and pain racked his body, Val pulled out of his throat and Ashley mounted his face. “Eat me bitch!” she yelled as Roy started fucking his ass hard. The other cheered him on, “go baby fuck him hard, fuck his little white ass.” They called as Roy pumped away.

Roy got in the mood and started pounding Richard’s ass in and out harder and harder as his ass was swatted. He pounded away feeling the tightness of Richard’s ass enjoying the feeling on his sore cock. As Roy banged the hell out of this tight ass each woman took their turn at his throat. Richard felt Roy’s cock swell as he shoved it all the way to his balls then a hot searing shot of cum one after another, 5 shots in all. When Roy pulled out the ladies moved him around to Richard’s face and had him lick Roy’s cock clean. He licked up one side and down the other, around the shaft and head then he sucked his balls.

When they released George’s cock it popped out to its full thick 13 inches and as Roy stuffed his dick into Richard’s mouth George rammed all 13 home. Richard’s eyes almost popped out of his head when George entered him, his ass stretched further than it had ever been stretched and it fell like George’s cock was buried deep into his stomach. George started right out with a full stride fuck, slamming in and out plowing deep his balls slapping hard into Richard’s balls. Man George was hot from all the teasing the ladies had given him and hard fucked away at Richard’s ass like he was fucking a bitch off the street. He pounded away pulling all the way out then shoving it back in with suck anger that it brought tears to Richard’s eyes as his ass was beaten by this enormous black horse cock that was making him moan and moan over and over as he shocked hard on Roy’s cock. “Look girls He’s got it, look at him go after those cocks.” Jes called out as Richard started bucking his ass back and forth. It didn’t take long before George blew a heavy hot load of cum deep in Richard’s ass with a loud grunt and a heavy moan from his bitch. Richard cleaned George’s cock as his body shivered and his ass screamed for more, the Party had shown Richard a new part of life and he loved it.

The ladies relaxed enjoying each other as Roy and George served them….
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