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this is a long story so please keep that in mind
Jack was an attractive man. Tall, dark haired, and had bright green eyes for his dark complexion. After his wife died it was never hard for him to find a date, if you could call it that. More like a long list of one night stands to satisfy his sexual needs. But there was always the look of his daughter Lilly that got a stern hard on in his pants whenever he saw her. Being the ripe age of 14 he would always just make excuses that she looked like her mother. Her breasts, tight little ass and stomach, saddened and excited him at the same time. Any excuse rationalizing the fact that he wanted to pound the living shit out of her pussy most of the time.

Lilly was very athletic. Captain of her volleyball team, and a football cheerleader, she had to remain physically fit all the time. And with the popularity of being a cheerleader, came the flocking friends and boys that came with it. Jake could never bring himself to ask his daughter if she had sex yet, but he knew better. One night she came home flustered and smelling like cum, and that answered any questions that might have been thought. She swore she had never had sex with a man, but he just put her on birth control and told her not to think of him as being so naive.

One night she had her friend Emma come over. These girls had been friends for as long as he could remember, they even had bathed together when they were kids. So it came as no surprise when Emma just came over and let herself in without knocking. “Hey pops what’s shaking” Emma said jokingly when she walked in with her bag. And then she ran up to him, big firm breasts and all and gave him a long lingering hug. Ever since he “accidently” walked in on her in the bathroom fingering herself one night she always had a sparkle in her eyes when she saw him. Gaining his composure and trying to hide the erection in his shorts, he smiled and said that Lilly was upstairs.
Jack ordered some pizza for the girls as tradition like he did every Friday night. After dinner the girls went upstairs and all he could hear was the top 40 music, which as far as he was concerned was the worst shit he had ever heard. After about 40 minutes there was silence upstairs, Jack was concerned so he quietly went upstairs to check on the girls to make sure they were ok.

Right before his eyes he saw his only daughter eating Emma’s pussy like a ravenous dog in heat. Her bare ass in the air, he couldn’t help but to stroke himself as he watched the action going on. Seeing his sweet little girl satisfy her friend it finally occurred to him that she wasn’t fucking other men, she was fucking Emma the whole time! For a split second he thought he saw Emma look directly at him. He quickly gathered himself and went back downstairs.

Trying to get his mind off of the girls Jack turned the TV on to ESPN, but no amount of sports watching could get his mind off of what he just encountered. He then pulled off his shorts partially and rubbed his engorged cock fantasizing about how he could fuck Emma right there. Then a giggle caused him to open his eyes. There stood his fantasy girl watching him rub one off.
“I know you were watching us Mr. Allen” Emma smiled and walked closer to him. “Looks like you need a little help with that, do you mind?” Without him being able to get a word in, she walked over and removed the rest of his shorts and put this tip of his dick in her mouth. It felt so warm the he shifted his hips upward and pushed the rest of it in her mouth, causing her to gag a little bit. He couldn’t possibly think of the repercussions of letting this underage girl suck him off. Before he knew it he had her little booty shorts and top off, admiring her perfect c cup tits, and nicely trimmed pussy. Jake then spread her legs and lapped up what pussy juices that his own daughter had left for him. He flicked his tongue over her clit and caused her to orgasm, this girl was a squirter! And he took in every ounce of cum he could. He proceeded to shove himself into her. All she could do is let out a moan and then said to” push in deep because that’s how her dad did it”. He couldn’t even process the last comment she said before he pushed himself in completely and started bucking like crazy. Right at the moment he thought he was gonna cum, his daughter let out a startled cry. Jake pulled out immediately thinking that he was in deep shit! He just got caught with his pants down fucking her best friend.

Lilly and Emma both laughed. Jake had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that not only was Lilly not mad at him, but she was laughing. “I thought you said you would wait for me!” Lilly exclaimed, with almost a hurt look on her face. “I couldn’t help it” Emma replied. “I told you he was watching us, he already had a hard on when I came downstairs!” It then hit Jake that not only had the girls know that he was watching them; they devised a plan to “seduce” him, which at this point wasn’t hard of a thing to do.
Lilly casually walked down the stair and said “Emma says the first person to have sex with was her daddy, and I want you to do the same thing to me.” His jaw fell wide open not really sure what to say. Was his own daughter, at the ripe age of 14 asking him to take her cherry? He said “ Baby girl, I know that what I was doing was wrong, and it’s not that I don’t think you’re an attractive girl, but what I would be doing is incest, and I really don’t want to go to jail” Lilly simply responded “ The only people in this room that would know about it is us, and I really don’t think Emma has any right to say anything without getting her own dad in trouble so I think we are ok” That was the only convincing that It took Jake before his 14 yr old daughter had kissed him straight on the mouth and rubbing his cock all at the same time. Emma took her own initiative and started sucking on her tits. Having both of those girls in front of him is any man’s dream come true. He slid his finger over Lilly’s wet mound, and to his surprise, Emma put her hand over his guiding him in circular motions saying “that’s the only way she gets off”

Unsure of himself, Jake got on his knees and told Lilly to lie flat on the floor, because he wanted to give her something that he hasn’t been able to do before but always dreamed about. He slowly started to kiss her from her knees up making soft tender motions. This is something that he wanted her to remember for a time to come so he made sure to take his time. He made his way to her outer thigh, and then her inner thigh, until he felt a little jump. He smiled, but inside he was thinking, “Yup, just like her mother.” When he finally got to her soft, shaven lips he couldn’t help but to dive right in. Sticking his tongue within her tight little virgin hole, he made sure to trace every portion of her pussy. “Ah yeah daddy right there, please stick it in harder” Lilly moaned. So Jake stuck his tongue into her cunt as far as he could, tasting how sopping wet she was. He couldn’t believe how incredibly sweet she tasted. While Jake was licking his daughter, Emma was propped underneath him sucking harder than ever on his prick.

After about 10 minutes of this Jake shot a hot load right in Emma’s mouth but he was so turned on that his dick didn’t go down. Emma then went to Lilly and shared the gooey load he blew into her mouth, in a hot French kiss. Lilly laughed a little and said that her daddy tasted good which only furthered his passion. He then grabbed his prick and teased Lilly’s wet pussy until the tip was in. She let out a little gasp and said that it was ok, she knew it was gonna hurt a little but she would be fine. So Jake then slowly pushed himself in until he heard a little cry. Afraid that he did some damage he stopped, but Emma covered Lilly’s cries by sitting on top of her face and having her lick her pussy. He couldn’t believe how warm and tight she felt. Fucking someone hasn’t felt this good in a very long time, and the fact that she was his lifelong fantasy made it even better!

Emma was moaning, and grinding her pussy on Lilly’s face. “That’s right baby make me cum! Have me cum on your face while your daddy fucks you!” That’s all it took for Jake to shoot yet another load, and for the first time he was glad that his daughter was on birth control. Even then he kept pumping away until he could feel Lilly’s tight little pussy muscles tighten up and a muffled scream came out of her mouth. All at once the three of them went limp and collapsed on the floor.

Minutes of silence went by, when the reality of the situation sank in for Jake. He had just taken his own flesh and blood’s virginity. Concerned on how she was doing, Jake looked over at a very tired, yet very satisfied Lilly. He looked in between her legs to see the little bit of blood that was trickling down her leg from him busting her cherry wide open. Cautiously choosing his words he said “ baby girl you know you are my world and that was a dream come true for me, but I don’t think that we should do that ever again.” Lilly and Emma both looked at each other with sly grins on their faces. Lilly slowly got up and climbed on top of him. His dick started to stand at attention again. She kissed him, and lowered her head down to his ear. She then said the words that would not only rick his world, but change his life forever. “ But Emma is going to be staying over all weekend daddy!”


2009-07-02 15:45:57
Could use more detail, but soooooo hot!


2009-05-03 15:06:14
great story wish ha let my daddy take my virginity bt he only looked at me he was too scared to touch he didn't know my older cousin was touching me up at every opportunity

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2009-05-01 20:14:46
Nah, could have been much better, finer detail lacks. try again.


2009-04-30 04:24:02
great story i wish

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2009-04-28 19:17:35
fucking hot. need pt 2. i hope i can succeed when i try, she is 16 and fucking sexy

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