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A Kiss (and More) for a Special Woman

I want to strip you bare and play among
The hills and valleys of your perfect form.
I want to kiss and fondle all of you,
To kneel and worship everything you have,
To slowly work my way between your legs
And stay there quite a while. My hands will pull
Those lips back and my tongue will lightly touch
The spot within, and make your pulse speed up.

I will put my lips to your clitoris,
Around the nub, and suck until I feel
Your juices flowing down below, and then
I'll drop back down and stick my tongue inside
And wash your walls until you pull me off
To finish you by mouth or shaft or hand.

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2012-09-09 08:10:50
Had never heard of this band until I saw them last night in Buffalo opening for The Hip. Wow, they were just turmendoes!! Literally every song was great tight band, great vocals, stage presense. This band is one to watch. I'm going back and getting previous releases and looking forward to a new CD in the fall. Keep rockin' boys and best wishes for continued siccess!!

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2011-07-04 22:15:43
Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thaknufl for your help.


2009-04-19 19:07:52
sooooooo nice


2009-04-16 08:56:18
Very nice Otzchiim. Althought I think that "clitoris" is such a clinical and unpoetic word, you've 'set' it nicely in poetic gilding.
Well Done.
- Piquet

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