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Thanks for the constructive comments and the positive feedback on the last one. I tried to do better on the grammar and proofreading but I’m sorry to say my skills just aren’t all that great. There should be at least one more chapter to this story. More if I get a better rating on this one. Enjoy and let me know what you think
My Niece the Troublemaker
Chapter 2
By treatmedirty

“You are a lifesaver Darren,” Lawrence called over the phone. “I don’t know how to thank you enough. Amelia is smiling and Jasmine is happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. Curtis is well Curtis. If you need anything just let me know.”

“Bro I was wondering how are you going to handle all those kids by yourself if you get custody?

“I don’t know but I’m not about to let that bitch get them.”

“I agree with you there. Hey didn’t you say they were going to go see a shrink soon?” Darren wanted to get the idea of taking the kids out of his mind.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well of what I gathered from the kids they don’t like Kelly. They resent her for what she did to you and for treating them like trophies. Don’t tell the kids that but I think you have a better chance than she does.”

Lawrence sighed audibly. He needed some more good news. Ever since the divorce started he had become most unpleasant to talk to. Darren used to be able to shoot the breeze quite easily but now he found it hard to talk to him.

“Thanks for everything Darren,” Lawrence was sincere and honest with his reply. “I hope I can count on you again.”

“I’ll do my best but I won’t make any promises.”

After their short and rather uneventful phone call Darren hung up the phone and fell into the couch. He was still thinking about his niece Jasmine. He had thought about her all day at work. He almost hurt himself because he was so distracted. He always had been attached to her more so than any other niece or nephew but he never even fantasized about it. He was not a pedophile or so he thought. He kept thinking how much he enjoyed having her petite body against his. Not to mention the sex but to him it was her small frame and size that really excited him. He soon found himself cursing and pacing the room.

“I can’t believe I had sex with her. I can’t believe my first time I popped my nieces cherry. I am so pathetic and a loser. I was so desperate for a girl to like me that I jumped at the first girl even if she was related and half my age. What a fucking douche bag I am. If anyone found out I’d have to move and cut all ties if I ever wanted a normal life. This is so wrong. I’m telling myself I’m a fucking idiot but in the back of my mind I keep picturing her knelt down in front of me and my cock in her mouth.”

Darren kept talking to himself and his stress level was through the roof. He was so pissed at himself for having the mentality he does. After fuming for an hour Darren finally decides its bed time. It was early but sleep would help him concentrate.

Two weeks went by and Darren slowly calmed down from his panic and anxiety. Jasmine had tried to call him on her cell phone but he didn’t answer. He knew she would be upset at him but right now he needed to clear his head. On Saturday he decided to go to the park and enjoy the sunshine. He was going merely to enjoy the peace and quiet. He sat down on the bench next to the trail. He looked across the grass and trees. He had always enjoyed the outdoors. His family used to go camping when he was younger but now that his family was very large it was hard to get everyone’s schedule to line up. Darren was thinking heavily when he heard a dog bark. He looked over and saw the same cute girl from before, her blonde hair shimmering in the light. She was about 5’ 5” tall. She had good sized B cup breasts and her slim body made Darren stare. Darren didn’t want to talk to her because he didn’t like rejection. She got right next to him before she looked at him. She slowed down and stood in front of him.

“Its you again.” Crystal said nicely. “I don’t see your nieces and nephews around.”

“Oh yeah I’m here by myself today actually,” Darren didn’t want to sound unfriendly but he wasn’t in the mood for small talk with her. She sat down on the bench next to him.

“Do you normally watch your Nieces and Nephew on the weekends?”

“Actually that was a rare occurrence,” Darren commented. “I normally don’t watch them. They only came over because my brother went out of town and he’s separated from his wife, their going through a divorce.”

Again Darren wasn’t trying to be mean but his tone of voice was definitely not inviting. He didn’t even look at her when he talked.

“Is something wrong?” her tone of voice was very concerned.

“I just have a lot on my mind that’s all. I’m sorry if I seem rude or anything.”

“It’s ok I’m used to it actually. You see my boyfriend is kind of a jerk.”

“Why are you with him then?”

“Well it’s a long story but I hate being alone. I live with him you see. I know it’s a lame reason but I get lonely so easily. You probably think I’m really stupid huh?”

“I think all of us have our problems and at least you know what yours are. I know what my problem is but I don’t know how to fix it.”

“I know this might sound forward but I’m a good listener. If you want to talk about what’s bothering you.” Darren was appreciative of her kindness.

“Aren’t you in the middle of your run?”

“Actually I hate running. I come here to get away from Mark, my boyfriend. I ran off last week because I’m really afraid of him. If he thought I was cheating on him he’d probably hurt me pretty bad.”

“You’re so nice. You deserve better than a jerk like that. I’m not one to talk though.” Darren was in a self loathing state and so he found it very hard to not talk bad about himself.

“I think you’re a nice guy. What ever you did I’m sure you can fix it.”

“That’s the problem I changed someone’s life. I made a stupid mistake and their life is forever changed. I was selfish and wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m sure you can guess by my appearance I haven’t had many dates with girls. I always get turned down. I try and try but you all treat me like a friend or something. So when a girl finally came onto me I accepted it even though it was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.”

Darren quickly got up and before she could say anything he jogged off. He didn’t want her to be nice to him. He didn’t want her sympathy. He wanted Jasmine and that made him sick to his stomach. He had just reached the parking lot when he heard footsteps behind him and Crystal calling out to him.

“Please wait,” she said frantically. “I want to talk to you.”

Darren stood at his truck and looked away from her. She was so cute he knew that if he saw her running he would just melt. He was such a sucker for a good looking girl. She finally caught up and she stood next to him looking at him.

“Darren please talk to me,” she was very considerate with her speech. “I know how you feel. I too have made some serious mistakes and I know the worst thing you can do is keep them bottled up. I think that you’re a really nice guy and it’s been so long since I was able to talk to someone so comfortably.”

“I know I should talk about it but to whom?” Darren said letting his anger rise a bit. “No matter who I talk to they will think I am a creep and deserve to be thrown in jail. Hell I think I should be. I don’t want you to think badly of me.”

“I promise no matter what you say to me I won’t think badly of you. I really want to help Darren.”

Darren stood there looking off into the distance he knew she would call the cops or smack him or something as soon as he told her he deflowered his twelve year old niece. They stood in silence for a good while.

“Maybe it will be easier if you’re more comfortable. If you want we can go to your place to talk. I ran to the park so we can take your truck if you don’t mind Jacqueline in the back.”

Darren didn’t want to burden this nice girl with his problems but he also really wanted someone to talk to. He agreed and the three of them climbed into his truck. They drove down to his apartment complex and went inside.

“Wow this is really nice,” She said looking around. “Even the place my boyfriend and I rent is only about half this size.”

“Do you want something to drink?”

“I’ll take some water please.”

They sat at the table with glasses in hand. Finally Crystal broke the silence.

“I’m sure this is hard for you to talk about but I’ll keep secret anything you tell me. I want you to trust me.”

“How come you’re so sure I’m a nice guy?”

“It’s your eyes. Those aren’t the eyes of a jerk. Also I saw the way the kids were looking at you. They trust you and if kids that aren’t even yours trust you like that I can trust you. I know I’m asking you to be personal with me but I think I can help.”

“Well if you really want to know I’ll tell you but you will hate me once I’m done. You won’t even want to be in the same room as me.”

“Please tell me everything.”

Darren then slowly started to tell her about Jasmine. He told her all about how close they were and how she seduced him. He told her about the sex and her wanting to move in. he told her about the situation the kids were in. He got more confident as he went on. He figured might as well let it out there. Crystal never said a word she just intently stared into his eyes. Her brilliant green eyes showed little emotion. When he was finally done he just stared at his hands that were folded on the table. He was expecting some outrage or her leaving in tears. To his great surprise Crystal slid her hand across the table and clasped his. She squeezed it affectionately. He looked up and could see her tender face and he was in awe.

“I understand more than you know,” she said softly. “I thought I was the only one in the world who has gone through something like me. I went through a very similar situation.”

Darren didn’t have any idea what was going on. He just looked at her dumbstruck.

“It happened when I was sixteen,” she said more serious now. “I fell in love with my father. He was a single parent and we were very close. I saw myself as more than just his daughter. I could tell he enjoyed the affection I gave him. One night he came home drunk and he forced himself on me. I didn’t resist. Inside I wanted him to do it. After it was over and the next day came around he left for two days. He was so ashamed of what he had done. He came back looking like death warmed over. I hugged him and kissed him. I told him how happy I was and I wanted to deepen our relationship. He was very reluctant at first but eventually he stopped trying to pick up girls at the bar and he gave me all of his love. The summer after I graduated he got really sick with cancer and died.”

Crystal stopped her dialogue and tears rolled down her face. She took several seconds to compose herself.

“I was heartbroken. I had lost not only a father but a lover. It was from that day on that I couldn’t stand being alone. I miss him so much. I know he was my father but my love was real. I’m sure that Jasmine feels the same way. She didn’t ask to fall in love with her uncle. She just acted upon the feelings she has. Do you love her?”

“I don’t know. I care a great deal for her but I’m not sure it’s love. I don’t want to ruin her life. If I act upon these feelings we would both have to live double lives. I can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Darren those two days my father was gone I contemplated committing suicide several times. I thought he hates me and now I’m alone. I wouldn’t trade those few years we had together for anything. I may have had a different life than my friends but I was happy.”

Darren and Crystal kept talking about this subject for several hours. Eventually Crystal convinced Darren to call Jasmine and tell her his feelings. Even though Darren had decided to tell Jasmine how he felt about her he also felt very close to Crystal.

“What about your boyfriend Crystal? Won’t he be expecting you?”

“He’s gone this weekend with some of his friends.”

She looked like she wanted to say something else but she held her peace.

“Crystal what’s on your mind?”

“Oh its nothing. I just feel slightly jealous that Jasmine gets to be with such a great guy. I on the other hand am stuck with Mark.”

A bold and desperate thought crossed his mind. He didn’t want to shun her away but he felt like she was a very understanding person.

“Crystal you said the only reason you are with Mark is because you’re afraid of being alone right?”


“Well what if you moved in with me? I mean if I do somehow end up with my brothers kids then I could definitely use some…”

Darren was cut off. Crystal had gotten out of her chair and quickly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He was lightheaded from the force of her kiss. She slid her tongue into his mouth and kissed him like they were long lost lovers and were finally reunited. Finally she came up for air and looked at him with all the love she possessed.

“I know you have Jasmine but I hope you will accept me as well. I don’t know if you meant just me moving in but I will make you happy.”

Darren wanting to show how he felt he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for another romantic kiss. Neither of them wanted to stop but eventually they had to. They moved to the couch and Crystal snuggled up to Darren.

“How long will Mark be gone?”

“Until Sunday night, are you thinking of moving my stuff this weekend?”

“It would be perfect. That way he won’t know a thing and you already said you don’t think you could hide this from him. So then you’ll leave and he’ll be out of your life.”

“I thought after my dad died I’d never be as happy as that time but right now is getting there.”

Darren ran over to the manager’s office and filled out the paperwork for a pet and paid the deductable. Crystal filled out the application and they told them the situation and the office lady said that as long as her credit is ok there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Shall we go to your place now?” Darren said walking out of the office.

“Yeah I really don’t have that much.”

“Hopefully we can fit it all into my truck in one load.”

They drove off and Crystal reached across the console and held onto his hand whenever he wasn’t shifting. Darren backed into the parking place closest to the door. She was on the bottom floor so it wasn’t too bad.

“All of the furniture is his all I have is my clothes and such. I also have movies and about half of the kitchen stuff is mine. Did we bring the boxes you have?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Don’t say that it’s embarrassing. I still can’t believe I’m finally getting away from him.”

They went to work. Darren helped her pack up what he could. She shooed him out of the room when she had to pack up her “delicates”. He carried what boxes were hers out. She had more than she had led on but most of it was smaller stuff like decorations or pictures and things like that. In about four hours they had all of her stuff packed up and in his truck. She made one more sweep of the entire apartment making sure she didn’t forget anything. She wrote on the mirror in the bathroom with lipstick “Good bye, I’m through.” She sighed deeply and left. She dropped off her key with the manager and told her to hold any mail for her. The manager tried to get an address from her but she didn’t give it. Crystal clutched Darren’s hand tightly almost holding on to him to make sure she didn’t back out. It took almost no time to unload the truck. They put all of her things in the spare bedroom. Darren had a two bedroom apartment but he used the second bedroom as an office/storage room.

“I don’t want to unpack this today can we wait till tomorrow?” Crystal looked at him affectionately.


“I was wondering we have a very interesting relationship. How are we supposed to do this? I mean are we dating or am I just living with you? I don’t want to step on any toes.”

“I think we’re dating if that’s ok with you?”

Crystal didn’t answer she just closed the gap and tenderly embraced him. Darren was very happy. He had wanted this day to come when he could have a girlfriend that was so great.

“I want to sleep with you tonight Darren.”

She looked up at him with warmly and smiled.

“You really don’t mind that I’m also kind of involved with Jasmine?”

“I don’t mind sharing you. If we’re going to do this though I want you to promise to never leave me. Even if you love her more as long as I am still by you I can handle it. Remember I didn’t have a normal life when I was a teenager so my perception on the world is a little off.”

Darren let go of her and made for the kitchen. He had just grabbed something out of the freezer when his phone rang. He put the bag back and he saw that it was Jasmine. Crystal peered over his shoulder and saw the name on the phone.

“I’ll make dinner,” Crystal said as she rubbed his shoulder. “You need to talk to her.”

Darren flipped the phone open and accepted the call.

“You finally answered,” Jasmine said harshly. “You are so mean not answering and not returning my calls. Do you hate me?”

“Jasmine please calm down,” He tried to take control of the conversation. He walked over to the couch and sat down. “I don’t hate you. I just had a lot to think about.”

“I thought we already talked about it. Are you saying how you kissed me and all of that you didn’t mean it?” Jasmine wanted to rage at him for leaving her alone for two weeks.

“It was different once you were gone. I meant what I said; I just had to wrap my mind around it. I need to talk to you in person. This is too hard to do over the phone.”

“Ok but I’m still mad at you,” Jasmine said then the phone was silent. “I’m at a friend’s house this weekend. I haven’t told her who I was calling. I’m in her back yard and I could get away for awhile with her help if I needed to.”

“Just don’t tell her anything about me,” Darren said nervously.

“I’m not stupid Uncle Darren,” She snapped back. “I’ll meet you at the gas station on Sixteenth Street near my house. I’ll be there in an hour don’t be late.”

She hung up the phone. Darren did the same and he looked into the kitchen and Crystal was smiling at him while dinner simmered on the stove.

“I heard that you plan on seeing her I think that is a good idea. When are you going?”

“I need to be there in an hour. She’s pretty mad at me. It will take me a half hour to drive there so I should leave soon.”

“Just don’t get mad in return. If she really loves you she’ll calm down if you stay calm.”

“I’ll have to eat once I get back. Sorry for doing this to you.”

“It’s ok Darren. I know that you and I don’t see the world the same so we have to stick together.”

Darren left Crystal and headed for the meeting place. He got there fifteen minutes early but he would rather do that then make her angrier. Five minutes later she came walking up the street alone. She saw his truck and immediately climbed into the passenger seat. She sat as close to the door as possible.

“I can be gone for maybe two hours before I would get caught,” She said refusing to look at him. Darren put the truck into gear and drove a short distance away and parked in an empty warehouse parking lot. Without being told Jasmine climbed out of the truck and stood in front of it. Darren soon joined her.

“I’m really sorry Jazz,” Darren said softly. “You’ve had a crush on me for awhile now. I hadn’t looked at you in that way at all until you spent the night. I didn’t ignore you to hurt you I just had to make sure of how I felt about you.”

“How do you feel about me then Uncle Darren?” she said glaring up at him. “Am I just a girl you had sex with and now we’re supposed to go back to how we were before? Or am I not woman enough for you?”

Darren didn’t say anything. He grabbed her waist and lifted her up and put her butt on the bumper of his truck. He then wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her deeply. At first she resisted. She didn’t want to be used like this. Then she relented and returned the kiss.

“I love you Jazz,” Darren said moving his lips just far enough away so they weren’t touching hers. “I want to be with you. I know our age difference is the biggest problem but I can live with it if you can. I know you’re my brother’s daughter but hopefully that can change. I want you to know how much I care for you Jazz. I will talk to Grandma about you and I will do everything I can so you will feel loved.”

“Oh Uncle Darren,” Jasmine put her head on his shoulder and hugged him forgetting about her rage. Darren told her about his plans to talk to his mom and Lawrence and his soon to be ex-wife. The whole while Jasmine didn’t let go of him. She once again was in the embrace she longed for.

“I also have some possibly upsetting news. Before I say anything I want you to know that I care about you very much. I didn’t do this to upset you and I’ve accepted your feelings so please accept mine. Will you listen to what I have to say with out getting upset?”

She pulled back and looked into his eyes. She could tell that he was serious about this.

“I have a feeling that I won’t like this at all but since you obviously gave in to my feelings I’ll listen as best I can.”

“You remember that girl from the park? Well I went back to the park, not trying to see her just clearing my head. Well she came by again and we talked about a lot of things. I felt I could trust her so I told her about you and me. I found out she was in a similar relationship with her dad in the past. We got really well acquainted as we talked. I also found out she was in a bad relationship with her boyfriend. So I had her move in with me.”

“What? Do you know how that makes me feel Uncle Darren? I can’t match her age and looks.”

“I know and I don’t love you for those reasons. I love you because of who you are. I also feel strongly about her as well. She has already said she likes me and she would share a relationship with me if you agreed.”

“You mean you would have both of us and you wouldn’t be loyal to either of us?”

“You told me you can’t control how you feel about me right? Well I can’t control how I feel about both of you. Putting a relationship aside, having a girl around if you moved in would be good. She is really sweet and understanding. I know this sounds rough but I can’t love one of you and leave the other out.”

For the next half hour they argued their point of view but eventually Jasmine gave in. They both decided their relationship was screwed up as it was so adding another factor wouldn’t be that bad, they hoped. Darren drove her back to the gas station and headed back home. He walked into the house and found dinner sitting on the table and Crystal sitting waiting for him.

“Have you been waiting all this time for me? You could have eaten without me you know?”

“I know but I thought my first meal in our apartment should be together. It should still be warm I let it simmer for a long time until I risked burning it.”

They ate talking about Jasmine and her attitude. They finished and Crystal cleared the table. It was getting late so they started getting ready for bed. When they turned off the lights Crystal grabbed Darren’s hand and led him to the bed. She wanted to feel the gentle touch of her new boyfriend. She grabbed and held Darren very fervently. Her soft lips found his and they kissed for quite awhile.

“Are you sure you want to do this Crystal?”

“Absolutely, I don’t want to be kept apart from you any longer.”

She then pulled her T-shirt off and underneath was a sexy lace white bra. Her breasts were nice sized and very round just inviting Darren’s hands to explore. She reached for Darren’s shirt and helped him pull it off. After some gentle touching she quickly had her shorts on the floor. Darren followed suit and had his pants were added to the pile. She hugged him again and Darren tried to undo her bra but was inexperienced with it. She patiently waited for him to do it. As it came loose she stepped back and allowed the thin material to leave her shoulders exposing her wonderful tits. Her small pink nipples sticking out showing her excitement.

“I’m a little embarrassed to show you them but I like you so much I can’t stop myself.”

Crystal then reached for Darren’s waist band on his boxers which were stretched tight due to his erection. She gently pulled them down and off of him. She slid her own sexy panties off and now they were both standing in front of one another completely naked. Crystal had a nicely trimmed bush where only a small amount was above her slit. She once again grabbed his hand and took him onto the bed.

“Lay on your back I want to start with something different,” Crystal said to help tear Darren’s eyes away from her sexy body. Darren complied and then Crystal turned and grabbed a hold of his cock and then straddled his body leaving her dripping cunt right in his face. “I want to taste you but I’m also really horny.”

Darren hadn’t seen a pussy up close like this. Even Jasmine’s pussy wasn’t this close to his face when he saw it. Darren felt her warm hands stroking his hard shaft. She then cut the foreplay and swallowed his cock. She fit a lot more in her mouth before she hit her throat then Jasmine did. She bobbed her head up and down not slowly at all she was like a starving child wanting food. Darren not to be outdone put a finger up next to her pussy and stuck it in. She moaned with a cock in her mouth. Darren smelled her sex and loved it. He then got brave and buried his face in her snatch. He licked and swallowed her juices like lifeblood. He found her clit and flicked it with his tongue causing her to jerk slightly and squeal on his dick.

Both of them worked feverishly on each other. Neither of them was interested in prolonging the experience. They both had their mouths in each others crotches and were doing their best to get the other to climax. Darren decided to give a little more to his lover. He licked her pussy and then stuck a finger in where his mouth wasn’t and he used his thumb to rub her clit. Only a few seconds of this and Crystal pulled the cock out of her mouth and pushed back hard on his face and screamed out her orgasm. She bucked and spasmed from her ordeal. When she regained enough of herself she went back to work on her task. Darren didn’t stop. He knew unlike boys girls could cum again and again right in a row. He was determined to give her two orgasms to his one. So he held on as long as he could and worked hard on her snatch.

Crystal was better at cock sucking than Jasmine was. Maybe because of the fact she could fit more it but Darren felt the difference. He felt her expert tongue rubbing every chance it could. He felt his climax approaching so he had to work fast. He stuck her clit in his mouth and fingered her fast and sucked and licked her sex button. Again she was rocked with a powerful orgasm. This one nearly caused her to fall off of Darren. She was panting and sighing from the wonderful orgasm Darren had given her. Darren stopped working on her after that. He wanted to enjoy the rest of her oral service.

Crystal then not to be outdone stuffed Darren’s cock in her mouth and when it hit her throat she kept pushing. She then swallowed and his cock and it slid down her throat. She didn’t have to deep throat him long before he was ready to burst. He grunted loudly and Crystal took out most of his cock and focused on the last few inches like crazy. She sucked and licked until finally she was rewarded with Darren’s seed. He grabbed her hair and shot his load into her mouth. She kept swallowing as he kept shooting. As he came down she licked and cleaned the rest of his cum. She savored the taste. Finally they were both spent and Darren and Crystal climbed under the covers after Darren hit the lights. Crystal lay on her side and Darren scooted up behind her and wrapped his arm around her side.

“I never did that with Mark. I only had sex and gave him blowjobs but I never got eaten out, deep throated him or swallowed him. I really enjoyed that Darren.”

“Crystal I know this sounds harsh but you’re with me now. I don’t want to hear about him. I know that you had a hard time and let’s leave it at that. Even though I know you care about me I still feel, almost jealous from you being with him. I want our relationship to not be based off of your past ones. I want our relationship to be our own.”

Crystal turned in his arms and her face was inches from his. She lightly placed her hand on his cheek and pressed her slender body to his.

“I’m sorry Darren. I didn’t mean to make you feel like that. I only wanted you to know that I want to do more with you. I want to share more of myself with you. I want to devote myself completely to you.”

“I know you’ve also had other relationships and I may have only had one but I feel that we should just focus on our’s.”

“Ok Darren I won’t bring it up unless you want to talk about it.”

Darren and Crystal fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day was Sunday so Darren knew his mom wouldn’t be home until afternoon so he waited till after lunch. Crystal went shopping for groceries and things she needed. Darren decided to call his mother.

“Hi mom how’s it going?”

“Darren it’s been awhile since I talked to you. You should call your mother more often.”

“I’ll try mom. Any thing new in your direction?”

“No my life is pretty much the same. How about you do you have a wife yet?”

“No mom I think you know I would tell you if I got married or not. I do have a girlfriend however.”

“REALLY?” asked

“That hurts my feelings when you act so shocked mom. You act as though it’s a miracle that I can even get a girl to talk to me.”

“Oh sweetie that’s not it at all. It had just been so long since you had a girlfriend I was starting to worry if you had given up. Is she pretty?”

“She’s beautiful mom but actually because of the bad situation she was in with her old boyfriend she had to move in with me.”

“Oh that’s wonderful Darren. When can I meet her?”

“If you want to come over for dinner I have something to talk to you about. It’s kind of soon but I think that what I have to say can’t wait and I’m pretty serious about this girl.”

“Ok sweetie, do you want me to bring anything?” she asked in her normal mom voice.

“No Crystal wants to do the cooking and please don’t make a big fuss mom.”

“You can count on me. I’ll be there around six ok.”

“Alright mom see you then, bye.”

“Bye Darren.”

Crystal got home and immediately went to work on dinner. They had talked about this before she left. She was busy making dinner for the three of them while Darren did his best to organize his apartment. Darren answered it when a knock came to the door.

“Hi mom, come on in. Is this the second time you’ve been here?”

“Yeah I was here right after you moved in and now I’m here. You know I get lonely we should spend more time together Darren.”

Darren’s mom Linda is in her mid sixties. She is that age because of the amount of children she had and the gaps between them. She didn’t have Darren until she was forty even though she started having kids at eighteen. Linda was your average mom. She has graying hair and keeps it curled through perms and she is slightly heavy about like Darren was. She has a very kind and motherly attitude.

Linda followed Darren around the entry hall and into the main room and she spotted Crystal. No one in Darren’s family is overly clingy or hugs prone so even though she was excited to see such a pretty girl with Darren she merely stuck her hand out to shake.

“Linda, hi I’m Crystal.” Crystal however was very touchy feely and she bypassed the formal handshake and hugged her very affectionately but not too long.

“Crystal you don’t know how glad I am to meet you,” Linda said almost too excitedly. “It has been so long since Darren had a girlfriend and now he has a gorgeous one.”

More kind words and compliments were given between the two women and Darren getting more embarrassed and ready to eat by the minute. They sat down and enjoyed dinner with light conversation about Crystal and Darren. Crystal kept asking what Darren was like when he was younger and Linda kept asking personal questions to Crystal. Darren put in his two cents every now and then but mainly the two girls kept the air filled with conversation. After dinner Darren knew it was time to talk shop. He had to get serious even if both women wanted to keep gossiping.

“Mom we need to talk about why I really asked you here.”

“Well alright Darren what is it?” Linda asked in her normal authoritarian but kind voice.

“Well mom it’s actually about Lawrence’s kids,” Darren began in a very serious tone. “I hate to see them go through this mess. I know their best place is with their parents but I don’t think that applies here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I was talking to Jasmine when they were over here and it’s worse than we knew about. Kelly treats the girls like dress up dolls and trophies around her friends and in public but she ignores them at home. She makes them do all the chores and she doesn’t let them have any privileges normal kids should have.”

“That’s why we need to make sure they end up with Lawrence.”

“I would agree with you. Out of the two he is the better but he doesn’t tell you what is going on when they are alone. Lawrence told a friend he doesn’t want the kids. He only wants to make sure Kelly gets hurt like he did. He’s gone more than he’s home. He works extra hours just so he can be free of the responsibility. He hires a sitter at every drop of a hat and he only maintains control of the kids so he doesn’t get bothered by them.”

“I just don’t see Lawrence being a bad father. Jasmine must be mistaken.”

Darren cleared his throat and looked his mother right in the eyes.

“I have never been lied to by Jasmine and she has a good head on her shoulders. She and I are really close. You can ask her yourself but before that you have to promise not to repeat anything we talk about here. It could really damage the already screwed up life those poor kids have.”

“I won’t say anything but I don’t believe it. I can’t believe my sweet Lawrence would mistreat those children.”

“Mom I didn’t believe it at first but I believe Jasmine. I think if we both sit down with Lawrence we could get to the bottom of this. I want to believe that he can turn around but he’s changed since the divorce started. I don’t want those kids to get hurt.”

“What do you propose we do then Darren? We can’t just take the kids. Neither of them would agree to it even if the situation is like you said. Am I supposed to care for them at my age? Do we give them to Cindy? I just see problem after problem with this.”

“I agree it sucks. I also talked to Jasmine and I think I could take them. I could move into a bigger apartment. Jasmine and I have always got along really well. Amelia has always been really stand-offish and she doesn’t open up to any one but me. Curtis respects me more than even his own father.”

“You can’t be serious Darren? You’re twenty four and single. You wouldn’t be able to care for those kids. Besides out of all or your siblings the courts would give you custody last of all.’

“I’m not talking about taking this to court mom. I’ve done some research and as long as both parents sign them over its all legal. I know I’m single and young but I get paid more than Lawrence does. I know that Crystal and I might not last forever but while we’re together she could help me as well. We’ve already talked it over.”

“You think that your brother and sister-in-law are going to give you custody of those children. I don’t care how logical you can be they won’t do it.”

“I have a trump card against Kelly and I believe she won’t be a problem. Even though Lawrence doesn’t want to have the responsibility of the kids he still loves them and he’ll do the right thing in the end if you and I can convince him. I say we get the kids over to Cindy’s house next weekend and invite Lawrence over here and we’ll hear his side of the story. If what Jasmine said is true would you help me to do this?”

Linda sat looking at her son for some time. She didn’t say a word. After a good ten minutes she finally looked at Crystal who gave her a reassuring smile and then she turned back to her son.

“I don’t like taking those kids away from their parents but if what you said is true I think they are better off somewhere else. If you are ready for the huge responsibility of caring for three growing kids then I will help you with Lawrence. I don’t want it to seem like we’re ganging up on him though. I want to wait awhile first. I want to wait a month and see how things turn out between those two at their next court date, which is in three weeks. If things turn better for Kelly then we don’t need to go about talking to Lawrence.”

“Alright but I can talk to Kelly and I’m sure she will gladly sign over custody to Lawrence and then he can sign over to me.”

The talk then turned from the kids to Darren. Linda wanted to make sure her son was prepared for the responsibility he was trying to get. She also wanted to stress this would mess up the kids but at least they would be loved by Darren. Linda then excused herself and left. Darren and Crystal both went to bed later without any night time activities to speak of. Neither of them wanted their relationship to be based on sex. The next day after work Darren called Kelly.

“This is Kelly,” Her voice was very innocent sounding but Darren knew better than to trust that.

“Hi Kelly this is Darren, Lawrence’s brother,” Darren was trying his best to come of nice but not suck up nice.

“What do you want Darren? I hope you aren’t trying to help your brother’s case.”

“Actually why I called is because there is something I need to talk to you about. I know you have no reason to trust me or even consider talking to me but I say tomorrow night we go out to eat at a nice restaurant and it will be my treat. That way even if you don’t like what I have to say at least you will get a nice meal out of it.”

“Why do you need to talk to me someplace else? Why can’t you just come here or talk to me over the phone?”

“Well I’ve found that talking in a mutually comfortable place helps keep the conversation fair.”

“Alright fine but this better not be some kind of scam to get the kids from me.”

“Oh I also want Jasmine to come along.”


“Well the reason will be explained at dinner and it can’t hurt right. If I do something you don’t like you could get Jasmine to tell the courts I was trying to tip the scales.”

“You are too damn convincing and logical. Alright I’ll get a sitter tomorrow night for the other two and you had better pay me back for that and for dinner.”

“Agreed,” Darren said very businesslike. They then arranged the place and time. The following day Darren was very anxious about seeing Kelly and the consequences of their conversation.

When night came he left Crystal at home and went to the restaurant. He didn’t pick a fancy restaurant but it had really good food. He was there before her and he waited a half hour before she showed up.

“Hello Kelly. Hi Jazz how’s it going?”

“Hi Uncle Darren I’m glad you invited me,” Jasmine knew exactly what they were meeting for and she was glad Darren was living up to his promise.

“Well I need thirty for the sitter right now and before we talk I want to order,” Kelly was obviously not so happy about being there.

“That’s fine,” Darren said as he pulled out his wallet and handed her the money and let them look at their menus. Jasmine talked to Darren while her mom just sat there and waited for their food to come after they ordered. Finally they were served and Darren knew that if he waited till she was finished he wouldn’t get to say everything he wanted to.

“Thanks for coming Kelly. I know it went against your better judgment. I would first like to apologize since this won’t be a very comfortable conversation.”

“I knew it. You are going to talk about getting the kids from me for Lawrence.” She was normally a very cool person in public but when it came to something she wanted she was willing to loose a little face to make her point known.

“I’m sorry but yes. Before you storm off or anything you should know that I happen to know something very damaging to you and it would be in your best interest to hear me out.”

“Is this going to be blackmail then?”

“To put no fine point on it, yes. The information I have can be verified. I have made sure of that before meeting you here. I want you to know I am not bluffing and I will do what ever it takes to get the kids away from you since you treat them like shit.”

“How do you know I don’t treat them well? You just assume I’m a bad mother.” The anger in Kelly’s voice was evident. She was getting more animated by the second.

“Well I happen to have a niece of mine that has told me all about you.” Kelly snapped her head over at Jasmine who didn’t look at her mother she only stirred her pasta around nervously.

“How dare you accuse me of being a bad mother just because an ungrateful twelve year old told you so!”

“I would appreciate it if you would not say anything bad about Jasmine. She is one hundred times more trustworthy than you’ll ever be. Also what you do or don’t do is no concern to what we are actually talking about. Jazz would you please tell your mother what you overheard. That I believe will help add some gravity to the situation.”

Jasmine nervously started to talk about all she knew about her mother. Including all the men she had been with and all the crimes she did. She never once looked at Kelly she did look at Darren for support once and awhile. Kelly was speechless. She knew she was caught. Like Darren said most of what Jasmine had said could be verified if you knew where to look. After letting all of this soak in Darren put down his fork and stared at Kelly who glared back at him.

“Now that you know what is at stake I will have you give full custody of the children to Lawrence and waive all rights to them. I want you to give all of the kids’ furniture and clothes that you have along with anything that is theirs back to Lawrence. I also want them over at his house tonight. He is currently unaware of the situation so if he isn’t available to take them tonight I will. You can say your good-byes and then you will never again be part of their lives.”

Darren was proud of his arguments. He was also able to maintain control of the situation. Kelly tried to argue back but to no avail. Darren paid the bill and led them out of the restaurant. He took Jasmine in his truck and followed Kelly to the house. When he got there he took the papers he had gotten from the courthouse into her.

“I can’t believe you of all people would do this. I didn’t expect that Darren would be so sly.” Kelly wasn’t giving him a compliment she was only saying how surprised she was. “I’m not going to take their things over for them. I’ll put everything of theirs into one of the bedrooms and you can come pick them up when I’m here.”

She signed the papers and didn’t shed a tear. She was obviously upset but Darren guessed it was because he had bested her not because she lost the kids. He loaded the kids into his truck and called Lawrence. Lawrence was at home and was surprised to hear that Darren was bringing the kids. When he got to Lawrence’s place he explained everything to him. Darren was surprised at how easy it had been for him to convince Kelly that she give up custody. Lawrence was excited that she had been manipulated like that.

Darren had explained to Jasmine his plan to her. He was glad she wasn’t upset she couldn’t go with him right away. That night he went home and told Crystal the good news. Even if he wasn’t able to convince Lawrence that he should give up custody at least he was able to get them away from the witch. When it was time for bed Darren saw that Crystal was wearing e very sexy negligee. She strolled into the room trying to be sexy even though she was obviously shy about it.

“Wow, you look so hot,” Darren fumbled over his words trying to compliment her.

“I’m glad you like it. I wanted to wear something to get you in the mood.”

“I don’t need that to get me in the mood but I like it none the less.”

After some romantic hugging and kissing they soon got to work. Darren was stripped by his girlfriend and Crystal kept her skimpy outfit on for as long as possible before she reluctantly removed it and they moved their embrace to the bed. Crystal put herself on top of Darren, her nice boobs resting on his chest. He felt her warm moist cunt rubbing his leg. He was hard as a rock and it was nestled between them.

“I want to feel you inside me. I want to make love to you Darren.”

“I want to make love to you as well and your body is definitely making me horny.”

She smiled at his compliment and lifted her hips up and grabbed a hold of his erect cock. She pointed it at her sex and then slowly lowered herself onto him. When she got a few inches in she let go and pushed herself onto him. She was so tight. Almost as tight as Jasmine but he could tell the difference age means for a woman’s vagina. He finally got all of himself inside her his hair mingled with hers and they both had a very satisfied look on their face.

“God you’re so big, I want you to cum in me when its time I’m on the pill so it’s ok.”

“Man you sure to know how to treat a guy.”

Crystal than lifted her hips allowing most of his shaft to leave her warm tunnel. She pressed her lips to his and lowered herself back down moaning into his mouth. They both were excruciatingly horny but they both wanted this event to last so they took their time. Each gentle stroke sent waves of pleasure through their bodies. Crystal sat up and put her hands on his chest bucking her hips a little faster now.

“You are so beautiful Crystal. I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

“Touch me Darren I want to feel your hands on my breasts.” Darren nervously reached up and placed his hands on her soft mounds. He gently squeezed them getting a moan out of Crystal. He massaged her breasts while she rode his cock. He got more confident and pinched and tweaked her nipples as they bounced around from her strokes. He pulled her down and he stuck one nipple in her mouth. She squealed with pleasure.

“Oh yes Darren suck on them. That feels so good.” Darren couldn’t say anything he had his mouth busy. Soon they both felt their end was near. Darren tore the soft flesh out of his mouth.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Darren warned her.

“Me too, let’s cum together.”

Her hips moved at a frantic pace now. Darren thrust his hips up as she came down adding to the pleasure and they both slammed their bodies together fucking like their lives depended on it.

“Oooooooooh yes,” Crystal moaned just before she screamed as her orgasm took hold of her body. Her orgasm only sent Darren over the edge as well. He felt her milking pussy and he sensed his balls tighten and he soaked her womb in his seed. He came hard and long right along with Crystal. She lasted longer than Darren did and she kept humping him a few seconds after he had stopped shooting his jizz. Crystal then collapsed on top of Darren both of them sweating and breathing hard. After finally calming down Crystal got up and went to the bathroom when she came back in she put her negligee back on, turned off the lights and joined Darren in bed.

The next three weeks flew by. Before they knew it court was in session. The judge was very confused about the change in Kelly but he signed the papers. The kids’ stuff had already been moved over and so now it was all official. They settled all of their other disputes and they were officially divorced. After the court session Lawrence was very excited and Linda came up to Darren and smiled at him knowing that he had part in Kelly’s sudden change of mind. He went to talk to the kids but Lawrence stopped him.

“I have to take Jasmine to the doctor. She’s been nauseous a lot these last few days and so I want to make sure everything’s ok.”

Jasmine walked up to Darren and smiled weakly at him. “I want Uncle Darren to come too. I want to go out for ice cream afterwards with him and his girlfriend. Jasmine had looked right at her father and looked very resolute.

“Alright Jasmine if Darren’s ok with it I’ll let him come along.”

Soon Lawrence and his three kids plus Darren and Crystal were waiting for Jasmine’s turn with the doctor. As her name was called she went with the doctor and her dad. Soon Lawrence came back and announced she was fine and was getting some tests done. Almost an hour later the nurse came out and told them that the doctor wanted to see Lawrence and Darren. Well actually Jasmine requested Darren come so she wasn’t alone with her dad. When they entered her examination room they found Jasmine sitting very frightened on the table and the doctor filling out some paper work.

“Ah Mr. Jacobson please have a seat.”

Lawrence sat in the chair available and Darren stood next to the wall. He caught Jasmine glancing at him nervously a couple of times.

“Well the good news is Mr. Jacobson I found out what is causing your daughters nausea. The truth is it was pretty obvious to me but that’s beside the point. After doing some tests and double checking I have concluded that your daughter is pregnant.”

“WHAT?” Lawrence roared as he got to his feet. He looked at Jasmine with so many emotions it was hard to say what he would do next. “How can that be she is only twelve? I didn’t think she had even started getting her periods yet.”

“Mr. Jacobson please calm down and have a seat.” Lawrence took the advice and sat down but he was far from being calm. “I asked your daughter that as well she told me she hasn’t had a period yet. My conclusion is she was in her first ovulation cycle and was fertile at the time of intercourse. She admits she did have sex with someone. Because of her age I thought maybe rape but she says it was consensual.”

“Who the hell was it?” Lawrence yelled at his daughter. Before she could even consider answering the doctor spoke up.

“I would ask that you leave the personal matters outside of my office please. Since it appears no crime has been committed I have no need to investigate further. Here are some numbers of some excellent gynecologists in the area and I recommend that you set up an appointment with one of them immediately. Do you have any questions for me?”

The doctor handed the paper to Lawrence. The whole time Darren was in shock. He knew that he was the father and that surprised the hell out of him. He had not only fucked his virgin niece but now it turns out she got knocked up by it. Lawrence then got a solemn look about him as they left. He wasn’t even coherent enough to get the kids in the van. Darren volunteered to take the kids out for awhile so Lawrence could clear his head. Darren hadn’t looked at Jasmine the whole time. He was scared. They went to an ice-cream shop and then went to the park to finish them. Darren asked Crystal to take Amelia and Curtis to the swings so he and Jasmine could talk. Before he could say anything Jasmine broke into tears.

“I’m so sorry Uncle Darren,” She said between sobs. “I ruined everything. I finally got to be with you now you hate me because I got pregnant. I didn’t mean to I promise. I didn’t lie when I said I haven’t had a period. I don’t care about me but I don’t want to mess up your life.”

Since they were in public he couldn’t be too romantic but Darren knew a hug would be ok. He reached over and embraced his crying niece. She looked up at him stunned. She was so certain he would be mad.

“It was an accident,” Darren said softly. “I don’t blame you. Not to mention you’re the one that’s going through the pregnancy not me. I should be apologizing that you will have to give birth at such a young age. I love you and I want to help you.”

“You just keep giving me reasons to love you Uncle Darren.”

“I want you to know that even though this isn’t planned pregnancy I don’t want you to get rid of it. I won’t be able to claim it as mine but I will help where I can.”

“I would never even think of getting rid of our baby. I love you so much Uncle Darren.”

After a few minutes they broke their embrace as to not bring too much attention to themselves. When Crystal saw that it was now safe to return Jasmine ran off when she came to sit by them.

“I don’t think she likes me,” Crystal said kind of worried. “I think she’s jealous that I get to be with you and she doesn’t.”

“You’re probably right. She does have something up on you now though. It turns out she’s pregnant.”

“Oh my gosh really? What is Lawrence going to do?”

“He was mad then he was in shock. You saw him. I’ll call him later tonight to see what he plans. I might want to call my mom so I can find out if we should talk to him soon.”

“I think you’ll want to wait at least a week. How is Jasmine taking it? How about you as well?”

“Well Jasmine was afraid I was mad at her but I told her I wasn’t. She’s determined to keep the baby. I think it will sink in later right now I’m just kind of at a loss.”

Later that evening Darren called Lawrence and he had calmed down enough for the kids to come back home. After they got back home Crystal and Darren talked more about the situation now. The next day was Saturday about noon Darren got a call from Jasmine.

“Hi Jazz what’s up?” Immediately Darren could hear her crying. “What’s wrong Jazz?”

“I want to get out of here,” She said very hysterically. “Daddy kept trying to get me to tell who I slept with. He was so mad; I’ve never seen him so mad. When I refused to say who it was he hit me. My face still hurts from it. I locked myself in the bathroom he tried to get in for awhile now he’s gone. Please Uncle Darren help me.”

“HE HIT YOU? I’ll be right there.” Darren hung up the phone and nearly ran over Crystal as he turned around.

“Who was that Darren?”

“Jasmine, Lawrence just got mad at her and hit her. I’m going to go see if I can’t calm him down or at least get her out of there.”

“Ok call me if you need me.”

Darren went to his brother’s house as fast as he could. He got there and didn’t even think to knock he just walked right in. He got to the main floor and found Lawrence holding some strong whiskey and other beer cans lying near him. Lawrence seemed to know why Darren was there he looked at his brother with contempt.

“I guess she called you? Doesn’t surprise me. She likes you more than me anyway. I bet you know who the father is. I just got custody of a twelve year old slut. She hadn’t even had her period yet for god’s sakes and she’s already fucking some guy. Hell girls in my high school were lucky to give you their virginity at senior prom.”

“You shouldn’t be drinking Lawrence. You need to think about Jasmine not yourself. I mean god damn she obviously didn’t want it. Your daughter is going to go through a very hard pregnancy due to her age and all you can think about is yourself. You used to have some balls before but now you’re drinking and hitting young girls.”

“The bitch wouldn’t listen to me. I’m her father I should be told who knocked up my daughter. For fuck sake she probably isn’t telling me because it’s some older guy. She’s probably been screwing him for awhile now.” Darren knew that part of that was true but he tried not to show it.

“Don’t bad mouth your daughter. If anyone’s to blame it is you Lawrence. Ever since you found out Kelly has been cheating on you, your attitude has been terrible. Those kids have had to have a nightmare of a mother and an uncaring father for the better part of a year. Hell anyone would look for affection some place else if they couldn’t find it where they should, at home.”

“Like always blame Lawrence. Kelly cheated on me because I couldn’t satisfy her. I had to change jobs because I wasn’t putting my best effort into the one I had for ten years. My daughters a whore because my life was so fucked up that I couldn’t tell heads from tails.”

“I know your life has been shitty lately man but still that doesn’t give you the right to take it out on your kids.”


Darren was shocked. He knew that Jasmine wasn’t lying but hearing his brother shout it out was more than he could handle. Before he could rage back at his stupid brother he heard crying. He turned around and Amelia, Curtis, and Jasmine were all standing in the hallway listening. Jasmine was petrified. She had never seen her father so angry. Amelia was balling and Curtis was clinging to Jasmine for support looking just as scared as she was. Darren turned back around and saw Lawrence looking at them as if to say “go ahead bring it on”. Darren looked directly at his brother and balled his fists up. Lawrence saw Darren and stood from the couch and put down his liquor. He was daring Darren to start something.

“Jasmine pack yours, Amelia’s and Curtis’ bags for at least three days. Do it now.”

Darren didn’t even look back he heard footsteps and all the kids had went back down the hall to their rooms to pack. Lawrence actually had a smile on his face.

“Here I thought you had come down here to cause trouble and now you’re here to help me. Take the fucking kids. Hell you’ll be doing me a favor.”

Darren didn’t move from his spot. Several minutes later he heard the kids return. “We’re ready Uncle Darren.”

“I’ll call you later make sure your sober. I am so ashamed to call you my brother. Fuck if mom finds out about this she’ll freak. You selfish mother fucker.” Darren had so much anger in his voice it was like his words were stabbing into Lawrence.


Lawrence jumped at Darren trying to hit him but Darren was sober so he was able to get out of the way and hit Lawrence square in the jaw sending him sprawled out on the couch. He looked up at his younger brother with shock and bloodlust.

“Get in the truck kids.” Darren yelled back at the kids. He then backed up quickly and followed suit. The truck pulled out of the driveway leaving Lawrence behind to drink his pain away. He got back home and told Crystal what had happened. He then called his mom and also told her. She was astonished. The kids settled into the living room. Jasmine hadn’t said a word all evening. She just crawled on the couch and went to sleep.

The next few days Darren saw the kids cheer up some but were still shaken by what had happened. So he decided now was the time to act. He got the appropriate papers from the courthouse and took them to his brother. Darren was so ashamed at how his brother had reacted when he signed the papers. It was like Christmas he was so excited. Darren had to restrain himself from punching him again. He went back home to tell the kids the possibly upsetting but overall good news. He gathered them all into the living to talk to them.

“Jasmine, Amelia, Curtis I know this might come as to a shock to you but your dad hasn’t changed his feelings about you. He doesn’t want you.” He had to stop because Amelia started to cry again. “Come here Amelia.” Amelia jumped on Darren’s lap facing him and put her arms around his neck and soaking his shoulder in her tears. “I don’t like to have to tell you this. I want you to know I made this decision with your best interest at heart. I can understand if you don’t like it. However what’s done is done.”

Darren took a few seconds to get the rights words to say. “I have just got your dad to sign some papers that takes away his rights as a parent and gives them to me. I won’t be your dad but I will be your guardian. I want each of you to know I’ll do my best to make up for the jerk my brother has been.”

Everyone was surprised when the first one to talk was Amelia. “You mean we get to live with you Uncle Darren?”

“Yes Amelia that’s what it means. You might be able to see your dad again but your mom is gone forever.”

Amelia then squeezed Darren with all of her ten year old might. She started crying harder but this time with tears of joy. “I love you Uncle Darren. I’ll be a good girl and I’ll like being with you so much more.”

Darren then got a very enthusiastic embrace from Jasmine who had to hug both Darren and Amelia since the little girl refused to get off of his lap. Curtis was confused at first but once everything was explained he got really excited and hugged Darren as well. Darren then explained that Crystal would also be helping take care of them so they were to listen to her as well.

Darren went to bed that night once again wracked with guilt and uncertainty. Had he made the right choice? Is this going to be doable? Will everyone be better off in this situation? A million more questions rolled through Darren’s overwhelmed brain. He then thought of the fact that he now had a family and he was going to have to get into a bigger apartment and help Jasmine through her pregnancy. He also needed to deepen the relationships with Crystal and Jasmine equally. Darren knew that none of this was her fault but he couldn’t help but think how everything started because of one little girl who currently had his baby growing in her belly.

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