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An excerpt from a much larger story
**This is an excerpt from a much larger story that got started ironically from a posted story copied from a BBS based out of the Netherlands I frequented many years ago. This is meant to be a teaser of sorts, but I'm throwing in a sex scene at the beginning for the altogether too interested out there. Believe it or not, I actually read a great many of these looking for a decent plot and writing style, not just looking to get off. The only other story I posted on here was not so well received so I would say I'm getting slightly bolder with this submission but definitely not wagering into the deepest of my content.

Melody and I caught each other in the hallway on the way out. She was with a group of
friends who were supporting her in the “men are assholes” philosophy but few of which
wouldn’t have completely forgotten it if I was standing there encouraging them to come
have a good time with me and only me. She broke away from the group and approached
me. I had opportunity to make a break for the back stairwell but running was never my
“Hey,” she pulled up short of me where she usually would have hugged me.
“What’s up?” I asked guardedly.
“Not much, long day?”
“Yeah,” I sighed. “Listen I-”
“No,” she started to speak at the same time. “I should-”
She broke off and we both laughed nervously. Her eyes were locked with mine.
“I guess we made quite a scene this morning,” I took part of the blame.
“I’m so sorry,” she launched herself into my arms, crying. “I didn’t mean it, any of
it. I was just so upset. Please, I just-”
“Shh,” I held her stroking her hair softly. She squeezed hard and I squeezed back.
Melody’s coming a long way meant her caring for me a great deal, genuine real feelings,
the only thing I couldn’t have before.
“I’ve felt horrible all day,” she continued, the intermittent whimpering dying out. “I
can’t believe I dressed like this. With everybody having heard what happened, every guy
and his brother were looking to hook up with me.”
“I know the feeling,” I sighed. She pulled back a step, the mascara having run down
because of her tears. The highlighter on her eyes and the way they glistened had me
entranced. I pulled her to me in a long slow kiss. We must have been at it quite a while
before I heard a deep masculine clearing of the throat and looked up to see Mr. Banister, the school principal, standing off to the side near the stairwell watching us.
“Well,” he said slowly. “I can’t say I approve of this kind of activity in my hallways
on public display for the all ready over hormoned student body, but,” a grin came to his
face. “Every senior class has their couple. It’s nice to see we didn’t lose ours on the first
He slapped me on the back as he passed by down the back stairwell to no doubt
monitor detention for a few hours.
Melody continued to keep her arms tight around me, as if she feared she’d not have
the chance again.
“Melody,” I caught her attention. “Let’s go to my place.”
We were at it the moment we puilled up in my driveway. Our fervent kisses
escalating madly as we attempted to avoid screwing on the lawn by making it into the
house. An empty house greeted us but that was what we wanted.
Melody tore her shirt off as I placed wet deep kisses down the side of her neck and
around back making her tighten her arms around me like a vice. Her bra came next as we
still hadn’t made it beyond the livingroom. I paid that fact no heed as I hungrily
devoured her breasts with Melody growling like a mountain lion in heat.
I had her on her back on the floor with my dick out in no time. She pulled me down
hard to her chest sliding my dick up between her oversized breasts. She looked up into
my eyes as she squeezed her breasts together slowly. The pressure was excruciatingly
powerful as her soft skin clamped my massive hard on.
I slid back and forth between her saliva greased mountains of pleasure moving
steadily towards orgasm. I pulled her to a seated position so that she could slide up and
down as I worked the button loose on her pants. She undid the buttons on my shirt, her
mouth finding my chest as my skin became exposed.
I pulled her to a standing position and slid her pants down her legs. The enticing
royal blue panties beneath barely containing Melody’s oozing. The softly trimmed hair
beneath became visible as Melody slid them down and off and we entered my bedroom.
Melody and I had spent most of the summer at her place. I stayed away from home
because of the loneliness that always accompanied me here.
I carried Melody to the bed. This was the first time we had ever made love here. I
started to lay Melody down but she softly restrained me, sliding out from under me and
pushing me flat. I admired the gorgeous body of this incredible girl as she crawled up
towards me stopping to rest just above my waiting masculinity. She was so wet I easily
slipped inside of her and she sighed softly, almost a contented purr, as I sank inside of
her. Melody reached back pulling my legs wide open, with that, she rearranged herself to
put the maximum amount of pressure to the penetration. She seemed to hold back for a
moment as if settling in. Then she reached for my hands.
She slid each hand up to her oversensitive stiff nipples and I took the hint. Melody
was afraid of this, she had told me on repeated occassion. The sensations caused by
rubbing her nipples was almost too much for her to stand. She wanted it now though. Her
eyes pleaded with me letting me know exactly how she wanted this to go.
She closed her eyes as my fingers began lightly tracing the outlines of her nipples. I
was skilled at this to be sure. You never overstimulate something that sensitive right
away. You work up to it. Melody feared not only the potential of this mind bending but
also my archaic ability to do it just right for the maximum effect.
I could feel Melody getting wetter with each soft trace, her sighs becoming soft
whimpers, this was just the beginning. I let a thumb gently touch the rock hard nipple
making her jerk slightly. I did it again adding a soft rub across. Melody’s breathing
increased as the sensations I sent through her body increased in potency. If Melody
wanted this to be a monster, I wasn’t afraid to accomodate. I licked my thumb and
forefinger on each and lightly squeezed the nipple on either side. Melody fought hard to
remain still. This was a test for herself. This potency threatened to overwhelm, make you
lose control. But if you could hang on, you could reached a frenzied state of incredible
feeling. Melody was daring herself to feel incredible power that would threaten sanity.
Time stopped. Feeling became eternal. There was no one in the whole world but her and
I. And at this moment we were one, I the master, she the puppet. Made more elusive by
our positioning, Melody panted steadily like a dog in heat as her first wave of orgasm
threatened to crash over the wall.
Her eyes rolled up into her head as she hit the edge and hung there waiting for me
to tease her over. I took a few more seconds to lightly rub the sensitive rim of her nipples
and then squeezed them prompting an ear piercing scream from Melody. As the orgasm’s
intensity increased her screams escalated into ranting. Her body shook with incredible
force, her legs tightening enough to almost cut off my air supply. I knew I’d have sore
ribs later.
As her orgasm began to subside I grabbed a handful of both breasts and squeezed
causing her to holler again almost begging for mercy but not really wanting it to stop.
Her fingernails that had been gripping my sides dug into me immediately drawing a slow
trickle of blood. But still I wouldn’t let up. I squeezed each breast letting my hands slip
down to the nipples and then I grabbed both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers
and twisted prompting a ferocious growl that was almost immediately taken over by
another gut wrenching wave of orgasm.
When the dust finally cleared and her breathing steadied Melody stared at my hard
on and smiled as she toyingly rubbed my nipples with her wetness. “My turn,” she
whispered, her head disappearing beneath my comforter. Her lips found the head of my
penis and she turned her head slightly back and forth massaging it. Then her tongue
slowly circled the head. Hot flashes ran through me as she kept at this. So many girls
think sucking cock is just going up and down until the guy cums, their local porn shop
has them convinced. Melody pushed the tip of her tongue right into my urethra causing
me to jerk slightly. Then she slipped down so her breasts were on my nuts before
reaching for my oversensitive nipples. Now as the massaging on my nipples made me
stiffen her tongue bathed the oversensitive head of my penis. Becoming dizzy, losing my
grip on coherence, the sensations gripped my entire body. I tensed harshly in streaks as
her tongue and stimulation simultaneously combined for mind blowing intensity without
rest. I built and built, my leg muscles tensing like stone.
As the sensations hit the peak Melody increased the speed of her circling tongue
while using her fingers in deeper digging swirls on my nipples pushing so I felt it more.
As I clenched rock hard and ready to go, Melody pinched each nipple with her wet
fingers which she had lubricated with her own vaginal fluids. I flinched, downright
convulsed and then came. . .hard. I kept cumming and cumming while Melody licked
and sucked, my cum only half ending up in her mouth. She came up with cum all over
her mouth and face, the only girl I’ve ever been with who looked sexy and not ridiculous
or slutty that way. She smiled devilishly licking the corners of her mouth and otherwise
using her hands to collect what cum she’d missed and then licking that off her fingers.
She was one of the few girls I’d ever met who said she loved the taste of cum and
obviously meant it.
Then she layed her delicious breasts down over my wet penis, layed her head down
on my stomach, and went to sleep.

I awoke a while later surprised to find that I had fallen asleep and that it was
already almost dark. My water bed was so comfortable this time of year leaving cool
water beneath us while a plush down comforter locked in our body heat. Melody still lay
with her head on my stomach breathing softly, an angel in repose, but she awoke
momentarily fixing me with her glowing eyes in the evening’s early dusk. She was still
horny, I knew that look, an appetite difficult to satiate. But it was fun to try.
Raising slightly, our kissing began again in earnest, deep tongue dueling that
melted us together while our hands roamed each other’s body. Melody’s breathing
increased rapidly again and in moments, she began massaging between her legs. I saw
her hand dipping and realizing she was using her own fluids to lube her ass. In a
moment, breathless but smiling wickedly, Melody thrust off the comforter and spun
around pulling open her ass cheeks and softly pushing the engorged head of my penis
past her sphincter and into the soft interior of her colon.
Melody’s ass cheeks, so soft and shapely, relaxed and closed on me with
pleasurable pressure once I was inside and she began slowly pushing back at me, till her
perfect cheeks were pushed firmly against the smooth hard muscles of my abdomen. She
fingered herself while I reached around to tease her nipples while she kept the motion
going. Melody liked the feelings of me in her ass, said it was a strong stimulant even
stronger than toying with her nipples alone, so she wanted it slow and steady so as not to
go right away. The fingering she usually did with a dildo, one of several sex toys she’d
gotten from Angela since we’d started going steady. Melody loved going for stronger
orgasms, and said she felt like I, moreso than any other man she’d ever been with, had
been cut and molded just for her body.
Melody’s intense orgasm occurred shortly later but she kept at me until I came
inside of her ass, Melody pushing harder and clamping her ass cheeks around me with
her hands while clenching with the muscles. Once finally spent, Melody and I enjoyed a
leisurely shower and I actually heard my mom come home early while we were flirting
and giggling in the bathroom while getting dressed.
On the rare cases my parents actually met Melody, they usually acted cowed as if
they couldn’t believe someone as fine as her would be with their only son. But my
mother quietly excused herself to bed after greeting us, a frown of concern touching my
features at her haggard appearance.
Melody looked like fresh, teenage lust, a model for lingerie and pure sex, as usual.
We left the house arm-in-arm for my firebird and a relaxing dinner.

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