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**This story is also from a larger story of mine, there is plenty of material to pull from, and follows up on An Evening of Bliss, so look for that if you're interested. The sexual material here is a bit choppy, not downright, engaging material so I will not be accepting comments. I post this one more for readers who interested in sexual content with decent writing and good dialogue.

Lately, Melody has been becoming more and more engrossed with a ritual called the rites
of initiation, a strong sexual ceremony she wanted to perform on me. It involved
cumming inside of her vagina, inside of her ass, inside her mouth and between her
breasts all in the same night without breaks. All of the cum had to stay where it was.
When I came inside her she had to make sure none of it spilled back out, she had to
swallow all of my cum from the oral and had to massage my cum into her skin until it
had been absorbed when I came between her breasts. This ritual, she had read, would
guarantee the man’s sexual devotion to you for as long as you wanted him, some books
even claimed it would harbor an addiction to the girl completing it, an unbreakable link.
I’m not sure if Melody believes all of this though she’s explained it to me at some length.
The practice was found in teenage witchcraft books dealing with sex and the occult, a
subject of perverse interest to her. We haven’t yet tried the entire thing but Melody and I
visited a “spiritual” shop recently near the town mall of the county seat where she bought
candles mentioned in the book to be necessary for such a rite.

Two days later, early on a Saturday morning found me back at the spiritual shop, alone
this time, as Melody had read in one of her books that several incense were needed. I
humored her because I enjoyed the sexual aspect of this not particularly because I
believed in the supposed result. Most of the fellow students at our school involved in the
occult and sexual rituals were also avid drug users only concerned with their own
pleasure and some sick ideas about power. The only power I ever gained through sex was
Entering the shop to the typical door bells greeting, I found a young exotically
dressed girl studying magazines behind the counter. As I had only been here during the
week after school with Melody so far, I had never met the girl. But she looked up as soon
as she saw me and her eyes sharpened before she smiled brightly at me.
“What is it you seek, good sir?” I smiled off handedly. In character till the end
although the English accent sounded fake and out of place. I was expecting something
“Uh, yeah,” I stammered getting a better look at the girl. She definitely had quite a
body beneath the loose fitting purple and black floral skirt as well as a straight black top
that fit like a second set of skin identifying clearly a luscious pair of very firm medium
sized breasts and for a brief moment, fantasies of her and I screwing on a lush forest floor
swirled through me. I shook my head to clear it and pulled the piece of paper from my
pocket with my ‘shopping list.’ “Hey, I need the stuff on this list. I can read it but I’ll be
damned if I can pronounce half of these.”
The girl accepted the list with a swish of her long skirt and studied it closely. The
contours of her breasts let me know they were substantial though not as big as Melody’s.
Her skin was flawless and yet there was a freshness about her. The way she moved and
spoke, a calmness and sense of confidence and strength. “These are necessary for the
Rites of Initiation ceremony.”
“Well, yeah,” I said thinking that most of the guys she saw in here to buy that stuff
were stoners, not athletes.
The girl frowned and her dark eyes locked with mine searching deep. “Your
girlfriend is a sorceress, yes?”
I blinked and broke eye contact. Every time I looked into the girl’s eyes, an odd
shade of purple, I felt as if I were being pulled towards her somehow. “Melody? No,
she’s no sorceress, though I’ll bet half of our class thinks so with the body she has.” I
chuckled while looking at the floor.
“Do you know what you are getting into?” the girl’s eyes were locked onto me and
even though I did not look back, I could feel the heat of her gaze. It made me
uncomfortable as if all the transgressions I’d ever committed were sitting like an open
book in front of me.
“Look,” I tightened my voice determined not to be played. “It’s just some garbage
in a book she read about-”
“I wish it was garbage, Matt,” the girl said and I looked up. Had I met her before or
not? “You are worth so much more than what Melody wants you to be for her.”
“Wait a minute now, how did you know my name?” Why was it getting so hard to
think? “I’ve met some of the people from my class who’ve supposedly done this and
they’re usually high as kites.”
“The effect of this ritual as poorly initiated by the wrong people using internal
influences is useless. But what Melody has in store for you is dangerous. She is
intelligent enough and has the dark committment to make you her slave.”
She hissed the word ‘slave’ venomously like some sort of snake with a bad speech
impediment. But I forced a laugh and still did not look at her. “Look, I’m guessing you
know Melody and that she shared this nonsense with you and you guys decided to pull a
prank on the dumb jock. Well, no thanks but I’ve-”
“Melody is looking to tap into dangerous forces, ones she cannot hope to control,”
the girl’s light voice was now firm and authoritative. “Once completed and depending on
what order she decides to initiate, if properly done, your spirit will be chained forever to
“Sounds kinky,” I interrupted looking up at the girl once more. “What are you
talking about? What order?”
“The desired result of the ceremony depends on the order of the sex acts. If all is
done properly, the desired result can be achieved. Here,” she thrust a book into my hands
along with the wrapped incense. “Take this and read. You are smart enough to see
beyond the words and understand-”
“What I understand,” I interrupted coldly. “Is that all this bullshit was designed to
sell me an extra book. Good thing, you had me going there for a second. I’ll just take the
incense and-”
“Take the book, it will cost you nothing, but it if you read and take the time to
contemplate, all will be revealed to you. Melody’s higher goal is not merely devotion but
complete dependence.”
I looked the girl over again. She had relaxed her intense stare and this made it
easier to do. Long flowing hair, a really curved body, but a dark air seemed to surround
her. She didn’t seem like any of the stoner fruitcakes I’d met so far. One of the girls who
frequented this location after school had stalked me up and down the aisles telling me
she had seen me in a vision and that our destinies were intertwined. The girl also smelled
to high heaven and detaching her from me long enough for Melody and I to leave was no
easy task.
“Look, let’s say that this ritual is for real and you aren’t looking to tip the scales for
some twisted perverse reason, I admit fathoming the so called higher goals of the occult
is usually beyond my grasp-”
“It is not the goal you misunderstand but the motivation, you are pure-”
“Oh, boy not another vision thing,” I interrupted annoyed. “Look, if you think I’m
pure, you don’t know a damned thing about me. I did take a shower this morning and
yes, this is a clean shirt, but that’s about as pure as it gets for me.”
“I am Kacey,” the girl ignored my claims.
Trying to put rude responses out of my mind I said, “Matt, though you already
seemed to know that.” I reached for her hand, but Kacey came from behind the counter
and hugged me deeply, her delicious body pushing against me pleasantly. I found myself
with an instant hardon and chastised myself on the virtues of screwing one girl at a time
once and for all.
“I know that you do not know me, and perhaps when our time has concluded, you
will wish you never had, but I can help you,” the girl’s eyes had grown luminous and
now I wondered if she just had a crush on me.
“I don’t need any help,” I said flatly. “Okay, where do you know me from? Genoa
or Philly? Whatever axe you’re looking to grind I likely deserve, but I am not-”
“The same person you used to be,” Kacey interrupted finishing my thought. “When
I said you were pure, you misunderstood. One of the ultimate definitions of purity is not
a person born to it but one who has lived the dark life and turns away from its violent
impulses. I have waited for you for some time now.”
“Great, another Shelly,” I interjected again. “I’m with Melody and if you know the
way I used to be I’ll understand if you think I’d be willing to screw you too. But that’s
not going to happen.”
“And yet you desire it,” the girl’s voice was bold, not doubtful, but one look at my
jeans could have told her that. “And I do as well, but you are right. For the moment, the
time is not right and there is so much more at stake than simply our carnal desires.”
“Yeah,” I said emphatically. “Let’s go and save the world, you can come dressed as
you are, but I left my super hero outfit at the cleaners. They’re always trying it on and
flying around town, that’s why I never get it back.”
The girl interrupted by slowly removing her silken top, peeling it off was more like
it, and shaking quickly out of a black bra with red symbols on it. Both nipples were
pierced though I didn’t see any other tattoos or piercings on her. Nonetheless the effect
was immediate. My hardon struggled with the confines of my jeans and I backed up a
step with my mouth suddenly dry. The girl’s body was great, it’s true, and yet Melody
and Shelly both had great, damn near perfect bodies and I had not been this captivated.
“Do you still know what you want?” the girl’s slightly accented voice taunted me
but she did not smile and her voice dropped turning cold. “I could take you now, I know
of your weaknesses, but my purpose here is to save you from a fate worse than death.”
“Right,” I said emphatically again, my eyes still glued to her breasts. The rings in
her nipples bore unusual symbols on them that looked familiar. “Listen, here’s the money
for the incense and the book.” I dropped a couple of twenties on the counter. “You can
keep the change for the peep show.” I backed up still staring, not trusting what the girl
might do.
“Stop,” the girl’s voice was authoritative and I halted though I wasn’t certain why.
The girl’s build was not athletic just naturally gifted and I doubted she could overpower
me. Kacey came slowly from behind the counter and stopped in front of me. She flipped
open the front of the skirt and her sex became visible, the hair shaved into symbols I
remembered seeing in one of Melody’s books. The ones on her bra too had been familiar.
“So many men doubt the power I have. They think they are the strong ones, but you are
weak. You want me and for the first time in a long time, I desire you as well. Follow me
and we shall begin.”
Kacey backed away slowly her eyes locked onto mine. I matched her step for step
again asking myself why. I seemed free to think but couldn’t seem to muster control.
Kacey took my hands pulling me through a gossamer curtain into the back where as you
might expect there was the usual store room stuff. Shelves, boxes, labels and what you
might not expect, a bed in one corner illuminated by candelight. The iron posts had ropes
tied to them that were thick and coarse.
“Touch me now,” Kacey commanded and my hand immediately went beneath her
skirt. I rubbed in circles feeling her wetness as she unbuttoned my shirt. ‘This is crazy!’
my mind screamed at me but my body continued to follow her commands, she must have
put me in some sort of trance, but I could still think freely.
Just as Kacey was pulling my shirt loose and her skirt had fallen to the floor, the
door’s bells clanged. She froze and a female voice called out, “Kacey! Are you here?”
Finding myself free to act once again, I pulled myself away and dove for a rear
door. The fire alarm sounded when I yanked it open but I jumped off a back loading dock
and sprinted for my car. Once seated calmly inside the comfortable confines of my
firebird, I saw Kacey inside being grilled by an older woman. The woman was gesturing
angrily and Kacey had not attempted to redress herself. Finally after numerous angry
exchanges, both turned towards the front window of the shop. Chills ran up and down
my spine as both women fixed their eyes on me with Kacey still not having attempted to
cover herself in any way. It was kind of crazy. Someone could walk by or enter the shop
at any minute but despite the early weekend hour, the plaza was barren. It was if the
world had been suddenly brought to a stand still and it made me wonder what I had
stumbled onto here. I slipped the key into the ignition and started the car. I reached for
the gear shift and dropped into reverse, my hand brushing a silver bag. Somehow the
incense and book Kacey had ‘sold’ me were in the car though I was certain I hadn’t put
them there. I revved the motor and backed out of the parking lot looking to put as much
distance between me and the store as possible.
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